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Artist News & Happenings - 2005
Up Close & Personal
Terry Silverlight

Hi Pam,

How are you? I hope you're doing great. My new drum instruction book, The Featured Drummer, has just been published by Music Sales / Amsco... By the way, I was invited as a guest artist this October at PASIC. I had a great time... Please visit my website at www.terrysilverlight.com to see a bunch of updates.

Thanks, and here's wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season.


Rikki Rockett

Rikki Rockett Teams up with Chop Shop Drum Company

Poison drummer, Rikki Rockett and Chop Shop Drum Company announced today that they have joined forces. Rockett, an avid drum enthusiast along with customizer and Chop Shop Drum Co. founder, Brian Cocivera are extremely excited about the new partnership and are destined to take the custom drum industry by storm.

Chop Shop has been gaining popularity with young and seasoned drummers alike since it's inception in 2001. Customers worldwide have sought out Chop Shop to create one of a kind, completely custom drums, which are handcrafted to the player's exact specifications.

"Today’s drummers are more educated as to exactly what they are searching for in their drums" says Cocivera "They have decided to seek out the smaller boutique type companies that can build exactly what they want, as opposed to whatever is available at the local music store."

"I have had the distinct privilege to work with the finest drum builders in the world over my 20 year career, adds Rockett. John Good and Don Lombardi from DW, Steve Badalment from Innovation Drums and Bill Detamore from the original boutique drum company, Pork Pie. Something good has to have rubbed off on me by now! These guys have been the leaders in the last 20 years. Brian and I have our own unique ideas and we are anxious to get these drums out there!"

In addition to the tried and true classic North American rock maple drums produced by Chop Shop, the company also offers birch, acrylic, aluminum, titanium, steel, and brass shelled drums. "Our goal has always been to produce some of the world's finest sounding drums, and offer customers unlimited options, and the most advanced finish options the drum community has ever seen." Says Cocivera "Now with Rikki on board, the creative energy is high, and the sky is the limit with what we can do."

Chop Shop will also move from the current location in Phoenix, Arizona, to a new workshop in Southern California beginning in January 2006.

Rockett, who rose to international fame as a founding member of the multi-platinum selling band, Poison, has always had a passion for customizing his drums. An amazingly talented artist in his own right, Rockett's drums have always been visually astounding. From customizing, to restoring, and ultimately building drums, the move to own a drum company has always been something he has dreamed about, so when the offer was made from longtime friend, Cocivera, the decision was easy.

Please visit: www.chopshopdrums.com

The new image and creations by the new partners at Chop Shop will be on display at this year's NAMM show in Anaheim, CA from Jan. 19-23 2006.

Rikki Rockett


Bobby Sanabria


Renowned drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, educator and native Nuyorican Bobby Sanabria was just voted Percussionist of The Year for 2005 by the readers of DRUM! magazine.

Mr. Sanabria recently came back from a three city clinic tour in Mexico which included Mexico City, Merida and the capital of Vera Cruz, Xalapas. Sponsored by Casa Veerkamp, Mexico's leading musical instrument distributor as well as Sabian Cymbals and the LP Music Group, Bobby's clinic / master classes were conducted to standing room only crowds who witnessed the performance of his one man tour-de-force, "Clave - The Journey". The culmination of this tour was his headlining of the Xalapas Jazz Fest 2005 where he was accompanied by acclaimed master musicians, Oscar Stagnaro on bass and pianist Alon Yovnai. Bobby's appearance at the festival was met with two standing ovations and two encores.

Upon Mr. Sanabria's return from his week long sojourn in Mexico he immediately went to work performing on drums and timbales with the famed Larry Harlow & The Latin Legends Band at two festivals. The Bethelhem Musikfest in Pennsylvania and The Rochester Latino Music Festival in New York. Three time Grammy nominee Larry Harlow is a famed producer, pianist, bandleader and member of the Fania All Stars, the famed Super Group of Salsa musicians that were assembled by the legendary Fania record company and brought NYC Cuban based dance music to the forefront in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Bobby also traveled to Venezuela and performed for over 40'000 fans in Caracas and over 20'000 fans in Maracay with Harlow this summer. His Latin Legends Band features a leading group of master musicians in the world of Afro-Cuban based music (Salsa) which includes virtuoso cuatro player Yomo Toro, Lewis Khan on trombone and violin and Mr. Sanabria on on drums and timbales.

Before his Mexico trip, Bobby had the pleasure and honor of spending a week in Rotterdam, Holland conducting and playing drums with the Rotterdam Conservatoire Big Band. Rehearsals were for concerts at the Prinses Theater in Rotterdam and The North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Hague. The Conservatoire's Jazz Program director Ben Van Den Dungen invited Mr. Sanabria to coach the student orchestra on the intricacies and history of the Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band tradition. Mr. Sanabria is uniquely qualified for the task, having been the drummer for the Godfather of Afro-Cuban Jazz Mario Bauza's Big Band for over eight years where he recorded three Grammy nominated CD's as well as touring extensively with the band as well as recording / performing with legends Tito Puente and Chico O'Farill's big bands.

Besides rehearsing the repertoire of masters Bauza', Puente, O'Farill, Machito and his own pieces for the two concerts, Bobby also prepared a special arrangement of Frank Zappa's "Grand Wazoo" which incorporated cha-cha-cha and merengue elements into the world of Zappa. The result was an incredible display of the depth, power and creativity of the Afro-Cuban big band jazz continuum with Bobby at the helm. Rotterdam Conservatoire Jazz Program director Ben Van Den Dungen stated, "Having Bobby work with our students raised their level of musicianship to a level we never thought of. It was incredible. I saw the change immediately. It was like they were a completely different band. I'm so glad he agreed to participate in this special encounter. It won't be the last, we have to have him back."

If this weren't enough Bobby conducted a special concert for the screening of the soon to air on PBS documentary, "From Mambo to Hip Hop - Struggle & Survival in The South Bronx." The screening of the work in progress was held at the famed Point Cultural Center in the heart of the South Bronx area known as Hunts Point. For the ocassion Bobby performed with his Quarteto Ache' with the addition of master guitarist and tres player Ben Lapidus a program encompassing the music represented in the film. The performance, which was held to a standing room only crowd after the screening of the film, brought together legendary percussionists Ray Barretto, Orlando Marin and Benny Bonilla on congas, timbales and bongo' respectively with famed break dancers, Popmaster Fabel, Kid Freeze, DJ Charlie Chase and Bobby with his Quartet in an incredible display of cross generational unity.

Directed by Henry Chaulfant and produced by Steve Zeiltin and City Lore and Elena Martinez, Dr. Roberta Singer and co-produced by Bobby Sanabria, look out for "Mambo to Hip Hop" on PBS in 2006.

Bobby just added his arranging skills to a mambo version of comedian Robert Klein's "I Can't Stop My Leg" for Klein's recent HBO comedy special, "The Amorous Busboy of Decatur Ave.", his 8th for the network. Bobby also played percussion on the show and was featured as a soloist. The special which was produced by Klein and his musical director Robert Stein is currently still running on HBO.


Frank Colon

NEW WEB SITE! Frank's site has been completely re-designed! With help from fellow musician / producer Daniel Figueiredo in Rio de Janeiro (www.danielfigueiredo.com.br), Frank's site now sports a "cleaner" look and is much easier to navigate! There is also a new video clip of a performance in Honolulu with flautist Nestor Torres! 
Soon to come: FREE Instructional Video Clips!

Frank's new DVD-EPK is out! This DVD features Frank's band, composed of Adam Klipple - keyboards, Cecilia Tenconi - sax and flutes, Buddy Williams - drums, and David Ambrosio - bass! There are also lots of clips of Frank with other artists such as Manhattan Transfer, Gato Barbieri, Michael Wolff, an interview conducted by NY radio personality Rob Crocker and many archive photos!

Frank Colón is featured in the new Manhattan Transfer CD titled, "Vibrate"! The album also features participation by John Pizzarelli, Will Lee, Yaron Gershovsky, Gil Goldstein, Lew Soloff, Steve Hass, Ramesh Misra, among others. It's a great CD, with music for all tastes!

Frank is featured in the Gato Barbieri DVD, "Live from The Latin Quarter". Recorded in New York, this project includes songs made popular by Barbieri, such as "Last Tango in Paris", "Europa", "Mystica", and "Viva Emiliano Zapata".

Frank is featured on a new DVD with The Kremlin Chamber Orchestra from Russia! Recorded "Live" in Moscow in June, Frank was the principal soloist with this orchestra, performing on a 7-movement suite, commissioned specially for him by Maestro Misha Rachlevsky and composed by violinist Eskender Bekmanbetov entitled, "Adoracion al Ritmo".

All the best and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!



Ronald E. Kulow, Grover
Customer Service Manager

Ron (Ronny) Kulow, longtime customer service manager for Grover / Trophy / Grossman Music passed away recently after a short bout with cancer.

Kulow started in the Rogers drum division of Grossman Music Corp. in 1956. With Rogers, he worked very closely with Ben Strauss, and as a drummer, had a lot of input into the early development of the Dynasonic snare drum.

When Rogers was sold to CBS, Kulow stayed on with Grossman, which later became the Grover / Trophy Music Companies, and held many positions, including warehouse manager.


Mike Botts

It is with deep heartfelt sadness that we announce the passing of Michael Botts on December 9, 2005 of colon cancer. In lieu of flowers, it is the family's request that donations be made in his memory to:

Providence St. Joseph Foundation
501 S. Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91505

Please include a note with your donation that it is in memory of Michael Botts so his family will get an acknowledgment.

Condolence messages may be sent here for Michael's family:


Jim Greiner

Hi Pam,

I hope all is well with you. It's been a busy year... doing corporate & community drumming events, workshops and performing throughout North America, the Caribbean and even a week in Asia (Hong Kong). Way, way fun!

Have a great 2006!



Mark Craney

Mark Craney - the "Indian of the Group"
August 26th, 1952 - November 26th, 2005
by Ian Anderson

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing on Saturday, of Mark Craney, ex-Tull drummer and long-time friend.

Mark had been ill for many years fighting with an ongoing kidney ailment, transplant rejections, stroke paralysis and associated medical problems.

In spite of periods of increased mobility, hope and even some returns to drumming, his condition worsened dramatically last August and resulted in a critical condition keeping him on life-support in hospital. Mark never gave in, fighting to the end and even giving rise to some optimism in the last weeks before finally passing away quietly in his sleep. During all the times of Mark's illness, Tull drummer Doane Perry kept in constant touch, visiting Mark at home and in hospital regularly, especially during the worst periods. We saw Mark at our LA shows where he was a visitor whenever his health permitted.

Mark came to us courtesy of Eddie Jobson (ex-UK, Zappa, Roxy Music), when Eddie became keyboard player for Tull during the recording of the "A" album and the tours in 1981. Mark had been working with Eddie on some solo projects and so joined the Tull family too for the duration of Eddie's working relationship with us.

Mark played in many bands and with many notable musicians during his career and was a much respected player, able to play many styles and keep up with even the most adventurous of musicians. Some of Mark's buddies and fellow musicians got together for a benefit in aid of Mark during his illnesses and later offered up tracks for the CD as shown below.

Something With A Pulse – the Mark Craney tribute record, previously released 1997. Available from The Artist Shop. http://www.artist-shop.com/order.htm

Mark said at the time,
"This compilation CD started with a suggestion from Ian Anderson. He couldn't be here for the benefit so he said why don't I just donate a track and we'll put together a C.D. It's called "Something With A Pulse", and has 14 tracks. I'm on six of them which are all live. There's a never before released, live Gino Vannelli cut, another live one with Tower of Power, there's a live trio gig I did with Terry in our home town in Sioux Falls. Two new tracks we cut last April with Mike Miller on guitar, Jimmy Haslip on bass, Mike Fisher on percussion, Bill Champlin on keyboards and guitar, and from Santana, Alex Ligertwood on vocals and Richard Baker on keyboards. There's a new Eric Burdon track and another Ian Anderson track that he did specifically for the C.D. There's a cut by "Thread", a group Doane Perry is in with singer Ellis Hall who's also on the Tower of Power track. It shows you how diverse his vocal stuff is because you'd never know it was the same guy. Terry Bozzio did a track, solo drumming. There's a track from David Garibaldi and two percussionist friends of his. There's a Fairport Convention track. There's a track with Mike Keneally, a friend of mine who played with Zappa, and a track by James Taylor is the closing track. Everyone donated their publishing royalties on my behalf so it's kind of an unusual CD. It's also the first CD I've been involved in from start to finish which can really be a pain in the ass, getting the cover art right and all that. Now its off and running, on Laughing Gull Records which is Doane Perry's personal label. It could also come out on a major label with a distribution deal that we're looking at.

I wrote the lyrics to Listen to Your Heart. I wanted to write some kind of a song we could record for the C.D. and my friend Richard Baker had the music, but no lyrics. I brought the lyrics in and Alex the singer and I made them fit the music and that was our song. The reason I'm learning piano is so that I can write my own music, but I'm real pleased with this, it's called Listen to Your Heart and it's all about giving or receiving and sharing ids, why we are in this and Make the Connection is part of the chorus. So it was written about the event and everyone coming in to record."

July 17, 1997
Mark Craney
1. Jethro Tull Black Sunday (live) 7:05
2. Eric Burdon I'm Your Man 4:05
3. Tower of Power What is Hip? (live) 5:19
4. Mark's Brother's Listen to your Heart 4:27
5. Gino Vannelli Brother to Brother (live) 8:06
6. Talking Drums Guaramina (excerpt) 3:27
7. Fairport Convention Slipjigs and Reels 4:52
8. Mike Keneally Craney 2:35
9. Miller/Craney/Miller Blockhead (live) 5:08
10. Terry Bozzio Klangfarben Melodie 4:37
11. Mark's Brothers They don't make 'em like they used to 4:36
12. Thread Hands of Kindness (excerpt) 4:55
13. Ian Anderson Song for Jeffrey 3:50
14. James Taylor New Hymn (live) 2:52

Mark wrote the following words after his benefit show, which I think might sum up his generosity of spirit, his love of his friends and music and above all, his strength, determination and optimism. Better than any epitaph I could write.

You all know how I feel
I'm very blessed
Life is a celebration
Thank you all
Expect good things
Make the Connection
Cheers, Mark

God Bless, Mark. Drum-on, big man from South Dakota.

Jethro Tull site

This is what Mark's longtime and very dear friend, Gregg Bissonette had to say...

"The music world and the international drumming community lost one of its brightest stars, Mark Craney, on November 26th. Mark was an incredible drummer, and a wonderful friend to many people all over the world. He was probably best known by drummers the world over for his amazing drumming on Gino Vannelli's album "Brother to Brother". His playing CHANGED the way drummers all over the world approached playing drums. Mark also played with: Jethro Tull, Jean Luc Ponty, Jeff Beck, Tower of Power, Tommy Bolin, Eric Burden and MANY others... Mark was 53 years old, and had struggled with Diabetes for many years. He had recently suffered a brain stem stroke that left him with many other complications. Many people the world over also know Mark as one of the founding members of "The Woodland Hills Drum Club," a club of drummer friends that began in his garage in Woodland Hills California in 1985. Mark Craney and his inspirational drumming will live on in our hearts forever... we love you Mark!"

Mark's longtime friend Doane Perry said this...

"A stunning player. A natural. A giant of his instrument. Gifted with an extraordinary musical imagination that left me many times just simply shaking my head. How did he do that?!!! Always sensitive to the music. Capable of great dynamics, subtle shadings, ditch-digging or beautifully complex grooves and jaw-dropping breaks.

Those beautiful, angular and abstract fills and such an unbelievably good sense of time, note placement, phrasing. All the elements that gave Mark his uniquely identifiable sonic identity. That effortless fluidity and deeply rooted musicality provided him the ability to play in any musical setting and yet still leave that immediately recognizable stamp, that it was him."


Aldo Mazza

The KoSA CUBA Workshops - a great success at the Havana Drum Festival!

Montreal, Canada, November 28, 2005: The fourth edition of the KoSA CUBA Workshops took place in beautiful, historic Havana, Cuba this past October. KoSA teamed up with the "Havana Drum Festival" (Fiesta Del Tambor) – a festival honoring the late and legendary drummer Guillermo Barreto. Canadian artists Charlie Cooley (Caleb Porter; Manteca) and Aldo Mazza (Répercussion; artistic director and founder of the KoSA Percussion Workshops & Festival; founder of the KoSA Academy) were invited by the festival director, Giraldo Piloto (Klimax) to give clinics and to perform to a packed and enthusiastic audience of some 2,500 people at the "Teatro Nacional" of Havana. New to the already well-established Havana Drum Festival was the teaming up with the annual KoSA Cuba Workshops.

The KoSA workshops schedule included daily classes in Cuban rhythms, visits to percussion instrument factories and a Yoruba temple, as well as informal gatherings with Havana musicians. The event took place in the famous Havana Libre Hotel complex. Participants worked on all aspects of Cuban drumming and music from traditional son, songo, bata rhythms, timba-funk creations and religious Yoruba traditions. Artists teaching the hands-on classes included many of Cuba's top musicians such as: Giraldo Piloto and his ensemble Klimax, Yaroldy Abreu (Chucho Valdez), Adel Gonzales (Afro-Cuban All Stars), David Pimienta (Mezela), and Yi Yo (Los 3 de la Habana). Foreign participants coming from Mexico, the U.S, Canada and Iran mixed with local Cuban students to attend seminars in the history and development of Cuban music led by renown ethnomusicologist, Dr. Olavo Rodriguez. Finally, every evening participants were treated to attending great local performances as well as concerts by the outstanding line-up of artists featured at the Havana Drum Festival. Performers included Giraldo Piloto and his ensemble Klimax, Los Papines, Los Moniquitos de Matanzas, los 3 de la Habana, Yaroldy Abreu, Salsa Fever, Oliver Valdez, Bobby Carcasses, and the Chucho Valdez Quartet.

KoSA Cuba / Havana Drum Festival is fast becoming an important cultural event which enables bridges to be formed between the rest of the world and the musically-rich island of Cuba. KoSA continues to bring together musicians from around the world with Cuban artists and Cuban music students in an extaordinary musical environment. At this year's edition of the Havana Drum Festival, KoSA has continued to bring instruments and organized that winners of the national contest be awarded a brand new professional drumset by Taye, cymbals from Sabian and drumsticks by Regal Tip. Thank-you to all these manufacturers for graciously donating these instruments.

Plans are already underway for the next edition of the KoSA Cuba Workshops which will be again in Havana, Cuba from October 22-29th 2006. For more information on this or any other KoSA event, please visit KoSA's website at www.kosamusic.com.


view photos from KoSA


Daniel de los Reyes

Percussionist Daniel de los Reyes and His Sizzling Drumjungle Show Featured in "DRUM" Magazine's December Issue

(Los Angeles, CA) Drumjungle Inc. is excited to announce Drumjungle founder, world-class percussionist Daniel de los Reyes, is prominently featured in "DRUM" magazine's December issue on newstands now. "Dream It. Build It. Live It." This six word "DRUM" magazine headline sums it up in a nutshell when describing Daniel and his ceaseless energy and lofty ambitions. This in-depth interview is filled with photographs and all the latest breaking news about Daniel's Drumjungle company / show, upcoming percussion inventions, and much more giving readers a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at what it takes to not just wear so many "hats" on a daily basis but to wear them successfully!

Internationally renowned percussionist Daniel de los Reyes has performed with a virtual who's who of music giants for over two decades including Earth, Wind & Fire, Sting, Patti LaBelle, Don Henley, and Stevie Nicks to name a few. His high-energy drum and percussion performances have captivated audiences all over the world with their pulsating beat and high-powered rhythms. His best-selling One Shot Shaker with Latin Percussion has become a "must-have" staple for both professional and novice musicians alike.

Now Daniel is heating up stages across the country with his cutting edge Drumjungle show and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after music acts performing throughout the U.S. for private and corporate parties, premieres, and special events including Cirque du Soleil's "KA" world premiere A-List bash in Las Vegas.

For more informations about percussionist Daniel de los Reyes and Drumjungle, please visit: DrumJungle (www.drumjungle.com) today!


Jorge Bermudez

Greetings Everyone!

It is with great joy that I invite you to view and enjoy a feast for the eyes and ears. The TV debut of blossoming Noveaux Flamenco artist "Benise" is coming up soon. My appearance is as a member of a killer 8 piece percussion section and I appear in 3 scenes.

I am writing to encourage you to check out this concert. It includes a total of 20 musians and 20 spectacular dancers. The rest of the nation will be finding out why this wonderful artist and his exciting band have been thrilling audiences throughout southern California for many years.

The initial air dates in Los Angeles on PBS affiliate Koce are Sunday Dec 4th at 3:30 and Sunday Dec 11th at 10:30. In San Francisco it will air on PBS affiliate KQED on Thursday December 8th at 7:30. In San Jose it will air on PBS affiliate KTEH on Sunday December 4th at 7:00 and Tuesday December 6th at 7:30. All other regions in the country are listed at Benise.com.

Benise is much better than Estaban :-)!

Jorge Bermudez


Taku Hirano

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope all is well with you! Just wanted to give you a head's up that Arthel and I recently put up a website in response to the overwhelming outpouring of people wanting to help the people of New Orleans and the Southern gulf states. It basically is a site for both people wanting to donate and help, as well as a resource site for people affected by the hurricanes to receive assistance. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, whenever you get a chance, please check out:


All the best.


Steve Luongo

Hi All,

For those of you who don't know... this is a link to 5 of the songs that I produced for Brynne Calleran's new CD titled True Story. She is getting a great industry reaction so far and the buzz is growing.

I am very proud of this project. I co-wrote the songs with Brynne and Mark Hitt. We recorded them at Brandon Productions with Jim Roberts engineering. Mark played guitars, Al Renino played bass and Chris Clark played the keys (except for Jim's "phoned in" pizz strings) and I was on drums and percussion.

I haven't gotten a chance to send everyone a disc. But, below is a link to Brynne's website which goes directly to the five songs that are posted.

I hope you enjoy them.

Lotsa Love,


Taku Hirano

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I performed with Lindsey Buckingham on the PBS show Soundstage. The show premiered on PBS on September 8th, and now the DVD of the show will be released on November 8th. You can find it at Amazon.com. The show was shot in the summer of 2004 during the Fleetwood Mac tour and is in high definition and true digital surround sound.

An interesting thing to note is that the band is only comprised of Lindsey (guitar, vocals), Brett Tuggle (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Neale Heywood (guitar, vocals), and myself. That meant that I had to do some creative multi-tasking, covering both percussion and drum parts (which I did thanks to some inconspicuous gear from Roland!).

I am definitely proud of this performance as it took me out of my comfort zone of being behind a huge percussion rig and forced me to play just hand-held instruments, a cajon, one cymbal, and a Roland SPD-20 with a foot pedal and make it sound and feel full. Plus it was my professional "drumming" debut!

Check it out!



Sandy Gennaro

Latest projects and current news: Touring with Bo Diddley and The Monkees. I play 3 or 4 times a month with The Jon Paris Rockin’ Blues Band @ BB Kings here in NYC. Teaching at the Drummers Collective (NYC), School of Rock (Staten Is), Julia School of Performing Arts (Staten Is) and in my home studio. Currently writing an instructional book on Rock and Blues drumming complete w/ play along CD for Carl Fischer Music in conjunction with the Drummers Collective.



Ernie Durawa

Latest projects and current news: My next clinic is for "Drummers For Jesus"  Williamson Baptist Association Scroll down to "Drummers For Jesus".

... I got inducted into the Texas Music Hall Of Fame:
The Austin Chronicle: Music Awards: 2004 Hall of Fame

Check out the awards section on my website for other awards such as "Ernie Durawa Day" Feb. 3rd '05

My Jazz Band www.losjazzvatos.com



Mike Smith

Latest projects and current news:

July - Played a "Night Of The Stars" Concert w/ an all star band at B.B. Kings here in Los Angeles. Band: Ndugu Chancler... Drums, Freddie Washington... Bass, Ray Fuller... Guitar, Don Wyatt... Keys, Jerry Peters... Keys, Yours truly... Percussion. We played for Kirk Whalum, Kevin Toney & The Emotions. What a plethora of music.

Pasadena Jazzfest "After Party" w/ a wonderful singer, Christine Day. Band: Scooter Powell... Drums, Stan Sargeant... Bass, Richard Smith... Guitar, Yours truly... Percussion. Bobby Lyle, Kevin Toney, Marion Meadows & others sat in... we had a blast!

Went to New York to play for the National Medical Association Convention, a huge 5 day event.

August - Was on a World Premier Internet Music project with Digital Worlds Institute, from University of Florida at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It involved 5 different countries of the world: England, Austraila, Korea, Chile & U.S.A. We were all playing music written for this project simultaneously in "real time" on the internet & were able to see each other on these huge screens, as well as hear & speak to each other. There were about 5-7 speakers & sub woofers as well.... each country's audio came out of a separate speaker, so we could hear pretty clearly. We were playing with a "Netronome" specifically designed for this project. Basically, it's a metronome on the internet & each country's latency had to be set differently so we could all play together. There were also 2 dancers in Miami. I must say, it was an amazing project to be a part of. What a wonderful way to learn about other cultures, indigenous clothing, instruments & become one through the music.

Billy Higgins World Stage

September  - The "Jazz In The Spirit" Concert w/ Ron Brown, Oleta Adams, Bobby Lyle, Doc Powell & Paul Jackson Jr., & a great new female vocal group MIG. Band: Rayford Griffin... Drums, Dwayne "Smitty" Smith... Bass, Jerry Peters... Keys, Kim Hansen... Keys, Yours truly... Percussion. We played for all the artists.

Annual Day of the Drum Festival w/ Munyungo's International All-Star Percussionist lineup. There were about 12 of us on stage. Munyungo Jackson, Kevin Ricard, Angel Figueroa, Francis Awe, Derf Reklaw, David Leach, Adam Rudolph, Khalil, Cora Coleman (drums), Mixmaster Wolf (vocals), Andre Manga (Bass) & Yours truly.

Watts Towers - 1727 E. 107th St. Los Angeles, CA 90002

October - National Society of Hispanic MBA's Annual Conference & Career Expo - Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

15th Annual BMW Charity Ride Banquet, St. Francis Medical Association Foundation & California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation

Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival, Catalina Island, CA - w/ Camiel - Guitarist from Amsterdam



Wally Gator Watson

Latest projects and current news: Currently playing drums and Co-producing a new CD for the Cab Calloway Orchestra lead with Cab's grandson C. Calloway-Brooks. Working on new book "Gator-tales".



John Lewis

Latest projects and current news: I started this month (October 05) going on the road for ten days.  The first day out the airline loses my luggage with my clothes & StickBag. I had a show with Melissa Manchester that night on Oct 1st in Seattle. So, I had to hit the local student music store for Sticks, Brushes & Hot Rods. Took a red-eye flight to work the next 5 nights in Atlantic City, NJ with the 5th Dimension, then flew back to LA to do a show on Oct. 8th (The 5th Dimension with the Long Beach Symphony). Oct. 9th work in Las Vegas with Gregg Karukas. I went back to LA to do the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival with Gregg Karukas and to tape a upcoming PBS Special with the 5th Dimension.

I started an exciting CD on Morpheus Music for Gigi Mckenzie.  So far, we recorded seven songs in Silver Lake, CA at Bob Biles Hyperion Studios. Bob does most of the engineering for Steve Smith of Vital Information and Frank Gambale. Mike Miller (Chick Corea, Bette Midler, Gino Vanelli) played guitar, Lew Matthews (Nancy Wilson) on Piano and Steve Lawrence on Bass.

End of this month, leave for Kentucky with the 5th Dimension, then onto Philadelphia to do a week with Melissa Manchester and the Philly Pops.
Now the final phase, Mastering and Duplication. I recorded a second jazz trio CD with “Outfits” (John Stowell - Guitar and Tommy Lockett - Bass). The mixes are done and it sounds great.  The new CD should be released on Heat Records in early 2006.  Don’t forget our first self-titled CD “Outfits” that you can purchase through my website.



Joe Smyth

Latest projects and current news: New CD: Mission Temple Fireworks Stand - 20th album, 25 years together! Matrix Percussion Trio (side project) - more upcoming on this!



Lenny Castro

Latest projects and current news: Stevie Wonder, Dixie Chicks, Neal Diamond, Ubastank, Mars Volta


Dann Gillen

Latest projects and current news: Recording and teaching. My wife Julie and I are pregnant with our first!



Chris DeRosa

Latest projects and current news: I'm playing and recording around NYC with many great new bands. I feel like I'm in my groove quite literally these days with all the diverse projects I'm involved in. One new one is The Deep Down, a really great Reggae / Pop Band. I'm subbing for Matt Johnson (While he's out with Rufus Wainwright). I'm also doing d'atlee a Drum & Bass Rock gig (recording their new album). I just finished an East Coast Tour with Paul Mark & The Van Dorens. An authentic Blues act in the vain of Stevie Ray Vaughn. I am also teaching "Rhytmic Training for Dance" at Mary Mount Manhattan College (part of Fordham University) as well as being on staff at NY University as a staff musician and guest lecturer. I'm doing lots of cool projects and things these days.



Dom Famularo

Dom is now returning from a very successful and well attended three week tour in Europe and the UK. A report with photographs from Jerome Marcus, Sabian's European Artist Relations representative, has been posted on www.Sabian.com.

Dom is also leading a Vic Firth PDT Seminar at PASIC this year.


John Wackerman

have a new Drum Duet CD coming out... It's Called John Wackerman Drum Duets Vol.1. And it features me doing duets with -

Steve Gadd & John Wackerman - Manic Depression
Peter Erskine & John Wackerman - OU812N5
Ron Tutt & John Wackerman - Insane Train
Clayton Cameron & John Wackerman - Whipped
Adrian Young & John Wackerman - Modify
Steve Smith & John Wackerman - Vortex
Josh Freese & John Wackerman - We Will Rock You
John Ferraro & John Wackerman - Rimbrant
Brooks Wackerman & John Wackerman - Aprica Cha Cha
Ricky Lawson & John Wackerman - Groovebox
Chuck Wackerman & John Wackerman - Ceasers
Marc Atkinson & John Wackerman - Phyc
Chad Wackerman & John Wackerman - Velocity
Alex Acuna & John Wackerman - Resonance
Gary Novak & John Wackerman - Omnivision

click here for sound clip



Ian Wallace

Latest projects and current news: Launch of the Crimson Jazz Trio and CD Release Party at La Ve Lee Jazz Club. CD drops on 11/15/05... visit www.crimsonjazztrio.com for more info.



Bill Cobham

Latest projects and current news: WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005



David Sanger

Latest projects and current news: 2005 Included Grammy Nomination for Best Country Instumental; Production and Engineering on "Happy Doing What We're Doing" by Elizabeth McQueen; Acting roles in the stage play "A Ride With Bob" produced in Austin, Texas; 150 touring dates with Asleep At the Wheel



Kenny Aronoff

Latest projects and current news: 
in Nashville recording a Jake Owen record
fly to LA, get sounds for Melissa Etheridge rehearsal, then work with a band Howard Benson is recording
rehearse with Melissa Etheridge
record a record with an artist from Spain (heavy rock)
Melissa Etheridge and Goo Goo Dolls show at House of Blues in LA (fund raiser for breast cancer)
practice John Fogerty tunes for tour in Nov.
record and film with John Fogerty "Centerfield" for 1st game of the World Series
Good Morning America with Melissa Etheridge, that evening perform a 45 minute set at Madison Square Garden with Melissa
Dave Letterman show with Melissa Etheridge
Kelly and Regis show with Melissa then fly to LA
Johnny Cash tribute. I am house drummer
finish recording new BoDeans cd and do a live accoustic CD
maybe Leno with John Fogerty
Indiana - rehearsing for Fogerty Tour
Show in St. Louis with The BoDeans
Australia and New Zealand tour with John Fogerty



Sue Hadjopoulos

Latest projects and current news: See my web site. And always available for new touring and record projects. Currently live music performances with "Urban Folk and Jazz" Singer Songwriter KJ Denhert, winner of the 2005 Mountain Stage New Song Festival. See www.kjdenhert.com

More gigs to come with the new Jazz Trio featuring KJ Denhert, Sue Hadjopoulos on percussion and Tara Thierry on upright bass.

Just finished background work on the new movie "Margaret" featuring Anna Paquin, Jeannie Berlin and Matt Damon. Also, last background work was in "The Interpreter" (Nicole Kidman)



Steve Williams

Latest projects and current news: Currently Promoting a record called the Cafe Allstars with Pebo Bryson, John Lucien, George Benson, Bobby Lyle and others, Recorded David Byrne's lastest release Grown Backwards, tour dates for the Broadway show "The 3 Mo Tenors"


Herman Matthews

Latest projects and current news: On the road with Tom Jones. In The Studio with: Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps. Solo Project: Herman Matthews "Home At Last" Soon to be released



Alvino Bennett

Latest projects and current news: Jason Sinay Band / new band
Dave Mason Band


Jose Rossy

Latest projects and current news: I'm working on clinics and Master Classes and also launching a new Web Site for Musicians, etc...


Ron Powell

Latest projects and current news: Kenny G. even though some musicians don't take him seriously, He is still the biggest selling jazz artist ever, and still going strong. We just did the Greek in LA and some west coast dates and are on our way to Japan.

Diana Ross, an oldie but goody, still selling out concert halls around the world. We did all of Europe this summer and are on our way to Africa in November.

I'm also touring on a smaller scale with Drum Jungle and Wave artist Brian Hughes and Freddie Ravel. I've got some clinics coming up in Nov. with Danny Reyes at Guitar Centers.


M.B. Gordy

Latest projects and current news: Played with the Doobies Brothers for the last 4 years, Currently Playing with Rita Coolidge. Also am doing all the pecussion work on Battlestar Galactica and The E-Ring (both are TV shows) as well as movie work: Batman Begins, A Lot Love, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Two For The Money, Fantastic 4, just to name a few,


Taku Hirano

Latest projects and current news: Recently finished Stevie Nicks' summer tour; Just performed with Bette Midler at the "From the Big Apple to the Big Easy" Hurricane Katrina benefit concert at Madison Square Garden; Just performed on the Today Show with Stevie Nicks; Been in the studio working on Nelly Furtado's new album; About to go on a fall tour with female Italian popstar Giorgia (two months in Italy!).

Thanks to everyone who has called, written, e-mailed, and posted on my website message board with concerns for all of my in-laws who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We lost at least 10 family homes, and are headed to New Orleans to meet up with insurance adjusters this weekend to assess the damages. My wife's home and business she had with her mother are gone. The house took 20 feet of water, and the business at least 6 feet. Everything will likely be just bulldozed with the contents inside. Everyone's fine, though, and safe. It is sad to think that my wife's family, the Nevilles (who many consider to be New Orleans royalty) will likely not settle back down in New Orleans again. They are all spread across Houston, Dallas, Nashville, and Austin now and still trying to get settled in various apartments. The Neville Brothers and the Meters continue to perform. One highlight for me was performing at the NYC hurricane benefit concert with Bette Midler. The Neville Brothers, the Meters, and the Dixie Cups (my wife's aunt is one of them) also performed, and my wife covered the event for Fox, so it was a family affair.



Joel Rosenblatt

Latest projects and current news: Currently with Bill Evans



Mark Schulman

Latest projects and current news: subbed for Matt Sorum on Velvet Revolver Ozzfest tour.  doing many seminars... emailing you from Germany from the Salzgitter Drum and Percussion Festival



Mark "Gus" Scott

Latest projects and current news: Newly-Remastered Drum Instructional Video, "ROCK SOLID" (http://markscottonline.com/video.htm). Also, just bought a new restaurant in Florida, NY (www.TheCopperBottom.com).  Will assume ownership in 1 month.



Kenwood Dennard

Latest projects and current news: dvd "Studio / Touring Drummer" is #4 educational dvd in the world according to Modern Drummer



Tre' Balfour

Latest projects and current news: Touring Europe w/ Michael Bolton and will finish up in Asia in Dec. Also on Michael Bolton's new CD "Till The End Of Forever" & Live DVD already released in Europe. No release date for U.S. as of yet.........sorry : (

Go to www.michaelbolton.com for dates to see "lil ole Me. " : )

Steven Wolf

Latest projects and current news: recordings with: Pink, Britney Spears (pre-pregnancy recordings), Hiram Bullock, Chaka Khan, The Veronicas (new act on Sire / Warner Bros Records) www.theveronicas.com, Will Young (UK mega-pop star)

I also cowrote, programmed, and did additional production on Will Young's new single "Switch It On" www.will-youngonline.com
etc... (more complete list is on my site, on the news page)



Kurt Rasmussen

Latest projects and current news: Cirque du Soleil, "O" six years - UNLV, artist in residence 2 years


Steve Luongo

Latest projects and current news: Producing and writing for Brynne Calleran. Several live performances with TorQue including many fund raising events for the disaster victims. Performed at Universal in Orlando for Musicians 4 Disaster Relief put on by The John Entwistle Foundation. DVD from the event to be released shortly. Performed with Robin Zander, Dickey Betts, Micheal Bolton and Mark Farner. Currently organizing another event for the victims of Katrina to take place in Naples, Florida. Recently completed producing and directing a documentary film titled "An Ox's Tale - The John Entwistle Story."



Albert Bouchard

Latest projects and current news: My bother Joe and my high school band are reuniting for a charity concert next July. First show in 40 years. Filling in with the Dennis Dunaway Project next Friday at CBGB. Brain Surgeons gigs in the Pacific Northwest in November culminating with a performance at the Rockrgrl Festival in Seattle.

Fabienne Shine's solo project
Brain Surgeons Denial of Death



Larry Aberman

Latest projects and current news: I've been drummer for Cirque du Soliel's Zumanity in Las Vegas for the last two years.



Sam Rodriguez

Latest projects and current news: Currently doing with Mary Wilson / Donna Summer / Aretha Franklin and my own Latin Jazz Project



John Ferraro

Latest projects and current news: Current projects are listed on site
Carly Simon, Rod Stewart, Bill Cantos, Toyota, Disney 50th  Celebration



Shannon Ford

Latest projects and current news: My band, Ripley, just finished our new CD and we are looking at a February release date. I'll have a sneak preview copy for you at NAMM!


Mike Smith

Latest projects and current news: Working a few dates w/ Camiel... guitarist from Amsterdam - He's here in the U.S. for the Jazzfest Concert series... held on Catalina Island, CA. Camiel is signed with Rendezvous Entertainment. Kirk Whalum. Jonathan Butler, Marc Antoine, Brian Simpson & others are signed to them as well.

I begin rehearsals next week w/Mike Okli... a Nigerian superstar singer who has recently moved here to the U.S.



Dom Moio

Latest projects and current news: Cinco De Moio 6 piece Latin Jazz Group new Cd. CD Release October 28, Phoenix



Paul Goldberg

I just completed several drumset tracks for "The New Poseidon Adventure Movie" which feature "Fergie" (from The Black Eyed Peas) on vocals.

Also completed my debut CD "Whim of the Current" (recorded at Universal Studios), which features compositions; by Chick Corea, John Patitucci, John Coltrane, Don Grolnick, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter, & Michel Camillo.

"Audio Samples" can be heard at: www.paulgoldbergdrummer.com

PEACE, Paul Goldberg

Cougar Estrada

Hi Everyone, ... finally after 10 years from our 1995 nationwide debut recording of "Get Out Of My Way" on Fantasy / Milestone Records.

Cougar Records Presents:

The Estrada Brothers (2005) "Two For the Road" Featuring Ruben Estrada

Thank you for your support, Please give a listen, Cougar





Jim Greiner

LP Clinician Jim Greiner in Las Vegas Area School System Residency

LP Clinician Jim Greiner recently did seven presentations of his interactive motivational program, "Communicating, Cooperating & Celebrating Through Rhythm™ in the Las Vegas, Nevada area school system. Over 1300 students and teachers participated in Jim's school assembly program. Jim's residency was made possible by the support of Brett Barnes, the PAS Nevada Chapter President.

A couple of the many rave reviews that Jim received:

A teacher said, "Wow, what an awesome experience!" I liked the sense of community I felt among the kids. We have been celebrating the experience ever since."

A child said," “I was happy and excited and the rest of the day was great.”



Jorge Bermudez

Hey Conga People,

I hope everyone is doing good!

On September 10th I finished participating in a wonderful production that will air on national TV in December. I've worked with this Flamenco artist "Benise" on and off for the past 2 years and his time has come! I worked with an amazing cast of 20 dancers and 20 musicians for this concert performance. You will recognize some familiar faces in the pictures attached at the link below.

We rehearsed for 2 weeks at Sony Studios in Culver City (formerly MGM Studios). We filmed the concert in 2 nights of performance at The Arlington theater in Santa Barbara.

There is more information available at Benise.com.

At the cast party I was given a surprise 51st birthday party :-) . As you can see in this photo album we had a little too much fun celebrating with cast and crew 8-) . It was an unbelievable way to wrap up this terrific endeavor. Check it on PBS Benise "Nights of Fire".

You are going to enjoy it, I promise!

Besos Y Abrazos,

Jorge Bermudez


Julio Figueroa

Hello Friends,

I hope you are all doing well. I have just been feeling a bit convicted that I have not stayed in better touch with all of you in the past few months so I wanted to send a short update on what's going on in our lives and to see what's up in y'all's nick of the woods.

All is well on this end...
My wife Daniela finally got her Green Card and arrived to the United States four months ago. She's going to school full time monday through friday and her English is getting a lot better. We are still living at the same place in Beverlywood but the plan is to buy a new house in the next couple of months.

I'm now doing the Musical Direction and playing Drums for Latin Artist "Gloria Trevi" and we have a very busy schedule for the rest of the year. We will be playing at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on October 28 and 29 and the show will be broadcasted on Telemundo (NBC Spanish sister station) internationally, Coast to Coast and North to South. If you live in the American continent or Spain you can catch us live. I will send you the broadcasting date as soon as I have it.

DW gave me a beautiful new Drum Set for the Tour and I'm loving it! It's the new PDP LXE Series and it sounds amazing! The sound of the Bass Drum takes my breath away!!!

You can also watch me playing Live at the Latin Grammy's on November 3rd with Latin Artist "Diego Torres".

I also recently became the new A&R for the record label "Pampa Records". I have just finished producing our first project called "Two Brothers" featuring myself on Drums and 23 years old Brazilian Pianist phenomenon "Thiago Pinheiro". You can preview an MP3 sample at http://cdbaby.com/cd/twobrothers. It's dynamite!!!

On next monday I'll start producing the new album for Puerto Rican singer "Edwin Maldonado" whose last album reached number one in Puerto Rico. We'll be tracking at Tom Brooks New Earth Studios.

I've also been recently in the studio with: José Feliciano, B.B. King, Gretchen Cruz, Jon Montalban, Ruth Ester, Herencia, Angie Fuentes, Insomnia, Ruby, Melody, Gregg Smith, and on Jingles for Sony, One Touch and Johnson & Johnson.

I promise to be in touch more often!!!
And you on the other side.....please don't be a stranger!
I love you all,
Julio Figueroa


Martin Cohen - Congahead

On The Scene:

Berklee / Boston Trip:
On August 3, 2005 I had the honor of having an exhibition of my photographs of Tito Puente, a retrospective of images taken over a span of more than 40 years. This exhibit took place at La Casa de la Cultura in Boston, Massachusetts and was initiated by musician and friend Alex Alvear, and Vanessa Calderon-Rosado from this cultural center. In addition to my photo exhibition, I was delighted to have the opportunity to present "From My Basement to Bangkok, The Creation of a Percussion Industry" at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

To see exclusive photos from this event, click here

North Sea Jazz Festival:
On June 30th, I traveled to Europe with my family to spend time with many of my Dutch friends in the music business, and to attend the largest music festival in the world: The North Sea Jazz Festival, which took place July 8th-10th at The Hague. In 2006 the festival will take place in Rotterdam. As usual, the talent was extraordinary, including Al Green, Chaka Khan, Juan De Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All Stars, Joe Zawinul, Joss Stone, Steps Ahead, Jamie Cullem, David Sanborn (with percussionist Don Alias), Roy Hargrove, Candy Dulfer, and Boney James (with percussionist Lenny Castro).

To see exclusive photos from this event, click here

52 People For Progress Concert:
Since 1990, LP has been involved with the advocacy group "52 People for Progress". Headed by Al Qui-ones, this organization took a derelict park on Kelly Street in the Bronx and converted it to a beautiful area for children with an amphitheater for summer concerts. I am grateful to have been made honorary chairman of this important neighborhood project, and on August 24, 2005 we co-sponsored a concert featuring long-time LP artist George Delgado that was attended by a standing room only crowd.

To see exclusive photos from this event, click here

Manny Valera and Lisa St. Cyr's Wedding:
On August 27, 2005 I had the honor of attending -- with my wife Vivianne -- the wedding of virtuoso piano player Manuel Valera to Lisa St. Cyr. Performing at the wedding was a great band led by Chris Washburn with LP artist Chembo Corniel.

To see exclusive photos from this event, click here


Aldo Mazza


Just a short note to let all our KoSA friends know how pleased we are that KoSA:10, Keeping It Real was so well received. Within a week of the final days of our tenth anniversary International Percussion Workshop, participants and faculty alike were both sending us mail and email letting us know that KoSA:10 was a hit. We've posted three of the first testimonials right on our website's index page:


In addition, we have many new images from the KoSA:10 event that we'd like to share with you. They can also be found at the KoSA website.

We'd also like to take a quick moment to remind all of you about KoSA:Cuba. This one week event will be held in Oct 23-30, 2005 at the historic Riviera Hotel in heart of Havana. Located along the Malecon, Havana's waterfront boulevard, the Riviera Hotel is considered a classic among Cuba hotels. Its proximity to the historical-cultural center of Havana, makes this hotel the perfect place from which to explore the city. In the night time the Riviera offers excellent entertainment featuring both the exclusive Copa Room Cabaret and one of Havana's top restaurants. The KoSA:Cuba 2005 Workshop is held during the same week as the annual Havana International Drum Festival "Festival Del Tambor". Please call 1.800.541.8401 or e mail: info@kosamusic.com for more info about this exciting cross-cultural experience. Learn from Cuban percussion masters! You can see images from last year's KoSA:Cuba on our website.

KoSA events are made possible in large part due to the vision and support of our generous sponsors. When you think about KoSA, think about these companies that help make it possible: Sabian, Pro Mark, Pearl, Ludwig-Musser, Evans, LP, Sonor, Remo, Tama, Zildjian, DW, KAT, Yamaha, Mountain Rythym, Regal Tip, Sibelius, Berklee, Audix, Taye, Warner Bros. Publications, Mike Balter, Paiste, Cooperman, Modern Drummer, Shure, HQ, D'Addario Foundation, Graham Webb International Products and the Drummers Collective.

Finally, KoSA:10 was enhanced by our faculty, who rose to the occasion to reach new heights of musical synergy and instructional harmony: Memo Acevedo, Jim Chapin, Eriko Daimo, Mario DeCiutiis, Kenwood Dennard, Cassio Duarte, Liberty DeVitto, Dom Famularo, Richie Flores, Richie Garcia, Jeff Hamilton, Arnie Lang, Russ Lawton, Marco Lienhard, Arthur Lipner, Aldo Mazza, Russ Miller, Allan Molnar, Arthur Press, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Lou Robinson, Tyler Stewart, Rick Van Horn, Glen Velez, Michael Wimberly and the Mozambique Drum & Dance Ensemble, Yuko Yoshikawa, Oscar Stagnaro, Rafael Alcala, and special guest Graham Webb.

We will keep you informed of upcoming KoSA events throughout the year, both at special locations and events here at the KoSA Academy in Montreal. (Don't forget KoSA:Cuba!) In the meantime, keep playing!


Aldo Mazza,
KoSA Founder & Artistic Director

Dr. Jolan Kovacs Mazza
KoSA Co-Founder & Projects Coordinator


Sue Hadjopoulos

August 27th 2005 - "Little Mary" delivers a win at the New Song Contest held in Shepherdstown West Virginia!

As one of the five co-winners of this years' Mountain Stage New Song Contest/ Festival, KJ Denhert was selected to appear on the nationally syndicated radio broadcast Mountain Stage performing her song, "Little Mary".

Powerhouse percussionist, Sue Hadjopoulos was on board performing with KJ Denhert for the contest and Mountain Stage show, where we were joined by some members of the wonderful Mountain stage house band! For more info on the contest and festival visit www.newsongfestival.com. To learn more about Mountain Stage visit www.mountainstage.org.

Sue Hadjopoulos


Jim Greiner

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to invite you all to visit, and to participate in, a new web site that Latin Percussion and I have teamed up to create. It is called Recreational & Community Drumming With Jim Greiner. (www.communitydrumming.com)

The website provides an interactive learning environment where information, opinions, rhythms and rhythm-based activities are shared. Participants are invited to contribute input on a wide range of relevant topics. There is also a section, Drum Circles, on which I invite all of you to post your own drum circles and drumming events schedules. Contact me off-list for information about how to do this.

I look forward to your participation and to your feedback on the site and to working with you to continue to let all people know about the many benefits of drumming.

All the best,



Bobby Borg

International Recording & Touring Rock Drummer - Bobby Borg - Turned Author And Artist Advocate - Delivers The Facts About The Music Industry - Not The Fairy Tales!

The Musician's Handbook:
A Practical Guide To Understanding The Music Business
By Bobby Borg

Billboard Books
Aug 5, 2005
IBSN: 0823083578
$19.95 paperback

Charles Whang, Director of Sales & Marketing
646 654 5460

August 6, 2005: Beverly Hills, CA: International Major Label Recording Artist Bobby Borg, former drummer of the multi-platinum group Warrant and the band Beggars & Thieves, has released his new book, The Musician’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Music Business with a message that is loud and clear: Music Is An Art, Making Money From It Is A Business! The Musician's Handbook gets down to basics and provides a solid introduction to the business of music in an easy-to-read style that allows musicians to get back to doing what they love best: CREATING MUSIC. Written by a professional musician for musicians at all levels of experience, the book offers comprehensive coverage of each of the four types of business relationships, the five key players an artist needs to succeed, and the four major sources of music revenue, as well as the thirty-five steps necessary to pursuing a successful career in the music business. Each chapter is designed to stand alone allowing musicians to refer to individual topics as they relate to their personal career status - that way musicians can get just what they want, when they need it.

Also included in this indispensable primer are informative one-on-one interviews with industry professionals such as Fred Croshal, General Manager at Maverick Records; Neil Gillis, VP of A&R and Advertising at Warner/Chappel Music; Chris Arnstein, personal manager, international tour manager, and booking agent, and professional musicians Henry Rollins and Kenwood Dennard. The Musician's Handbook stresses the 'facts' of the music industry - and not the 'fairy tales' - allowing artists to make informed, intelligent career decisions, greatly reducing their risks of making mistakes. Through knowledge, determination, hard work, and a great deal of luck, artists can have a successful career in music, as long as clear realistic goals are set.

"An exceptionally well-written, thorough, and competent legal and business book for an author who is a non-attorney. Bobby's book is extremely valuable for anyone trying to understand the music business."
--Peter Paterno; The Law Offices of King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner, representing Metallica, Dr. Dre, and Pearl Jam.

"The music business is full of minefields. The Musician's Handbook helps steer you through them in a way that lets you enjoy the journey. It's packed with valuable information you'll use time and again."
--Don Gorder, Chair Music Business / Management Department, Berklee College of Music

"In this day and age, it's irresponsible for an artist to enter the music industry without having a grasp of the business. The Musician's Handbook should be required reading by all industry neophytes."
--Steve Vai, internationally renown guitarist

Bobby Borg is an international recording and touring musician with over 25 years experience in the music business. He has worked with a variety of artists including the multi-platinum group Warrant, Beggars & Thieves, and his own band Left For Dead. A consultant to both artists and independent labels, he is a familiar guest speaker at music industry events, a regular contributor to music business publications and on-line sites, and a music screener for the independent A&R company, Taxi. A graduate of the renown Berklee College of Music, Bobby teaches a new class at the UCLA Music Business extension program fall quarter, and is also the author of the highly endorsed Billboard publication "The Musician's Handbook: A Practical Guide To Understanding The Music Business" to be released nationwide May 1, 2003.

Available at: www.bobbyborg.com and all major book stores

Bobby Borg


Taku Hirano

Hi Pam! Well, I just finished up Stevie Nicks' Gold Dust tour last week. The first three weeks of the two-month tour consisted of shows with Don Henley, and on the latter 5 weeks we had Vanessa Carlton opening up for us. The tour was a great success! I'm definitely glad to be home for a bit, though, as I have pretty much been out straight since February 2003... between Fleetwood Mac, Bette Midler, and Stevie Nicks. The next thing on my plate are some sessions, including working on Nelly Furtado's new album. Also, I have some drum clinics coming up. The next one will be on September 10th in Naples, FL. at the Percussion Summit, and will also feature a performance with the Naples Philharmonic that evening.

Hope all is well!


Billy Ward


Some of you already know this probably, but I will be performing Masterclasses at the Drummer Live event in England September 24 and 25 (event sponsored by Drummer magazine)...

P.S. Might as well take this time to let you know what's going on with me. The B.B. King record is scheduled to be released sometime in September - in honor of his 80th birthday. I am on three songs along with Hall and Oats, Gloria Estefan and John Mayer. I'm also recording a Christmas record with Joan Osborne next week. Joan has some live dates with me in Denver, Vail and Telluride (all in Colorado) in September. Finally, after returning from my artist in residence at the Music School in Copenhagen in October, I will be recording an album with a jazz trio that I once played with when I lived in LA.

See you at PASIC!

please visit www.billyward.com


Kurt Rasmussen

Just checking in.

Things are good with Cirque du Soleil. Old friend Ron Powell and family came to see the show last week. It was Ron's first Cirque show and I'm glad to see how much he dug it.

I'm getting ready to restart my class at UNLV on Sept. 12th.

All the Best,
Kurt Rasmussen


John Lewis

..... I just got back yesterday from being in Japan with LA Smooth Jazz All stars (Gregg Karukas - Keys, Thom Rotella - Guitar, Ernest Tibbs - Bass, Noel Webb - Violin, Ron Boustead - Vocals and myself on drums). We performed at Motion Blue (8/19/05) in Yokohama which is a fantastic club that is affiliated with the Blue Note Club in Tokyo. On 8/20/05 we performed at a new performance hall in Ichikawa City Gyotoku, Japan called Gyotoku Bunka Hall. This was a beautiful hall with a fantastic audience.

I am home today, but leave in the morning with Melissa Manchester. We are performing August 25th in Annapolis, MD at Ram's Head, then August 26th in Champion, PA at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

I will be home for three days, then I go to Rehoboth Beach, DE to do performances with Gregg Karukas from 9/1 thru 9/4.

There is more, but I won't bore you...... here is the web address for my upcoming appearances: http://www.jrldrums.com/index_Tour.htm

... By the way, I did a recent DVD with Paul Williams that has guest appearances with Willie Nelson, Melissa Manchester and Gonzo from the Muppets. The cool thing is I am playing drums and percussion. Also there is a duet with Paul and Gonzo where Gonzo is sitting with my RhythmTech Bongos (It's a good shot of the drums).

Thanks, John



Bobby Sanabria

Renowned drummer, percussionist, composer, arranger, educator, Grammy nominee and native Nuyorican Bobby Sanabria was just voted Percussionist of The Year by the readers of DRUM! magazine.

The publication, which is read worldwide, is a leading periodical dedicated to the art of drums and percussion. Known for his versatility as both a drummer and percussionist, Mr. Sanabria beat a field of other acclaimed players including Giovanni Hidalgo, Alex Acuna and Marc Quiniones. Read the current August issue of DRUM! and turn to page 63 to see a unique caricature of Bobby by famed illustrator Ismael Roldan who works for Time magazine and Newsweek.

Mr. Sanabria recently came back from a three city clinic tour in Mexico which included Mexico City, Merida and the capital of Vera Cruz, Xalapas. Sponsored by Casa Veerkamp, Mexico's leading musical instrument distributor as well as Sabian Cymbals and the LP Music Group, Bobby's clinic / master classes were conducted to standing room only crowds who witnessed the performance of his one man tour-de- force, "Clave - The Journey". The culmination of this tour was his headlining of the Xalapas Jazz Fest 2005 where he was accompanied by acclaimed master musicians, Oscar Stagnaro on bass and pianist Alon Yovnai. Bobby's appearance at the festival was met with two standing ovations and two encores.

Upon Mr. Sanabria's return from his week long sojourn in Mexico he immediately went to work performing on timbales with the famed Larry Harlow & The Latin Legends Band at two festivals, the Bethlehem Musikfest in Pennsylvania and The Rochester Latino Music Festival in New York. Three-time Grammy nominee Larry Harlow is a famed producer, pianist, bandleader and member of the Fania All Stars, the famed Super Group of Salsa musicians that were assembled by the legendary Fania record company and brought NYC Cuban based dance music to the forefront in the 70s, 80s and 90s. His Latin Legends Band features a leading group of master musicians in the world of Afro-Cuban based music (Salsa) which includes virtuoso cuatro player Yomo Toro, Lewis Khan on trombone and violin and Mr. Sanabria on timbales.

Before his Mexico trip, Bobby had the pleasure and honor of spending a week in Rotterdam, Holland conducting and playing drums with the Rotterdam Conservatoire Big Band. Rehearsals were for concerts at the Prinses Theater in Rotterdam and The North Sea Jazz Festival in Den Hague. The Conservatoire's Jazz Program director Ben Van Den Dungen invited Mr. Sanabria to coach the student orchestra on the intricacies and history of the Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band tradition. Mr. Sanabria is uniquely qualified for the task, having been the drummer for the Godfather of Afro-Cuban Jazz Mario Bauza's Big Band for over eight years where he recorded three Grammy nominated CD's as well as touring extensively with the band as well as recording / performing with legends Tito Puente and Chico O'Farill's big bands.

Besides rehearsing the repertoire of masters Bauza', Puente, O'Farill, Machito and his own pieces for the two concerts, Bobby also prepared a special arrangement of Frank Zappa's "Grand Wazoo" which incorporated cha-cha-cha and merengue elements into the world of Zappa. The result was an incredible display of the depth, power and creativity of the Afro-Cuban big band jazz continuum with Bobby at the helm. Rotterdam Conservatoire Jazz Program director Ben Van Den Dungen stated, "Having Bobby work with our students raised their level of musicianship to a level we never thought of. It was incredible. I saw the change immediately. It was like they were a completely different band. I'm so glad he agreed to participate in this special encounter. It won't be the last, we have to have him back."

If this weren't enough, Bobby conducted a special concert for the screening of the soon to air on PBS documentary, "From Mambo to Hip Hop - Music & Survival in The South Bronx." The screening of the work in progress was held at the famed Point Cultural Center in the heart of the South Bronx area known as Hunts Point. For the occasion Bobby performed with his Quarteto Ache' a program encompassing the music represented in the film with the addition of master guitarist and tres player Ben Lapidus. The performance, which was held to a standing room only crowd after the screening of the film, brought together legendary percussionists Ray Barretto, Orlando Marin and Benny Bonilla on congas, timbales and bongo respectively with famed break dancers, Popmaster Fabel, Kid Freeze, DJ Charlie Chase and Bobby with his Quartet in an incredible display of cross generational unity. Directed by Henry Chalfant and produced by Steve Zeiltin, Elena Martinez, Marci Reaven and Dr. Roberta Singer of City Lore and co-produced by Bobby Sanabria, look out for 'Mambo to Hip Hop' on PBS in 2006.

Bobby continues his performance schedule with his own groups recently headlining with his nonet Ascension at the Tri-C Jazz Festival in Cleveland, Ohio and with his Quarteto Ache' headlining at the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest in Columbus, Ohio. He will be on tour in September in Venezuela with Larry Harlow & The Latin Legends Band and then return to perform in October at Baruch College with his Quarteto Ache' and then to Puerto Rico with Mr. Harlow to perform at the Tito Puente Amphitheater.

Bobby's writing skills are featured on Dave Valentin's newest release "World on a String" having contributed an extensive liner note / essay to the project which has been receiving critical acclaim. Bobby is also featured as a guest percussionist on Ray Barretto's newest release, "Time is, Time Was" and on the national ad campaigns for Reebok and Chase - JP Morgan.

Mr. Sanabria has been asked to be the key note speaker at the prestigious Fordham University on September 16th. He will be addressing the Latino student body at the school. A concert with his Quarteto Ache' will follow after Mr. Sanabria's speech. Fordham is one of the oldest University's in the country with a distinguished alumni which includes Alan Alda, Denzil Washington and G. Gordon Liddy. It also happens to be located in the borough of the NY Yankees where Mr. Sanabria was born and raised, Da' Bronx.

Bobby is also featured in the new book "How To Grow As A Musician - What All Musicians Need To Know To Succeed" by jazz radio personality Sheila E. Anderson.  Along with Bobby, such luminaries as Ron Carter, Dr. Billy Taylor, Ruth Brown, Oscar Brown Jr. and others give practical and comprehensive advice on what it takes to be a success in the world of jazz. Bobby was featured in Ms. Anderson's previous tome, "The Quotable Musician: From Bach To Tupac."

Mr. Sanabria is an associate professor at the New School University Jazz & Contemporary Music Program and a professor at the Manhattan School of Music. He is the head of the Afro-Cuban Jazz resource team at IAJE, is a member of SAG, NARAS and LARAS and the AFM and a two time Grammy nominee for his own recordings. His latest CD, "Bobby Sanabria & Quarteto Ache'" is on the ZOHO label.



Michael Brecker

FROM: Susan Brecker
SUBJECT: Michael Brecker needs your help.

Dear Family and Friends,

My husband, Michael Brecker, has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), and its critical that he undergoes a stem cell transplant. The initial search for a donor (including Michael's siblings and children) has not yet resulted in a suitable match. Michael's doctors have told us that we need to immediately explore ALL possible options. This involves getting as many people of a similar genetic background to be tested.

There are some important points to understand concerning this process:

1. The screening involves a blood test only. It can be done very quickly either at a marrow donation center or at a LOCAL LAB. The cost is anywhere from $40 to $75 and your insurance may cover it. (In NYC, you can call Frazier, at the NY Blood Bank, at 212-570-3441, and make an appointment for HLA typing. It costs $40.00.) Check with your local blood bank, or go to http://www.marrow.org to find the donor center nearest you.

2. Your blood typing information can be posted on the international registry, if you choose, where it would also be available to others in need of a transplant. BEING ON THE REGISTRY DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO DONATE, it just means that you may be ASKED to do so. You can take your name off the registry at any time.

3. Should you be selected as a potential donor for Michael, please understand that there have been tremendous advances in bone marrow transplants and the term itself can be misleading. Bone marrow donation is no more invasive than giving blood. Stem cells are simply harvested from your blood and then transplanted to Michael.

4. A match for Michael would be most likely to come from those of Eastern European Jewish descent. If you or anyone you know are in this category please make a special effort to immediately get tested. Ultimately, you would be doing something not just for Michael, but for so many more who are in a similar situation as my husband.

5. You are now part of our internet-based drive for donor testing. If everyone who receives this can motivate a bunch of their friends to get tested, and those friends then forward this email to get their friends to get tested, we will have rapidly expanded the pool of potential donors. I urge all of you to get tested AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Any local blood center / Red Cross center can assist in organizing a drive for Michael, although it would be desirable if you can get a large group, e.g. a synagogue, to sponsor it. Should you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Michael's management office at 212.302.9200 or info@michaelbrecker.com.

Thank you so much for your love and support.

We are so grateful.

Susan xo


Glen Sobel

... Been busy with quite a few sessions including tracking a new CD for rockers Shark Island and recording drums for new material by Aimee Allen on Atlantic Records.

There is a new show on MTV called "Trailor Fabulous". I played drums on the theme song as well as other music that appears in the show. It airs starting on Wednesday August 3rd at 10:00 PM (the "10 Spot") with various reapeats throughout the week.

Thx Pam,
cya soon.....



Jamie Oldaker

A-List Team Of Musicians Team Up To Perform Songs With An Oklahoma Accent On "Mad Dogs & Okies"

"Mad Dogs & Okies," In Stores August 30, Features Ray Benson, Bonnie Bramlett, J.J. Cale, Eric Clapton, Joe & Ellen, Peter Frampton, Vince Gill, Wiley Hunt, Taj Mahal, Willie Nelson, Steve Pryor, Willis Alan Ramsey, Tony Joe White and Zadig & Marcella

"I always liked Tulsa music for its no-compromise attitude, as if the musicians were making it just for themselves, without regard to what other people would think of it." – Eric Clapton

"Jamie has always been one of my all-time favorite drummers. He had been talking about an 'Okie project' idea for a while and then I got the call that it was a reality. I am honored to be amongst such great artists paying tribute to the music of Oklahoma." – Peter Frampton

The state of Oklahoma has a rich songwriting and performing tradition, and nowhere is that more apparent than on the down-home, roots-rocking Mad Dogs & Okies. This superb 15-song CD, in stores August 30, features a host of A-list artists, some of whom have their roots in Oklahoma, others who found inspiration in the great Mid-west state, nearly all of whom perform songs written by native "Okies."

Take Eric Clapton, for example, who has worked and recorded extensively with Oklahoma musicians throughout his career, including Delaney and Bonnie, Leon Russell, and J.J. Cale (who wrote "After Midnight" and "Cocaine"). Vince Gill was born and raised in Norman, while Wylie Hunt grew up in Tulsa, OK. And, Taj Mahal's first band, The Rising Sons, included a premiere Oklahoma musician.

Mad Dogs & Okies was the brain child of Tulsa-raised Jamie Oldaker. The drummer / producer is one of the most respected talents in the country / rock / blues world, with an impressive resume that includes three decades-plus recording and touring with Clapton, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Leon Russell, and Peter Frampton. He was also a founding member of the country-rock Tulsa band, The Tractors, which scored a triple platinum hit with its 1994 self-titled debut album on Arista. But, with his premiere Concord Records CD, Oldaker emerges from the shadows, ups the ante, and delivers an amazing celebration of music from his home state.

"It all started in 2001 when I decided to record a bunch of songs written by Oklahoma natives," says Oldaker, who serves as producer and drummer on many of the CD's tracks. "Of course, the project originally came from a selfish standpoint because that's where I'm from and that's where I got started, working with Leon Russell at his Shelter Records and branching off from there. I wanted to get a bunch of my friends together and make an album like we used to years ago - go into the studio, perform the songs live, and forget the ProTools."

Friends along for the Mad Dogs and Okie ride, a recording three years in the making, include Clapton, Gill, Frampton, J.J. Cale, Willie Nelson, Taj Mahal, Tony Joe White, Willis Alan Ramsey, and Asleep at the Wheel's Ray Benson. The disc also spotlights lesser-known Oklahoma artists such as the duo Joe & Ellen, Wylie Hunt, Steve Pryor, and Zadig & Marcella.

"There are some great stories behind all these songs and how they are related to Oklahoma," says Oldaker. "The CD covers a lot of different genres and was a great project to work on." As for the title, the producer laughs and says, "When I was living in Tulsa I saw Joe Cocker's early 1970s Mad Dogs and Englishmenrevue. When I was trying to figure out what to call this album a friend suggested Mad Dog & Okies. So, I looked up the definition of 'Mad Dogs' and it was the chosen name of a band of rebellious artists in the late '60s and early '70s who partied and wrote songs in an identifiably outlaw manner." He laughs again and says, "Well, that sure sounds like all the people involved in this project!"

Mad Dogs & Okies Track Listing

1. Vince Gill – Wait Til Your Daddy Gets Home
2. Eric Clapton – Positively
3. Taj Mahal – Don’t Let Your Feet Git Cold
4. Willis Alan Ramsey - Sympathy For A Train
5. Zadig & Marcella - Promises
6. Tony Joe White - Magnolia
7. Bonnie Bramlett - Make Your Move
8. Wylie Hunt - Shotgun Shack
9. Peter Frampton - Sending Me Angels
10. Ray Benson - Time To Boogie
11. Steve Pryor - Can’t Find My Way Home
12. Taj Mahal - Stagger Lee
13. J.J. Cale - Daylight
14. Joe & Ellen - Song For You
15. Willie Nelson & J.J. Cale - Motormouth
16. Bonnie Bramlett - Make Your Move Revisited

The Mad Dogs & Okies :

Ray Benson: A frequent guest of the historic Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. Over the years, he's has played with several Tulsa musicians

Bonnie Bramlett: The Bonnie of Delaney and Bonnie

J.J. Cale: One of Oklahoma's most influential and best-known musicians (born in Oklahoma City and raised in Tulsa). As a teenager, he started playing with Leon Russell before moving to Nashville. He returned in his 20s to join Shelter Records

Eric Clapton: Has worked and recorded extensively with Oklahoma musicians throughout his career, including Delaney and Bonnie, Leon Russell, and J.J. Cale (who wrote "After Midnight" and "Cocaine")

Peter Frampton: Heard Jamie Oldaker playing while he was in The Bahamas. He found him out and asked him to join his band

Vince Gill: Born and raised in Oklahoma, a native "Okie"

Wylie Hunt: A Good Old Country Boy from Tulsa, OK

Joe & Ellen: A brother / sister duo, born and raised in Tulsa

Taj Mahal: His first band, The Rising Sons, included Oklahoma's own Jesse Ed Davis

Willie Nelson: Deeply rooted in Texas and Oklahoma, working with an endless list of "Okies" throughout his career

Steve Pryor: A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Willis Ann Ramsey: An honorary "Okie" who started his career with Shelter Records, based in Tulsa, OK, and co-owned by Leon Russell and Denny Cordell

Tony Joe White: Born in Louisiana, his influences are steadfastly Southern, including J.J. Cale

Zadig & Marcella: Richard "Zadig" Feldman is an Oklahoma native (he wrote "Promises," which Clapton recorded on his Backless CD). Marcella Detroit, born Marcy Levy (formerly of Shakespeare’s Sister), was a back-up singer for Clapton in the 1970s and co-wrote "Lay Down Sally" with him.



... Just wanted to inform you that a couple of weeks ago we did the 1000 shows for "Sabado Gigante Int" We are all excited for this, the show keeps on going strong, and so is "Don Francisco Presents" which is going on its 5th years

Hope to see you soon...

"Sabado Gigante Int."
"Don Francisco Presents"


Art Verdi

Fastest Drummer Champ Drums Himself Into The Mass Media

East Hanover, NJ, August 27, 2005 - Who does one of the leading communication companies, Comcast, call on to represent their High-Speed Internet Service on a commercial?  World's Fastest Drummer Champ, Art Verdi.

In the last few weeks, Art has been featured in the leading drum magazine, Modern Drummer, in which he was described as having a "frightening fast" single stroke roll; contacted by a major radio station to appear; and flown down to Florida to display his blazing drumming speed on the Comcast commercial. Art also has his own segment, "Art's Corner", on the popular Drum Radio Show at Drumradio.com, where he assists drummers in obtaining optimal control and speed.

Art has received most of his recent recognition through his major conquest with the World's Fastest Drummer Organization (the WFD), which was created by Boo McAfee and Craig Alan; Art was the first person in history to break 1,100 strokes in 60 seconds.

Along with other WFD champs, Mike Mangini (Extreme / Steve Vai), Johnny Rabb (Tanya Tucker / Hank Williams III), Tim Waterson (Fastest Feet Champ) and Jotan Afanador (Ricky Martin), Art actively assists drummers with their technique at WFD competitions during winter and summer NAMM.

Albeit Art achieved these honors as a result of his affiliation with the World's Fastest Drummer organization (The WFD), Art also has a vast background in jazz with many notable musicians. Art has performed with Jack Wilkins (Buddy Rich Band), Shirley Scott (John Coltrane, Bill Cosby), Sal Salvador (Stan Kenton), Phil Woods (Benny Goodman), Stanley Turrentine (Max Roach, Ray Charles) and others.

For more information on Art Verdi, his appearances, or his video clips, please visit his website at www.ArtVerdi.com.


Roger Squitero

just finished a broadway show called "BKLYN", and touring with Vanessa Williams, I've been doing some gigs with Donna Summer and start an off broadway show called "The Miracle Bros".

peace, Roger squitero


Sandy Gennaro

Hi Guys -

Just to inform you that I'm playing the opening ceremonies for the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium with Bo Diddley, Monday August 29th. I'm not sure of the broadcast time (evening) but I understand that in addition to the ceremonies they are going to air parts of our performance throughout the Open (a week) that is broadcast worldwide. The performance includes The Harlem Girls Choir doing a call and answer with Bo. ( Hey Bo Diddley!). Then John McEnro comes on and does the ham thing with Bo.

It's not Yankee Stadium but it's a pretty cool way to spend a Monday Night.

I hope all is well with you all.



Tom Teasley

With the month of June drawing to a close, Tom continues to maintain a busy touring schedule that looks forward to taking him through the summer season. June includes performances in Richmond, Virginia's historic Dogwood Dell Amphitheater with Word Beat partner Charles Williams. Word Beat will be performing for approximately 600 teachers at the Prince William Co. (VA) school system's Multicultural Summer Institute in June. Tom will present a series of workshops and concerts at Virginia Tech from June 20-22 and return to the DC area to headline the 7th annual Summer Solstice Percussion Festival.

Tom's recording and performing continue to receive much critical acclaim. International magazines such as Modern Drummer, and World Percussion and Rhythm have published very positive reviews of Tom's latest CD (Groovilization) and video (Global Fusion Percussion). The Fall / Winter 2004 issue of World Percussion and Rhythm includes an interview.  Jazz Improv Magazine, the leading publication of jazz education, has very recently published reviews of both Tom's CD Global Groovilization and video Global Fusion Percussion. Of Global Groovilization Jazz Improv states, "Washington DC based percussion wizard, Tom Teasley, deserves his own slot in percussion bins. Maybe his own store… The lengthy jams positively drip with irresistible, booty-moving polyrhythms. Besides having the god-given gift of groove, Teasley is a true textural artist." - Peter Aaaron. Of Tom's instructional video Global Fusion Percussion, Jazz Improv magazine states, "Drummer-percussionist Tom Teasley's clinic, presented on this videotape, is most interesting and informative.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly it's a new concept. The magic comes in the blending of diverse elements. Tom Teasley is the first that I have seen who truly fuses these elements into a completely realized and interesting new concept. Teasley is a talented percussionist and clinician and this video definitely deserves attention among the wealth of percussionist instructional material." Dave Miehle.

Also during the spring Tom collaborated with composer Steve Antosca for two concerts with Washington's' Contemporary Music Forum.  Washington Post reporter Cecelia Porter stated that the "evening's dazzler was Antosca and Teasley's "something else," joining real-time computer-processed sounds with percussion. A one-man band, Teasley let go with ancient non-Western tambourines, drums, bells and an eerily resonant instrument resembling a mini spaceship" (washingtonpost.com, April 20, 2005, Page CO2) For review check out the review section of the website. All of Tom's products are available through Tom's website, Steve Weiss Music, cdbaby.com and amazon.com.

Tom's new trio project with trombone / didgeridoo / conch shell / player John Jensen and trumpeter / arranger Chris Battistone "Word Wind and Percussion Ensemble" made their debut performance for a packed auditorium in Suffolk, VA. The group presented an original take on well-known works for the large audience. Both John and Chris are featured along with sax player Bruce Swaim and a Capella vocal group “Reverb” on Word Beat's new CD, in production now and awaiting a fall release – we promise. Tom is also continuing to work on his next solo project, which includes John, Chris and Bruce too. Should be released and available in early 2006.

In July Tom will play for a CD release concert of Celtic group's Mystic Harmony back in the DC area. Tom played on several pieces for their first CD project. Tom will begin work on a new instructional DVD, with partner Steve Wright, in September.


MB Gordy

At the moment, I'm finishing up a tour of the Blue Note Jazz Clubs in Japan with Rita Coolidge.... It has been a very successful tour..... We were in Osaka for 2 days then to Fukuoaka, Tokyo and finally Nagoya...... Rita's new album is fantastic and The Band sounds great.......

I also wanted to let you know about my upcoming clinic, workshop, drum circle in Appelton Wisconsin, June 28th -30th. Heide Music is sponsoring it. Should be a lot of fun......



David Leach

lately i've been workin with gospel artist Be Be Winans, as well as singer \ songwriter Chris Pierce. we just finished opening some dates for Seal. i also have my own website, davidleachmusic.net


Brendan Buckley

Hi Pam,

Over the past few months, I have been on the road with Shakira doing her promotional tour for her new record Oral Fixation. We played shows in Las Vegas and New York City, as well as Spain, France, Monaco, and Turkey. The highlight was our performance on Live 8 in Versailes, France. It was a blast to be part of such a significant event.

On the home front, I've been finishing up songs for a new record with my band Pedestrian. Plus, I'm in the final mixing and mastering stages of a record I'm producing for the singer-songwriter Elsten Torres (a.k.a. Fulano). In the near future, I should be heading into the studio to record tracks for Minnie Driver and Michael Miller...




Janelle Burdell

... I have been out on Tour for the past year playing Drums with the National Tour of Little SHop of Horrors, (Yes, another Broadway show!), as well as working on completing a solo CD! ...

Much Happiness,
Janelle Burdell



Ian Wallace

LA has Ian Wallace back!

Ian relocated from Nashville to LA and has hit the ground running on studio sessions with some of LA's finest producers including Pat Leonard & Trivers / Myers and recording jingles for corporate America's elite such as Qwest.Most recently, Ian has formed a jazz trio with bassist Tim Landers (Gil Evans, Billy Cobham, Al DiMeola) and pianist Jody Nardone (Jon Faddis, Rufus Reid, Akira Tana) called The Crimson Jazz Trio. Ian produced the band's first cd entitled The King Crimson Songbook, Volume One due in September on Voiceprint Records.

Coming soon: www.crimsonjazztrio.com


Urgent Message From Andy Doerschuk & Morgan Rose


Lissa Wales is far more than an outstanding photographer who has dedicated her entire career to the drumming industry. She is also a kind soul who never hesitated to help others, and a dear friend to many of us.

For the past two years she has fiercely battled acute myelogenous leukemia, which the deadliest form of that particular cancer, and now finds herself on the verge of a crucial bone marrow transplant. Lissa will spend months in the hospital and expects her recovery to take practically a year.

In the meantime, she is unable to work. As a freelance photographer, Lissa has lived off of revenue generated from photo assignments ñ which have been replaced in recent months by doctor visits and long hospital stays. While her insurance covers the better part of her mounting medical bills, she faces other expenses that she simply can't pay.

That's why we created the Lissa Wales Fund, so that Lissa can concentrate all of her energy on recovery without worrying about paying bills. We have donated $1,000 to season the pot, and invite you to contribute whatever you can at this pivotal moment. Whether you can spare $20 or $20,000, we ask that you respond as quickly as possible.

Make checks payable to Lissa Wales Fund, and send them to DRUM! Magazine, 395 East Taylor St., Suite 215, San Jose, CA 95112 ñ Attn: Connie Hood. Wire transfer funds to Wells Fargo Account #7140221818, account name "Enter Music Publishing Inc. Lissa Wales Fund," ABA routing number 121-000-248.

Those who know Lissa have been touched by her humanity. But even those that never met her have been touched by her artistry. Take it from us ñ we've never known anybody who deserves help more than Lissa does right now.


Andy Doerschuk
Editor, DRUM! Magazine

Morgan Rose
Drummer, Sevendust


Wally "Gator" Watson

Well, I hope that everyone is ready for a great summer. It is so hot here in New York. We have had temps of over 90 for 7 days now. It is hard to believe that I was in 3 inches of snow on June 5th while I was doing a concert with Lillias White in Aspen CO. The summer is looking good. I will be touring with the Cab Calloway Orchestra, Broadway Tony award winner Lillias White, and doing some things with my band, A Trio of Four. I want to thank my endorsers who have joined with Tour Supply Inc., which has opened their NYC office at S.I.R.'s Lower Manhattan location. Getting drum heads and other gear just became a whole lot easier.

I have a new web site! It is www.Wally-Gator-Watson.com, Please check it out and don't forget to sign the guest book. I will be adding some new features soon. Remember to stay safe and as Lionel Hampton used to always say, "Keep it swings Gates."

Take care, Wally G


Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton

Further Adventures of El-Chico

Joyous Shout! is pleased to announce that Legendary Jazz Drummer and Bandleader Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton will be hitting the road extensively throughout the balance of 2005, starting off with his DEBUT appearance on the Playboy Jazz Festival in LA at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday June 12th, 2005!! Chico will be performing with his "Euphoria" group featuring Cary DeNigris on guitar, Paul Ramsey on bass, Evan Schwam on flute, soprano & tenor saxes, and special guest Eric Person on flute, alto & soprano saxes.

Chico's 2005 started off with a quick jaunt to the West Coast to participate in the IAJE, putting in a guest appearance with Jackie Harris' Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Camp All-Stars, and performing on the NEA Jazz Masters Award Ceremony & Concert with Geri Allen, and then continuing to Seattle with a two night stand with his "Euphoria" group at a Wonderful venue, The Triple Door.

After the West Coast trip, Chico returned to New York to resume teaching his classes for the Spring semester at The New School's Jazz & Contemporary Music Program, and also went into rehearsals with his "Euphoria" group for a string of recordings which will result in three albums, part of a four album release schedule which starts with the already completed "Juniflip". "Juniflip" features his current "Euphoria" group and augmenting the quintet on five cuts are former Hamilton band-members George Bohanon on trombone and Jimmy Cheatham on bass trombone. Juniflip also features the wonderful vocalist Bill Henderson on two cuts, and a Very special guest spot from Arthur Lee of the band Love!! More news on the release of this special string of recordings will be coming soon!!

Chico was awarded a NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship for 2004 at the IAJE Convention in NYC this past January. The Jazz Masters Fellowship is awarded by the NEA to recognize distinguished Jazz artists who have made a significant contribution to the art form. In 2002 Chico was awarded the WLIU-FM Radio Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 1997 Chico received the Beacons in Jazz Award from the New School University Jazz & Contemporary Music Program in recognition for his "significant contribution to the evolution of Jazz."

Chico's touring schedule will continue over the summer with appearances: June 18th at the Artists Collective in Hartford, CT (w/ special guest vocalist Bill Henderson); July 7th on the Chicken Bone Beach Music Series on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ; August 18th on the Out-Of-Doors Festival at Lincoln Center in NYC; August 27th at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, NY; and August 30th for the season finale of Jazz Forum's Summer Series with a show at the City Hall Plaza in Mount Vernon, NY. Chico has several dates confirmed, and many other dates in the works, throughout the country thru the fall and into the winter.

Also soon to be announced is news on the worldwide release of Soulfeast Presents the Chico Hamilton Remix Project feat. remixes from Soulfeast (Joe Claussell & Brian Bacchus), MKL vs. Soy Sos, DJ Smash and Still Phil, plus news on the first public hearing of the track Kerry's Caravan from Mudd Feat. Chico Hamilton, a moody yet stunning slice of modern music and a molten melting pot ready made for filling the dance floor with remixes from long-term Idjut Boys collaborator and Fiasco imprint boss Ray Mang!! Mudd, a.k.a. the UK's own Paul N. Murphy, is best known as a member of the London based Afro-Dance ensemble Akwaaba, whose single Just Pilau was turned into an anthem at NYC's Body & Soul by Francois Kevorkian.

Stay tuned for more details on Further Adventures of El-Chico, and more info on Chico's new string of recordings with sounds which will show why Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton is "Still THE Man" for EACH & EVERY GENERATION!!


Chris Lacinak

Hi Pam,

... I wanted to say how much of a treat it was to see you and Diane in New Orleans in the not too distant pass.

I've been well. Playing a toppur in colorado at present. Played some gigs over Jazz fest with Popa Mali and Eric Lindell... Good fun for all.

I've also done a clinic at Scotts Drum Center in Lafayette and some teaching at Supersonic Music in Lawrance and Topeka KS.

I did stop by Atlanta Pro Percussion to drop off my book A Modern Approach To New Orleans Second Line Drumming...

Hope to see you soon.

Chris Lacinak


Jorge Bermudez

Hey People,

I'd like to invite you all to check out the season finale of "The Shield" on June 14th. This episode will feature The Bermudez Triangle track "Borracho Y Loco" written by myself and my late Mom Olgita Strassburger and keyboardist Lee Parvin. I hope that they play it louder than they did on ABC's "Desperate Housewives" on May 1st. I know that many of you were nice enough to watch and couldn't hear it because it was played so soft. Thank God they don't pay by volume!

To hear this song and more Bermudez Triangle tunes please visit my website at

Have a great summer!

Warmest Regards to all,
Jorge Bermudez

P.S. ... my new grand son Everett Nico Haggarty born to my daughter Felicia and her husband John on May 26th!

Praise the Lord for his safe arrival!


Albert Bouchard

On Wednesday June 22 Albert will go into the studio with former Shakin' Street members Fabienne Shine and Ross the Boss and his brother and Blue Oyster Cult bandmate Joe Bouchard to record songs for Fabienne's second solo album.

To Helen With Love: The Concert

The long awaited Helen Wheels Tribute concert video has finally been completed. The concert, which took place in New York City on December 4th, 2001, features performances by Buck Dharma, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom (JP Thunderbolt Patterson on drums), the Brain Surgeons (yours truly), Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith (Neal Smith of the Alice Cooper Band), Static Cling (Bob Birmingham drum architect) , Tish and Snooky, Crispin Cioe and many different combinations of musicians. It also features interviews with performers and audience members and behind the scenes peeks of this special night.


While CBGBs remains locked in a life-or-death battle with its landlord (go to www.cbgb.com for more information) in a New York court, the thrills were flowing even before the Brain Surgeons officially blew the place apart with their set. First, Albert contributed "more cowbell" to the Tuff Darts' classic "All For the Love of Rock & Roll" as Annie Golden, making a rare visit from Broadway, chimed in. But when the unadvertised Lenny Kaye showed up with Patti Smith bandmate Tony Shanahan and invited Al to jam on a transcendent "Gloria" that turned into a 16 song set that traversed all the points between "Are You Experienced" to "Jessie's Girl" as only these guys could figure 'em out, the never-ending night evolved into true magic. You shoulda been there.

Albert on TotalRock

Albert talked to Malcolm Dome live on the air at 5PM UKT. noon EST on TotalRock Wednesday January 26th. The show was available on the web at totalrock.com or over the air in UK at "On Air" SKY Channel 938.

Brain Surgeons Invade Britain

The long delayed and awaited return of Albert Bouchard to the shores of the British Isles is finally about to happen, ladies and gentlemen. The Brain Surgeons will play their first and only UK date at the legendary 100 Club in London on February 11, 2005. In addition to the blistering material they perfected last summer their set will feature many of the face melting new songs that the Brain Surgeons just recorded at the conclusion of 2004. More historic dates will follow in Germany and a special Valentines Day Rocks You show in Paris on Monday February 14th.

New Brain Surgeons Album Completed

Work on the new Brain Surgeons album is done except for the mixing. It is the first Brain Surgeons that has no covers or previously recorded material. It has spring fully formed from the fertile minds of Albert, David, Deborah and Ross. The songs were written over four months, rehearsed over two months and recored in two days with another month of vocal and guitar overdubs. The Brain Surgeons are now in the mixing phase with master engineer Paul Special behind the desk.

Well, there you have it. Hope you're not ODing on my news bit and I hope there's something there to interest other drummers. Thanks,



John "JR" Robinson

Legendary drummer and Grammy winner John "JR" Robinson is now accepting applications for private lessons.

Please send all applications to:

John Robinson
1336 N. Moorpark Rd. #165
Thousand Oaks, CA. 91360



MB Gordy


At the moment, I'm finishing up a tour of the Blue Note Jazz Clubs in Japan with Rita Coolidge.... It has been a very successful tour..... We were in Osaka for 2 days then to Fukuoaka, Tokyo and finally Nagoya...... Rita's new album is fantastic and The Band sounds great.......

I also wanted to let you know about my upcoming clinic, workshop, drum circle in Appleton Wisconsin, June 28th -30th.. Heide Music is sponsoring it. Should be a lot of fun......



Ron Powell

Hi Pam, all is going smoothly. I recently was working for Diana Ross, now I'm on tour for the summer with Kenny G. Also doing some work with Brian Hughes and Danny Reyes Drum Jungle.

I hope all is cool with you.



Steve Luongo

Dear Friends,

Below please find a press release for the upcoming auction to benefit the John Entwistle Foundation. The foundation was created to carry on the philanthropic work of the late John Entwistle, the legendary bassist for The Who. Our mission is to provide musical education for underprivileged children. For a complete list of board members and an overview of our mission please visit the website at www.johnentwistle.org.

Thank you for taking the time to review these materials.

Press Release

For More Information Contact:
Steve Luongo, Executive Director
John Entwistle Foundation
Phone: 239.482.6880
E-mail: JEFoundation@aol.com

John Entwistle Foundation and Overstock.com Will Raise Funds for Underprivileged Children

The John Entwistle Foundation and Overstock.com Auctions
are joining forces on a major fundraising auction to help support music education for underprivileged children.The auction will start on June 17th and run for 10 days, ending on June 27th at 8:00PM PST. The John Entwistle Foundation will provide more than 50 rare, "collectible" pieces of memorabilia signed by the world famous former bass virtuoso of The Who. Rolling Stone Magazine credits The Who with "transforming rock 'n' roll into the weapon of choice for the generation gap struggles of the 1960's." In 1999 Guitar magazine voted Entwistle "Bassist of the Millennium."

The John Entwistle Foundation was created as a 501c3 non -profit organization to carry on the philanthropic legacy of John Entwistle after his untimely death on June 27, 2002, on the eve of a world tour by The Who. "During John's life he used his immense celebrity to help raise millions of dollars to help others less fortunate," said Steve Luongo, Executive Director of the Entwistle Foundation. Steve was a longtime friend of the famous rock legend. "His charitable works with The Who, his solo band and as an individual were shining examples of someone who recognized their own good fortune and felt it was important to share it with others."

"We're proud to be a part of this worthwhile charitable venture," said Holly MacDonald-Korth, senior vice president of auctions at Overstock.com.

Fans wishing to participate in the auction should go to the Overstock.com Auctions homepage at http://auctions.overstock.com and look for the link.

The Overstock.com Auctions event will feature a number of unique and highly collectable items listed below from the Foundations' vault: There will also be an additional 140 signed items to benefit the foundation including pieces signed by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who among others.

The Rock: This solo album was recorded in 1985 and never released. Zak Starkey son of Ringo Starr and current drummer for The Who is on drums. John prepared a special numbered limited edition of this CD for his 1996 tour with the John Entwistle Band. The CD includes Entwistle's own original cover art and personal liner notes. This release was limited to 5000 copies of which only a handful were signed by the Rock Icon. This highly prized item is mounted in a beautiful frame for display and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the John Entwistle Foundation.

Left For Live: This CD was recorded "live" during John's Left For Dead tour. The autographed album art along with the CD is beautifully displayed in a cherry frame. Once again, only a small number of these CDs were ever signed by John. The certificate of authenticity from the foundation verifies that this is a true collectable piece of history.

Left For Dead Tourbook: This tourbook was also released for the 1996 Left For Dead tour. John opted to fashion it after a family photo album with personal pictures from his private life. The tourbook also includes pictures and profiles of John's band- mates Steve Luongo, Godfrey Townsend and Alan St. Jon. The tourbook's front cover is signed by Entwistle and features his own drawing of the band's Buzzard logo. This piece is available signed and unsigned and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Who By Numbers Throw: By now John Entwistle's art on the cover of The Who By Numbers is well known. October 18th, 2005 will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of the album's music wrapped in this legendary cover. John's art is woven into a gorgeous 4' x 4' 100% cotton throw. The image is not screened, painted or otherwise applied.

When The Sun Comes Up & Horror Rock: This studio recording by the John Entwistle Band was released as a promotional single to promote the TV series Van-Pires which aired on network TV during the 1997 fall season. Only 500 copies were printed and less than 100 were signed by the entire John Entwistle Band. This is a true collectors item due to the fact that these mixes were never reproduced on any other release. Horror Rock became the trademark song of the John Entwistle band as well as the title track from the TV series. The cover is signed by all four band members and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the foundation.

About the John Entwistle Foundation

The John Entwistle Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization created by the artist's longtime friend and band mate, Steve Luongo, with the help and support of John's family. The mission of the Foundation is to continue Entwistle's philanthropic legacy through the support of music education initiatives for underprivileged children. The Foundation's advisory board is impressive, including Peter Frampton, Deep Purple's Roger Glover, Mountain guitarist Leslie West, PGA star Peter Jacobsen, NFL quarterback Doug Flutie, Cheap Trick vocalist Robin Zander, West Wing actress Melissa Marsala, among others.

The foundation's mission, board of directors and other information is available at the website www.johnentwistle.org Contributions can also be made at the website.

The auction will be managed by Naples, Florida based StarMarks Charity Fundraising. www.StarMarks.net


Wally "Gator" Watson

I am still touring with the Cab Calloway Orchestra for the most part. I am also working on a new solo CD project with producer O'naje Allen-Gumbs here in New York. I hope to finish my book "Gator Tales" by the early part of 2006, and to begin working on a documentary on my life with producer Tony Woodruff (Hot Hot Hot fame) soon after.

In June and July, I will be touring with Broadway Tony award winner Lillias White and will be playing in Aspen Colorado on June 4th, and at Joe's Pub in NYC on July 18, 21, 22, & 23rd.

I will also be with the Cab Calloway Orchestra at New York's famous Rainbow Room for the month of June.

Endorsements now include Factory Metal Percussion and Futz Practice pedals added to the list. By the way also on the list are Sonor, Sabian, Promark, Remo, E-Pad, Grippedaler, The Duallist pedals, & Diggitt stick weights.

Hope you have a great summer. By the way, You can read some excerpts from my book by going to my website and clicking onto the press page...

Safe travels.



Terry Silverlight

Hi Pam,

Thanks for the newsletter. Everything looks fantastic!

Just wanted to mention a few things...

My new drum instruction book "The Featured Drummer" has just been released by Music Sales/Amsco. The book is accompanied by two CDs with John Pattitucci and Barry Miles along with me while I play the exercises...

I'll be performing at Birdland in NYC August 3-6, 2005 with the Terry Silverlight Band.
I was invited to be a featured clinician at this year's PASIC in November.


All the best,


Hip Pickles

Hip Pickles hittin' your Screen - - - Greetings!

We've been quite busy with the final push of our Arts In Education programs in the Schools. What a GREAT YEAR with the kids! We are sooooooo lucky to have the opportunity to go into the schools and excite young folk to be envolved in the Arts (and to help grow new drummers! :) and to hi-light Character Education Themes that are so important to the development of the kids. Makes ya feel good!

Some Great and Sad News... The Pickle Mo Bus is No Mo! We've retired our "Pickle MO BUS " for a 3500 Chevrolet Express Van. Happy to say that the Hip Pickles Drum Band now travels in Class! ....what a dream! We will truely miss the adventure of traveling in Pickle MO Bus - - the stories and memories make us rich! Next step is our "GREEN" Corporate Jet!

... Once again a call for help - - - - We are creating a Southern Tour for the fall (September), which will include Drum Clinics and School performances along the way from NYC down to Atlanta. We are looking to fill in some dates..... If you know anyone who might be interested in booking the Hip Pickles, the contact would be kickin@hippickles.com Thanks!

Well this is it for this ediition of the News, and as always we wish you the best and hope our paths cross soon!

all the best,
The Hip Pickles



Taku Hirano

It was great seeing you the other night. I'm currently in rehearsals with Stevie Nicks, and we head out on May 30th for the summer... the first ten shows are with Don Henley. The dates are posted on my website: www.TakuHirano.com

Once I get the other dates for the summer, I will post them on my website and give you a head's up.

Hope all is well.


Alvino Bennett

Hey Pam,

How r' u'? Fine I hope. Well things have been GR8 4 me lately. Left the Dave Mason Band, and am now a part of "The Jason Sinay Band". We're on the "Tomato" label. Record is xpected 2 arrive maybe around late summer. It's pure pop/rock. Lots of fun...

Take care,


Mike Smith

Hi Pam..... Well, I've got my website finished.

I finished recording on pianist, Kevin Toney's new project last week, its my second CD w/ him. His last one is entitled "Sweet Spot". Also... recorded on trumpeter, Andrew Carney's "Playtime" & drummer, Larry Washington's, "Spiritual Conversations" CD's...

Mike Smith


Jorge Bermudez

Hi Guys,

I have 3 tunes on this upcoming Independent film. Check out their website listed below.

It is a very nice film...


Warmest Regards,


Brian Stephens

Hey Everybody,

I was just realizing that the last update email I sent to you was in January. Man, a lot has happened since then. I will hit the high points for now and save the details for the News Section of my website.

The biggest news is that you'll find me being interviewed in the May 2005 issue of Modern Drummer, on news stands right now. In that issue, MD writer Harriet Schwartz has written an article called, "Controlling Your Own Future - The Drummer As Entrepreneur". We talk about exactly what it is that I do as a pro drummer, producer, studio owner, and general music businessman. She also distills important information from me and two other drummer / entrepreneur types in a very useful guide for creating a lucrative business around your talents and skill set. So, swing by your local Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders or other local magazine rack and pick up a copy.

In other important news, we are about 4 weeks away from the opening of my brand new recording facility. I had originally planned to be open April 1st, but with construction being as it is, things always take longer and cost a lot more money than you ever plan for. That being said, the new studio will open on June 1st. I have taken a ton of pictures of our progress through this whole studio construction process but just have not found the time to tear myself away from everything to post them. Once I do, there will be a special section of my website dedicated to the studio's construction process.

A current hotbed of activity on the internet is www.MySpace.com. I have set up a blog on MySpace that highlights some of the more notable things in my day-to-day routine doing this business of music. Some of the postings are about the actual work that I do while others are musings over the events of the day or funny stories like my recent brush with football great turned would-be wife slasher, O.J. Simpson. (Yup, that's what I saidÖ O.J. Simpson.) The MySpace blog is really a chance for me to talk about things that really don't belong on my BrianStephens.com website and is an excellent tool to interface with other people around the country. To read the blog or check out any of the other goofy stuff that I post, go to www.myspace.com/briansblog.

Aside from the usual bevy of live gigs, recording sessions, private lessons, and the mastering of other folks CD releases (a newly rekindled income stream for me), things are pretty busy here. Once we get through all of this studio construction, I will be updating my website and the studio's site to catch up on all that's been going on.

Thanks for your time,



Kurt Rasmussen

Hi Guys,

I thought I'd drop you a line and let you know what I've been up to. I'm still with Cirque du Soeil's "O", 51/2 years now and I'm now teaching at U.N.L.V.

Hope you are all doing well. I thought you'd like the photo. This photo is of my class at U.N.L.V. after their first performance at the Las Vegas Drums Festival April 2, 2005.

Kurt Rasmussen
Director Mocidade Rebelde


Frank Colon

Hi, Pam! Hola, Horacio...Y que?

I'm in Rio de Janeiro, where I've been since January, basically wood-shedding and enjoying the tropical activities of scuba-diving and jiu-jitsu / krav-maga training! I've actually been busy as a self-defense consultant for TV Globo (the most powerful multi-media conglomerate in Brazil!) and their new prime-time soap opera!

This week is Perc Pan, a percussion festival that's held every year in Brazil. This year, it'll be in Rio and I'll be participating with some friends from here. Next week, I fly back to NYC for some television performances with Thalia and then it's off to Europe for some performance work with some classical music ensembles who've composed some works specially for me! More on this later.....

All the best,



Gregg Gerson

Hey All,

So here's what's been going on. I just got back from Tel Aviv, Israel Easter Sunday. The night before, Saturday March 26, 2005, I played a concert for the International Spring Festval Rishon LeZion 2005, with friend and brilliant violinist Alexander Markov and great Ivan Bodley on bass. We played the "Rock Concerto" with the Israeli Symphony Orchestra... They, (the orchestra) were amazing!!! So was the audience!!! It was also my first time in Israel but not my last. It was an amazing experience being there!!!

I'm now back in New York City for a while. On April 7, 2005, I'm playing a show called, Remix LIVE, volume 2 for the Institute of Audio Research... I'll be playing with following artists, DJ Yonny (Black Eyed Peas) * Hilary Kole (Singing Astaire) * Steve Rodriquez (Alicia Keyes, BeyoncÈ) * DJ Shorty (KRS-1) * Mark Berman (Aretha Franklin)... This event will be held at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

Have a great Spring!!!



Paul Hester

The drummer from 1980s Australian rock band Crowded House hanged himself in a park in southern Australia, an emergency services spokeswoman said Monday.

Paul Hester, 46, went missing on Friday. His body was found Saturday in a park near his home in the southern city of Melbourne, said Metropolitan Ambulance Service spokeswoman Liraje Memishi.

Hester played in several small bands before joining the New Zealand group Split Enz in 1983. He and Split Enz singer Neil Finn formed Crowded House in 1985 with bass player Nick Seymour.

Crowded House was one of Australia's most successful bands in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with international hits such as "Don't Dream it's Over" and "Weather with You."


Rick Latham

Hello Friends,

It's been a whirlwind first quarter so far for 2005.

I just wanted to drop you a brief update and the latest news.


My new DVD is now available worldwide (distributed by Carl Fischer) from your local music dealer and select on line sources such as Musicians Friend. Please click the link below for more info. 

You can also now check out some new clips from the DVD on the great Drummerworld.com site which is the creation of my friend and fellow drummer Bernhard Castiglioni. Please click on the link below for some clips: 


For you digital download fans. You can now download the entire new CD directly to your hard drive or just check out some "slammin" samples from iTunes.com and many other favorite legal on line distributors. Please click on the link below for more info and free itunes software for PC or Mac then enter rick latham in the itunes search window. 


I'll be doing some more Guitar Center clinics coming up this May. There are mainly Midwestern dates being scheduled at the moment but I will fill you in when we have exact dates and locations. I look forward to seeing alot of friends on this upcoming clinic tour. Stay tuned to my website for details as soon as they become available. 


I've been staying busy with my band as well as a few other regular gigs including "Jon Burton and Blues Deluxe", "Terri Brinegar", "Kimberly Allison", "Jo Cuseo" and "Jimbo Ross". Also cutting some tracks in "The Boom-Boom Room" for violinist David Wilson, writing for a few TV shows and a few upcoming jingles. A new "Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors" CD also in the works for later this year. The band also just recorded some new live concert video footage last week (at SIR studios in Hollywood) for demonstration and presentation of some state of the art HD video cameras and lenses that can project seamless images up to 10 meters by 50 meters in size. This joint venture project is organized by Japanese companies Artist Salon and Mega Vision. Thanks to our good friends Nori san, and Naito san for giving us this wonderful opportunity

Please stay tuned and keep those cards and letters coming.

All the best for now,


PS. The legendary saxophonist John Klemmer even surprised us with a gracious visit to our "standing room only" gig last Friday at The Baked Potato. A good time was had by all!


Erik Hargrove

Hello everyone. For those of you who don't know, I have left the James Brown Band... I have joined the 134th Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily Circus Band. It's a gig where I can play a lot more and I get Medical and Dental benefits. I did 7 years with Brown. Don't get me wrong; I had a great time and I've benefited greatly from that experience, but it's time for me to move on.

Peace - Love - Happiness & Self-Expression


Donn Bennett


Thanks to everyone that made WOODSTICK 2005 the amazing event that it was.

We fell just 25 drummers short of breaking our previous world record but nobody went home dissapointed. When the 477 participating drummers all locked in, it created a groove that was indescribable. It was something like a cross between a thunderstorm and a cluster bomb, except all in time.

A beefed up sound sytstem courtesy of HTS audio made everything sound great and helped keep everyone together.

Here are e few of the shows highlights...

- A dedication of "Imagine" led by Alan White, to the late Keith Purvis. Keith's wife Betty, who is also a drummer, accepted a plaque in his honor and joined the drummers on stage for this very memorable segment.

-Several rounds of the drummers on stage trading solos was inspiring. Alan White, Zoro, Gregg Bissonette, Jeff Kathan, Chris Kimbal, Michael Shreive, Tony Coleman, Bernard Purdie, Ricky Lynne Johnson, Michael Derosier, Jason Finn and Donn Bennett all played some incredible stuff.

-Hearing legendary rockers like The Fabulous Wailers is always great. When they're joined by 477 drummers playing songs like Tall Cool One, Lucile and Louie, Louie it's amazing. The same thing can be said of Randy Hansen's version of Voodoo Child accompanied by a Tacoma Dome full of drummers.

Emcee Pat Kashman did a great job of keeping everyone laughing and the show moving. Director Harvey Felder of the Tacoma Symphony handled the seemingly impossible job of controling 477 very excited drummers like the true pro that he is.

The drum industry sponsors who are instrumental in making WOODSTICK a reality, contributed over $10,000.00 worth of prizes. 2 lucky drummers went home with complete Mapex drum sets with Sabian cymbals, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth Sticks, Protection Racket cases and Etymotic Research hearing protectors. There were also gifts from DRUM Magazine, Experience Music Project and the Craviatto Drum Company.

We're still counting the money that was raised at the event. We're waiting for some of the pledged donations to arrive. All money will go to support local public school music programs.

Thanks for your support. We're going to catch our breath then start planning next year's WOODSTICK 2006 very soon. I really hope you can be there.

Donn Bennett



Terry Silverlight

Hi Pam,

How are you? I hope you're doing great.

My new drum book, "The Featured Drummer" has been released...

Thanks for including me on the site in so many other areas, and I hope you like the book when you receive it.

All the best,


Mel Gaynor

Hi you guys. Great to see you're very busy. Me tracking with Simple Minds in Holland then recording my first solo drum dvd. Then off to Frankfurt Fair. Hope to see you there.

All the best
Mel Gaynor


Artt Frank

Hello Pam

I wanted to let you know that there is a new drum book recently published, the title of which is ESSENTIALS FOR THE BE BOP DRUMMER, and it's on Schaffner Press, Inc. To check on it you can go to the publisher's website which is

The book is not the ordinary run-of-the-mill drum book. It is Instructional, but in a far different manner. It is also Anecdotal, in that there are a few brief stories about some of the greats I sat in and worked with... from Charlie Parker on to Chet Baker. The book is also historical and philosophical.

It has many quotes and comments from jazz greats such as my old friend, Dave Brubeck, Jimmy Heath, Dave Liebman, Harold Danko, Hal Galper, Joe La Babera, Ed Soph, Aynsley Dunbar, Terri Lyne Carrington and many others including the introduction by old friend and fellow bop drummer, Stan Levey. And also world-reknown photographers such as William Gottlieb, Herman Leonard and Herb Snitzer.. and it also has a CD as well.

Take care of yourself and GOD bless.

Artt Frank.



Michito Sanchez

I just finished working on a celebrity cruise project for a producer in Irvine CA. He e-mailed me the mp3 stereo mix of the song that I was to work on yesterday morning and he had his 6 custom percussion tracks in his computer in less than 3 hours. It would have taken me at least 3 hours in travel time (to and from) 1/2 hour to set up, then do the session. Not to mention the session and mic set up on his part. Instead I worked out of my home studio while at the same time he worked on another project at his studio. At the end of the day he had finished 2 projects instead of one. Now that's efficient, especially if your working on a deadline. I love success stories.

Thanks to technical advances, faster connection speeds and more powerful computers, the Internet is making it possible and a lot simpler to send and receive music files online. Although I'm a fan of live and group recording, the industry is rapidly changing and these types of sessions are diminishing and more home recording's are the norm. In the last 6 month I have worked closely with programmers, IT personnel and web designers to produce a secure and simple web site to record and send custom percussion tracks over the Internet.

"Real instruments played by a Real player with a Real groove"

At the NAMM show last month, everyone that I spoke to had the same reaction "WOW THAT'S A GREAT IDEA" and it's starting to show. The web site has been online for just a month and we've seen a wonderful amount of interest, tons of hits and I've already done several sessions through this service.

Please point your browser to www.percussiontracks.com and check it out for yourself. If you or someone you know is working on a record project, jingle, film score, demo etc. please let them know about my new service, No project is too small or large.

Agian the site is totally secure, safe and simple.Thanks for your time, Michito

P.S. for those of you who read electronic musician magazine please check out our ad.




Jose Rossy

... Check the February issue of Drum Magazine. There is an interview with me on how I got the gig with Soniadada...

Take care,
Jose Rossy


Keith Knudsen

Keith Knudsen, the longtime Doobie Brothers drummer who was part of the band during a string of hits that included "Taking it to the Streets'' and "Black Water,'' died of pneumonia Tuesday. He was 56.

Knudsen had been hospitalized for more than a month, according to the band's longtime manager Bruce Cohn.

"I just saw him Sunday, just before the Super Bowl,'' Cohn said. "He was in good spirits. He was weak, but he was OK.''

Knudsen began drumming in eighth grade and joined the Doobie Brothers in 1974. "After a week's rehearsal, I went on the road with the band,'' Knudsen said in his biography on the band's website.

The Doobies were known for incorporating gospel and jazz stylings into popular hit songs. They also were well-regarded for their live performances. Their other hits included "China Grove'' and "Jesus is Just Alright.''

Knudsen played with the Doobies until the band's 1982 farewell tour. During the band's hiatus, Knudsen and bandmate John McFee formed the country rock group Southern Pacific, which released four albums and had several hits.

He rejoined the band full-time in 1993.

"He's going to be missed,'' said Tom Johnston, the band's founder. "We're going to miss him on drums. I'm going to miss him as a buddy.''

Knudsen, who lived in Sonoma County's wine country, had cancer in 1995 Johnston said.

"It left him weak and I don't think he ever fully regained all his strength,'' Johnston said.

He said the band was currently performing about 100 concerts a year and is scheduled to release a new album this summer.


Sean O'Rourke

Happy New Year........

I have just released my debut cd entitled "Primal Colors" Lots of great players including: Oteil Burbridge, Jimmy Herring, Tom Young, Barry Thrasher, Henry Parrilla, Chuck Bithorn, Nick Longo, Charles Marshall, Van Miller, and Alan Finegold.

Please go check it out.

As of now it's available through these websites





... The Aquarium Rescue Unit released a live DVD from the Jacksonville Jazzfest that I did with them...

Hope you doing well.


David Romero

Hey Group,

This is to inform you that the David Romero Informational / Instructional Bongo Video is now on "DVD"

Synopsis of the David Romero Informational / Instructional Bongo Video / DVD

This Video / DVD is packed with information geared towards the beginner. Here's some of the information on the video:

A little history of the bongo. The names of each drum. I'll talk a little on the different types of shells & heads. Maintenance of the heads, tuning & un-tuning the heads. Tips on how to care for your hands. Proper positioning of the drums, sitting or standing. A comfort idea I bumped into! The sounds of the bongo & how to get them. I show you the "Martillo" pattern, probably the most common bongo pattern. I'll show you a common 6/8 pattern known as "Kila." I'll show you a few common bongo licks. I'll teach you some common words pertaining to the bongo. I'll talk about & teach you the use & importance of the bongo hand-bell. I'll explain "clave" & its importance in playing bongo in the Afro-Cuban music format. I'll show you some basic practical applications for music other than Afro-Cuban. The video closes with me sort-of going nuts ... a jam ... if you will!

Here's the link to the Latin Beat review on the video:


If you'd like to order a video or DVD, please visit my site at:

www.david-romero.com (my website)

Thanx & God bless,


Jim Capaldi

Jim Capaldi, the legendary drummer in Traffic and a Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee has died at the age of 60 after a brief battle with stomach cancer, reports Reuters. A native of England, Capaldi died in his sleep at the London Clinic early Friday. His wife, Aninha, and family were at his bedside.

Long viewed as a groundbreaking band, Traffic's success is credited in no small measure to Capaldi's driving rock rhythms and songwriting ability. Band members also included Steve Winwood and Dave Mason. The group broke up in 1974 after releasing 11 albums. Some of the group's best songs included "40,000 Headmen," "Dear Mr. Fantasy," and "Paper Sun." Traffic reformed briefly in 1993 and 1994.

"Steve rang me when he heard this morning. He is very upset. They were very close and had plans to record and tour again. He was praying Jim would recover from his illness," Winwood's manager Mick Newton told Reuters. Capaldi was diagnosed with terminal cancer in August 2004. The previous March, he was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Capaldi achieved solo success with the albums "Fierce Heart" and "Some Come Running," as well as with his own band, "The Contenders." Reuters reports that he was five-time winner of BMI or ASCAP awards for the most played songs in America.


Johnny Carson

The late and great Steve Allen, originator of the "Tonight Show" format, was well known as a jazz fan, friend to jazz musicians and a pretty decent jazz pianist. Few remember that Allen really went out on the television limb in the mid-fifties by booking folks like Billie Holiday, Lenny Bruce, Art Tatum, Charlie Parker and many others.

Talk-show host Johnny Carson, who died Sunday at the age of 79, will be remembered as the quintessential talk show host, comic and interviewer, but Carson also continued Steve Allen's legacy of using the power of television to further the cause of jazz. An amateur drummer since childhood, Carson was more than a fan. He supported the music and the musicians publicly and privately.

As one rather spectacular example, it was Johnny Carson who helped jazz drummer Buddy Rich become a star again, at a time when a 50-year-old Buddy Rich and the concept of a big band were considered old hat. Carson opened up his program to Buddy and Buddy's new band, beginning around 1966, and helped garner an entire new audience of all ages for "Buddy Rich: caustic comic and world's greatest drummer." Rich always credited Johnny Carson for reviving his career, and as thanks, awarded Johnny with a brand new set of drums. Carson loved Buddy Rich as a person and worshipped him as a player. When I was in the midst, along with the principals of DCI Music Video and The Estate of Buddy Rich, of writing and co-producing a video tribute to the great drummer, there was nothing Carson wouldn't do for us.

"The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" was, of course, an entertainment program. Many jazz fans of a certain age used to constantly complain about the lack of prime time television exposure accorded jazz on programs like Carson's. I vividly recall the jazz purists' contention that Carson's conception of jazz was Dixielanders Al Hirt and Pete Fountain, entertaining players who were booked frequently. But few of us realized that, along side an appearance by Hirt or Fountain, would be someone like jazz singer Joe Williams (booked over 50 times), or Sarah Vaughan (booked over 20 times).

The other argument, in line with television's always-at-a-distance relationship to jazz, was that a program like Carson's only booked the most "popular" jazz players, i.e., Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, etc. Where were the likes of the more creative players like Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Miles Davis, Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard and the Modern Jazz Quartet? For the record, let it be said that each and every one of these players made at least one "Tonight Show" appearance during Johnny Carson's tenure as host. Dizzy Gillespie was on at least a dozen times. Wynton Marsalis made his first television appearances at Johnny Carson's insistence. You can look it up.

Carson's show was the last to feature what was called a "big band" as the house orchestra, with jazz as its common language. While players like Carl "Doc" Severinson and Tommy Newsome played the stooge on camera, the record will show that they were, and are top, jazz-oriented players who staffed "The Tonight Show" orchestra with the greatest jazz musicians who ever lived, from Ed Shaughnessy and Grady Tate to Pete Condoli and Ernie Watts. Whether they were backing a comic, a vocal duo or Buddy Rich, they always swung. They're still on the road and still swinging under "Doc's" leadership and the driving drums of Ed Shaughnessy.

Indeed, many viewers probably heard jazz for the very first time on the Carson show. But I doubt whether Johnny Carson himself ever thought he would be credited with these considerable contributions. The record, however, speaks for itself, and the careers of many jazz people would be considerably less were it not for him. The jazz world will miss him.

-- Dr. Bruce H. Klauber


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