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Behind The Music

Welcome and thanks for stopping by our web pages! These web pages include lots of fun music, interviews, articles from various artists on how they have incorporated percussion into their kits, photos from PAS and other concerts/clinics, upcoming concert / clinic schedules, backstage passes to several drummers and percussionists official websites, etc. We also e-mail a monthly newsletter with specials, upcoming events, etc. Let us know what you want to see!

When El Negro & I first decided to begin this DrumsOnTheWeb.com project, we wanted an outlet for drummer's music. You know... the side projects, the solo projects... the fun stuff!

At the time, though, the technology just wasn't here.... yet. So, we worked with Atlanta Pro Percussion (a HUGE drumshop just outside of Atlanta, GA) to bring you the best drums and percussion from around the world. Don't worry... the drumshop is still here! Check out the Drum Key area... just for drummers & percussionists!

Well... the technology is here! We use a combination of Real Audio, Quick Time, WinMedia, Flash, and more... The players are free! And, most importantly... the artist is involved! What a concept! All music on this site is here with complete knowledge and input from the artist.

Surf around... listen to a few great tunes... watch a few videos... and have fun!

Too busy playing drums to update everybody with your upcoming itinerary and latest news?

How about emailing or faxing the info ONCE a month... and all of your family, fans, artist relations people, magazines, heck... even your groupies can easily access the info.

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The DrumsOnTheWeb.com family

El Negro Hernandez andEl Negro Hernandez Pam Gore have been great friends for many years. Pam has been in the business for many years (at a drum shop in Atlanta, Sales & Artist Relations at Rhythm Tech, Sales & Marketing for LP - Latin Percussion). Hailing from Cuba, El Negro is one of the world's top players, widely known for his amazing independence and left-foot-clave (which you just have to see to believe!) Together, they started DrumsOnTheWeb.com