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Artist News & Happenings - 2002
Up Close & Personal
Vince Wilburn

All of Vince's drums (At least 10 sets) and percussion equipment were stolen from his locker at Public Storage, Van Owen and Canoga Streets in Van Nuys (LA) California, Monday, Nov 11, 2002. Of course the monetary value of the equipment is not withstanding in terms of the personal historical value. They represented the larger part of his musical life.

If you see or hear of anyone trying to sell these items, please email DrumsOnTheWeb and we will pass the info on to Vince. There is a reward for information leading to prosecution of the parties involved.

Below is a list of items stolen:

1 Yamaha 25th Anniversary Recording Custom drumset
color - red sparkle - owned by Charley Drayton

22" Kick, 12" Rack, 16" Floor, 14" Floor, 13" Rack, 12" Rack, 10" Rack

1 Yamaha Hip Gig drumkit, Al Foster Model 4 piece with hardware
color - white marine pearl

1 Yamaha drumset,
color - maple custom absolute finish

24" Kick, 22" Kick, 18" Kick, 14" Floor, 12" Rack, 10" Rack

1 Yellow Flight Case full of Snare Drums

Yamaha, Pearl, Gretsch, Orange County Percussion, Lee Smith, Sonor, Ludwig and Leedy Vintage

1 Orange County Percussion drumset
color - pink sparkle

26"x20" Kick, 12"x10" Rack, 14"x16" Floor, 18"x16" Floor

1 Leedy kit Vintage
color - lime green sparkle

24" Kick, 16" Floor, 14"x6 1/2" Snare, 13" Rack

1 Yamaha Custom Recording drumset
color - yellow

24" Kick, 18" Kick, 14" Floor with vintage wooden hoops, 10" Rack with vintage wooden hoops

1 Leedy drumset
color - white marine pearl

20" Kick, 14" Floor, 12" Floor

7 yellow Custom Flight Cases

2 made by A&S

5 made by Encore Cases

1 Sony stereo cd player in yellow flight case

1 pair of A+R speakers in a yellow flight case

2 yellow flight cases full of cymbals
various sizes, vintage & new

Zildjian & Paiste

1 yellow flight case for a Fender Rhodes keyboard

6 bags of Zildjian cymbals

1 lavendar Yamaha stickbag

1 Yamaha DX7 Keyboard

1 Captain & Tenille white flight case

1 white flight case full of cd's

1 pair of LP congas in black carrybags

1 Oberheim OBXA in blue flight case with Miles Davis and a trumpet for Miles Davis on the case

1 Korg XP 80 synthesizer in yellow flight case

1 Roland keyboard amplifier 1X12" speaker - owned by Ivan Neville

1 set of 4 Mercedes Benz G Series rims and tires 18" new


Simon Phillips

... I am in Helsinki with Toto in the middle of a European tour.

... I saw Jack (Bruce) very briefly in Munich about a week ago - good to see him. Al Di Meola and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) joined us on stage for the last song ...

Regards - SP


Tommy Campbell


... I had a great time in Tokyo with you Negro, thanks for the inspiration AGAIN!

I just returned from Europe with Sonny Rollins...

I also listened to "at the third world war", Oh man! it's killing man! I love it! And I've only just began to really listen to it. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Roger Squitero

Hey you guys, I'm on tour with Luther Vandross in the UK.... I saw Andy Newmark in London , and watched him play the Lion King.

Hope you're well, peace, Roger Squitero


Walfredo Reyes Jr

I could not put into words all that I have experienced musically from July to now. July started off by going with Freddie Ravel (keys) Alphonso Johnson (Bass) & Michael O'Neil (Guitar) to perform at the Halifax Jazz Festival 2002. Fantastic place, the biggest lobsters I've ever seen.

Back in LA I continued to record & do live gigs with Rhian Benson. I hope the album comes out soon.On July 28th I went to Sathonay village near Lyon, France to participate in PercuPassion 2002. One week of percussion with many great masters. Check out PercuPassion.net for pictures & details.I will never forget this wonderful experience.

In August 12th I started my 8 countries, 12 cities Mapex Drum Clinic Tour. The international flying was tough but the musical rewards where supreme. I played all my clinics to packed venues. I shared the stage with sooo many incredible drummers & musicians from each country. I was continuously humbled. Mexico, Santo Domingo, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia in four weeks! I shall never forget all the wonderful people I met in all these countries.

I barely recuperated from jet lag & I was on stage Sept.14 with Celia Cruz rehearsing for the Latin Grammies 2002. We performed the hit "La Negra tiene Tumbao" at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Backstage was like a percussionist convention, hanging out with the cream of the crop in percussion... Luis Conte, Raul Rekow, Karl Perazzo, Michito Sanchez, Richie Garcia, Kevin Ricard, Ray Yslas, Rafael Padilla, Tiki Pasillas, Bobby Allende & about 10 more other percussionists & drummers from different acts. Wow!

In October I started recording a new record for Steve Winwood at his recording studio in England. It is a live recording with a trio. Jose Neto on Guitars, Steve Winwood on Vocals, bass pedals & B3 organ, & myself on drums & percussion. Steve will have some guests come in on other instruments. It is a very live feeling in the studio & very loose, not overly produced. No click tracks & almost no overdubs. Just like when we were young & started playing!! We are planning to tour next year around summer time. The album will come out hopefully in April, & other Traffic & Winwood concerts also will be released next year! I hope to see you there.

November 9th finds me taking a one day break from UK's Winwood recording to participate at the Montreal Drum Fest 2002 in Canada. One of the best in the world with great drummers like Omar Hakim, Steve Smith, Tom Lang, Joe Morello & many others. Check out montrealdrumfest.com! I arrived from UK on the 9th, bumped into legendary Joe Morello at the bar & had the pleasure of having a 1 hour conversation / history lesson with the maestro. I performed on the 10th & Raul Rekow from Santana joined me on congas to play for the most receptive audience. Then I went straight to the airport, back to the UK where I am writing this letter right now.

Until next time, Take care, peace & health,
from Wallyworld


Baba Olatunji


The We Say Love auction is still there and waiting for bids. www.stores.ebay.com/store=2892074

All proceeds benefit the Baba Olatunji Healthcare Trust.

There are a lot of items listed right now, including some beautiful silver jewelry (the photos really do not do them justice) and a certificate to beautiful Hollyhock Retreat Centre on Cortez Island in British Columbia, among others.

Please check it out and pass this on to your friends and fellow Baba fans.

We Say Love


Greetings friends of Babatunde Olatunji:

I just heard that our dear friend, and mentor, Baba Olatunji, recently had successful heart bypass surgery (last week) and is recovering well at a convalescent facility in Monterrey, CA, for a week or so, then back to Esalen, where he is an artist in residence.

Please, folks, when you drum this week, send prayers of love & healing energy to our friend, Babatunde Olatunji.

peace and love,


Sean O'Rourke

It was great talking to you as usual.

The Cartoon Network stuff is out, as well as Movie Bowl for TBS. I also did a record for Howard Tate, produced by Jerry Ragavoy. Jerry wrote "Piece of my heart" for Janis Joplin and "Time is on my side " for the Rolling Stones. He also owned and ran The Hit Factory recording studio in N.Y. I did 11 of the tracks and Rick Marotta did the 12th. Pretty good company if ya ask me. Still freelancing, working with 35 musicians a month on average...

Sean O'Rourke

ps... Just to let you know , I have put up close to twenty video clips on my website. They include The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Leo Nocentelli, Mothers Finest as well as a bit from my house gig in Key West and my new baby girl Saige.
please go check them out at www.seanorourke.com


Mike Smith

Playin' on The NFL Show.... Fox Sports Net cable channel. It's hosted by Chris Meyers... commentator, Michael Irvin, Tony Saragusa, DiMarco Farr.... football players & comedian Tommy Davidson.

Has the house band, dancers, guest football players, musical artists & a live studio audience.

This week Queen Latifah is scheduled. It airs on Sat. nite about 11 PM & then Sunday mornin' I think about 7:30 AM on the West Coast...Not sure what time on the East Coast.


Cougar Estrada

Hi Everyone, heres a Cougar update...I've been out Touring with Los Lobos promoting their new CD (Good Morning Aztlan) that came out in June 2002 on Hollywood Records. I joined Lobos in May and we've been out touring hard since, making stops on TV and Radio shows in the states - Conan O'Brien Show, Austin City Limits (PBS) which will air in Oct. 2002, 4 of July Special with Peter Jennings (ABC) and LATV. Check out this TV Sitcom "Greeting from Tucson" on WB which daybued on Sept. 20, 2002. During our breaks between tours we've been in the studio doing the soundtrack for this sitcom, so you'll hear my drumming in between acts for seconds only. Thats TV for you, but the opening song is 30 seconds in length so thats alittle better. So look for Los Lobos in your city. Europe Tour on November 14-23. For more on Los Lobos tour go to LosLobos.org

Also I'd like to announce the release of my third CD, I produced and just released on Sept. 16, 2002. Go to CougarRecords.com you can listen to the whole CD for FREE.

Enjoy the music, Cougar Estrada

PS. Dont forget my first CD I did in 2000 Conga Punks


Steve Smith

Greetings Everyone,

I've been busier than usual between touring and working my new Hudson DVD project, Steve Smith -- Drumset Technique and History of the U.S. Beat. We filmed it in March and April during the Vital Info tour. The dynamic duo of Paul Siegel and Rob Wallis produced the project and their longtime editer, Phil Fallo, did a fantastic job of editing all the footage. In fact, the editing was just completed last week and now the encoding process known as authoring is in the final stages. The discs will be released in October, if there are no problems. Here is a short summary of the double disc package:

On Disc One: Drumset Technique (2 Hours 35 Min), I break down and explain my hand and foot technique in detail and talk about what drummers need to know to improve their technique and feel. Chapters include: Hand Technique, Foot Technique, The Art Of Practice, Independence/Interdependence, Exercises, Licks and Phrases, Implied Metric Modulations and Four Solo Drum Pieces.

On Disc Two: History of the U.S. Beat (2 Hours), I explain the origins and evolution of the “U.S. Beat,” which is the pulse of U.S. music. I also talk about the prehistory of the drumset in the U.S., the events that led us to the application of the drumset in U.S. popular music. To demonstrate this I play examples with an all-star band and Vital Information. In addition, Vital Information plays seven complete tunes (a 70-minute set) which feature applications of the techniques and complex rhythms explained in Disc One.

Featured musicians are Frank Gambale (guitar), Tom Coster (keyboards), Baron Browne (electric bass), Mark Soskin (piano), Steve Marcus (sax), and Mike Pope (acoustic bass). Chapters include: Ragtime, Early New Orleans Jazz, Big Band, Bebop, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Blues, Rock, Funk, Country and Jazz/Rock. Also included on this disc is over 30 minutes of bonus footage.

I'm very excited about this project, it represents years of study, practice, research and writing, it feels good that it's finally all documented. The next step will be a book that will incorporate all of the info in the DVD plus more. I'll start on this soon, but it will be a while before I'll have it completed. Also Warner Bros. is putting my original DCI videos, Steve Smith pt. 1 and pt. 2, on DVD. I'm currently tracking down bonus footage, more on this when I get a release date, but it will probably be next year.

I'm also happy to say that the third release from my trio with Frank Gambale and Stu Hamm was just released August 20 on Tone Center -- it's called GHS3. This record has lots of strong compositions and group improvising. Check it out!

Since I last wrote a newsletter Vital Information toured all over the U.S. and it was our best tour ever. We had great audiences everywhere and we were very encouraged by the support of our fans -- thank you very much!!

In June I had a great week with Buddy's Buddies at the London jazz club Ronnie Scott's. We recorded two of the nights and I'll be mixing those tapes soon for a new Tone Center release: Steve Smith and Buddy's Buddies -- Very Live at Ronnie Scott's featuring Steve Marcus (tenor and soprano sax), Andy Fusco (alto sax), Mark Soskin (piano), and Baron Browne (bass).

I did some teaching this summer, a week at Berklee in Boston (with the entire Vital Info band), a week in Marktoberdorf, Germany and four days in Bath, UK.

In-between those dates I toured in Spain with the great sax player Bill Evans. Bill hired the entire Vital Info band to be Bill Evans and the Soul Insiders. His music is very natural for us to play since it's Hammond B3 based funk/jazz.

Tom Coster will be touring Europe with Bill Evans this fall. Also Tom will be appearing with Billy Cobham in Russia this December -- Vital Info will be playing the same club in Moscow next February. Frank Gambale is touring currently with the reunion of The Chick Corea Elektric Band. Baron and Tom both played the Modern Drummer Festival with Prince's drummer John Blackwell. The gig was filmed by Hudson Music, and the next day Baron went into the studio with John and they filmed some playing for an upcoming Hudson DVD featuring John Blackwell.

I've become very interested in Indian rhythms and have been picking up lessons here and there from different Indian drummers that I've been meeting during my travels, but nothing prepared me for the experience of playing three shows in August with the incredible tabla master Zakir Hussain. I have even played with Zakir a few times before and have recorded with him, but to sit next to him and see what he did in the new group we are playing in -- Summit -- just completely shocked me. We have some more gigs coming up in November and we recorded a new CD that will be released soon. The group is: George Brooks (sax, band leader and composer), Zakir Hussain (tabla), Kai Eckhardt (bass), Fareed Haque (guitar) and myself on the Sonor Jungle Set. With no exaggeration I'd say Zakir Hussain is the greatest drummer I have ever seen.

Vital Information is working on booking gigs into next year at this point, so hopefully I'll be playing somewhere near where you live. I have many clinics and live dates coming up so please try to make one of the gigs. If you are in the NYC area November 24, be sure to check out the 25th anniversary of The Collective at the Bottom Line. I'll be there with Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Horacio Hernandez, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci and others -- should be incredible!

Take Care, Steve



Hello Pam! Hello "El Negro" !

Shakerman here...

Wow, you sure have busy busy life!!... I wish I were drumming as much!... but I'm drumming a bunch, so what the hey!.... oh, and I shake some, too! I've just returned form my 6th year at Arthur Hulls Drumcircle Facilitators playshop, now the world record holder for attending his Hawaii playshop, and a mentor graduate as well! Wow, huh!... I'll be off this week to Bumbershoot, where I'll be facilitating TWO drumcircles... YEAH!... and I recently did the S. Oregon Day of Percussion drumcircle at Southern Oregon University. Also, I produced the N. California Day of Percussion for PAS in Lake Tahoe.... its been fun sharing the magic of drumming (yeah, and shaking!)... In mid-September, I'm teaching a Shaker (tube shakers, not Shakere...) class at Kalani's Drumcamp, OR and will also be doing drumcircles there as well... I guess its "official" that I'm now teaching and doing this stuff FOR REAL!!.... OH!!!- Have you heard about www.drum-party.com yet?... I've got a network of qualified drumcircle facilitators all over the place.... nearly world-wide, and for a fee, my associates can go produce a drum party at almost any location for a heck of alot of people.... more details still forthcoming....- fee's, bios.. etc!

thanks and keep up the great work and music!!

Kerry the "Shakerman"


Lionel Hampton

Jazz Great Lionel Hampton, 94, Dies

NEW YORK (AP) - There was more than musical magic on stage that day in 1936 when Lionel Hampton joined Benny Goodman in a Manhattan ballroom - it was a breakthrough in American race relations.

Hampton, a vibraphone virtuoso who died Saturday, broke a barrier that had kept black and white musicians from performing together in public. Through a six-decade career, he continued to build a name for himself as one of the greats in jazz history.

"He was really a towering jazz figure," said saxophonist Sonny Rollins, who played with Hampton in the 1950s. "He really personified the spirit of jazz because he had so much joy about his playing."

The 94-year-old showman and bandleader died of heart failure at Mount Sinai Medical Center, said his manager, Phil Leshin. Hampton suffered two strokes in 1995 and had been in failing health in recent years.

Hampton played with a who's who of jazz, from Goodman to Louis Armstrong to Charlie Parker to Quincy Jones. His own band helped foster or showcase other jazz greats including Charlie Mingus, Dexter Gordon, Fats Navarro, Joe Williams and Dinah Washington.

"With Hampton's death, we've drawn closer to losing part of the origins of the early jazz era," said Phil Schaap, a jazz historian.

During his career, Hampton performed at the White House for presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Bush. When he played for Truman, his was the first black band to ever entertain in the White House, Hampton once said.

Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., remembered Hampton's 90th birthday party at the White House, when the man known as the "vibe president" invited President Clinton to grab his saxophone and jam.

"Lionel was a spectacular guy," said Rangel, who recalled seeing Hampton play at the Apollo Theater, the legendary concert venue in Harlem.

In 1997, Hampton received the National Medal of Arts - while wearing a borrowed suit, socks and shoes, because all his clothes and much of his bands' arrangements and other memorabilia had been destroyed in a fire two days earlier.

"He was an American music legend and will be sorely missed," President Bush said in a statement Saturday.

Hampton's music was melodic and swinging, but audiences also responded to his electric personality - the big smile, energy and bounce that contributed to his style. When not playing the vibes, he drummed, sang and played his own peculiar style of piano, using two fingers as if they were vibraphone mallets.

He was a songwriter, too. His most famous composition, "Flying Home," was written in 1937, and he played it about 300 times a year for the next half-century. It was a hit in 1942, propelled by an Illinois Jacquet tenor sax solo.

Hampton did not have a copy of his birth certificate but marked his birth date as April 20, 1908. It was generally accepted that he was born in Louisville, Ky., and raised by his grandmother in Birmingham, Ala., and Chicago.

He learned to play the drums from a nun while in grade school, and launched his career with Les Hite's band after finishing high school. It wasn't until a 1930 recording session with Armstrong that Hampton played the vibraphones.

"There was a set of vibes in the corner," Hampton once recalled. "Louis said, 'Do you know how to play it?"

He didn't. But after 45 minutes of noodling on the instrument, Hampton felt comfortable enough to swing in behind Armstrong on "Memories of You."

The future "King of Vibes" toured with his own band on the West Coast, then settled in at the Paradise Nightclub in Los Angeles.

In August 1936, Benny Goodman heard Hampton play and three months later Hampton was at the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York, starting out "four gorgeous years with Benny" in the new, trailblazing Benny Goodman Quartet.

That quartet, with Hampton, pianist Teddy Wilson and drummer Gene Krupa, broke racial barriers that had largely kept black musicians from performing with whites in public. Wilson and Hampton made up the black half of the foursome.

Wilson had recorded with Goodman and Krupa previously, and white soloists "jammed" informally with black groups, but a color line was drawn whenever a white band was on stage.

Hampton took to the road with his own orchestra in 1940 and built bookings into the million-dollar-a-year range. After the big-band era died, Hampton pared down to a smaller group - around eight players dubbed the Inner Circle - and he occasionally put bigger groups together to travel the globe as a musical ambassador of the United States.

Hampton regularly turned up at colleges and major jazz festivals, made guest appearances on numerous television variety shows and recorded scores of jazz albums and singles.

Hampton also established a community development corporation which, with government support, built low- and middle-income housing in New York and Newark, N.J.

One of his projects in Harlem is named for his wife, Gladys, who died in 1971 after a 35-year marriage. The couple had no children.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete.

Associated Press writer Eric Tucker contributed to this report.

On the Net: Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival: http://www.jazz.uidaho.edu

BB Borden

Been touring with Marshall Tucker and working on a new album - which will be out the first of the year... sporting brand new Premier Drums!

... am also doing a side project with Clay Cook, co-writer of the John Mayer album...



Rick Latham

Hi Friends,

Just a brief mid-summer update!

Please check out the links below for all the info.

I'm very honored to be featured in the latest East Carolina University School Of Music Alumni News Letter. This article was inspired by the day that Michael Crane, Director of Communications and Photographer Forrest Croce of ECU traveled to meet me in Charleston WV. for an interview at one of my clinics and a gig that followed that evening.

It's really an interesting slant, "A Day In The Life" sort of thing. Michael has a unique writing style that makes for some fun, interesting reading.

Click here http://www.ricklatham.com/feature.htm to read the full story!

I've also recently switched to Istanbul-Mehmet cymbals. After becoming very good friends with the great Cymbalsmith Mehmet Tamdeger some years ago, I knew that it would only be a matter of time before I would play his truly wonderful cymbals.

Click here http://www.ricklatham.com/istanbul.htm for a photo.

Last but not least Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors now celebrate 800,000 plus internet downloads. Check the following link for all the latest on disc: http://www.groovedoctorsjazz.com/news.htm

Please remember to vote for your favorite song at the link below http://www.mp3.com/ricklatham

You might be the lucky winner of all our CDs.

Watch for further very exciting news coming soon!

Happy Suntans and Groove On.



The Rhythm Arts Project

Hey Pam! We missed you at the show! Here's the review ...

TRAP (update)


A lot has happened; June was a busy month. The concert was all we expected it to be and more. The highlight of the day was definitely Dion Cornejo and Trienana Moon. The students from the Ojai Enrichment Center who came and played drums with us were in rare form as well. The show began with the group Tempest, a seven piece Latin, soul band (local boys) in fact; they are the band that I play with. We had a ball. Carmine Appice and I played two drummers and then Ralph Humphery and Mike Shapiro sat in as well.

Steve Fister rocked the roof off! (literally) with Tommy Aldridge on Drums and Jerry Watts Jr. on Bass. They played to a sold out house on the roof patio of the Soho restaurant in Santa Barbara where the concert was held.

Perla Batalla and her band followed Steve with a beautiful blend of Latin and traditional Spanish music as only she could deliver it. She was breathtaking! Debra Dobkin introduced me to Perla some months ago and I've since become one of her biggest fans.

At around 7 PM. The crowd moved inside where Airto treated us to his rhythmic blessing. This is a mood he's set for every TRAP benefit to date. On his own with just a few simple toys and vocals you could have heard a pin drop in a completely packed house. He was joined by Mike Shapiro who complemented his groove to a tee. Shortly after they were joined by the amazing Dion Cornejo. Dion is a young man with Downs Syndrome who has been playing drums now for about four years. He is confident, bright and a bit of a show off! Imagine sitting in with these players and kicking butt like it was a walk in the park! Dion was followed by Joe Porcaro and Richie Gajete Garcia who added just the right spice to what was already cooking. Ralph Humphrey and Luis Conte then sat in to bring the pot to a boil and finally, Carmine Appice kicked the whole group into high gear! It was possibly our best Drum Talk segment yet.

Only someone like Trieana Moon could follow a performance like this and did she ever! She is one of my students from The Ojai Enrichment Center. Trieana, as I've mentioned before is our young lady with Williams Syndrome. She has an exceptional stage presence and together with her international band made up exclusively of LAMA students seriously brought the house down. A truly flawless display of playing took place just after Trieana with Ralph Humphrey, Mike Miller and Jerry Watts Jr. Always an inspiration to see and hear ...

And ... just when we thought we couldn't get any higher, we did! Kevyn Lettau in her inevitable way took the show to another level indeed. She, accompanied by her group, Jerry Watts Jr., Russell Ferrante, Mike Miller, Mike Shapiro and Luis Conte delivered an extraordinary set. Kevyn is astonishing and truly a gift to behold as a musician as well as one of the kindest, compassionate and giving people I know.

The night wasn't over yet, far from it. Vinnie Colaiuta was on fire with Russell, Jerry and Luis burning it up in a finale that people will still be talking about weeks from now. Vinnie is a constant supporter of the TRAP program, just recently becoming one of the Poster Boy's along with his buddy, Dion Cornejo. Look for this poster in Modern Drummer in the months to come.


David Garibaldi & Rocco Prestia

Hello Everyone,

As you might have heard, my friend, brother and bandmate, Rocco Prestia, has very serious health issues and is in urgent need of a liver.

The website which has been setup to accept donations for his health care is now fully operational.


Please help if you can.

David Garibaldi


audio updates from Modern Drummer Festival 2002

page 1 - Carmine Appice, Robby Ameen, Billy Ashbaugh, Frank Bellucci & John Blackwell (788k)

page 2 - Zack Danzinger, Dennis DeLucia, Anton Fig, Joe Franco, & Danny Gottlieb (560k)

page 3 - Tommy Igoe, Thomas Lang, Aldo Mazza (KOSA), Joe Morello, & Jim Payne (876k)

page 4 - Shawn Pelton, Ron Thaler, Daniel de Los Reyes, Walfredo Reyes Sr, & Billy Ward (824k)

Note: These tracks use Flash 5 or higher and were recorded live at Modern Drummer Festival 2002. There's lots of background noise... but that's the festival!


Clyde Stubblefield

Stubblefield's Fight, Our Opportunity

It was two weeks ago in Sioux Falls that Clyde Stubblefield first knew for sure something was wrong.

The famed Madison-based drummer -- who played with James Brown and has a pair of his drumsticks in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland -- was in South Dakota on a road gig with Michael Feldman's "Whad'Ya Know" radio show when he began experiencing intense bladder pain and difficulty urinating. "It was lucky we came home that Saturday night," Stubblefield said. "By Sunday, it was so bad I went to the emergency room."

That was May 19, and it was the emergency room at Meriter Hospital, where urologist John Wegenke saw Stubblefield. The diagnosis, according to Clyde's fiancee, Jody Hannon, was transitional cell carcinoma -- a cancerous tumor in his bladder.

I spoke to both Clyde and Jody Monday night, and they are in good spirits but maybe a little overwhelmed at how fast this has all happened. They are extremely grateful to Dr. Wegenke and the entire staff at Meriter for the job they've done helping Clyde. "Incredible," Jody said.

Clyde had surgery to remove the tumor May 23. "They think they got it all," he said. And he sounded good. But Jody said that the doctors told her it is an aggressive form of cancer, and there is a strong possibility it may return. Clyde will require repeated hospital visits and therapy. He tried to play some drums this week, Jody said, and it pretty well tired him out. He is 59 and a legend not only in this city but in music circles around the globe.

Let me also say this about Clyde Stubblefield: He has been an easy touch for any number of benefits in Madison and any number of other cities and clubs. He has given his time and music to causes, and now it is Clyde who needs to benefit from the help of others. Like too many self-employed people, especially musicians, Clyde didn't have health insurance.

Nothing is set yet, but in the coming weeks there will be a benefit -- certainly more than one -- and a fund set up at a bank to help Clyde and Jody with the medical costs. It will be a chance for all of us who have enjoyed Clyde's music to say thanks.


Walfredo Reyes Jr

January started with an amazing Winter NAMM in LA where I got to see lots of friends & musicians in the International music business seen.

In February I had a one in a lifetime experience performing with Robbie Robertson & the Red Road Ensemble at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.The U.S broadcast did not do justice to the event since they only showed less than 1/4 of what really went on. It was breath taking to play with 600 Native American dancers from 5 different tribal Nations of Utah. I also started to work with a great singer/songwriter named Rhian Benson (Rhianbenson.com) & a great group of musicians including Alphonso Johnson on Bass & percussionist David Leech (Ben Harper).We have been rehearsing for live performances while also working on Rhian's studio project.

March took me into the studio with a great pianist/composer Roger Burn. I played percussion & one track on drums on his upcoming CD which features Jimmy Haslip on Bass, Airto & Flora & many other great musicians.

In April I went to Rotterdam, Holland to perform at theHeineken Night Life Show which I do every year at the Ahoy Entertainment Center. This year I had the pleasure to drum for R&B diva Chaka Khan, merengueman Elvis Crespo & reggae rap artist Shaggy. It was an amazing high energy fast paced spectacle.

Right after flying in from Rotterdam I went to perform at the Cape Breton Drum Fest, Nova Scotia Canada to play an amazing drum festival with Zoro, Paul Wertico, Dom Fomularo & many other great drummers. Then I visited the Sabian Cymbal factory. I have to say I am proud to be a Sabian endorser. I was blown away with the whole experience.

May.... I barely arrive from Canada & I went to play with Rhian Benson some live dates & straight to New Jersey for the Modern Drummer Festival.The biggest in the world. I got to perform with my Dad & my brother Danny. So many amazing drummers there!! Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Thomas Lang, Rick Marrotta & many more...

Afterwards we went to take some pictures at Latin Percussion, Inc. in New Jersey & got to see family in Manhattan for a de los Reyes family dinner. As soon as I arrived I played drums for some new artist that my friends John Pena & Shell Sondheim are producing. Very cool Pop & Rock suff. Then I got called to play the drum & percussion loops for the motion picture Spy Kids 2. James Bond meets Salsa meets Duane Eddy meets Chili Pepers meets Santana. I had a great time going crazy mixing it up on the drums.

June... I am preparing to go to Memphis to record with legendary producer Willie Mitchell (Al Green) & drum on Willie Lomax Blues album with one of the baddest B3 players & singer Shawn Brown. We are going to sweat & stink that studio up!! Then I come back to LA to perform with Rhian Benson at Lunarias in Beverly Hills. From Memphis funk to Beverly Hills slick!.Also look for Richie Garcia's next solo Cd. Just finished laying down a very cool track we co-wrote together.That's about it for now!



Tre' Balfour

Hey there guys. Bolton is gearing up to hit the road again. We leave for Europe at the end of June and return in early July. We start the first leg of the U.S. tour in August. Hope to see you guys soon.



Van Romaine

Hey there Pam and Negro!

It's been a while and I hope you both are well. I'm in Amsterdam with Enrique Iglesias then Paris, Beruit, Croatia, Romania... on and on. I'm happy to say that vanromaine.com is up and running we've been getting a great response. The site touches on a lot of things that I've been up to with emphasis on the Steve Morse Band which has a new Cd out...

Peace, Van


Jim Greiner

... was in Ohio & Iowa during May performing and giving clinics. In Ohio, led a celebration drum circle at Oberlin College outdoors in the campus plaza. Over 300 students, staff and family members enjoyed the community drumming while several hundred others basked in the spring sunshine, tossed frisbees and danced.

In Iowa, did a four day residency in local schools and at community functions in Knoxville, a town of about 8000 45 minutes southwest of Des Moines. ... taught percussion clinics for the band departments of Knoxville Middle School & High School, gave a 60 minute interactive keynote presentation on "Living in Rhythm With Yourself & Your Community" to an all-school assembly of 550 kids at the Middle School. ... kicked off this event with a percussion parade by the kids in the band class that I had just taught. ... led the parade into the gym where the rest of the students were seated. The assembled students erupted into a joyous roar when the parade entered. Then had them clapping and singing along to the groove of the band members. ... gave another keynote presentation for the local Chamber of Commerce Arts Awards Banquet, led a drum circle on a Friday night at the local community teen center and ended stay with a rousing community drumming celebration on a Saturday morning in the Knoxville city square...


Norbert Goldberg


It was nice to meet you after the Dave Weckl concert at the Bottom Line (we went to the restaurant together)... I'm now living in Israel and am fairly active in the music scene here. I was in NY for a special benefit reunion concert of a B'way show I played 10 years ago called Once on this Island. Other noteworthy news is that my band Zig Zag will be participating in the Red Sea Jazz Festival at the end of August... I will be sending some more stuff as it becomes available. Till then,



Pat Petrillo


Hi!.. just a note that the "Complete Drum Workout" video and "Complete Drum Workbook" is in stores now...


Tony Coleman

Hey there Pam,

Hope u r doing great. Well I have my new disc out on my on label. and I saw Horacio (El Negro) at the Heathrow baggage claim with Bernie Worrell and Vernon Reid. I am doing fine. Please go to my web site. www.tonycolemanmusic.com tell me how you like it...

all the best


Terry Silverlight

Dear Pam & El Negro,

I hope all is great with you and I just wanted to update you on a few upcoming performances and recent happenings. Thanks for checking this out. Best wishes.


1) I just signed on with Gretsch Drums as an endorser.

2) I will be performing with my band "The Terry Silverlight Band" on Tuesday night, July 9th at the Metropolitan Cafe in NYC playing all my original material featuring Will Lee--bass, Jay Azzolina--guitar, Dave Mann--sax and Mike Ricchiuti--piano.

3) I will be performing with my band "The Terry Silverlight Band" on Thursday night, July 11th at Mark Morganelli's "Sleepy Hollow Festival" in Sleepy Hollow, NY.

4) I will be in Japan June 11-July 1 with the Manhattan Jazz Orchestra featuring New York's finest horn players including Lew Soloff, Jim Pugh, Chris Hunter, etc.


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