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Artist News & Happenings - 2007
Up Close & Personal
Ryan Hoyle

Hello Hello!

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Holidays and also share with you a few of the exciting things that are happening:

Collective Soul's "Hollywood" video is being featured on TV Commercials for American Idol on Fox.

I'm currently featured on Classic Drummer Magazine's new online blog!

Collective Soul's new single, All That I Know was showcased on the Nov. 15th episode of ABC's hit show, Womenís Murder Club.

Collective Soul is the Artist of the Month for December 2007 on MSN.com.

Here is the link to the Windows Media Guide spotlight. This garners 40 million unique visitors per month will feature music videos, behind the scenes footage, and more.

Touring in December:

- We will be headlining XRT Radio's New Years Eve bash in Chicago this year. This will be televised regionally on CBS.

- On January 2nd, we will play the Orange Bowl Fan Festival in Miami, FL

Sessions in January:

- On January 3rd-6th, I will by flying to Boston to record with super-producer, Anthony J. Resta for three days.

- On January 7th-10th, I will be flying to Atlanta to begin recording new material with Collective Soul.

Other things to look forward to:

- I have been recording like crazy here in LA! Please do keep and eye out on the following page for new mixes as I will update this frequently.

- I have recently been interviewed by Jeb Wright for an article on ClassicRockRevisited.com. This should be released any day now.

- I have recently been interviewed by Gail Worley for a Modern Drummer Magazine article due to be released in early spring '08.

- We will be performing on both Craig Fergusson and Ellen as soon as the writers strike has reached a resolution hopefully early next year.

Again, I hope that you have the best Holiday season ever. See you soon!!!




Julio Figueroa

... And by the way, if you like Christmas specials check out Rick Warren's Christmas special on the Fox News channel to be broadcasted worldwide today december 24 at 6 and 9 PM pacific time / 9 PM and 12 AM eastern time and also tomorrow dec 25 at 3 and 11 AM pacific time / 6 AM and 2 PM eastern time..... I'm one of the musicians playing on it!



Gary Stanionis

So this last year was wonderful. To be a part of such a wonderful all-star line up of drum and percussion companies is a Blessing. I just finished the jazz fest. tour with Jaciem Joyner. He just won Debut Smooth Jazz Artist of the year and his album was top 10 on Billboard for 5 weeks. We are in the studio for his second release and I'm going to be all over this one and so will all of you. This second album is already creating a huge buzz in the industry and I will be doing national and regional touring in support of it. In other news.... Another artist I play with CG Ryche has just released his DVD : Echoes of Silence and it was picked up by PBS / KCET and can be seen on these channels for the next month or so ... I'm booking a tour to Lithuania for spring for my Jazz band Elements to play a few of their Jazz Festivals. 08' is looking BIGGER and BIGGER already...

Merry Christmas and thanks for all your love and support

Gary "Big Dog" Stanionis



Wardell "Dellphonics" Pearson Jr

some recent pics 1 from a TV show i did that airs nationwide in january ...

Wardell Dellphonics Pearson

Wardell Dellphonics Pearson

Wardell "Dellphonics"Pearson Jr.
Vivian Green / Jazmine Sullivan / independent


Pat Petrillo

Hi Everyone,

This has been a crazy couple of months, but here's what's up lately:


I had a great time at PASIC this year, seeing alot of great clinics and master classes and runnin' the exhibit room floor! Among the guests were the Drummers of Weather Report, hearing great stories from them all, and the clinics by Peter Erskine & Alex Acuna, Omar Hakim, and Ndugu Chancler. Dave Weckl was also great, and I had a super time hangin' at the Hudson booth and meeting alot of people. If you have never been to PASIC, I encourage you to join at www.pas.org. It's a great organization.

P4 Practice Pad is now Available Worldwide

Well, finally, my signature practice pad, the P4, is out on the market, and available at

It has 4 different types of rubbers on the same side (no flipping), and 3 levels, so moving around it is like moving around the kit!. Once you play it, you'll never want to practice on a "standard" pad again. It's shipping worldwide now! (PayPal, MC, Visa, etc)

Master Classes

I did a series of Master Classes at Just Drums in Midlothian, Va. The classes were well attended and everyone did real great! I hope to be back there soon.

Groovallegiance Recording Sessions

We've been in rehearsals for months, and finally, we went into Studio Crash in Philly Dec 2-6, and laid down the tracks for what will be an exciting CD / Multi Media project! The band consists of : Gary Grainger on Bass, Chieli Minucci on Guitar, Chris Fischer on Keyboards

... All I can say is that it is a diverse project, reflecting all of my influences as a drummer / musician. For more details on the mixing etc, visit my blog at

New Book!

I have a new book out called "The Roots of Groove: R&B / Soul & Contemporary Funk Styles for the Drums" from The Drummers Collective Series. It covers foundational groove styles into some contemporary funk grooves, all with a play along CD! You can order it here, and support a great drum shop, Just Drums Online

"Hands, Grooves, & Fills" Worldwide!

Thanks to many of you for your emails about "H,G&F", as it is doing well around the globe. A UK clinic tour is in the works! Look for the next issue of Modern Drummer for a review, and a new excerpt from the Book, with clips from the DVD

... Well, that's about all for now, so I would like to wish you all Peace, Love, and Happiness this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, and I hope 2008 is a great one for you and your families!

God Bless,



Roger Squitero

... Just wanted to let you know I just played for the Kennedy Center Honors. Diana Ross and Brian Wilson were honored and the show airs on CBS . Dec 26th

have a great Holiday.

peace, roger



Fernando Diez

... I finished my solo CD. It's now available on my web site at
www.fernandodiez.com/encounters. You can also hear some samples.




Help Save The Vidacovich House!

Hello fans of great music,

I'm writing to you to ask for your help in helping out my mentor, teacher and good friend Johnny Vidacovich. Johnny and his wife Deborah's house is in need of major repairs and they are in need of financial help. To compound matters, Johnny is developing arthritis in his right thumb. I want to keep him from having to play every single gig that comes his way so that the arthritis doesn't get worse. This is the house that I learned my most important musical lessons in. This is also the house that Kevin O'day, Brian Blade and many other great drummers learned in. Johnny is one of the most unique drummers in the world and is a New Orleans treasure.

So I want to help them in as many ways as I can by letting as many people as I know that:

- Johnny will be teaching lessons at the house for the next few weeks at a discounted rate of $75 an hour
- You can book the lessons with Deborah via email
- You can make donations to the Vidacovich cause by mailing a check made out to Johnny Vidacovich to 4816 Bienville St. New Orleans, LA 70119
- You can make a donation online by clicking here!

Stanton Moore



Carlos "Patato" Valdez

1926 - 2007

On December 4, 2007 Cuban percussionist, Carlos "Patato" Valdez passed away in a hospital outside of Cleveland, Ohio due to pulmonary problems stemming from lung disease. He was 81 years old.

For over 50 years, Carlos "Patato" Valdez has demonstrated how a musician can combine technical skill with superb showmanship. His conga playing fuses melody and rhythm, and his understanding of rhythm is rooted in dancing. Patato still dazzles onlookers with his famed dance moves at the age of 74 -- he's the man who gave Brigitte Bardot a mambo lesson in the film And God Created Woman -- dancing to his own solo in front of the congas, behind them and on top of them, bringing them to sing in voices no other conga player is able to create, luring them to tell tales full of melodies and poignancy. It is Patato's spontaneity and charm that enables him to draw audiences from vastly different backgrounds and cultures into the irresistable Afro-Cuban rhythms which he creates.

Patato came to the United States in 1952 and worked at New York's Tropicana nightclub with Conjunto Casino. In 1954, he said good-bye to his homeland, Cuba and never returned. Patato's first jazz work was with Billy Taylor at Philadelphia's Blue Note jazz club. After that he worked at New York City's Apollo Theater with trumpet player Chip Murray and played on his first jazz recording, Afrodesia, with trumpet player Kenny Durham. Years later Patato formed a group of his own, which he named Afrojazzia.

Although Patato has recorded few albums as a bandleader, he is more influential than almost any other conguero because he invented the tunable conga, a revolutionary step in music history. Before Patato's innovation, the traditional conga consisted of a wooden body with a nailed-on drum skin, which was tuned by holding a candle beneath the skin, but the results of this technique were not very satisfactory, as the tension of the drum skin slackened as soon as the skin cooled down again. It was Patato's idea to fix the skin to a metal ring which, connected at various points with the conga body, could be stretched and loosened with the help of a square box wrench, thus enabling the musician to tune his instrument to specific pitches. Consequently, it was now possible to hit each half step of an octave, initiated by Patato's unique melodic style of employing multiple conga drums and using them as a melody-creating instrument, just as a piano player or a horn player would.

Patato patented this invention, and the company Latin Percussion Inc. began manufacturing the instrument. Latin Percussion's "Patato Model" is the top star of their product family, and Patato's conga type is now used by hundreds of groups from Santana to the Rolling Stones, as well as by a lot of well-known congueros, many of whom are his former students.

Since the 1950's, Patato has been among the congueros who are in highest demand in the Latin music and jazz worlds. He has played, toured, and recorded with Miguelito Valdes, Perez Prado, Beny More, Cachao, Tito Puente (who called him "the greatest conguero alive today"), Machito, Herbie Mann, Kenny Dorham, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Dizzy Gillespie and Quincy Jones. Patato also acted in and composed the title song for the television series The Bill Cosby Show. In 1991 he contributed to the movie soundtrack of The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love.

Recently, Patato, along with The Machito Orchestra, Candido Camero, Armando Peraza, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros and Francisco Aguabella, was chosen by the Smithsonian to participate in the Mambo and Afro-Cuban Jazz seminar hosted by Musica de las Americas. This series was an unprecedented event that celebrated the long tradition of exchange among the diverse music cultures of the Americas.

On December 4, 2007, a renowned musician, innovative conguero, and Latin Percussion design collaborator, Carlos Valdez, whom the world knew affectionately as 'Patato', died of respiratory failure. A Cuban of diminutive stature, born November 4, 1926, he generated an enormous tonal presence on congas that belied his modest size. And that rings especially true in light of his passing. Now we shiver when hearing recordings that display his monumental sound, the very thing death cannot claim.

As a youth, he was well known from Cuban television appearances, in which he combined a theatrical flare, sometimes dancing around and atop his congas, always maintaining solid musicality. Emigrating from Cuba to New York in 1955, co-sponsored by Candido and Mongo Santamaria, he quickly saw action with Kenny Dorham, Tito Puente, Herbie Mann, Dizzy Gillespie, and most major Latin and jazz figures of the day.

His melodic intentions frustrated by traditional fixed-tension instruments, Patato pioneered the first tunable congas, which he put to good use accompanying the great band leaders with melodic lines in addition to the customary indigenous rhythms. Soon after he became a close friend of LP founder Martin Cohen and advised Martin on a variety of technical and design issues. The two were bound by an implicit trust and passion for Latin music. Their collaboration resulted in the LP Patato Model Congas, which became among the top-selling congas of all time.

Patato's dramatic style garnered him a role in the classic Brigitte Bardot film And God Made Woman. Here Patato gives the film goddess a lesson in dancing the mambo.

Patato was also well-recognized for his contributions to Latin music and culture. The Puerto Rican Jazz Festival, the International Latin Music Hall of Fame, and the New York Hispanic Entertainment Journalists were three among a distinguished list of institutions that recognized Patato's lifetime achievements with awards.

Many recordings, on the LP and other labels, showcase Patato's musicality. Examples on LP are Ready for Freddy and Authority. But two revered ensembles most clearly express Patato's legacy - his indelible touch, organic tone, and sense of musical communion. One is the Latin Percussion Jazz Ensemble, assembled by LP founder Martin Cohen, which immortalized another LP artist, the late Tito Puente, documented on the recording Live at Montreux 1980. The other is a later collaboration, The Conga Kings, in which Patato performed with fellow icons Candido Camero and Giovanni Hidalgo, recording several significant albums. It was with the Conga Kings that Carlos 'Patato' Valdez performed his last concert.

His melodic musical contribution and dancing legacy live on, as do the LP congas bearing his name. Latin Percussion mourns his passing. Indeed, we shed a tear for our friend, collaborator and inspiration, Carlos 'Patato' Valdez.

Master conguero Giovanni Hidalgo: "Patato was one of the pioneers who brought congas to America. He was also a innovator of tuning the drums . He was our father and he showed us many ways to survive in this life in personal and musical ways. He was a good example of how to be a great,r espectful gentleman. He is still with us... physically he had to leave, but he lives on within all of us."

It is Valdez' spontaneity and charm that enabled him to draw audiences from vastly different backgrounds and cultures into the irresistible Afro-Cuban rhythms which he created. Patato will be remembered by all as a giant of a man, and his spirit shall live forever through his music.


Jason Sutter

... I've been out on the road since I saw you last... crazy! home for a few days and then off to 3 weeks of S America with Cornell before Christmas! ...



Taku Hirano

... with these Bette Midler rehearsals. I am currently in NYC rehearsing for 3 weeks, then head back for production rehearsals on 12/15 over at Sony Studios. Then right around NAMM time, we move to Vegas to the actual stage over at Ceasar's Palace...



Tyger MacNeal

... Just finished a week long session and the favorite shaker for over - dubs was the "canz light & zesty".

Another busy december with Jose Feliciano coming up...

Peace, Tyger.


Institute's Drum Student Supports the Foo Fighters

Sean Crossan

Brady Cole are a four-piece rock band hailing from Fife, Scotland who are intent on the survival of good music. Taking their inspiration from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Nirvana and The Who, the band have managed to mould a sound of their own that sets them apart from others.

The band, who feature Institute drum student Sean Crossan, have now obtained a star supporter - none other than Dave Grohl himself who has taken on the role of number one fan and asked the band to support the Foo Fighters on their recent UK arena tour.

This vote of confidence was proven to be correct as the band went down a storm with the Foo's audiences, showing off their amazing energy, enthusiasm and musical talent to the maximum. Brady Cole are colourful and varied, they are passionate and talented and without doubt they have the material to now go on to make a serious impact on the music scene.

Having just completed this incredible UK Arena tour, opening for the Foo's at London's 02, Glasgow's SECC and Manchester's MEN, the band have big things ahead of them. Keep your ears and eyes open!

For more information on Brady Cole visit

WATCH! Video footage of the band onstage at the O2 performing their version of 'Teenage Kicks' with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins on backing vocals!

The Institute has been the starting point for talented musicians and performers to build their careers for almost a quarter of a century. If you would like more information about this story, or would like to join an Institute course and improve your chances of making it in the music industry, contact the Institute

About The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance:
The Institute is widely recognised as Europe's finest school of modern music. Established almost a quarter of a century ago, the Institute has been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other UK-based school. Originally known as the Guitar Institute and Basstech, the school has built its reputation on providing world class teaching using the very best teachers and state-of-the-art facilities. It now offers a range of professional courses including a 3-year Degree (BMus), a fully-funded one year Diploma, a specialist one year Higher Diploma, plus a wide portfolio of part-time courses designed to meet a variety of training needs for guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists. Past or present Institute students can be found everywhere, touring with the likes of Katie Melua and Moby, playing with bands like Babyshambles and Radiohead and artists like K. T. Tunstall and Beverley Knight, working as teachers all over the world and achieving credits with the likes of Elton John, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Jamelia, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Carl Palmer, Westlife, and McFly.



David Leach

i'd like to wish you all a happy holiday season! and in the spirit of giving, i've been given the opportunity to be a member of the house band for a new spanish language late night talk show called "Mas Vale Tarde". it will air on Telemundo on thursday nights at 11:30. this show will be in the tradition of current late night shows, but geared to spanish speaking and bilingual persons. if you are late owls, please stay up and watch. if you can't stay up, set your recorders and watch me and our gear work! thank you for your continued support!




Daniel de los Reyes

DrumJungle's Daniel De Los Reyes Performs with Sheryl Crow

(Las Vegas, NV) DrumJungle frontman and internationally renowned percussionist Daniel de los Reyes took the stage at Caesar's Palace recently playing percussion for the ever popular Sheryl Crow as she performed the single "Gasoline" from her upcoming "Detours" CD - in stores February 2008. Daniel's performance aired November 19th on Ellen Degeneres' much anticipated TBS variety special titled Ellen's Really Big Show with Sheryl's live rendition of "Gasoline" bringing the Caesar's Palace packed house to their feet for the grand finale.

To view the entire Sheryl Crow "Gasoline" song performance on YouTube now, click here



Craig Harris

Hi Guys, hope all is well with my friends out there :)

I wanted to tell guys that I just signed a contract with Cirque Du Soleil to perform in the upcoming Cirque show at Tokyo Disneyland starting in 2008. This will be the first permanent show outside of north America, and it should be really good fun :0)

I want to say a big thanks to the people who have helped and supported me in my ongoing wacky musical adventure, it is very appreciated :0)

Hope all is well, and very happy holidays to all of you!!!!

Craig Harris
Cirque Du Soleil "Mystere" bass guy



Sam Rodriguez

Hello there, good friends and fellow music-lovers,

Finally, it is starting to feel like fall around here! With these crisp mornings and sunny days. Happy Thanksgiving! Good stuff and food!

Gratitude and the News.

Things are going fantastic and I have many folks to thank. I have been busy working around town with my Latin-Jazz band, also a very fine band called the RetroKatz (Motown and R&B music) with record Producer Denny LeRoux, I am playing on several new recordings just released and can be found on CDBaby.com Mack Evans Lowdown and World Unity Jazz Ensemble / Phil Morrison Trio.

I have started the process of working on a new CD, and I'm having a pre-production meeting and looking for some music, and I'm really looking forward to working with some amazing musicians I have met around here. I have so much to be thankful for. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love, and to have friends and family who support and encourage me and folks out there who actually listen and appreciate independent music.That would be you. I hope you know how much I appreciate you!

I hope to see you out there on the road. Please help spread the word about shows if you know people who might dig it. As always, I welcome your feedback and comments.

Sam Rodriguez


Jorge Bermudez

Hey People,

If you've got Showtime please check out the latest episode of "Dexter" (Morning Comes). They feature The Bermudez Triangle tune "Cu-Cu-Cumbia". Amazingly they used the version from 1988 from my Bongoland CD available at iTunes.

The song is played at the moment when Dexter finally gets revenge for his Mother's murder 25 years earlier.

Paz Y Bendiciones (Peace and Love),

Jorge Bermudez



Bernard Purdie

Hello Friends and Fans

I just had the pleasure of doing an interview with Inside MusicCast. What a great experience, we chatted about the music business, current artists and departed, much loved artists, such as Jeff Pocaro and King Curtis to mention a couple.

When you have a moment, kick back and check out Inside Musicast's website.

Log on to the Inside MusiCast web site at

Once you access the site, you will see my photo along with a brief bio. Below that you will see the 'Listening Options' area. You can either download the MP3, or if you click on the Podtrac Player link, the interview should begin playing within a few seconds.

Peace always,
Bernard Purdie

PS..... Check my website calendar...... I might just be coming to your neighborhood



Janelle Burdell

... Yes, PASIC was a blast! So good to see everyone again! After 5 years on the road...

Oh yea-- here are the pics from the set up of my last show. Unfortunately, there was not enough lighting under the stage for video! Yes, I was totally under stage in a plexi booth with video camera to conductor and headphones to hear audio cues from conductor.

The RT Gig Trays are great!

You can see...being able to have multi layers to set brushes ready to play and other stix is very cool.

Rhythm Tech Mounted Gig Tray

The tray below almost fit the unit to transmit audio to booth perfectly! Damn cables! HaHa!

Rhythm Tech Mounted Gig Tray

And...you see the transmitter clipped onto the back of top tray! Whee!

Now... how 'bout the creative use of RT attachment bracket and rod...?
Yes! Perfect, to hold towel and headphones!!!!!

Rhythm Tech Mounted Gig Tray

... More to share. Yes, Lots of good stuff!
Enjoy your weekend!


Ed Shaughnessy

Ludwig Drums celebrated and honored Ed Shaughnessy and his thirty year commitment to Ludwig with a special tribute and presentation at the 2007 PASIC in Columbus, OH

Ed Shaughnessy

Ed Shaughnessy snare


Steve Williams

... I'm just reaching out to say hi and to let you know that I'm currently doing a Broadway show called the Three Mo Tenors which will run until Jan...

Take Care,
Steve WIlliams


Mike Bennett

Hey Pam! I wanted to let you know that some tunes from the new Hilary Duff DVD are now online at ATT&T's Blue Room! Check it out!

I am keeping busy in between tours w/ a lot of different artists on drums and percussion and also finishing my first book! Johnny Blas' new record also came out on CuBop last week and I will be playing w/ Olivea Watson on the New Music Weekly Awards this weekend but I think it will air next week. Thanks for everything and talk to you soon! Peace.

-Mike Bennett-


Carlos Lopez

Hello all,

Looks like I'll be going on a little road trip again with "Dancing With The Stars" this winter. It's gonna be a 38-city tour across the US and Canada.

I've got my Rhythm Tech Pro Tambourines and extra RT goodies packed and ready to roll.

See you at a show!

Peace and blessings,




John Covington

Did you know I’m playing drums on Guitar Hero III that just came out? I’m playing Mississippi Queen. Here’s a link to a youtube video.




Chad Melchert

All is great I have had a busy last few months both in the studio and live. I recorded and finished a great project with a young singer songwriter named Jordan Lee, the tunes are amazing and you will be hearing more from him. I am looking forward to a great new year touring in the U.S. with Adam Gregory in 2008, with the new cd being tracked in Nashville I am so excited to be out touring with such an amazing talent. I have also been busy in the local studios as well I have been tracking alot of sessions over the internet for clients all over the place. I am so thankful to Pam and Rhythm Tech for helping me in donating percussion to the Riverside Community in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. The instruments were such a positive thing for alot of these kids who can't afford instruments on their own, thanks so much for your support in helping me help others.

Once again hi to all my musical brothers and sisters, keep it up and hope to meet you all on the road. Especially when you're making the music better with your Rhythm tech gear.

Chad Melchert



Rich Redmond

Hey guys!!!!!

I wanted to let you know I am rocking The Country Music Awards tonight (11/7) on ABC!!! Check your local listings for the exact time! I will be performing "Johnny Cash" with Aldean and the boys! We are at the top of the second hour, right after Brooks and Dunn!!!!!! I also have 2 new 'video signatures' attached to all of my emails. They were shot by my friend Jim McCarthy at www.vidsigs.com. Check him out!!!





Andres Patrick Forero

Getting ready for rehearsals for In the Heights we got a great theatre Richard Rodgers on 46th and Broadway YAY!!

Life has been crazy I just did an amazing DVD with William Cepeda and the Afro-Rican Jazz.



Ron Powell

... I just got back from a fun and successful South American tour with Kenny G...


Glen Sobel

... I'm on tour with Elliott Yamin. He was 2nd runner up on American Idol last year. His CD is kickin ass. It was just at number 3 on the Billboard charts. The single "Wait For You" has been in the Hot 100 for over 25 weeks. Good times....

Also I was just in Japan with Alcatrazz a few months back, also was in Japan doin clinics at the Jikei schools, I'm on Paul Gilbert's new instructional DVD, I just finished the new Impellitteri CD a while back, and I have an instructional column out next month in MD (Feb issue)...



Adam Culvey

Things with Tim Myers are well. We've been playing and recording a fair amount in LA. Some of our songs are featured in American Eagle retail stores starting this week. Lately we've been doing a lot of showcases, and Tim has started a good relationship with Capitol Records... fingers crossed : )

Also, Sarah Kelly is presently recording her new album, due out in the spring. The release will hopefully conjure up some international touring and maybe even another Grammy nom! again, fingers crossed : )

Now to the interesting stuff. I've used my Laptop at a few live shows! It was great.



Kevin Rice

... Most recently I've been touring with Ben Jelen to support his sophomore release "Ex Sensitive" (Warner / Custard). We were on tour opening for Pete Yorn this summer on his national tour, and just recently opened up for hip hop star Common at the Carnesecca Arena. ( www.benjelen.com)

I've also recently appeared on Whoopi Goldberg's show, "Wake Up with Whoopi" with Freddy and the Dials ( www.freddyandthedials.com).

I have done national and international touring and appeared on MTV with The Animators (www.theanimators.com).

I recorded drums for the Columbia pictures release "Urban Legends: Final Cut" and played on the ABC Television Commercial: "The Big 12" College Football Conference (Serge Audio)

I also maintain a busy roster of local gigs including Saturday Night Live guitarist Jared Scharff ( www.myspace.com/jaredscharffmusic) as well as Emily Brooke (www.myspace.com/emilybrookerock), and Atomictom (www.weareatomictom.com).

Finally I co-own Angelhouse East studios in Brooklyn. We are a small but up and coming production studio with a full live room for drums, vocal booth etc. We are launching a brand new website to be up by Dec 31st timed with the release of two new Albums produced in house. (www.angelhousestudios.com)

I have been using the Rhythm Tech DST Drum set tambourine, Studio Shakers, and the Mountable Gig Tray for years now they sound great and hold up to the rigours of the road...




Pro Drum Needs Your Vote!

FOX LA is conducting a vote for the Best Business in LA. Somebody (we don't know who) nominated the Professional Drum Shop!

Your vote will be greatly appreciated so please, take a minute to vote for PRO DRUM.

Go to:


1. Click VOTE
2. You will be directed to check your EMAIL
2. Check your EMAIL and click on the LINK

Sorry, you do have to put in your email in order for your vote to count.

(If the Link above doesn't work, Pro Drum is listed under Shopping and Musical Instruments.)

Pro Drum

P.S. Tell your friends

The Professional Drum Shop was founded in 1959 by Bob Yeager with Chuck Molinari in an effort to provide the professional drummer with a place to get needed equipment repairs and shopping convenience. Throughout the years, the Shop has been promoted on the road by many of Yeager's friends. Names like Art Blakey, Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, Joe Morello, Shelly Manne, Elvin Jones, Gene Krupa, Ray Bauduc, Max Roach, and others.


Rich Redmond

Hey Pam!!!!

I wanted to thank you again for your support and share my excitement with you!!! I had a fantastic week!!!! On Friday I made an appearance at The Memphis Drum Shop to help celebrate their 20th Anniversary. I did lots of smiling and hand shaking for Sabian cymbals!!! Yeah!!!!

On Sunday I was a 'celebrity drummer' along with longtime Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devitto for "The Texas Big Beat Festival"! We did some impromptu playing together and talked about our passion for drumming. We also played along with a rock band and 450+ drummers to the likes of "Sharp Dressed Man", "Theme To Hawaii Five-O" , "Kashmir" and "Wipeout"!!! We raised $36,000 for a charity called "No More Victims" which mentors children whose parents are both incarcerated. That felt good!

On Tuesday, I did a joint clinic with Ken Tondre (Austin Sessions / Kevin Fowler) for 100+ students at Odessa High School in Odessa, Texas! We both played to tracks and shared stories about how school music programs and a college education gave us an edge in the ultra competitive music business!!! Thanks to you and all of the folks at Rhythm Tech, Sonor, Sabian, Remo, ProMark, Impact, Grover, Hansenfutz, Danmar and Robokey... everyone left with a physical memory of the event!!! Thanks again! As a matter of fact, there is footage of me playing Jason Aldean's top ten smash "Hicktown" (to tracks) and our clinic opening drum duet at
I am also constantly adding performances and even a video blog to this 'channel'!!! Technology is beautiful! The kids really loved the metal crasher. I even explain how I used it on "Hicktown" on those recent videos on my youtube channel!!!!

Next year, I will be doing a 35 date arena tour with Jason Aldean and another really famous guy... This is an addition to the other 150 dates we will do as our own headliners. ...

Some more fun facts : I have also been in the studio producing up and comers Shawna Lynn and David Fanning. Jason Aldean's second record entitled "Relentless" has already reached gold sales stats.... I will be appearing on The Country Music Awards on ABC on November 7th with Jason Aldean... We will be performing his top ten smash "Johnny Cash"... Check local listings for the exact time... Also played on the new singles for The Roadhammers and Lila Mccann as well as all of the new record for Steve Azar!!!! ...

Rich Redmond



Sheila E

Sheila E. Chosen To Be A Celebrity Judge For The Next Great American Band

The producers behind mega-hit phenomenon American Idol take the musical reality genre to a whole new performance level with a mission to find undiscovered groups on The Next Great American Band.

Singer / songwriter John Rzeznik (The Goo Goo Dolls), legendary percussionist and performer Sheila E. (The Glamorous Life, A Love Bizarre) and Australian TV personality Ian "Dicko" Dickson (Australian Idol) will serve as judges while Dominic Bowden (New Zealand Idol) hosts the series.

The show airs in its regular time period on Fridays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox.

See The Next Great American Band Website for pictures, video and more information about the bands and judges.

Sheila E.'s All Female Band, "C.O.E.D." Launches Its New Website :



Voyce McGinley III

This year, I traveled to Portugal to choreograph "Aerial Taiko" for a new Cirque show at the Casino Estoril. In the States, I performed with Alan O'Day, Airto Moreira, Deniece Williams, Donovan Leitch, Ellis Hall, Eric Burdon, Stevie Wonder, and Thomas Ian Nicholas. I also recorded with "Wrecking Crew" studio legend, Don Peake. Several studio projects planned next year with producer, Mandi Martin. Lots of shows with percussion great, CG Ryche. Currently, I am touring Asia on Kitaro's "Love and Peace World Tour". Man, I LOVE MY JOB!!!



Rick Latham

Hi Friends,

Things have been busy and "It's All Good"! As the nip of Fall enters the air, things have been really heating up for yours truly and there are many cool things ahead.

The Juice Newton "All American Girl Tour" is in full swing. I had an incredible experience performing at Drum Fest 07 in Santiago, Chile, took delivery of my new DW Exotic (Vertical Grain) Cocobolo kit, and began filming my new DVD project entitled "All About The Groove" that will be all new educational material scheduled for early 2008 release. I also have been hard at work on my solo CD "Stickman" which will also be released early next year.

I'm very Excited!!!!!

Drum Fest 07 (Santiago, Chile) :
I had the great pleasure of again performing at the annual international drumming event in Santiago, Chile. Drum Fest 07 was just incredible.

This year's line-up also featured Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Maxx Furian, Ale Agostini, Manuel Paez and several other exciting drummers from Chile and Argentina.

New - Rick Latham DVD "All About The Groove" :
I began shooting my upcoming DVD at DW's new production facility that includes the latest, state-of-the-art technology.

I've been playing DW now for 20 years and I'm very excited about this new DVD that will feature many cutting edge innovations. Please keep an eye out for this all new and exciting DVD "All About The Groove" coming soon in 2008.

New Latham Solo CD "Stickman" Exclusive :
I've also been hard at work on my first solo CD release, "Stickman". The CD features some of the Funkiest, most slamming and slinkiest grooves ever. This CD will appeal to all musicians as I take music into my own hands by writing, arranging, engineering, producing and playing. Especially appealing to drummers of all levels with downloadable files that you can play-along with as well as study my actual drum part transcriptions.

Stickman is also scheduled for an early '08 release.

Wishing you all a happy Fall and Winter and thanks for your continued interest and support. Please remember to check my site often for all the latest news.

Keeping It Funky,



Sam Rodriguez

Hello there,

I think the last few months may have broken the record for fabulousness!

Ummm ... wow. I don't know if I can appropriately describe how wonderful leading the Amelia Island Late Jazz Festival Jam session. It was truly an inspiring weekend for me. I got to play with Les DeMerle, guitarist Barry Greene, Billy Ross ( Frank Sinatra ) Tenor saxophone great and Stan Getz protégé, Dan Jordan (Maynard Ferguson and Yellowjackets ) Guitarist James Hogan. I've been in the studio working on many projects for movie and TV and many independent CDs with Guitarist and producer Denny Leroux.

I'm looking forward to doing some southeast shows in Oct / Nov – returning to some favorite places and trying some new ones, too. Also, I'm hoping to start recording again in December. And hoping to be as open as possible to opportunities coming my way! Thank to my many sponsor Tamburo drums, Vic Firth, Paiste Cymbal, Mike Balter mallet . As always, your feedback is welcome. Hope to see you down the road!

Sam Rodriguez


Janelle Burdell

... Playing Drums for a show based on Judy Garland's LIVE @ Carnegie Hall Concert. Swingin' Big Band stuff! ...

ciao, - janelle


from Modern Drummer magazine :

Chris Pennie is on the road with Coheed And Cambria in support of their new album, No World For Tomorrow.

Torry Castellano is on The Donnas' new release, Bitchin'.

Mike Baird, Matt Laug, and Ed Eblen are on Jere Mendelsohn's Triple Double Take.

Dave Weckl is on pianist T Lavitz's latest project, School Of Arts.

Seventeen drummers, including Sheila E, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Doane Perry, and Alphonse Mouzon, are featured on the charity CD Rhythm Of Life. For more info visit

Fuel is back with a new CD, Angels And Devils, and has added powerhouse drummer Tommy Stewart, formerly of Godsmack, to the lineup.

Taking Back Sunday drummer Mark O'Connell had to leave the band's Projekt Revolution Tour due to a back injury. After undergoing an MRI, O'Connell had been advised to return home for treatment until further notice. The band's friend, Aaron Stern –- the former drummer of Matchbook Romance who currently plays with God Or Julie -- is filling in for O'Connell. Well wishes for O'Connell can be posted on Taking Back Sunday's myspace page:

On November 26, Led Zeppelin will headline one of the most eagerly awaited concerts of the decade, to celebrate the life and work of Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records. The show is happening at London's 02 Arena. Jason Bonham, the son of late drummer John Bonham, will join original members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones.

Speaking of Zeppelin, a comprehensive two-CD collection, Mothership, is being released as a greatest-hits package with twenty-four remastered studio tracks. And a remixed and remastered deluxe CD/DVD reissue of The Song Remains The Same, which includes previously unreleased tracks, will be released in November.

Steve Barney is touring North America with Annie Lennox in support of her new album, Songs Of Mass Destruction.

Victor Indrizzo and Michael Baker share the drum chair on Colbie Caillat's CD Coco. Luis Conte is on percussion.

Brendan Buckley toured with Damien Rice during his break from Shakira.

Roger Taylor is on the latest from Duran Duran, Red Carpet Massacre.


Jorge Bermudez

Hey People!

I hope everyone is doing well!

The next time you rent a film at Blockbuster you might check out a new science fiction film called "Species - The Awakening". It features 2
Bermudez Triangle tunes.

I don't always know where music is going to wind up when I have it submitted to TV and film. In this quirky Science Fiction film Bermudez Triangle tunes "Cumbia Cubana" and "Cachimba, Cachamba" are used while humans are being attacked by aliens.

The Songs Are Heard Loud. This is new for me, LOL. Check the flick out if you can.

Peace and love to all of my beloved friends and family!

Jorge Bermudez



Glen Sobel

I'm out on tour with Elliott Yamin. His CD was just at number 3 on the Billboard charts. He was on American Idol last year... 2nd runner up. The single "Wait For You" has been on the Billboard Hot 100 for over 20 weeks.... you may have heard it.

I'm in Indianapolis right now.... we have wi fi on the bus so it's great during all the down time. You can see the full itinerary at www.myspace.com/drummerglen

Also.... I'm on Paul Gilbert's new instructional DVD "Get Outta my Yard : The Instructional DVD"

I played on the new version of the Monday Night Football theme.... heard on ESPN. (This is the re-make of the orchestral tune that's been around 20+ years).

I just recorded drums for the new CD by Impellitteri due out next year on JVC / Victor Japan.

And finally.... I was recently in Japan playing dates with Alcatrazz.....

Hope all's well in your world.....



Stefon "Spider" DuBose

Hello all this is Stefon "Spider" Dubose with some updates. Well after a brief hiatus we (Sly & The Family Stone) are hitting again full effect. The first two shows I know of confirmed are Friday Dec. 2, 2007 @ BB King's (check their website) in NY 8:30 / 10:30pm shows. Then Sunday Dec. 2, 2007 in Las Vegas. More info to follow but things are a go just had a lot of business cleaning to do. Thankx for all your support. I will be booking my drum clinics beginning January 2008 after the NAMM show. Also I am in talks right now to have all and any performances streamlined live to air on my website. Also I will be doing an instructional dvd working out the details as to where tentatively in Philadelphia at a bible college w/ Golden Lamb Productions. But a lot is happening and I plan on supporting you all to highest.
Thank you!
Stefon "spider" DuBose



Dony Wynn

One and All,

Wanted to give you an introduction to a new band. Most unusual troupe.

Here's the url....

The page is still a work in progress, but had enough to get started. Lots more to be added in the coming days, video, bookings, etc. But for now, here 'tis.

Spread the gospel...



Paul Goldberg

Good news! I'm going to Pheonix next week, to finish two CD's that Steve Gadd cannot finish (due to his heavy touring schedule). One CD is with two members of The Doobie Brothers, and the other is with "Head" (from Korn). ...


Marcus Miller

Balance is upon us.

A Look Back
September was a relatively quiet month. We all must take a moment to catch our breaths during the race of life.

What's New?
Join me for my MarcusMillerDrums workshop at the Rancho Santa Margarita library on 10/4/07 @ 7pm. If you live closer to Pasadena, then come over to the Sierra Madre Village library on 10/8/07 @ 7pm and the Allendale branch library on 10/11/07 @ 11am.

The Target Sundays at CAAM series continues. Every first Sunday of each month, join us in Exposition Park for a family drum circle and arts and crafts beginning at 12pm.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for some Southern CA performances featuring my group Freedom Jazz Movement, the wait is over! This month you can catch my sextet in action on Thursday 10/18/07 at the Derby w/ Leon Mobley & DaLion and the MacGregor Family Band. This should be a fun night of music! Come early and drink FREE until 9pm. We play at 8:30pm. The Derby is located at 4500 Los Feliz Blvd L.A., CA 90027.

Manhattan Beach, we are headed your way! We shall perform twice at this year's Metlox festival. The dates are 10/14/07 & 10/28/07 Marcus Miller w/ Freedom Jazz Movement. The festival is located in downtown Manhattan Beach in the patio / courtyard area adjacent to Manhattan Beach Blvd (near the Vons Market). For more info, please contact the City of Manhattan beach Cultural Arts dept. at 310-802-5417.

Thanks again for your continued support and please if you like what you hear, then please pass it on.

What's The Buzz?
This month, the focus is on a school located in Camarillo, CA. Adolfo Camarillo High School is not your typical high school. There is something special going on out there off interstate 101 near Oxnard.

Since 2005, I have had the pleasure of working with the young people of this school. They have made some great things happen not just in Camarillo, but over 7,500 miles away in South Africa.

Camarillo's Hero club has raised over $3,000 to help build new schools in S. Africa. This goodwill is accomplished through fundraising benefit concerts, food sales, and any other creative means of raising money. For more info about this project go to Feb.6 E-News: HERO Update | UNAUSA.org

On Oct. 26, 2007, my ensemble returns for another lunchtime performance. Each year we strive to bring them an integral part of the African culture [drum & dance], so that they can experience first hand a part of the culture that they are helping to support. At the same time we hope that they will learn more through this cultural interaction. They definitely have it going on!

Keep up the great humanitarian work! Kudos to Mrs. Rita Neumeister for her tireless effort and work with the students at ACHS. For more info about Adolfo Camarillo High School, go to www.achs.org

Peace & Blessings,
Marcus Miller



2007 Drummies! Readers Poll Results

from DRUM! Magazine

Drumming Awards

Drummer Of The Year : Neil Peart
Runners Up : Danny Carey, Vinnie Colaiuta, Thomas Lang

Rising Star Of The Year : Jason Bittner
Runners Up : Brann Dailor, Andrew Hurley, Benny Greb

Jazz / Fusion Drummer : Dave Weckl
Runners Up : Morgan Agren, Steve Smith, Billy Cobham

Funk Drummer : Chad Smith
Runners Up : David Garibaldi, Dennis Chambers, Zoro

Metal Drummer : Jason Bittner
Runners Up : Chris Adler, Joey Jordison, Tomas Haake

Mainstream Rock / Pop Drummer : Chad Smith
Runners Up : Carter Beauford, Travis Barker, Daniel Adair

R&B / Blues Drummer : Zoro
Runners Up : Steve Jordan, Aaron Spears, John Blackwell

Progressive Rock Drummer : Neil Peart
Runners Up : Mike Portnoy, Danny Carey, Gavin Harrison

Jam Band Drummer : Carter Beauford
Runners Up : Matt Abts, Stanton Moore, Rodney Holmes

Alternative Rock Drummer : Travis Barker
Runners Up : Danny Carey, Matt Cameron, Taylor Hawkins

Punk Drummer : Travis Barker
Runners Up : Tre Cool, Andrew Hurley, Josh Freese

Country Drummer : Paul Leim
Runners Up : Eddie Bayers, Chuck Tilly, Kenny Aronoff

Studio Drummer : Vinnie Colaiuta
Runners Up : Josh Freese, Kenny Aronoff, Steve Jordan

Live Performer : Neil Peart
Runners Up : Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison

Drum Clinician : Dom Famularo
Runners Up : Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini

Percussion Awards

Percussionist Of The Year : Luis Constrainers
Runners Up : Marc Quinones, Zakir Hussain, Alex Acuna

Percussion Rising Star : Taku Hirano
Runners Up : John Mahon, Gumbi Ortiz, Reid DeFever

Latin Percussionist : Giovanni Hidalgo
Runners Up : Luis Conte, Alex Acuña, Ritchie Flores

Jazz / Fusion Percussionist : Airto Moreira
Runners Up : Luis Conte, Ralph McDonald, Raul Rekow

Rock / Pop Percussionist : Luis Conte
Runners Up : John Mahon, Fausto Cuevas, Taku Hirano

Studio Percussionist : Alex Acuna
Runners Up : Luis Conte, Sammy Figueroa, Lenny Castro

Worldbeat Percussionist : Zakir Hussain
Runners Up : Arthur Hull, Glen Velez, Karsh Kale

Drum Circle Facilitator : Kalani
Runners Up : Arthur Hull, Christine Stevens, Zorina Wolf

Percussion Clinician : Luis Conte
Runners Up : Jesus Diaz, Richie "Gajate" Garcia, Giovanni Hidalgo

Percussion Ensemble : Blue Man Group
Runners Up : Hip Pickles, Global Percussion Trio, Drumbassadors

Industry Awards

Drum Kit : Tama Starclassic Bubinga
Runners Up : Sonor SQ2 Drum System, DW Waterfall Bubinga, Yamaha Tour Custom

Snare Drum : DW EQ
Runners Up : Tama Warlord Series, Ludwig The Chief, Pearl Vinnie Paul Model

Cymbal : Zildjian K Custom Hybrid
Runners Up : Sabian HHX Legacy, Paiste Signature Dark Full Ride, Zildjian ZHT

Electronic Percussion : Roland TD-6SX V-Tour Kit
Runners Up : Roland TD-6SW V-Tour Kit, Roland HPD-10 Handsonic, Hart Dynamics D-Trig Media

Percussion : Meinl Snare Cajon
Runners Up : Pearl Bala Cowbells, LP Compact Bongo, LP Joey Castillo Drum Kit Pack

Hardware : DW 9000 Percussion Hardware
Runners Up : Tama Special Edition Iron Cobra Pedal, Pearl S1000D Snare Stand, DW Drum & Percussion Racks

Sticks : Vic Firth Steve Jordan Model
Runners Up : Pro-Mark Jason Bittner Model, Vater Nude Series, Vic Firth Tala Wands

Drumhead : Remo Powersonic
Runners Up : Evan EC2 Coated, Evans EMAD 2, Aquarian Super-2

Accessory : Zildjian Artist Collection Drumstick Bags
Runners Up : Vater Buzz Kill, Pearl Jingle Clamp, Puresound Twisters Snare Wires

DVD : Anatomy Of A Drum Solo by Neil Peart
Runners Up : Jazz Drums by Pete Magadini, Creative Coordination by Thomas Lang, Musical Drumming In Different Styles by Gregg Bissonette

Book : The Code Of Funk by David Garibaldi
Runners Up : Master Studies III by Joe Morello, The New Breed: Revised Edition by Gary Chester, Drumming Facts, Tips And Warm-Ups by Mat Marucci

Drumming Album : Snakes & Arrows by Rush
Runners Up : 10,000 Days by Tool, Blood Mountain by Mastodon, Catch 33 by Meshuggah

Hand Percussion Album : Italuba II by Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez
Runners Up : Broken English by Karsh Kale, Hand'stan by Hands On'semble, Sangam by Charles Lloyd

Drum / Percussion Web Site : drummerworld.com
Runners Up : neilpeart.net, pearldrummersforum.com, vicfirth.com

Print Advertisement : Pro-Mark "Say It With Your Music"
Runners Up : Sabian Paragon "Because Sound Matters," Pearl "Sound Strength, DW "35 Years"

MD’s 2007 Readers Poll Results

from Modern Drummer magazine

Hall Of Fame : Jack DeJohnette

Rock : Chad Smith
2. Neil Peart
3. Zak Starkey
4. Matt Cameron
5. Brad Wilk

Metal : Chris Adler
2. Jason Bittner
3. Tomas Haake
4. Dave Lombardo
5. Travis Smith

Punk : Travis Barker
2. Josh Freese
3. Brooks Wackerman
4. Bill Stevenson
5. Tré Cool

Prog : Gavin Harrison
2. Mike Portnoy
3. Virgil Donati
4. Danny Carey
5. Chris Pennie

R&B / Hip-Hop : Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson
2. Gerald Heyward
3. Teddy Campbell
4. Aaron Spears
5. Lil’ John Roberts

Traditional R&B : David Garibaldi
2. Bernard Purdie
3. Steve Jordan
4. Stanton Moore
5. Marvin McQuitty

Pop : John Blackwell
2. Keith Carlock
3. Kenny Aronoff
4. Ronnie Vannucci
5. Nigel Olsson

Jam Band : Carter Beauford
2. Stanton Moore
3. Billy Martin
4. Joe Russo
5. Rodney Holmes

Traditional Jazz : Jeff Hamilton
2. Roy Haynes
3. Peter Erskine
4. Louie Bellson
5. Matt Wilson

Contemporary Jazz : Jack DeJohnette
2. Bill Stewart
3. Jeff Ballard
4. Brian Blade
5. Billy Kilson

Fusion : Dave Weckl
2. Billy Cobham
3. Terry Bozzio
4. Antonio Sanchez
5. Zach Hill

Studio : Vinnie Colaiuta
2. Steve Gadd
3. Kenny Aronoff
4. Josh Freese
5. Matt Chamberlain

Country : Paul Leim
2. Eddie Bayers
3. Chris McHugh
4. Jim Riley
5. Dave McAfee

World Music : Zakir Hussein
2. Glen Velez
3. Ignacio Berroa
4. Jamey Haddad
5. Trilok Gurtu

Percussionist : Alex Acuna
2. Luis Conte
3. Giovanni Hidalgo
4. Lenny Castro
5. Evelyn Glennie

Up & Coming : Ronald Bruner Jr. (Stanley Clarke, Kenny Garrett, Suicidal Tendencies)
2. Kim Thompson (Beyoncé, Mike Stern)
3. Brann Dailor (Mastodon)
4. Mark Guiliana (Avishai Cohen)
5. Derek Roddy (Today Is The Day, ex-Hate Eternal)

All Around : Vinnie Colaiuta
2. Steve Gadd
3. Keith Carlock
4. Steve Smith
5. Thomas Lang

Clinician : Virgil Donati
2. Billy Ward
3. Thomas Lang
4. Zoro
5. Mike Mangini

Educational Book : Joe Morello : Master Studies II (Modern Drummer Publications)
2. Peter Erskine: Time Awareness For All Musicians
3. David Garibaldi: The Code Of Funk
4. Marco Minnemann (with Rick Gratton): Maximum Minnemann
5. Rick Latham: Contemporary Drumset Techniques (2006 updated edition)

Educational DVD : Thomas Lang : Creative Coordination & Advance Foot Technique (Hudson Music)
2. Ray Luzier: Ray Luzier
3. Clayton Cameron: Brushworks, The DVD
4. Stephen Perkins: A Drummer’s Life
5. Chris Adler & Jason Bittner: Live At Modern Drummer Festival 2005

Recorded Performance : Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater: Score: X0X (DVD)
2. Chad Smith—Red Hot Chili Peppers: Stadium Arcadium
3. Chris Adler—Lamb Of God: Sacrament
4. Jack DeJohnette—Trio Beyond: Saudades
5. Ignacio Berroa: Codes

Virgil Donati

2007 has been by far the busiest year on the road of my career. I spent much of the time in France, touring with local icon, Michel Polnareff. We played our last gig of that tour on September 6th, 2007. Since then, I have been back in Los Angeles, putting the final touches on the Devil's Slingshot Record. The record was mastered today, and copies will be available for sale in time for the start of the tour, ahead of the official release dates. You can sample the track called "Nederland" from the upcoming "Clinophobia" album on Virgildonati.com.

Friday September 21 we begin a week of rehearsals leading up to the tour. I'm looking forward to playing with Tony and Billy again, and on this, a much more extensive tour than last year.

Steve Scanlon will be coming on the road with us as mixing engineer. Steve and I go back to the Southern Sons days in Australia, and haven't worked together live since those days. He recently mixed and mastered Quantum - Planet X, and also did the Slingshot record.

Having had a lean practice year because of all the time out on the road, I've also put in a few hours a day, to prepare for the arduous schedule of the upcoming tour. And it doesn't end there!!! Barely a week or so after returning to L.A. from the Slingshot tour, Tony and I will again hit the road, this time to India, with CAB. I will post more info on that as it draws closer. I will be doing some clinics on days off throughout the tour. The first of these will be at the Bergen Percussion Festival on Sep. 28 (this Saturday). ...



Patrick Caccia

I wanted to mention to you couple of things here, after I came back from Europe opening for Jeff Beck, Vai and Pink (during the Eric Sardinas tour) I got the news that the new Sardinas record is coming out in February 2008 under "Favored Nations". I played all the record, and I feel so lucky to have been part of it since the last one was done by Chris Frazier (Steve Vai) and the one before that by Gregg Bissonette (who didn't he play with) :-p .

I did few interviews in Europe these past tours ...



Erez Ginat

Hey guys...

I just got back in town after 2 months on the road with Hilary Duff. The band was incredible and we all had a blast... My cymbal company who supports me, officially just added me to the family! So excited...Woohoo...:)


Off the road, I'm about to start producing Shea, a great singer from Dallas, TX. We'll hit my studio for some great sounds. We (my partner and I) just finished another great project for JP! A great sounding rock album. The guys in Universal Mastering were really happy and we all became friends...:)

I hope you are well!
Much love to you all!


Matthew Burgess

Well here's some info for ya!

Amanda Williams, whom I was gigging with in LA, has been picked up by Category 5 records here in Nashville and we are currently in the studio working on the debut release!

It's very exciting and the record is sounding great with lots of cool percussion.

Thanks for all your help!!!
Matthew Burgess


Aldo Mazza

KoSA 12 shakes the rafters of the Green Mountains!

Johnson VT - Another great year of participating in (insert wink here) what Todd Rundgren says..."I just wanna bang on the drum all day." A great group of participants and artist faculty came together to find, define and again, recreate the KoSA Experience. Classes were percolating - even more than Aldo's Espresso! We were so pleased to see strong attendance with the KoSA Rhythm Sections and Mike Bernal's new KoSA Jam at the Base Lodge.

We were also most pleased to see such a resounding reception to Jim Royle's steel drum classes and ensembles. And of course, the excellent cross cultural, cross genre kits... featuring groove, reading, historical and rudimental insite from Mssrs. Acevedo, Appice, Bergamini, Bissonette, Clark, Famularo, Prieto, Riley, Salisbury and Van Horn. And the orchestral with Rich Holly, Arnie Lang, and the mallets with Mike Mainieri and She-E Wu and Mario DeCiutiis... and how about Michael Wimberly and Jamie Shakur, immersing participants in the wondrous rhythms and movement of Africa. And the iridescent spectrum from Aldo's New Electro World Kit and the thunder, power and grace of Marco's Taiko classes. And the infectious world rhythms and techniques of Lou Robinson, Homero Chavez and Rajna Swaminathan. And the hot latin percussion experience of Michael Spiro, and Memo Acevedo (how about that Bata Ensemble!) And of course the mallet expertise, electronic wizardry and daily telecommute to points across the country with Alan Molnar.

Finally the welcome arrival of Drum Circle wizard Kalani, and the suprise visit by Flo Mounier! Holy Toledo! No wonder the week went by so quickly! KOSA 12 closed with a terrific and exciting Participants Concert on Friday Night and a commanding Grand Finale given by K12 Artist Faculty - complete with a live audience chat with the legendary Jim Chapin from his recovery room in Florida!

There are so many people to thank, we can barely begin... but we'll give it a try (PLEASE pardon our memory if we are remiss in listing you!). First, our kind, patient and hardworking hosts at Johnson State College... both Concert and Events and the Dibden Center teams... we'd be roadkill if it wasn't for these two great teams, putting out little fires and making the entire challenging event move smoothly through to its conclusion. Second, our great KoSA Team: Diane in the office, Karen (and Chris) at the stage; Rene (Redge), Tyler, Jeff, Bob, The Man who used to be known as "Burns", Jeremy on the technical crew, the Flying Cifellis - Phil and David, who not only particpate, but keep the water flowing, to our photographers Kip and Candido (as well as photographic contributions from Karen, Jolan, Aldo, Mario, Memo and Peter) and to our many long time KoSA participants and believers. Finally, please send emails of encouragement to our many sponsors... their belief in KoSA and their support of their artists have allowed KoSA to bloom into the remarkable program it is.

In closing, there are many exciting things in development at KoSA. We encourage you to stay in touch, watch the KoSA website for news about KoSA Cuba, our growth in programs at the KoSA Academy in Montréal, the expansion of KoSA Drumparties and more.

Please know that your support of our expanding vision makes all of this possible, and we appreciated so very much.

Warm regards,

Aldo Mazza, Founder-Artistic Director
Dr. Jolan Kovacs-Mazza, CoFounder - Programs Coordinator



Mike Bennett

What's up everybody! I am home from tour with Hilary Duff for a bit and excited to be back in town. The tour was a lot of fun and I will be posting more pics and maybe even some video soon! It's great working with Hilary and her amazing band and I am excited to get back out on the road again real soon!

In news on the home front, I am back in action on drums and leading my trio this Friday night at The OC Pavilion's Vault VIP Lounge in Santa Ana, CA. This is an amazingly beautiful joint and I am excited to be swinging again with my band! For more info please visit OCPavilion.com. I will also be at The Hip Kitty in Claremont, CA performing with my favorite band, The Joe Jewell Quartet this Thursday. I hope to see some local So Cal faces there and drummers come check out some sweet new Sabian Cymbals fresh out of the vault!

For all you readers of the drumming magazines, make sure to check out my new ad in Drum! and Modern Drummer for Taye Drums and also check out the recent issue of MD to see a great pic from behind the Hilary Duff touring rig!

I am also putting the finishing touches on my first drum book and am planning some clinics and workshops in order to test it out. Please let me know if you would like to see a clinic in your town or if you are interested in private or group lessons in the Los Angeles area. Please keeping stopping by for gig updates, pics, videos, etc. and also make sure to keep visiting HilaryDuff.com to see when we will be performing in a town near you! Peace.

-Mike Bennett-


Hip Pickle Drum Band

Hi all! Just a quick Hip Pickles' Up-date on a performance trip that we had at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, Florida. We had an amazing time performing for some incredible audiences.

Hope to see you soon ... have a great fall!

all the best,

Hip Pickles


Fantastic Performances in Naples ... ... 4 Young People Shows, 1 Drum Clinic and a Family Concert at the beautiful Philharmonic Center for the Arts

Young People Concerts - The Hip Pickles Drum Band has just returned from 3 days of performances at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, Florida. On September 6th and 7th the Hip Pickles, music director Chet Doboe and performance partner John Doboe, presented 4 Young People Concerts, which had students from area schools bopin' and rockin' to the Hip Pickles' fun-packed Song Book. With the mission of exciting young people to be involved in the arts, the Hip Pickles included some of their signature interactive performance segments, that had the whole audience of enthusiastic students performing along on percussion instruments, graciously supplied by Remo Percussion. Hip Pickles were particularly honored that the "Hannah Grace Evans Memorial Fund for Children's Music," established in Hannah's memory by her parents, enabled many children in attendance to experience a show that normally would not be accessible to them. The joy on these young people's faces was priceless.

Hip Pickles in Clinic - Then on Saturday afternoon, the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra, along with the Florida Chapter of PAS, presented Hip Pickles in Drum Clinic to a standing room only audience. Chet and John presented many of the fundamental performance concepts that are used in Hip Pickles, along with many examples of the Hip Pickles repertoire, which was extremely well received. The Clinic was supported by Hip Pickles "best of the best" Music Instrument sponsors Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Pro-Mark Drum Sticks, Gibraltar Racks, Remo Drum Heads and World Percussion, Tight Screws, Impact Industries Cases.

Hip Pickles Evening Family Concert - Saturday evening, the Hip Pickles joined "Percussion Summit" organizer, all around great guy and Philharmonic Timpanist, John Evans, along with virtuoso Marimbist, She- e Wu and a cast of phenomenal percussionists in a Percussion Concert to end all Percussion Concerts. A beautiful 1,500 seat concert hall, the Philharmonic Center for the Arts Concert hall was the perfect setting for an amazing rhythm altering extravaganza. The Hip Pickles performed an Electric 35 minute set featuring World Percussion, high energy Corps percussion, riveting Brazilian and Latin grooves, climaxing their segment, with Hip Pickles Signature "Rack Drum" Features with special lighting effects. The audience was locked in with the Hip Pickles from the get go and insisted on bringing the duo back for 3 call backs. Great night.

The Exciting "Percussion Summit Ensemble" featured some outstanding performances by John Evans, along with by far, some of the best percussionists in the South East.

This outstanding Group of players performed Three Camps, The Art of the Fugue, Blue Identity featuring the amazing She-e Wu on Marimba, Hook, Hoo-Daiko, King of Pain and Minuano.

The Percussion Ensemble was comprised of John Evans - Timpanist of Naples Philharmonic Orch., John Bannon - principle percussionist Florida Orchestra, Craig Benson - percussionist Florida Orchestra, Evan Bertrand - Percussionist Jacksonville Orch., Phyllis Bitow - principal Percussionist Princeton Symphony, David Coash - Florida Orchestra, Cynthia Dallas - Principal Piano Naples Philharmonic, James Dallas -Principal Percussionist Naples Philharmonic Orch., Laurie Diaz - Percussionist Naples Philharmonic Orch., Ken Every - timpanist Jacksonville Symphony, Kevin Garry - Percussionist Jacksonville Symphony, Mark Goldberg - Orlando Philharmonic, Kurt Grissom -Freelance Percussionist in Southern Florida, Kevin Mauldin - University of Miami artist, John Shaw - Principal Orchestra Florida Orchestra, Tom Sherwood - Principal Percussionist Atlanta Symphony and Darcey Timmerman - Naples Philharmonic.

The "Percussion Summit" started with a bang and ended with a sonic BOOM. Great crowd, super cast of musicians just made for an unforgettable night for all.



Waldo Madera

Dear friends & endorsers,

I just wanted to let all of you know that after almost 9 beautiful months of hard work I won't be doing the final leg of the Ricky Martin Black & White tour. This is due to the fact that I have decided to spend as much time as possible from now till the end of 2007 with my newborn daughter and family.

Never the less, I shall be doing some promotional activities with Colombian artist Juanes like MTV awards, Latin Grammy's etc. These will be just one offs for radio and TV here and there for the rest of the year. All this being in preparation for another long tour around the world with Juanes that kicks off in 2008. One that will keep me away from home again for the most part of 2008-2009. So that's why I've taken this decision. ...

Peace to all,

Waldo Madera



Jason Sutter

I'm playing Reykjavik Iceland tommorow and have been in Europe with Cornell for a solid month... it's been incredible from Norway to Istanbul and we're heading back to LA for KROQs inland invasion and then off to Austrailia and New Zeland!! Drums Rule, I currently have features in: Sept Rhythm mag (UK), Batteur (fr.) Drumhead aug iss, and Metal Edge out now I have an "update" full page coming out in Modern Drummer in the November issue ... I will be home for two weeks on the 9th. ck jasonsutter.com for upcoming dates and my myspace for new photos. hope you're great and thanks for everything!! luv, Sutter



Ron Powell

... I'm going to South America in a few weeks. ... I'm with Kenny G. at Humphreys in San Diego and also at Pala casino and Morongo. ...

talk to you soon.
Ron Powell


Winston Roye

... I just agreed to go on tour for the next seven months playing my first instrument, drums. It's on the Kidz Bop World Tour. Rehearsal starts in October, tour goes until May of next year. ... The last time I played drums on tour was with Ace Of Base in 1998! ...




Ndugu Chancler

Jeffery Suttles and I are going to Hong Kong with Danny Summer. I am playing Drums and Percussion and taking my Tambourine.


Fausto Cuevas

Hey Yall,

Here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to these days. In May of 2007 I was on tour with Disney’s High School Musical throughout Mexico and South America. In July 2007 I was on tour in the Boston Area with Gonzalo Grau y La Clave Secreta. In the south end of Boston we played a concert for the Tito Puente concert series and performed at the Lowell Folk Music Festival. Currently I’m touring with Stevie Wonder for his 2007 U.S. tour. Hope all is well with yall and hope to see you at a show sometime soon.

Peace & Much Love

Fausto Cuevas III

a.k.a F.C.3



T Lavitz

... www.tlavitz.net or direct to the music at www.myspace.com/tlavitz

I have a CD coming out on October 9th, and I have some guy named Wickey... Willy?... Wonka? Oh yeah...Dave Weckl..... I am very excited as I feel that this is my best writing and playing in a loooong time!

All the best,


Andres Patrick Forero

I'm at the airport going to Mexico then for a clinic at the University Mexico City and two nights at the jazz Mecca. Then back home to record a new cd with Luis Bonilla and William Cepeda then to prepare for my opening on Broadway at the Richard Rogers Theatre for In The Heights



Shannon Ford

Hope all is well. I'm here in Seattle working on a show called "Lone Star Love" that is headed to Broadway this fall. It's an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Merry Wives Of Windsor" set in the old west. The music is cool and the cast is amazing, with Randy Quaid playing Falstaff...


Chad A Wright

... we just got back home from doing Corbin Bleu's tour... what a great tour...


Marcus Miller

August was full of fun. Lula’s dancers and my band rocked the Lincoln Center festival in NYC. Thanks to all who joined me in workshops from Pasadena to Palos Verdes; Newport Beach to Venice Beach; Montebello to Arcadia. For those who joined us at the Kidspace museum and African Marketplace, thank you.



Gary Stanionis

... I'm in the middle of the Jazz Festival Tour. It's great! Jaciem's CD went to 10 on the Bilboard charts ...


Sandy Feldstein

It is with great sadness, that my mom, Tracy and I announce that Sandy Feldstein has ended his year long battle with cancer. We were all together at home in Tarzana California when he passed very early this morning. He was at peace, surrounded by his family and the love and thoughts of well wishers from all around the world ...

As you know, dad's life has been devoted to music education, so in lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made to the newly established Sandy Feldstein Music Education Fund. The Music for All Foundation has organized this new fund, and the family will see that all contributions will be allocated as dad would have seen fit. Please make contributions payable to "The Music For All Foundation," and please write Sandy Feldstein Music Education Fund on the comment line of your checks. We hope that the generosity of those who love dad and love music will ultimately lead to a scholarship in his name. The address for donations is :
39 West Jackson Place
Suite 150
Indianapolis IN 46225

Wendy, David and Tracy Feldstein


Max Roach

Legendary drummer Max Roach dies at 83

Max Roach, the master percussionist whose rhythmic innovations and improvisations defined bebop jazz during a wide-ranging career where he collaborated with artists from Duke Ellington to rapper Fab Five Freddy, has died after a long illness. He was 83.

The self-taught musical prodigy died Wednesday night at an undisclosed hospital in Manhattan, said Cem Kurosman, spokesman for Blue Note Records, one of Roach's labels. No additional details were available, he said Thursday.

Roach received his first musical break at age 16, filling in for three nights in 1940 when Ellington's drummer fell ill.

Roach's performance led him to the legendary Minton's Playhouse in Harlem, where he joined luminaries Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie in the burgeoning bebop movement. In 1944, Roach joined Gillespie and Coleman Hawkins in one of the first bebop recording sessions.

What distinguished Roach from other drummers were his fast hands and ability to simultaneously maintain several rhythms. By layering different beats and varying the meter, Roach pushed jazz beyond the boundaries of standard 4/4 time. His dislocated beats helped define bebop.

Roach's innovative use of cymbals for melodic lines, and tom-toms and bass drums for accents, helped elevate the percussionist from mere timekeeper to featured performer -- on a par with the trumpeter and saxophonist.

"One of the grand masters of our music," Gillespie once observed.

In a 1988 essay in The New York Times, Wynton Marsalis wrote of Roach : "All great instrumentalists have a superior quality of sound, and his is one of the marvels of contemporary music. ... The roundness and nobility of sound on the drums and the clarity and precision of the cymbals distinguishes Max Roach as a peerless master."

Throughout the jazz upheaval of the 1940s and '50s, Roach played bebop with the Charlie Parker Quintet and cool bop with the Miles Davis Capitol Orchestra. He joined trumpeter Clifford Brown in playing hard bop, a jazz form that maintained bebop's rhythmic drive while incorporating the blues and gospel.

In 1952, Roach and bassist-composer Charles Mingus founded Debut Records. Among the short-lived label's releases was a famed 1953 Toronto performance in Massey Hall, featuring Roach, Mingus, Parker, Gillespie and pianist Bud Powell.

But by the mid-1950s, Roach had watched several of his friends -- including Parker -- die from heroin addiction. In 1956, Roach was further devastated when Brown died in a car accident.

After his own struggle with drugs and alcohol, Roach rebounded with the help of his first wife, singer Abbey Lincoln. Married in 1962, they divorced eight years later.

Roach re-emerged in the 1960s free jazz era with a new political consciousness. Albums like "We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite" reflected his support of black activism.

Over the next decades, Roach expanded his repertoire and explored new challenges. He taught at the University of Massachusetts, traveled to Ghana in search of new music, and performed with groups from Japan and Cuba.

He also formed an all-percussion ensemble known as M'Boom, a quartet and a double quartet that included Roach's daughter Maxine Roach on viola.

Roach even worked with rapper Fab Five Freddy in the early 1980s. Ignoring critics, Roach insisted rap had a place on music's "boundless palette."

Roach, who in 1988 became the first jazz musician to receive a MacArthur Fellowship "genius award," said his curiosity reflected his sense of obligation to music. He was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1995.

Max Roach was born in New Land, North Carolina, on January 10, 1924. His family moved four years later to a Brooklyn apartment, where a player piano left by the previous tenants gave Roach his musical introduction.

Using player piano rolls of Jelly Roll Morton and Albert Ammons, Roach played along by putting his fingers on the keys and pedals as they rose and fell. But he was looking for another instrument to play when he began singing with the children's choir at the Concord Baptist Church.

Roach found a snare drum, and was hooked. His father gave the eighth-grader his first set of drums, and Roach was drumming professionally while still in high school.

He was survived by five children: sons Daryl and Raoul, and daughters Maxine, Ayl and Dara.


Max Roach

Max Roach, Jazz Drummer of the Bebop Era, Dies at 83

Max Roach, a pioneering drummer who defined jazz's bebop era with off-time rhythms and improvisations while backing musicians such as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker, has died. He was 83.

Roach, who had been ill for the past year, died at 1 am this morning in a Manhattan care facility, said Bruce Lundvall, chief executive of Blue Note Label, the last label that recorded Roach.

Roach's soulful dexterity lifted percussion to a starring role in modern jazz. Emphasizing the percussive bite of the cymbals over the booming bass drum, he helped free jazz from the confines of melody, regular time and symmetrical form.

Throughout his long career, Roach never stopped exploring new avenues of music and performance, including rap and hip-hop in the 1980s.

"My philosophy is that you can't write the same book twice,'' Roach said in a 1990 interview with the New York Times. "There are so many wonderful things going on and I want to be a part of all of it, capture the sound of what's in the air. I want to be a part of every new day.''

High-School Drummer

Maxwell Lemuel Roach was born Jan. 10, 1924, in Newland, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. His family moved to Brooklyn, New York, when he was 4, giving him proximity to the Harlem jazz clubs where his musical tastes were shaped.

He learned the drums in his high school marching band and wasted little time displaying his skill, performing with Duke Ellington's Orchestra for three nights in 1940 when its drummer, Sonny Greer, was ill.

By 30, he had recorded with Parker, Gillespie, Stan Getz and Miles Davis and had helped establish percussion's central role in bebop, the fast, improvisational style of jazz that flourished in the years after World War II.

"Max is a rhythmic thinker,'' Barry Ulanov wrote in "A History of Jazz in America,'' published in 1952. "His solos are not like swing drummers,' not dependent upon sheer noise and intensity to make their point.''

Roach performed with the Charlie Parker Quintet and the Miles Davis Capitol Orchestra.

'Art Form'

"Max brought so much to the art form,'' said drummer Roy Haynes, 82, in a phone interview from his Long Island, New York home. "He brought class and he brought great musicianship. He was the first drummer to make his drum solos very melodic. He approached drums the way a horn player or a pianist would.''

In 1949, Roach wanted to leave Charlie Parker's band and start his own group and recommended Haynes for his job, who then was working with trumpeter Miles Davis.

The ebullient drummer earned a global reputation among his peers as a musician who was always evolving.

"He always came to play,'' said Grammy Award-winning bassist Dave Holland, who saw Roach play during a one-month run at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London in the late 1960s. "I saw his intensity. He was a great leader of a group and led with a dynamic energy which was inspiring for those who worked with him.''

Roach married acclaimed jazz singer Abbey Lincoln in 1962. They divorced eight years later. He had lived with a partner, Shannon Gibbons, for about 16 years until 1997.

In 1988, the MacArthur Foundation of Chicago gave Roach one of its annual awards for exceptionally gifted people, commonly known as "genius awards.'' He was a former member of the faculty at the University of Massachusetts.

"His art rules his world and that brought many complexities into his personal relationships,'' Gibbons said in a phone interview. "His life was his art. He was also a loving father.''

Roach is survived by two sons, Daryl and Raoul, and three daughters, Maxine, Ayo and Dara.


Luquman Ali

Elson Nascimento, Band Manager for the Sun Ra Arkestra, has communicated the sad news that Luquman Ali, longtime drummer for the Sun Ra Arkestra, left the planet on Sunday, August 19. The Arkestra thanks those who have sent notes and emails with their concern about Luquman Ali. There is no more information available at the moment.


Jim Greiner

Jim Greiner Conducts Santa Cruz, California Drum Circle To Benefit Children With Cancer

On Saturday, August 25th, from 1 until 3 p.m., internationally renowned community drumming leader, and long time LP endorser / clinician, Jim Greiner conducted a FREE open drumming event in Downtown Santa Cruz, California. The event took place in the parking lot of Union Grove Music, at 1011 Pacific Ave. in the heart of the beautiful and lively outdoor Pacific Garden Mall. This event included a raffle of a full size conga drum with stand, donated by Latin Percussion Instruments of Garfield, New Jersey. All raffle proceeds went to the non-profit group, Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Association.

A large and lively group of drummers, at all levels of experience, with many kinds of drum or percussion instrument joined in the fun.

Debra Houston, Family Services Director of Jacob's Heart, enthused, "Jim Greiner, Union Grove Music, Latin Percussion and the Santa Cruz community made the day. LP generously donated a conga drum for a raffle and we raised enough money for a family to receive financial assistance for one year. What a great gift. It was wonderful to see the diversity of the Santa Cruz community so supportive of Jacob’s Heart."

Jacob's Heart is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and supporting their families in the challenges they face.



Ryan Hoyle

Hello Everybody,

Just a little update for you...

We will be playing our new single "Hollywood" tonight (8-31-07) on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"!!! Click here for an article by the LA times about the inspiration behind this song.

Our new album entitled "Afterwords" was released last Tuesday August 28th and is being sold exclusively at Target and iTunes. Here is link to an article from Billboard.com about this deal.

The album is currently at #5 on "Top Albums" and #3 on "Top Rock Albums" on the iTunes home page.

I am also very excited to share our new video with you... please click below to check it out:


Lastly, on the touring front, we have been out with the Counting Crows for the last two months playing minor-league baseball stadiums. We have one more show left on that tour and will immediately start a second leg with the band Live.

Please tune in tonight and don't forget to check out our touring schedule at the freshly remodeled www.collectivesoul.com to see when we will be playing near you...




Mike Bennett

I’m checking in from Concord, CA where I am enjoying a day off on the Hilary Duff Dignity North American Tour. Things are going great and I am having an awesome time out here. It’s been a real pleasure performing w/ Hilary and an amazing band night after night. We will be in L.A. next week so I am looking forward to going home and playing for my hometown friends. We have some exciting events coming up w/ Hilary soon so please keep checking my calendar for updates. I also have gotten my myspace photos section “somewhat” organized so please stop by and check them out. I will have new photos and updates to my homepage within the next week so please stop by there as well.

... I am planning some clinics for Sept./ Oct. so please drop me a line if you would like to see me in your town! Also check out a recent blog I did for Modern Drummer at

HilaryDuff.com has also just put up the band page at
www.hilaryduff.com/portal/music/band.asp so stop by and check out my family on the road and visit their websites and give them some love! Some very exciting things are developing and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon. Thanks for the support and I hope to see everyone in the near future. Peace.

-Mike Bennett-


David Leach

What I’ve Been Up To

I started the year working with singer \ songwriter Donavon Frankenreiter, on December 30 and 31 in Los Angeles and San Diego. January also saw me working with Lucy Lawless (Zena the Warrior Princess). I also traveled with Donavon to Japan in February and Europe in March. I’ve been traveling a lot with The Al McKay Allstars. We’ve been all over Europe, most recently returning from Italy. I’ve been doing spot dates with The Emotions, most recently at The Sunset Junction Street Fair. And I’ve also played the same venue and the same date with Deniece Williams. I’ve done some local dates and Japan dates with singer / songwriter Chris Pierce. I’ll be at the Montery Jazz Festival in September with Vocalist Lynne Fiddmont...



Paul Alexander Gonzalez

Greetings to all,

I hope all is well with everyone. I just returned from my trip to Texas, and I am very pleased to announce that the Drumline / Percussion clinics I gave at Rivera HS went extremely well. The students were all eager to learn, and were extremely advanced for their age.

I am also very pleased to let you all know, that I will be working with the Drumline and Front Ensemble again - composing their competitve music for their Indoor Percussion Shows this winter. I will be working very close with their Perc. Instructor - Armando Medrano... our goal is to get these kids to WGI Indoor Percussion National Finals.



John "Pulverizer" Covington

I'm a member of two Rock bands, The Greg Leon INVASION (featuring legendary guitarist Greg Leon) and Big C**K, The Hardest Band in the Land! I'm also an independant artist for live and studio projects and have tracked a bunch of "Guitar Hero" video game stuff this year as well. I also have a BFD Drum Sample Libray coming out at the first of the year featuring my giant vintage Leedy drum collection with tubs ranging from 20 through 28" BD's and toms from 9x12 all the way down to a 20x20 1949 floor tom, along with 15 assorted vintage snares from my collection.




Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to update you on my news and muse happenings.

This month I participated in a clinic with drummer Gary Stanionis and The Elements at Drummers For Jesus Clinics Event at Remo Drum Center. It was my first time playing with them and it was an amazing experience. It was also inspiring watching and listening to drummers like Larry Washington and Teddy Campbell. It was an amazing night.

This Friday August 24th I will be performing again with The Elements.

I will be teaching private lessons and workshops soon to be announced. Posters are in the makings.

Please check out my videos at :


I have several sites you can also listen to my music on.

Much blessings!


Samuel Dinkins

Greetings to You All

On Tuesday, August 21, 2007; I was one of the presenters for the Houston Independent School Districts (HISD) Fine Arts Mini-Conference. The conference was for the 600 plus Elementary and Secondary Fine Arts Teachers and Coordinators in the district. It took place at Westbury High School in HISD's southwest region. I presented my Teacher in-service presentation, "Music & Math: A Rhythmic Pair." The presentations focus is on the relationship between music notation & reading; small percussion instruments and mathematics. The Teachers had a chance to learn my method for using small percussion instruments and mathematics in their classes. Enhanced by a 45 plus page Power Point presentation, the Teachers experienced creating rhythms, writing music, and its relationship to math.

The highlight of the presentation was their hands-on use of the small percussion instruments from the companies whose products I endorse. The Teachers had the following instruments to play the many rhythmic examples: ... Canz shakers by Rhythm Tech ...

The presentation began with my performance of the song "This is how we count our Notes" written by S. Dinkins, III. This composition breaks down the music note values from the whole note thru the sixteen notes; and it uses the following instrumentation: 2 LP compact Congas; 2 LP Gajate Brackets with DW Pedals; and, Rhythm Tech tambourine on the left foot and the LP Jam Block low pitch Red on the right; accompanied with singing and hand claps.

The event was a huge success that I am still getting feed back from it, request for the Power Point presentation, and the schools desire for all of the instruments that the Teachers performed with for their classes. Also, the Teachers had access to the NAMM brochures and pamphlets from the "Support Music.com" and "Wanna Play" campaign.

Thank you to all the companies for the instruments and resources that have become an integral part of all that I do with Music Education, Performance & Entertainment.



from Modern Drummer magazine :

Congratulations to Louie Bellson, who was recently given ASCAP's Living Legend award. He also received the congressional lifetime achievement award at the Temecula Valley International Jazz Festival.

His best performance on disc? Stanton Moore is absolutely killin' on Galactic's upcoming release, From The Corner To The Block.

Bobby Jarzombek was laid up for six weeks earlier this year with a broken left wrist. Thankfully he's back playing at 100%. Bobby recently performed with Fates Warning and is in the process of setting up a clinic tour. For more info, check out his Web site, www.bobbyjarzombek.com.

Joey Castillo is on Era Vulgaris, the new one by Queens Of The Stone Age.

Anton Fig, Keith Carlock, and Vinnie Colaiuta are on guitarist Oz Noy's latest CD, Fuzzy. For more info, visit www.myspace.com/oznoy.

Ben Gillies is on Silverchair's fifth studio record, Young Modern. The band was also part of the '07 Lollapalooza summer tour.

Jim Donovan (Rusted Root) has launched a free drumming education Web site, www.RhythmResource.com. The site features hundreds of hand-picked video lessons, rare performances, and educational articles about drumming from all over the globe.

Peter Criss, founding member and drummer of iconic rock group KISS, has just released his new solo CD, One For All, on Silvercat Records (distributed by Sony / Red). The lead vocalist and co-writer of what to this day remains KISS's biggest Billboard hit, "Beth," goes back to his songwriting roots with this new CD. Says Criss, "The most important thing is that my fans and other people will get a whole new outlook on me with this CD. I've reinvented myself at my own pace, and for me, it's now, more than ever, about being true." Joined by longtime friends and acclaimed musicians - Late Night bandleader Paul Shaffer and bassist Will Lee, as well as guitarist Mike McLaughlin - One For All draws on Criss's love of rock and R&B. For more info, go to www.petercriss.net.

Ryan MacMillian of Push Stars and Redcar fame has been recording a few new tunes with Matchbox Twenty for a greatest-hits CD, Exile On Mainstream, due out in October. According to Ryan, he will also be touring with the band in January. Original drummer Paul Doucette is scheduled to play guitar and piano on the tour, sharing the front of the stage with Rob Thomas. Also, look for Paul's new recording, Milk The Bee, with his side-project, The Break And Repair Method. For more, visit www.myspace.com/thebreakandrepairmethod.

The White Stripes' new CD (with Meg White on drums), Icky Thump, is riding high on the Billboard charts.

Bon Jovi's latest release, Lost Highway (with Tico Torres on drums), recently hit number-1 on the Billboard charts.


Esteban Domingo Vega Bacallao (Chachá)

... legendary Esteban Domingo Vega Bacallao, known to the world as Chachá, passed away last night (July 18, 2007). He would have turned 82 (that he admitted to) on August 3 ...


Paul Goldberg

recently recorded or performed on ....

Girlfriends, Desperate Housewives (in Zach's band), Boston Legal (featuring Carl Reiner on vocals), Cavemen pilot, VH1's Vinyl Justice, Good Morning America, the new film "Forgetting Sara Marshall" (for Universal Pictures).

Paul was recently the drummer / percussionist for LA's "Chromolume Theater Company," playing the re-creation of the Broadway show "City of Angels." He is currently playing drums / percussion for Chromolume's re-creation of the Broadway show "Merrily We Roll Along" (music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim) which runs through the summer. (I'm using "Rhythm Tech" percussion, and "Gretsch Drums" exclusively.) And a new Disney pilot called "Eli Stone".

"All the Best Always" to my drumming brothers, Paul Goldberg


Scot Little Bihlman

... down at Cherokee putting percussion on what is going to be one of the songs for the movie that Pink is going to sing. Yes! I am going to be filming aug. 12-13-14th in New Mexico with Amy Smart. The movie is called Love and Dancing, and we have 11 songs from our up coming cd in it. I am going to be playing drums and percussion, along with some dialog .... Hope all is well!..................... PEACE OUT............... SCOT



Taku Hirano

... I have been keeping busy this summer producing a rock project out of Japan, and now it looks like I will begin production on a project out of Hong Kong.

... I will be taking on the Bette Midler gig. She will be taking Celine Dion's place at Caesar's Palace ... We start rehearsals with Bette in NYC this fall.

... now I am getting my feet wet in the production world and getting to stay at home for the first summer in at least five years!

Anyway, just thought I would update you on what I have going on. Hope all is well with you!




Ryan Hoyle

Hey Everybody, Just a little update to let you know about some of the new and exciting things that are around the corner.

- On May 16th, 2007 Paul Rodgers released his first solo DVD / CD on the Eagle Rock label. The DVD was shot in Glasgow, Scotland on October 13th at the Clyde Auditorium. The sold out concert was the last in a series of 8 sold out UK concert dates. The band on the DVD includes Heart member Howard Leese and 17 year old Kurtis Dengler on guitars, bassist Lynn Sorensen and Ryan Hoyle from "Collective Soul" on drums...

- We have officially wrapped up the production of Collective Soul's 7th studio album entitled "Afterwords". The album features eleven new tracks including the new single "Hollywood". "Hollywood" is currently in full rotation on many stations around the country and has just charted on both Triple A and Hot AC formats. The release date for the album is set for August 28th, 2007...

Here is a link to a recent Billboard review

- We are very busy this week filming the video for 'Hollywood". We have decided to distribute the new album exclusively through Target. This video will play non-stop in Target stores around the country as well as on VH1, MTV, and Much Music.

- It's time yet again to fire up the engines and tour! Currently, we have confirmed a total of around 80 shows from July 1 through October 20th. This will be a combination of festivals, The Triple Play Tour, and a duel headlining tour with the band 'Live". The Triple Play tour features "Counting Crows", "Live", and "Collective Soul" and will be at Minor League baseball stadiums around the country.



Kurt Rasmussen

... I just signed with Cirque for my ninth year! I start back teaching at UNLV for my fourth year. They added another class for me ... The new class will be Percussion Studio Techniques ...


Jon Mattox

Things have been a bit crazy for me the past 6 months. My wife and I had our first baby, Jasper, back in January. He’s amazing. I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know that the RythmTech instruments that I have are a part of my percussive arsenal at my studio, and I use them all the time.

... I’m doing a lot of film / tv work, and have had my music licensed for the following movie trailers: Hostel 2, Deja Vu, Zorro 2, Outlaw, XXX State of the Union, Domino, Catch a Fire, Behind Enemy Lines 2, and TNMT. I’ve licensed my music to television promos and advertising too: The Closer, TNT, TAG Heuer, & Vogue ...



Erez Ginat

Mike (Bennett) and I are in production rehearsals mode and we're leaving town on the 26th to start our world tour! The show is slammin! and the music is even more... :)



Gary "Big Dog" Stanionis

Hey everyone I was just thinking about how this year has been and it's just amazing the things that are happening. I want to thank all of you for your continued support. You are all truly friends and family. I've got some tour plans in the works for early 08'. A 2 mo. national tour and a tour to Japan and Brasil with C.G. Ryche. I'm currently on the Jazz Festival Tour on Percussion with Jaciem Joyner, his album just came out this past May and is already # 17 on the Billboard Charts also I'm putting together a clinic package to go out with my quartet to educate on musicianship rather than just chops (I think this is lacking in clinics) ...



Bruce Aitken

Bruce Aitken and Rod Coombes Rock Stanfest

We played to a full house... there were no empty seats and standing room only.

Rod is the drummer with the english band The Strawbs who had a huge #1 hit in the 70's with a tune called "I'm Part Of The Union". Prior to that he was a founder member of the Jeff Beck Group which included Rod Stewart (v) Ronnie Wood ( Stones) (bg) and Rod on drums. He also played for legendery English band Juicy Lucy. After that he joined Stealers Wheel with Jerry Rafferty and played on the hit single "Stuck In The Middle With You". Then when the Wheelers broke up he got the call to join the Strawbs with whom he has been with ever since. Rod is a clinician and a session musician who has played for the cream of Englands finest musicians and singers, it was an honour and a pleasure to perform with him. We had a ball. Steve Wilton joined us on stage for the jam finale... we got an incrediblle reception from the crowd... signed autographs... and had fun... that's what it's all about. I hope I get invited back to Stanfest.



Michael Dubin

Hello everyone,

We're just coming off the high from playing this years Monterey Blues Festival. We had a great time playing with our band 226 South Wabash with BJ on guitar / piano, me on guitar and percussion, Wayne-O Mills on Harp / percussion, Erik Krogh on bass, and Harold Pullum on drums / vocals.

Some of you might know this famous address 226 South Wabash as being the address of our family's Franks Drum Shop.

We played The Garden Stage at 10:45 AM and kicked off Saturday morning with a heavy dose of Chicago Style Blues with a few originals by me and BJ. It was a little rough going being the first one's out but at one point BJ jumped from the stage into the audience for a great guitar solo! The audience was with us which you could really feel. It was a great day to play - sun was out, great vendors and really nice people all dressed to kill. Our first major Festival! A dream come true and also for me to play guitar!!! Most of you know me as a drummer, but the guitar is my mistress for a long time!

Sunday night BJ and I headed over to Sly McFly's on the famous Monterey Wharf where we were greeted to a totally happening after festival jam session. As BJ and I walked up with our guitars the owner Jack was at the door with a wireless mic as he announced, "We have some heavy weights in the house, the boys from 226 South Wabash just showed up!" BJ and I hit the stage at 11:30pm with Seargent at Arms Lee Durley singing between us! Lee is the man on The Monterey Scene. We played Tracy Chapmans Give Me One Reason, BB's The Thrill is Gone, then Dust My Broom with Amy Treadwill on Vocals with the band hittin behind us, and the horn section blazing we tore the standing room only muthafuckin house down!!! What a night!!!

Here are some links to check it out. A review of our performance, A slide show, and another slide show with audio from the Monterey Herald which had BJ on The front cover Sunday Morning!

Looking forward to whatever comes next for The Dubin Bros.



Marcus Miller

June was great. We had two excellent performances in Temecula with Lula Washington’s dancers. We opened the AARP convention in L.A. and officially debuted the Noah’s Ark exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center. My summer drum workshop season is off to a great start in Southern CA. People are drumming everywhere!



Tom Teasley

Tom Teasley Announces Release of Painting Time

Global undertones meet jazz improvisation to create mesmerizing grooves

Just released, the CD Painting Time sets melodic Western jazz horns, flute and drumset, over trance-like Eastern foundation from Tom's kit of world instruments. The guest artists who add the swinging, funky layers are drummer Nasar Abadey, bassist James King, sax player Bruce Swaim, trombone player John Jensen and trumpet player Chris Battistone. Noted jazz writer Bill Milkowski says in his liner notes: "It's a United Nations of sound, with Teasley at the helm, steering this sonic ark through some uncharted waters from his drum set while overdubbing layers of percussion instruments, from cajón, riq and surdo to doumbek, tabla, gamelan and caxixi." Now available on cdbaby.com.

A Striking Duo, Maggie Sansone and Tom Team Up Again at Strathmore, July 12

A second collaboration by special request

They enjoyed collaborating so much last March, hammered dulcimer virtuoso Maggie Sansone and Tom Teasley are teaming up again July 12, this time at the much bigger Strathmore Hall Music Center in Bethesda. They're taking part in the Backyard Theater at Strathmore, joined by champion Irish step dancer Regan Riley, guitar and flute player Rob Greenway, and Andrea Hoag on violin.

Silent Movies Get a Big Slap of Percussion in Arlington, July 15

Arlington's Slapsticon 2007 film festival celebrates rarely seen classic film comedies from 1910 to 1940's. This year Tom joins in the fun by collaborating with Hesperus' Tina Chancey on July 15 at the Lubber Run Amphitheater in Arlington, VA. What will be funnier? The old movie or whatever new-century mayhem Tom and Tina slap on? Come find out -- www.slapsticon.org/welcome.html.

Series ends on a high note

First year as Levine School Artist in Residence closes with praise, good crowd

Tom's June 8 solo recital at the Levine School of Music in Washington, DC marked the end of it's inaugural artist-in-residence concert series and master class program. A capacity crowd turned out to take part in Tom's inventive and imaginative program of his own works. Tom presented a successful master class the flowing day to a standing room only crowd in the Mead Percussion Cottage at Levine. Tom is pleased to be the only Washington area performer in Levine's Artist-in-Residence program. The recital was presented as part of the Sprint Foundation Performance Series.

Upcoming Tours to Italy, New York, Boston Mark New Creative Collaborations

New York, he'll be back! Tom will return to New York's Cornelia St. Cafe with Charles Williams for a Word-Beat performance, September 20, 6-8pm. This is a follow-up to Tom's his first (and rewarding) Cornelia St. appearance with saxophonist Saco Yasuma, and voicist / poet Barbara Sfraga this past June 21. More info: www.corneliastreetcafe.com or www.goldajazz.com.

In August, Tom travels to Tuscany, Italy to join world class virtuoso tambourine player Alessandra Belloni, acclaimed as one of today's greatest living percussionists. They'll be exploring the musical power and healing tradition of the ancient tarantella, and performing for Italian listeners. Stay tuned to hear what musical influences Tom picks up when he gets back....

Word-Beat is returning to Boston to give a series of master classes in voice and percussion October 24-29. This is a follow up to their successful tour last April....



Pat Petrillo

... Groovallegiance is in full rehearsal / writing mode, featuring Chieli Minucci, Guitar (Special EFX) Gerald Veasley, Bass (John Scofield, Acoustic Alchemy) and Chris Fischer, Keyboards (B,S & T) Recording begins soon, and there will be some blogs and "behind the scenes" rehearsal video footage on the My Space and PatPetrillo.com sites.

DVD / Book : Hudson Music and Hal Leonard have shipped “Hands, Grooves, & Fills" to Europe and Australia, so those of you overseas who have requested it are now able to get it! Go to your local store and request it if they don’t have it. It’s also available all over at www.amazon.com

Adjunct Instructor at UNC - Pembroke! : Starting in August, Pat will be an adjunct instructor / Artist – in Residence at the University of North Carolina - Pembroke! He will be traveling there once per month to teach master classes and private lessons. Of course, Pat continues his busy teaching schedule full time at Drummers Collective in New York City, as well as one day per week in New Jersey as time permits...

The New P4 Drum Pad : You’ve seen it on Pat’s DVD, and many of you have asked “what is that practice pad you are using" … Well, it’s Pat’s new multi surface practice pad called the P4.. and it's in development for mass production in the fall!



Alvin Queen

1. New CD Release in April entitled : Alvin Queen "I Ain't Looking At You" - featuring : Jesse Davis, Terell Stafford, Pete Bernstein, Mike LeDonne, released date was: 4/3/2007
click here for more info

2.) New DVD Release featuring Alvin Queen Presenting : 25th Anniversary of New Morning Jazz Club In Paris. I am doing the presentations - for all 25 bands which are included on the 2 - DVD set, featuring such artists as : Manu Di Bango, Ray Brown, Archie Shepp, Monty Alexander, Lou Donaldson, Clark Terry ...... etc.

3.) Another new DVD release which I'm participating on is : Inakustik 6462 DVD - Randy Brecker at the New Morning - The Geneva Concert, with Niles Lan Doky - Piano, Pierre Boussaguet - Bass & Alvin Queen - Drums, release date was: 6/26/2007

4.) Another new DVD release which I'm participating on is : Inakustik 6463 - Bob Berg at the New Morning - The Geneva Concert, with Nils Lan Doky - Piano - Pierre Boussaguet - Bass & Alvin Queen - Drums, release date was: 6/26/2007

5.) I also participated on the new : Bennie Wallace & his Orchestra CD entitled - Disorder At The Border - Enja / Justin Time Records - JENJ 3327-2P - release date was 1/30/2007

6.) The latest interview with Alvin Queen on WBGO 88.3FM 7/5/2007 with : Becca Pulliam (WBGO) the link follows:





Jim Greiner

15,000 Runners In Santa Cruz, California Start With A Bang... On Drums

Percussionist and community drumming leader Jim Greiner led a community drum circle at the starting line to kick off the 35th annual Santa Cruz, California Wharf To Wharf Race on Sunday, July 22, 2007. 15,000 people of all ages and skills, from elite African and U.S. runners to children and elders, participated in the 10 K event. The race course runs from the Santa Cruz Wharf / beach Boardwalk to the Capitola Wharf and takes place on the fourth Sunday every July. This is the 12th year that Jim has led the drum circle at the start of the race since he initiated it.

The Santa Cruz Wharf To Wharf race is a benefit that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for Santa Cruz County school athletic programs. It is considered one of the premier races of this type in the world. The course follows the beautiful Monterey Bay coastline and features musical entertainment groups along its entire length.



from Modern Drummer magazine :

Brian Downey, of Thin Lizzy fame, is on Gary Moore's Close As You Get.

Kevin Miller (ex-Fuel) is now in the band Fosterchild, and can be heard on their album Independence Day.

Marco Minnemann is on tour with Necrophagist in support of their new CD.

Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show was recently cast in the upcoming comedy Harold & Kumar 2. Richard was the drummer for Iced Earth before pursuing a career in comedy.

Matt Chamberlain is on Indiana, a new CD by singer Jon McLaughlin.

Nir Z is on Chris Cornell's solo CD, Carry On. Jason Sutter is doing the tour.

Will Hunt is the new drummer in Evanescence.

Paul McCartney's new studio album, Memory Almost Full, has just been released in North America via Starbucks' new Hear Music label. McCartney played most of the instruments on the album. Abe Laboriel Jr. appears on six songs.

Hot off his clinic tour, this summer Kenny Aronoff will be touring once again with John Fogerty, with dates scheduled in Europe, Canada, and the US. Kenny also has recorded Living On Borrowed Time with Puddle Of Mudd. In addition, he's on a track on Avril Lavigne's latest, The Best Damn Thing. And you can hear Kenny on upcoming CDs with John Fogerty, Travis Tritt, Gavin DeGraw, Paul Freeman, Starting Line, Philip Sayce, Orianthi (for the upcoming movie Bratz), and Miyuki Nakajima.


Mike Bennett

... I am at Center Staging in Burbank everyday this week rehearsing in Studio 8 ... Carlos is next door with Dancing w/ The Stars so it's been fun having a friend around in other bands....... I am doing those 2 TV dates this month and we will be doing a tune where I will be using the Ribbon Crashers a lot ... No LA dates right now unitl we come around on tour in August. All east coast and Canada. Still keeping busy at night around town as well doing gigs and sessions on both drums and percussion. Saw Ron Powell at a workshop today and did some playing & hanging w/ him ...



Erez Ginat

Hey Guys -

I just got back from Toronto, playing at the Much Music Awards. Here's a link to our performance...



Mamadou Konte

Mamadou Konte, founder of Africa Fete, passed june 20th at Dakar.


Ray McNamara

I am doing 3 summer camps and will be using lots of rhythm tech gear...

I lost my 2 CDs of Spence's "Turn It Up" ... I use them all the time in my teaching. Listen for the Rhythm Tech tamborines on the new Robin Williams movie "License to Wed" out this summer. That's it for now,..


Bobby Borg

In addition to putting out my revision to the Musician's Handook: A Practical Guide To Understanding The Music Business (Billboard Books), I am putting out my drum exercise book titled Rudimental Combinations. More info can be retrieved at www.bobbyborg.com


Janelle Burdell

... Since landing a year ago from the road - -been busy creating and launching programs everywhere including being added to Duquesne U.'s Music Therapy Dept. where I have been asked to create a two tier certificate program to bring drumming into the Music Therapy at the College Degree Level! About time eh? This is rad and seriously points to the direction of things to come. I believe there are many ways we are about to discover to bring more to all!

Also launched several "at risk" youth programs where they documented my work and research! It was a great success and other programs and funding are in the works! ...

This week, I am heading to teach Teen Girl Rock and Roll Camps at the Institute for the Musical Arts for 2 months! (3 hours from NYC or 1.5 from Boston and across street from state park with lake to kayak! ...



Gary "Big Dog" Stanionis

Hey Drum Family,

T.R.A.P. was amazing as always, we played our hearts out and so did the kids. I'm sure we raised a good amount of $$$$$ for this wonderful cause. If you're not familiar go to www.traponline.com and find out.

I personaly want to thank you all for your support and donations for this cause. It makes a difference in peoples lives and isn't that what life is about. I love and appreciate all of you. Big things are coming, the DVD is almost done, we have a tour to Brazil and Japan being booked and after that a 2 month tour so stay tuned...



Jake Jacobs


Currently recording music for :

Paramount Domestic TV
1. Dr Phil
2. The Insider
3. Entertainment Tonight
4. Rachael Ray
5. Real TV (currently not in production)

11.Judge Mathis
12.Celebrity Justice

Bob Malone (Delta Moon Recording Artist)
Josh Nelson
Bob Parr
Michelle Citrin
Amy Englehart (The Bobs)
Craig Taubman
Leonard Nimoy
Mare Willingham
Peter Yarbow (Peter, Paul & Mary)
The Limelighters
Theo Bikel
Michelle Lee
Karen Nash
Tom Scott
Christy Jackson
Danny Brant
Myron Barnett
Morchechai Ben David
Avram Fried
Bruce Adler
Fred Travelina
Yehuda Glantz
Ron Eliron
Movie Guide Awards 2005, 2006, 2007



Cyro Baptista

Supergenerous at the Jazz Standard

... Fresh off laying down tracks for their new album, Cyro and Kevin are playing a two night stint at one of Manhattan's premeir jazz venues - The Jazz Standard. They will be joined by bassist Ian de Sousa.

Notes From The Road : Beat The Donkey Plays Corning Museum of Glass

Cyro and Beat The Donkey had the unbelievable oportunity to play a show at the Corning Museum of Glass. This show was a complete success.

The glass blowers at the museum blew numerous glass intruments for the band to play. From glass udu drums to glass trumpets to a glass slide for the guitar.

Like Steve Gibbs kept repeating, "this was just the beginning of a long collaboration between BTD and the Corning Museum of Glass".

Seeing the melting glass take the shape of the musical instruments we had designed was fantastic. Then on top of that - we got to play them on stage.. This was truly an amazing voyage!

Thank you so much to the glass blowing masters George Kennard and Lewis Olson for their patience with us (and a lot of broken glass)!

Notes From the Road : On Tour With Paula Robison and Romero Lubambo

Cyro just completed an extremely successful tour with Flutist Paula Robison and Guitarist Romero Lubambo.

The trio played to sold out venues all up and down the East Coast. Georgia's beautiful trees, spanish moss, crab cakes and great music ...


Chuck Silverman

Kabiosile has just launched a 2-disc instructional DVD set on how to play the Afro Cuban bata drums in the Matanzas style, entitled "El Lenguaje del Tambor." The DVDs are accompanied by an optional book of transcriptions. On first viewing of the DVDs and the accompanying book I am humbled by the mastery of the drummers and also the production value. I haven't spent a lot of time in the study of batá, although I thoroughly respect this amazing tradition. This thorough, respectful production will most undoubtably bring me closer to the Language of the Drum.

The DVDs were recorded in Matanzas, Cuba and feature Master Drummer Daniel Alfonso, a former student of the legendary Latin percussionist Esteban "Chacha" Vega Bacallao. Afro Cuban percussionist and teacher Michael Spiro is the associate producer on the DVDs. The transcriptions were developed by percussionist and bata enthusiast Bill Summers and edited by Spiro and two of Daniel's long time students.

If you're interested, you can learn more at www.batadrumming.com.

Thanks friends. Please take some time to check out this production.




Cougar Estrada

In the latest effort to artistically express oneself, Cougar Estrada releases what is only a glimpse into the future of this multi-talented artist. A work that started out as a mission of sorts to a labor of love, Firefly captures some unknown and extremely talented musicians. All of which are involved in the life of Cougar Estrada.

Besides completely producing and directing the album, he called upon his best known Indie artist, now fixtures of Cougar Records to create and fulfill his dream.

This CD is very unique, in as it has a certain atmosphere that is both visceral and physically moving. A sort of continuation of his prior work with the now cemented ConGa PunKs (www.ConGaPunKs.com).

There is definitely something "here to hear" for everyone. After several listens to this project you will find yourself discovering new things not only of yourself but others as well. So in a nutshell anyone who wants art, not just some prepackaged sound will feel at home here. Let the Firefly be your guide into what the world really is out there!

Musical styles include bossa nova jazz, funk, rock and experimental.

Musicians : Vivien Mason, Michael Bibb, Kevin Vazquez, Cougar Estrada, Ian Peters, Dan Zimmerman, Luis Cabrera, Nik Green, Al Vafa, Tony Zamora, Joe Rotundi, Nate Birkey, Bob Estrada, Henry Estrada, Ruben Estrada and Roberto Zendejas.


from Modern Drummer magazine :

Korn has announced that Slipknot's Joey Jordison will be their special guest drummer for their summer tour. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis said, "We can't wait to rock onstage with Joey this summer!" According to Jordison, "I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to perform with bands that have influenced me as a musician over the years. When I first heard Korn, they blew me away, and I've been a fan ever since. I'm looking forward to playing drums with these guys for the next five months!"

Marco Minnemann is on tour with Necrophagist in support of their new CD.

Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez appears on the latest release from French piano sensation Meddy Gerville. He can also be hard with his own group, Italuba, on their recent release, Italuba II.

Steve Hass is on new releases by K.J. Denhert, Lisa Richards, Open Book, Lynn Clarke, Marie Dela Cruz, Dodd Ellsworth, and Jeff Roberson. Recently he's been in the studio with Janis Siegel, Yaron Gershovsky, jazz vocalist Judy Wexler, and pianist Alan Pasqua. And you can catch Steve on tour this summer with The Manhattan Transfer.

Steve DiStanislao has been recording with David Gilmour. He'll also be playing selected upcoming shows with Kenny Loggins to support his new release, How About Now. And Steve will be touring with David Crosby and Graham Nash later this year.

Joey Zehr is on The Click Five's much-anticipated sophomore release, Modern Minds And Pastimes, which arrives on June 26. The pop band is introducing a new lead singer / guitarist, Kyle Patrick.

Former Push-Stars drummer Ryan MacMillan has a new band, Redcar. The band's debut CD is Can't Be Stopped. For more info, visit www.myspace.com/redcarrock.

Congratulations to Doobie Brothers drummer Ed Toth and his wife, Meredith, on the birth of their daughter Caroline Olivia.


Mike Bennett

Just wanted to check in! Still on the road w/ Hilary Duff and my Pro Tambourines are getting a workout! We are also continuing to do a lot of radio concerts and are performing on the MUCH Music Awards on June 17 and also on The Today Show on June 29. We leave on a world tour on July 13...



Michael Baker

I have been doing quite a bit of producing, and writing.. mostly in Italy also i started picking up some Clinic work as well...


Gary "Big Dog" Stanionis

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud to anounce the launch of Elements web page. It went up today and is beautiful! Bart Welt my Tech, Friend and web master did a wonderful Job on this site. Please go check it out...



Steve Smith

Hi everyone!

... excited to announce that Vitalization, the new album from Vital Information, will be available in drum shops, music stores, and Web site on June 5, 2007!

Click here to read the extended, undedited liner notes and watch a preview video by Vinny Valentino! You can also hear two sample medleys by clicking the blue MySpace logo in the left column of the page!

Jazz Legacy Featured on New DVD!

Hudson Music has released the 2006 Modern Drummer Festival DVD! Featuring more than 12 hours of performances, exclusive interviews and extensive educational material, you won't want to miss the incredible performance by Steve Smith's Jazz Legacy.

Click here for ordering information and preview clips!

Steve to Teach/Perform at Drum Fantasy Camp!

No matter what level you have reached as a drummer - if you have ever dreamed of learning from Steve Smith...this is your chance. Steve will join Dave Weckl, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, and another drummer for a weekend of clinics, master classes, and performances at drumFantasy.07, August 17-21 at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.

Click here to learn more and sign up. But hurry! Space is limited to keep this event intimate.



Vanessa Brown

What a wonderful sight!... All the dancers had the new Rhythmtech Tambourines in their hands as props for a special performance of "Steppin' To The Bad Side" from DREAMGIRLS on "Dancing With The Stars" Tuesday night, April 24th. Their routine with the tambourines was reinforced (for sound) by me and Luis Conte on our Rhythm Tech Tambourines...


Scott Crago

Finishing new Eagles record to be released this year. Constantly on the road with Don Henley Band or The Glenn Frey / Joe Walsh band in between Eagles tours.


Mike Smith

Recently played a couple of episodes on Studio 60 TV Show. One w/ Natalie Cole & the other was a Rock / Soul band featured on the show. Recorded a "live" DVD project shot at 3rd Encore Studios w/ Drummer-Producer... Larry Washington & scheduled to go into the studio w/ him to record songs & do some "sweetening" on some songs that were included on the DVD project.

I'm also scheduled to record about 7 or more songs on a new project with famed Producer, Jerry Peters. He has written numerous hits for such Artists as...The Emotions, James Ingram, Friends of Distinction, Jerry Butler & the list goes on & on. I've worked on several of his productions thus far. The gigs around town are still goin on as well.

All is well... life is good, work is good, health is good.



Dave Beyer

Just got back in town from Trinidad (on tour w/ Christopher Cross) and we leave tonight for Thailand...


Carlos Lopez

Well hello there! I wanted to let you know that I'll be going back out on the road this summer with 'Dancing With The Stars'. We're looking at 30-cities 7 weeks across the US and Canada. It kicks off in June and I'm definitely taking my Rhythm Tech gear with me.

Thanks again for everything,



Steve Luongo

"Classic Rock Cares" featuring Brian Johnson & Cliff Williams of AC/DC, Mark Farner formerly of Grand Funk Railroad, Joe Lynn Turner formerly of Deep Purple / Rainbow, Steve Luongo of The John Entwistle Band

The John Entwistle Foundation has created a fundraising concert featuring Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Mark Farner, and Joe Lynn Turner. The show uses a single backing band comprised of world class musicians led by drummer Steve Luongo of The John Entwistle Band. Doing this allows some of rock's premier voices to walk on stage and sing only their biggest HITS.

Joe Lynn Turner sings the best of Deep Purple and Rainbow. Then Mark Farner takes the stage to sing and play guitar as he launches into his biggest Grand Funk Railroad hits. The final set features Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Steve Luongo and Mark Hitt who perform the chart busting AC/DC hits along with their own new material.

After almost two solid hours of non stop classic rock all of the musicians join together for the encore "Highway To Hell".

Classic Rock Cares will only perform 15 shows during the month of July. These concerts raise money for the John Entwistle Foundation's mission of "free music education and instruments for underprivileged children through the public library system."

The John Entwistle Foundation was named for the late bassist of The Who.

In addition to the primary mission of free and easy access to music education the foundation has also raised significant funds for disaster relief including donations to The Red Cross and The Florida Hurricane Relief Fund. The John Entwistle Foundation is a United States Government approved 501(c)(3) non profit foundation.

For tour dates visit www.johnentwistle.org


Ami Molinelli

... On the front of what else is up I have given what seems like a million educational workshops this past semester on percussion, etc; my percussion curriculum in collaboration with the LA Philharmonic will be published in 2008; and I'm excited to get back into the studio this summer with my Brazilian-jazz quartet... we have acclaimed percussionist Michael Spiro producing, some great guests and I'm really excited about that.

Hope all is well,
Ami Molinelli




Founder and Program Director of Rhythm Gym - Drumming, Dance and Life Skills programs for Youth and Adults. www.rhythmgym.org.

Co-authored a new program for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America called "Music Makers." Sponsored by NAMM. Included many Drum Circle Music (DCM) activities into a guide for Club staff to help them introduce drumming into the clubs. Shows how to play instruments and run activities that any child can fully participate in.

Released a new Book / DVD / CD called West African Drum & Dance: A Yankadi-Macrou Celebration. Shows all drumming, Dance, Songs, and other elements that relate to Susu music from Guinea West Africa. Co-authored by Ryan M. Camara. (Alfred Publishing)



Gary "Big Dog" Stanionis

Live DVD with world Renowned Pecussionist C.G. Ryche Released in summer 07'. Clinics around CA, Live / Studio Dates, Tour of Brazil and Japan in support of the DVD........



Ernie Durawa

... ALMA will be presenting several lifetime achievement awards...

The honorees will include:

Tomas Ramirez

Ernie Durawa

Tony "Ham" Guerrero ...


Bruce Aitken

Cape Breton Int Drum Fest Rocks The World

The Cape Breton Int Drum Festival held this last weekend truly rocked the world..... they jammed and collaborated.... Ed Mann with Pete Lockett and Rich Mangicaro.... Michael Shrieve with Pete Lockett, the Heartbeats with Alan White and Asani.... Asani, Bruce Aitken with Alan White.... Denny Seiwell gets a message from Paul McCartney congratulating him on the Legends Award, his Master class is sold out. Alan White with Asani...... Steve Gadd sends a video Message.... Dom Famularo has Jim Chapin live via a phone to talk to the full house, then gives the performance of his life......... Phil Maturano and Johhny Favicchia have jaws on the floor..... the love was everywhere, good will, sharing caring... its all about people, education and humanity.... Curt Bisquera & Rich Mangicaro with a groove deeper than a hole to China, Bill Bruford the master... such a joy to watch.... Metal Mania... Flo Mounier and Derek Roddy.... awesome!!!!!! and soooooooooooooooo much more.... THE FINALE.... rocked the foundations all things Rhythm.... full house dance and clap and cheer their hero's and new found influences... quite simply stunning. it was a life altering event.... the performances were truly amazing... from a personal point this was the most incredible show I have ever seen in my life... it truly was the greatest.....





Marcus Miller

I thank all those who came out to support our myriad of events last month. Thank you Sergio for helping us spread the word on the KPFK's Global Village. I also would like to thank Scott Vance & Angie Jerliffe for giving us the opportunity to work with the University of Redlands Drumming Ensemble for a memorable Multicultural Day performance. Last, but not least, a very special thank you to Sheri Hufford and all the educators we met at the CA community colleges foundation conference.

This month's highlight is on the Virginia Arts Festival. As many of you know, I am a VA boy and I am truly looking forward to my upcoming return trip. This will be the first time that I have performed in VA along with my band.

Making the trip are Kamasi Washington (sax), William Artope (trumpet), Earl Johnson (piano), and Miles Mosley (bass). I’m excited about this trip because the last time this crew (minus Wil) went out to play, we hit NYC hard in ’06. I’ll let you know in the next issue. Joining us on Sunday May 27th in Suffolk will be two special guest from Raleigh, NC.

We shall not be alone! We shall accompany the Lula Washington Dance Theatre for two special performances. We are all very excited! ...



from Modern Drummer magazine :

Bryan Hitt is on Reo Speedwagon's latest CD, Everyone Loves A Happy Ending. The disc, produced by Joe Vannelli, is the band's first studio recording in more than a decade.

Jim Keltner and Joachim Cooder play drums and percussion on Ry Cooder’s My Name Is Buddy.

Derek Roddy has been named as the new drummer in Today Is The Day.

Mike Mangini recently recorded the drum tracks for the latest Annihilator CD, Metal. (Mike will not be touring with the band.)

Brian Thomas is on The Storys' self-titled debut. For more info check out www.myspace.com/thestorys.

Fosterchild, a four-piece rock band featuring former Fuel drummer Kevin Miller, is in the studio recording the band’s debut.

Paul Allen is busy working with his band project, Kings Allen. He’s also been touring and recording with Joe Firstman, Tyler Hilton, and Josh Kelley, as well as sitting in as the house drummer for Carson Daly's late-night TV show, Last Call.

Former Wings drummer Steve Holly is on Ian Hunter's latest CD, Shrunken Heads.

Sparta's Tony Hajjar recently directed a movie about his life, titled EmeNakia. The film is based on his family's flight from Lebanon during the country's long-running civil war and his mother's death from cancer. According to Hajjar, "It was the hardest thing that I've ever done, mentally, physically, and work-wise. For it to be complete and have people actually see it now, well, it's just an amazing feeling for me." EmeNakia will be available to view on AtomFilms.com.

Bill Berry reunited with the original R.E.M. lineup when the Athens, Georgia band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame this past March 12 in New York City. The quartet also recently recorded for the first time in years, recording "#9 Dream" for a John Lennon charity-tribute CD, Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur. For more info visit www.instantkarma.org.


Jason Sutter

Im going out on tour with Chris Cornell for his new solo record... this is a huge tour US, Europe, Japan plus lots of TV! ...



Adam Culvey

I just found out that an artist that I play and record with got a song on Grey's Anatomy. His name is Tim Myers, and the song is called 'Momma's Boy'. It will air on May 3. Anyway, I am excited to tell you that, on that song, I tracked my #1 favorite shaker ever, the Rhythm Tech 5" Studio Shaker!

I have also recorded some drums and percussion for ABC lately, scheduled to air in the next couple of months. And the tambourine I have been using is a yellow 8" True Colors! I've been using my blue can shaker a fair amount, too, both live and in studio.

Also, I will be heading off to Europe this summer with Grammy nominated Sarah Kelly. I will be bringing my RT toys... and a bunch of Eggz to hand out to young drummers!

Thank you,
Adam Culvey



Paul Alexander Gonzalez

Hello Everybody,

I hope all is well. Lots of exciting stuff has been happening, so I wanted to send out an update and give you all the latest scoops:

Lonnie Jordan (new Album and Tour) : Lonnie Jordan (of WAR) is finishing up his newest solo album - "WAR Stories," and I was very honored to record drums on a 7min version of the WAR classic - "The World is A Ghetto." I am also very happy to announce that I have accepted an offer to tour with Lonnie... It was a big decision for me to make - I did have to resign from being Paulina Rubio's drummer, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to play with one of my musical heroes I grew up listening to.

Lonnie's last solo album "Different Moods of Me" was released in 1978. Lonnie's new album "WAR Stories" is being released by Concord Records this July.

Virtual Drumline 2 : I am now endorsing "Virtual Drumline 2" - A marching battery and concert percussion sample library software program by Tapspace. I was very honored to have been approached to do this by Jim Casella - percussion composer / arranger and caption coordinator for The Cavaliers drum corps and Co-owner of Tapspace. You can check out my artist blurb at: www.tapspace.com/vdl2/VDLartists.html

The Music of Debussy : I have been hired to compose and arrange the Drumline and Pit Percussion music for Rivera High School's (Brownsville, TX) competitive Marching Show that features the impressionist composer Claude Debussy. The show is titled - "The Music of Debussy" and will consist of music from La Mer, Nocturnes II. Fetes, Petite Suite, and Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun. I am scheduled to do Drumline / Percussion clinics during their upcoming summer band camps.

Paul Alexander Gonzalez


Pat Petrillo

Hello fellow drummers;

I just wanted to announce that I received notice that "Hands, Grooves, & Fills" is in the TOP 3 TOP SELLING DVD/BOOKS behind the new Mike Portnoy, and new Thomas Lang projects.

I am extremely happy and humbled by the achievement, and it has yet to reach Europe!...The new printing from Hal Leonard/Hudson will hit Europe and Australia this month (May).

On another front, I have begun a series of articles in Modern Drummer beginning next month, presenting excerpts from the Book, with Audio and Video clips on www.moderndrummer.com, so be on the lookout for that.

Also, I will be doing a series of clinics at Sam Ash stores around the country, so check the schedule at www.patpetrillo.com

I have put the wheels in motion on my new CD / educational product with a great band featuring Cheili Minucci on Guitar, Gary Grainger on Bass, and Chris Fischer on Keys. More on that soon... Until next time.

Thanks, and all the best!

Pat Petrillo



Robert A. Bonora, Jr.

I'm percussionist for The Producers at the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Tenured faculty, Community College of Southern Nevada - drumset, percussion, steel band, History of Rock Music. Tenured member, Las Vegas Philharmonic. Section percussion, asst. tympanist.



Mike Bennett

Hey everyone! ... We just returned from New York where we did Good Morning America and we are currently in rehearsals for a week of TV in Los Angeles. Here is our upcoming TV schedule:

April 1- Tonight Show
April 2- Jimmmy Kimmel
April 3- TeeNick
April 4- Ellen

You can watch the GMA performance on my site at www.MySpace.com/MikeBennettMusic ...

We have more TV coming up in May such as The View, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live as well as many radio festivals. We leave on a headlining world tour in July. You can also me performing w/ Hilary on her new MTV special airing Monday night at 9:30 PM and also on her new Pepsi Smash Special on YahooMusic.com. I've heard we were also seen w/Hilary on MTV news yesterday.



Candido Camero

Candido Camero Has Been Named An NEA Jazz Master. The Highest Honor For This Uniquely American Art Form.

New York City. Iván Acosta, president of Latin Jazz USA is delighted to share this great news. The legendary Cuban American percussionist, Mr. Candido Camero, has been named an National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, the nation’s highest honor for this uniquely American art form.

This prestigious award will be presented in New York City during the first week in October 2007.

Candido Camero, who appears in Ivan Acosta’s documentary, Candido Hands of Fire, was born in Havana, Cuba in 1921, Candido is hailed as one of the world’s greatest jazz percussionists. In 1953 Candido formed part of Billy Taylor quartet, and he went on to perform and record with the who’s who of jazz and Afro Cuban jazz, including Dizzie Gillespie, Stan Kenton, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, Stan Getz, Randy Weston, Count Basie, Wes Montgomery, Lionel Hampton, Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria, La Lupe, Celia Cruz, Marco Rizo, Bobby Sanabria, Paquito D’Rivera, Ray Santos, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Machito, Eddy Martinez, Mario Bauza, Eddy Palmieri, Tony Bennett, and Maestro Chico O'Farrill, amongst several legendary jazz musicians. After 65 years of making music, Candido is a living legend of Afro Cuban Jazz and the great American jazz. Candido’s latest live recording, which is in its final mixing stage, at Razor Head Recording Studios, will be presented to the public by Latin Jazz USA Records, by the end of this summer.

Mr. Camero will appear with fellow NEA Jazz Master Ramsey Lewis for a special Legends of Jazz tribute to 2008 NEA Masters airing on Public Television.

The National Endowment for the Arts is the highest recognition presented only to a very selected outstanding group of legendary jazz musicians in the United States of America.

Ivan Acosta, founder president of Latin Jazz USA is honored to be associated with such important artist’s concerts, documentary and recordings, Candido Hands of Fire.


Ron Jefferson

Drummer Ron Jefferson Hospitalized

To send Get Well Wishes and Prayers to: Ron Jefferson who was recently and suddenly struck with a debilitating illness and is currently at St. John's Riverside Hospital in Yonkers.

St. Johns Riverside Hospital
967 N. Broadway
Rm. 620A
Yonkers, NY 10701

Ron Jefferson was born in Harlem Hospital on Feb. 13, 1926. He actually started as a jazz tap dancer before becoming a drummer. A swing and bop musician, he played with all of the greats throughout the fifties including Roy Eldridge, Coleman Hawkins, Joe Roland, Oscar Pettiford, Freddie Redd, Lester Young, Randy Weston, Horace Silver, Lou Donaldson, and Charles Mingus. From 1957 - 1959 he was a member of the Jazz Modes with two of his former colleagues from Pettiford's group, Julius Watkins and Charlie Rouse. He then moved to California where he recorded with Teddy Edwards, Groove Holmes, Zoot Sims, Leroy Vinnegar, Carmell Jones, Tricky Lofton, and Victor Feldman. During this period he also toured and recorded with the Jazz And People's Movement, an organization led by Roland Kirk. Jefferson has recorded two albums as leader of his own group, "Love Lifted Me" and "Vous Ete Swing!". He lived in Paris for quite a number of years where he taught music for the American Embassy and was the drummer and road manager for Hazel Scott. He also played for Dinah Washington, Nina Simone, and Aretha Franklin. When he returned to the east coast, he co-hosted a cable TV show with drummer John Lewis entitled "Miles Ahead".


Danny Barcelona, 1929-2007

Jazz drummer played with Louis Armstrong

Hawaii-born Danny Barcelona, the drummer with Louis Armstrong's All-Stars band, died Sunday due to complications from cancer in his adopted home of Monterey Park, Calif. He was 77.

Born in Waipahu, Barcelona had his own sextet, the Hawaiian Dixieland All-Stars, when he was in his early 20s. The band toured the islands and Japan. (His musical contemporaries include Gabe Baltazar and Frank and Bobby Kamano.)

In 1956 his good friend Trummy Young, who was playing trombone and singing with Armstrong, introduced the 27-year-old Barcelona to the jazz great, his daughter Dana Barcelona-Bonner said.

Armstrong promptly invited Barcelona to join his All-Stars, and for the next 15 years, Barcelona traveled the world with the band, even behind the Iron Curtain. Highlights of his career included an African tour in the 1960s during which Barcelona amazed Rhodesian drum masters with his rhythmic skills, as well as playing for more than 130 recording sessions and soundtracks, including Armstrong's hit singles "Hello Dolly" and "It's a Wonderful World."

Referred to affectionately as "the little Hawaiian boy" by Armstrong, Barcelona remained a member of Armstrong's group until it disbanded in 1971, after Armstrong's death on July 3.

Barcelona-Bonner said her father returned to Hawaii and was active in the Honolulu music scene, becoming a fixture onstage at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for several years, playing with good friends Bernie Halmann and Melveen Leed. He also worked for many years at Harry's Music Store and the Easy Music Center.

Barcelona and his wife, Dee, moved to Monterey Park in 1979, where they lived until his death Sunday.

He is survived by his wife of more than 50 years, daughters Dana Barcelona-Bonner and Jodi Barcelona, brother Jose ("Sonny") Barcelona, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Jim Greiner

Percussionist, educator and community drumming leader Jim Greiner gave a number of workshops and performed at the recent 14th annual 2007 Seattle World Rhythm Festival.

Jim did a number of clinics, including Hand Percussion Instruments in Popular Music, Congas In Popular Music, the Fundamentals Of Congas, The Contemporary Percussionist's Role in Popular Music, Rhythm Play For Families And Friends, Communicating, Cooperating And Celebrating Through Rhythm™, as well as leading drum circles. Jim also performed with a number of groups on the Festival Main Stage.

Greiner's appearance was sponsored by the SWRF, Latin Percussion Instruments, Sabian Cymbals, ProMark Drumsticks, Gibraltar Hardware and Audix Microphones.

Jim also demonstrated several times, on the festival Main Stage, the LP Aspire Conga that LP donated as the top prize to the festival's benefit raffle.

The three-day event took place at the Seattle Center and featured over 75 percussion performers and workshop leaders from Africa, North America, Asia, the Mid-East and Europe.



Luis Conte

... just a short email te tell you that i love those rhythm tech tambs and shakers you got me, i have been using them on projects like, cd;'s (The Starting Line, Queen Latiffa, Travis Trit, Marc Antoine etc.) Movie soundtracks like Hairspray and Superbad) i just got finished recording with Bootsy Collins, Catfish Collins, Clyde Stubelfield, John "Jabo" Starks (James Browns drummers) and Lylle Workman, for a movie soundtrack and my rhythm techs are all over it!. ...



Tre' Balfour

... Right now I'm over in the UK w/ (Michael) Bolton and we just came back from S. Africa...


Mike Bennett

Hey everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates but I promise to do better! Be on the lookout for updates to both MikeBennettDrums.com and MySpace.com/MikeBennettMusic within the coming weeks!

I have been really busy the past few months playing with artists such as The Estrada Brothers, Chris Williams, 2azz1, Benise and many others. I have also been enjoying doing some clinics around the west coast and I hope to be out there doing more in 2007.

I am excited to announce that I’ll be playing percussion with pop sensation Hilary Duff in support of her new album Dignity in stores April 3. We will be on the road this summer in North America so keep an eye out for us in a town near you. We will also be doing a lot of TV the next few weeks so make sure to check your local listings for these upcoming performances:

March 26- Good Morning America
April 2- The Tonight Show
April 3- The Jimmy Kimmel Show
April 4- TeeNick
April 5- The Ellen Degeneres Show

Thanks as always for your support and make sure to check out my web page within the coming weeks for new pics, blogs, audio, video and more! Take care and I hope to see you out on the road this summer. Peace.



Adam Culvey

Touring with Grammy-nominated Sarah Kelly. We played in Sweden in January, February was full of Grammy related events, including a performance at Grammy Career Day at USC hosted by Mike Clink, as well as attending the Grammy ceremony. And in March, it was off to play 2 showcases at SXSW, in Austin, TX. The rest of march is touring the mid-west, then home to prepare for a European tour this summer. Other than drumming for Sarah Kelly, I am writing / recording / performing drums, percussion, flute and ukulele with Tim Myers and The Petting Zoo, and also on various sessions around town, including music for tv (CBS).



Chad Melchert

I am currently working with my own band "Dandy Little Orchestra" while Adam Gregory is in Nashville. The Dandy Little Orchestra is comprised of four members of the Adam Gregory Band. The funniest thing about the name is my Grandma used to say "you have a dandy little orchestra there Chad" even when I was playing very heavy music, now that's support. I have also kept a very busy session schedule and I look forward to more studio work over the next few months. In the next couple of months we are expecting a rigorous schedule to begin with Adam Gregory as well. And there are always freelance dates coming in to fill up my schedule. It's been a great couple of years and it's just getting better...

Ciao, for now.
Chad Melchert



Tony Graci

Played drums on the Lastest Kiku Collins Record "Here with Me". Played on BET TV show with Audrey Martell. Recording the new GSX record



Marshall Kilpatric

... been preparing for tour and other such plans in the works coming in the near future for Black Light Burns, the group I am currently drumming for. I have replaced Josh Freese, who is currently on tour with Nine Inch Nails, and will be indefinitely. I have recently completed my work as drummer and co-writer for The Esoteric, who released their second record in October, called Subverter, out now on Prosthetic records. The Black Light Burns record will be released this coming June 5th, on I AM: WOLFPACK Recordings, the label owned and operated by Ross Robinson. I am and will be a very busy drummer...



Sean O'Rourke

Things are rocking in the Sugarland camp. We are going out on the Kenny Chesney stadium tour. We are headlining opener...


Chad A. Wright

hey guys... it's chad...

so, here's a little link of a gig i just did with Gladys Knight... we just got home from a 10-day world trek... yikes... you don't have to watch all of it... but, near the end, you're gonna wanna check out Gladys' new "Pips" (who would be Gloria Estefan, Pat Riley, Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal)... and Shaq lays out a "killer" note (literally) at the end of "Midnight Train to Georgia..." enjoy...

by the way, about to get the spring / summer kicked up with Keiko Matsui, Teena Marie, more Gladys, probably some more High School Musical (they're finishing up the details as we speak) and Bruce Hornsby...

oh, and about to go into the studio (within the next couple of weeks) to be one of the featured drummers in Bobby Brooks' 5-DVD set on all of his recording techniques that he's used over the 30-plus years as one of the most sought-after engineers in the business (Michael Jackson, Rick James, Teena Marie - and the list goes on and on...).

Thanks for everything... all the love, support, hangs... let's keep 'em coming... talk to you later on...



Taku Hirano

Hello there! Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I recently finished up the second leg of Lindsey Buckingham's "Under The Skin" tour. Walfredo Reyes, Jr. has taken my place, and they are out on the road as we speak for the third leg. Following Lindsey's tour, I went directly the following day to perform at the Superbowl with Stevie Nicks, followed by a run of concert dates with her.

I am currently in rehearsals with Stevie Nicks and have an upcoming run in Las Vegas at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace followed by a performance on The Today Show on March 30th. This will be to promote the release of her new cd, "Crystal Visions: The Very Best of Stevie Nicks" (Reprise). On the cd/dvd set, there will be four live versions of her hits, recorded during the 2005-2006 "Gold Dust" U.S. and Australia tours, including performances with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.



Rich Redmond

Hey everyone! I am currently on the Rascal Flatts "Me and My Gang Tour 07" with Jason Aldean. We will do 70 dates with the Flatts... all arenas, major markets, 10-15,000 fans per night! It's a blast! We are also doing dates in between on a triple threat bill with Miranda Lambert and Deirks Bentley. That will be half arenas... fun stuff! Jason's debut record is now officially PLATINUM! It produced 3 top ten hits, a #1 single and 3 #1 videos. The new single from the second record is entitled "Johnny Cash". It is already at 'breaker' on the charts after just 2 weeks. The video was shot in the 'Neon Sign Graveyard' outside of Las Vegas. Very fun!!!!! We got rained on, I hung out with a beautiful model/actress and got to smash some cymbals in my cool leather jacket! Jason's new record will be entitled "Relentless" and will be released on May 29th! I performed all of the drums and percussion on this record as well... of course, I played lots of Rhythm Tech goodies!!! I recently had 3 days off from the road so I flew to Nashville for The Country Radio Seminar and played 2 shows with Lee Brice (Curb), a show with Brian Davis (BMG), and Catherine Britt (RCA). It was great to catch up with my friends at radio, as well as all of my session and touring friends. As of this moment, I am in Portland at The Rose Garden Arena. I've got a cold and a bit of an eye infection, but the show must go on and we will rock hard!! I also recently played on a project for Jenna Von Oye. She is a great singer songwriter who was also an actress on the show 'Blossom' for many seasons. Also played some percussive seasonings on some tracks for a cool new rock band called Sterling Y. Rogers Masson (Marilyn Manson) produced. Sessions with Deanna Johnston (Rockstar:INXS) are coming up as well. Loving life as usual!!!!!! C u soon,



Daniel de los Reyes

Daniel de los Reyes and his world-class DrumJungle percussion troupe traveled to the middle-eastern country of Oman recently to entertain over 500 of the most respected entrepreneurs and leaders from the world-renowned YPO (Young President’s Organization)...



Ray McNamara

... I am currently leading my own band The Calypso Pirates performing at schools and festivals in Socal. I am teaching part time at UCR and Fullerton College. In fact, I am performing and giving clinics at the annual Fullerton Jazz Festival this month... The Festival is the largest Jazz festival on the west coast for high school and college age musicians. Last year we had over 5000 students attend, not to mention the audience...

... I am currently recording for a new movie for Warner Brothers. "License to Wed" starring Robin Williams. So I will be tracking over the next 2 weeks...


Hip Pickles Drum Band

Home from tour - Pickles in the house! Chet and John along with the Hip Pickles expanded ensemble – Zap Boom Bam (which includes Gary, Ant and crew Tom and Chris) have returned from a very successful and amazing 5 city concert tour of Holland. For sure - Holland totally rocks!

The venues were absoulutely amazing - Holland’s premier concert halls - Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Enschede and world famous Carre Theater in Amsterdam.

The largest national newspaper in Holland interviewed Chet on the phone and ran a feature with a picture of the group. The article was in Dutch and it was really cool to pick up the paper at the train station and check it out. 

The crowds were huge and the band was definitely clicking on all cylinders - - and thankfully, the response to the performance exceeded our expectations.

We made many friends in Holland, all the folks running the show at Slagwerkkrant magazine were the coolest (couldn’t have been nicer) and . . .   

The other artists on the bill were just outstanding! (Keith Carlock (USA) - drum set, Glen Velez (USA) - frame drums, Suat Borazan (Turkey) – master darbouka, "The Amazing" Selvaganesh (India) – on the shakti, Keyvan Chemirani (Iran) doumbek, Cesar Zuiderwijk (Holland) – from Golden Earring was MC, and Rhani Krija percussion (Sting) and others.

We got to see a lot of Holland and we were all very impressed with the country and the people. "lots" of bikes, windmills, and so many beautiful sites! And surprisingly, we didn’t see any tulips!

All in all great trip, and we have talks going for a return for another event either later this year or 2008. 

Music in the Schools March will be a very busy month for the Hip Pickles with our school performances we have only 3 days that are off days for us.  

NY Dragons home opener - Hip Pickles return to the Nassau Coliseum this sunday march 4th to start our 7th season as the house band for the NY Dragons arena football team. Once again we will perform on the stage at the north end zone and the game will be televised on wabc.

Well that’s it for now… into last stretch of winter, bring on baseball!    Stay warm!



Ian Wallace

It is with profound sadness and heavy heart that we observe the passing of our dear friend Ian Wallace. Ian passed on Thursday morning February 22nd at UCLA Medical Center due to complications from his struggle with esophageal cancer.

Ian toured and / or recorded with many of the world's greatest and most famous musicians including: Bob Dylan, Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, Roy Orbison, David Lindley, Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder, Larry Coryell, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp (as a member of King Crimson), Lonnie Mack, Peter Frampton, Robben Ford, Joe Walsh, Edward Van Halen, Alvin Lee, Brian Eno, Keith Emerson, Jon Anderson (Yes), Stevie Nicks, Steve Marriott, and Crosby, Stills & Nash, Procol Harum, Johnny Hallyday and he also recorded with the super group, The Traveling Wilburys.

Ian Wallace, by all accounts one the most accomplished and highly regarded drummers of his time, celebrated his 60th birthday on September 29, 2006. He was a lifelong friend and student of the legendary Freddie Gruber. Most recently, Ian had been recording and touring with his group Crimson Jazz Trio with fellow musicians Tim Landers and Joey Nardone. Ian is survived by his wife Marjorie and their dog "Hagi".

Ian has, as most of you know, esophageal cancer located at the base of the esophagus just above the stomach. It is adenocarcinoma and requires radiation & chemo followed by surgery. The one thing he wants everyone to know is that this was preventable.

Esophageal cancer can be caused by Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD. If you are one of those people walking around with a roll of Tums in your pocket or if you keep a bottle by your bed because you always get indigestion or heartburn at night... GET TO A DOCTOR and get yourself checked out! Request an endoscopy immediately. If caught early, treatment for esophageal cancer can be minimally invasive. GO CALL YOUR DOCTOR NOW!



Ryan Hoyle

Just another little update for you:

Rhythm Magazine has just released a Q&A feature in their March 2007 edition...

Also, Drummer Magazine has released a review of Collective Soul's DVD entitled "Home" in their February 2007 edition. This DVD was released in February 2006 in the US but was recently released in the UK... (Drummer is a UK publication that is distributed worldwide)...

Please do check it out and always stay in touch!




Steven Wolf


I hope everyone's 2007 is going great so far...

I've been keeping busy as usual... a bunch of cool stuff going on...

Avril Lavigne's new single is out. It's called "Girlfriend". I played drums on it and did additional production. I also played drums and percussion and did additional production on several other cuts on her new record (coming spring 2007). I also played drums and percussion on her song "Keep Holding On", which was done for the film, "Eragon".

This isn't as "high profile" as most of the records I work on, but I'm very excited to be on guitar hero Stevie Salas's new album (I think it's only out overseas?). It's all power trios... The track I worked on has myself on drums, Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz) on bass, and Stevie on guitar. There are some great drummers on the record, including: Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Ozzy, etc), Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver, GnR, etc), and Dave Abbruzzese (Pearl Jam). Dave Abbruzzese is playing his ass off!

I've worked with Britney Spears in the past, and people have been asking me if I know anything about what's going on with her now... I was actually slated to work on her upcoming record, but I have no idea what's up with that at this point... I'm assuming that things will settle down with her situation, and the record will begin again at some point this year...

Here's something different (for me anyway): I have an educational column in Jonathan Mover's new drum magazine, DRUMHEAD. My column is called "Digital Domain", and deals with all things related to electronic percussion.

gotta run...

best to you and yours!




Rich Redmond

Hey drummer pals and musician friends!!!!!!!

I hope everyone is as busy and rockin' as ever.... I am still touring with Jason and sessionizing / showcasing often. I am now adding clinics and educational seminars to the mix. I'll be hitting music stores, colleges, elemantary-high schools... doing clinics, masterclasses, private lessons, motivational stuff... even guest artist appearances with percussion ensembles. This will be the day before I hit markets and most of the time, the day of my performance with Jason. ...I will be hitting stuff like reading, rudiments, coordination, styles, incorporating percussion, transcribing, cheat charts, studio techniques, clicks and loops, positive thinking, goal setting, music business advice, etc. Thanks so much and I hope to run into you all very soon!



Mike Bennett

... I wanted to let you know that I just got hired as the percussionist with Hollywood Records recording artist Hilary Duff. I will be doing all of the various TV shows w/ her (Tonight Show, SNL, TRL, Ellen, etc.) in support of her new record as well as be on tour with her all summer in the states and over seas. I'm excited to be taking my Rhythm Tech gear with me! I'll keep you up to date as more info comes in. I hope you are well and thanks as always for everything. Talk to you real soon.



Rafael Padilla

... i'll be going on tour with Chris Isaak again this April for a few months.

take care,
rafael p.


Matthew Burgess

This is just my annual artist update to let you know what I've been up to and how hard I've been working (breaking my arm patting myself on the back).

In all seriousness, I realize that you have plenty of artists to choose from who want to endorse your products. Thank you for working with me. I couldn't do what I do without you.

First of all the 2006 Numbers:
336 gigs
80 different artists (not counting "songwriter nights" where I play with a dozen different people).
31 different recording projects
It was my busiest year yet and 2007 is on mark to be even busier!

Artists that keep me working (My Top 5):
Amanda Williams (band leader)
Trent Jeffcoat (band leader)
Chelsea Lena (band leader)
Phoenix Mendoza
Shanna Crooks

The Artists that you've "heard of"
Big & Rich
Trent Tomlinson
Had a great Muzik Mafia jam with Matt Chamberlain
Sat in with Velvet Revolver
3 Doors Down

Skyla Spencer (Guam, Japan, Singapore) - Tour Manager as well
Shanna Crooks - Cuba
Melody Guy - West Coast and at the Historic Ryman Auditorium
Amanda Williams - (SXSW Showcase)
Trent Jeffcoat
Tori Sparks
Trailer Choir

Ty Herndon
Aaron English
Amanda Williams
LOTS of demos

I just got off the phone with someone who wants to put a tour together and head off to China!

So I'm keeping busy.
I'm promoting your gear.
And I'm loving every minute of it. (Isn't that a Loverboy song?).

Anyway, thanks for your continued support.
I'm in the market for some new gear!
Any new products this year?

The Rhythm Tech gear I use the most is:
The Jingle Shake
The Trigger Triangle (although I continue to have problems with the mount) Can I get a new magnet from you?
The Skratcher (the instrument that changed my life)
DSM Quad Mount (I use it on EVERY gig)
The trick bag (my last tour did beat the crap out of it)...

If you're in Nashville you can almost always catch me at Bar Car on Monday nights with Amanda Williams and at Fuel on Thursdays with Phoenix Mendoza. Stop by and I'll buy you a beer!

Thanks for your continued support...

ding, crash, boom,
Matthew Burgess - The Percussionator


Rich Redmond

Great to catch up with everyone at NAMM briefly!!!! Continuing on the Rascal Flatts "Me and My Gang" Tour tonight! The asked us (Jason Aldean) to be their ONLY opening act for 70 cities. This is a big one...that's an estimated audience of 1.5 million fans!!!!! C u soon,




Brendan Buckley

Hi everyone! How's it going? This is just a little update letting everyone know that I will be performing this Sunday night on the Grammy's with Shakira & Wyclef Jean...

thanks again for everything,

PS - I'm also personally up for a Grammy for producing Fulano's "Individual" record, which is under the category of "Best Latin Pop Album" of the year.



Chris DeRosa

Just wanted to bring to your attention the April edition of Modern Drummer Magazine. The folks over there were kind enough to write a nice little feature about me and my equipment (on the last page) in the newest issue.

I want to thank all the wonderful companies who continue to support me, my art and career.

Chris DeRosa



Rick Latham

The year has certainly started with a bang and things are going well here in Sunny L.A. The annual Winter NAMM show was loads of fun and it was great to see many friends and fans from around the country as well as Europe, the UK, South America and Asia.

This month in the "Monthly Featured $1.00 Download" section you will find a Quicktime movie and PDF transcription of one of the groove solos from my 25th Anniversary DVD.

Just added to my current projects page is some cool new music from one of the great L.A. area artists that I also perform with, Jo Cuseo. "The Jo Cuseo Blues Project" is the premier offering from this Rockin and Soulful Blues guitar slinger. Be sure to check out the sound clips.

The Juice Newton "American Girl Tour" continues in 2007 with some rare local California dates as well as more Midwest and Eastern trips to follow.

I'll also be going to Europe and the UK this year for a few performances, clinics, master-classes and teaching. Please be sure to check my "Tour Dates" page on my site.

Keep it Funky,




The Hip Pickles

The Hip Pickles Drum Band to Tour the Netherlands

Six time DCA Drum Ensemble Champions, Hip Pickles will be performing as part of the “Big Bang” World Percussion Festival in the Netherlands this coming February. Recently voted #1 Percussion Ensemble by the readers of “Drum” Magazine, the Hip Pickles will be performing a 5 city concert tour with their concert group called Zap Boom Bam!

Sponsored by Dutch Drum Magazine Slagwerkkrant, the “Big Bang” is a traveling concert tour in the Netherlands, that is a true celebration of World Percussion. Representing the USA, Hip Pickles led by music director Chet Doboe, and multi-percussionist John Doboe, along with the sensational performers Anthony Dilig and Gary Gonzales. will be presenting their Zap Boom Bam show.

The Hip Pickles will be sharing the stage with the Amazing Drum Set Artist Keith Carlock (USA - Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Sting) Trio Chemirani (Iran), as well as other world percussion artists Selvaganesh, Glen Velez, Rhani Krija, Keyvan Chemiriani and Suat Borazan.

The “Big Bang” tour will take place from February 22nd - 26th in major concert halls that range from 1,200 to 2,000 seats in 5 of the Netherlands’ major cities, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Enschede and Amsterdam.

... For more information and up-dates on "The Big Bang" and Hip Pickles check out www.hippickles.com and www.thebigbang.


Alessandra Belloni

Dear Friends and Supporters

It is with great pride that I announce the release of my first book, Rhythm Is The Cure, complete with instructional DVD on the Southern Italian tambourine style and the different tarantella rhythms. This is the first book of its kind world wide, and is published by Mel Bay music publications. I spent over 20 years researching the ritual drumming and dances of Southern Italy, participating in all night rituals, going into possession for the Black Madonna, drumming and dancing the wild tarantellas and pizzicas. More than just an instructional book, it tells the history of the Southern Italian tambourine as mainly a women's percussion tradition, and the tarantella as a healing dance. Each chapter details my personal journey and describes each style and the people who taught me the tradition, in Calabria, Puglia, Campania and Sicily. The photos and illustrations matching the accompanying DVD provide an easy, user-friendly method to learn authentic tarantella rhythms...


Harvey Mason

... I'm in Japan with Fourplay ...

best regards,
Harvey Mason


Maria Martinez

During the month of February (Black History Month), Maria performs numerous shows for the Los Angeles Jazz Society at several different Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) middle schools.

Maria is currently playing with Lisa Haley and the Zydekats. The All-star band, the Zydekats includes Lisa Haley, violin (Queen Ida); Skip Edwards, accordion / keyboards (Dwight Yoakam / Johnny Rivers); Chuck Alvarez, guitar (Tim Weisberg); Andy Anders, bass (Joe Simien), and Maria Martinez, drums (Barry White, Rita Coolidge, Angela Bofill). For more information go to www.bluefiddle.com



Roy Haynes

Roy Haynes: Whereas
2007 Grammy Nominee - Best Jazz Instrumental Solo (Category 47)
Sample it now at: http://www.dreyfusrecords.com/album.php?d=192&a=21&l=0

Recent achievements:
Best Drums (2006 Jazz Times Magazine Readers' Poll)
2006 Lifetime Achievement Award (Jazz Journalists Association)
#1 Most Added (CMJ Jazz Chart)
#14 Debut (CMJ Jazz Chart)
#32 Debut (Jazzweek)

Legendary jazz drummer Roy Haynes is nominated for a Grammy for his blistering drum solo, "Hippidy Hop" from the live album, Whereas released on Dreyfus Jazz this past August. This is Roy’s third Grammy nod on Dreyfus and his second co-produced with Doug Yoel - 2001’s Birds of a Feather and 2004’s Fountain of Youth were both nominated in the Best Jazz Instrumental Album category.

Whereas was recorded at the Artists’ Quarter in St. Paul, Minnesota, over the weekend of January 20 – 22, 2006, which Chris Coleman, Mayor of St. Paul, MN, officially proclaimed as the "Roy Haynes Weekend". The recording documents the no-holds-barred interaction of his Fountain of Youth band, featuring Jaleel Shaw on alto sax, Robert Rodriguez on piano and John Sullivan on bass, and the unstoppable octogenarian.

Roy Haynes first came on the scene at a pivotal time in jazz history, when the Swing Era was drawing to a close and bebop was still being born. "I’m one of the last innovators from the ’40s who’s still out there saying something new," Haynes has said. Over the decades he has performed and recorded with everyone from Charlie Parker to Pat Metheny, from Lester Young and Sarah Vaughan to Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Chick Corea and Branford Marsalis. Recently, he has even performed with the current incarnation of the Allman Brothers Band - at their annual Beacon Theatre run in New York City in March; and at the Jones Beach Music Theater on Long Island in June.

Not only has Haynes seen the full sweep of jazz history, he's played a huge role in shaping it. And he continues to do so, not least of all by nurturing so many of today's most promising young musicians. In celebration of Roy’s musical life, in Spring of 2007, Dreyfus Jazz will release a career-spanning boxed set, featuring highlights from the drummer’s recordings as a leader and as a sideman with major figures in jazz music.


Sam Rodriguez

... I am also planning a DVD... As to the future, I continue doing some recording, live gigs with Aretha Franklin, Mary Wilson and other artists and doing clinics and workshops.



Chris DeRosa

Chris recently went to China to perform several hugely successful concerts with the Lolita Jackson Quintet. These concerts are part of an ongoing cultural exchange hosted by the Two Cities gallery located in Shanghai, China. While Chris was there he was able to make a stop at the newly opened JZ school created to promote and educate the wonderful American art form Jazz. He was also fortunate enough to get a chance to fill in on drums with the JZ Clubs house band. This wonderful band “Five Below” hosts the most popular after hours jam session in all of Shanghai. As you can imagine it was a special treat for Chris.

Besides his live performance schedule Chris is also a busy session drummer. Currently he is finishing up the drum tracks for the Barbados band Kite and is proudly aligned with Sabian Cymbal, Vic Firth Drumsticks, RhythmTech Percussion, and Evans Drumheads.

To keep up to date on Chris's happenings please go to:

Chris DeRosa


Fausto Cuevas

I've been out touring with Disney's High School Musical, "The Concert" since November '06... It's a great show, whole lotta Drummin' goin' on!!! Will be out til Jan. 29th, check the itnerary on my website for upcoming shows... Later Ya'll...




My latest Podcast show of "In Rhythm" is now available here:





Andres Patrick Forero

... Right now I am so crazy with the NEW off Broadway show "In The Heights" that I am doing.

It is scheduled to hit Broadway with in the next few months.

All my best
Andres Patrick Forero



Chad Stewart

... on tour in Europe w/ L.A. Guns ...


Brian Kilgore

Brian Kilgore's work for 2006:

Night At the Museum
Charlotte’s Web (song with Sarah McLachan and Dave Stewart)
Blood Diamond
The Bridge to Terabithia
Fred Claus
Superman Returns
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Payback (Director’s cut DVD)
Little Man
You, Me and Dupree
Ice Age II short - Crazy for Nuts
The Martian Child
The Nativity Story
Chicago 10

Family Guy (weekly)
American Dad (weekly)
The Path to 9/11
One Life to Live
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Staples, Land Rover. Coca Cola. Kashi. Visa. Mitsubishi (several percussion features - written by Stewart Copeland). Nissan Pathfinder, Hewlett Packard, NBA, ESPN, Verizon, Mountain Dew (with Stewart Copeland), Target, Xbox, Microsoft, Crème Savers, Gatorade, NCAA

Live Concert DVD with The Goo Goo Dolls
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with Santana
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with Kenny Loggins
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with Mariza
Jeff Beal’s score to the movie Pollack

Recorded intro to Faith Hill / Tim McGraw live tour
Disney Theme Parks (recorded music for various live shows)


Dan Greco

Motion Pictures - Dreamgirls, The Pursuit of Happiness, Meet The Robinsons, Night at the Museum, Unaccompanied Minors, The Good German, plus others

TV - What About Brian, 6 Degrees, Lost, American Dad, plus others.


Sandy Gennaro

I just finished 8 weeks as drummer/musical director for Bo Diddley.

During the show he comes back to the kit and we trade 4’s. I have a DST and RT cowbell mounted over my floor toms which he absolutely adored...

Cheers! Sandy Gennaro



Wally Gator Watson

... 2006 was a wonderful year for me and I hope the same for you. Although I did suffer a mild heart attack in October of 06, I did manage to fully recover after a one week stay in the hospital and a weeks rest at home. This was followed by a two week tour with the Cab Calloway Orchestra to Rochester, NY, St. Louis MO. and San Diego California. Then a two week tour of Japan with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and a three week tour with Broadway Tony award winner, Lillias White. That tour took me to Orange County California, Miami Florida, and Greenbrier West Virginia.

Since I last wrote, I have gotten a new Web address. It is
www.wally-gator-watson.com. Please feel free to visit and drop a line into my guestbook. It would do my heart good to hear from all of you.

My new projects for 2007 start on Jan. 8th. I go into the studio in New York City with my new group NuQ-Leus to record our first CD for the year. We will have some guest artists performing with us, including Ndugu Chancellor on percussion and drums, along with Stanley Banks, Bassist for the George Benson band amongst others.

Also on the calendar for 07 are appearances at the Sitka Jazz festival in Sitka Alaska, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow Idaho, and the JAH Jazz festival in Johannesburg South Africa.

Again, I wish you all the best and keep bouncing that wood because drums are the heart of the band.
Wally Gator Watson



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