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Artist News & Happenings - 2001
Up Close & Personal
Jamie Oldaker

Hey Pam,

... I have been really busy. Launching a new independent record label, a book, a Oklahoma record project that includes Eric Clapton , Vince Gill, Bob Seger, Leon, JJ Cale, Peter Frampton, going to teach and do clinic in Denmark and Holland in October, etc. anyway, I will let you know more detail later...

best always,

Jamie Oldaker


Hip Pickles

Hi All

Felt like a touring Drum Corps last night............ On Monday The Hip Pickles played a show down in South Jersey (Cherry Hill Area) and on the way home from the gig we blew our engine in our Hip Pickles Bus....... What a total DRAG!.......... We were able to get a flatbed to get our Bus back to Long Island $ 350 fee and we were able to get rides for the 3 of us back to Long Island.......... I know there are a lot of you out there, that have experienced these breakdowns...... the whole experience is SOOOOOooo draining and Sucks.

So this morning .............we stuffed all our gear in 3 vehicles (don't know how we did that) and did 2 performances in Rego Park, Queens and then we did a Concert up in Darien CT........ After getting home in the wee hours on Monday ......it was kind of brutal,,,,,,getting up at 6 am to start the day and doing these 3 performances...... But that's show biz - - - Hopefully we can get the bus straightened out....I miss the Bus already.......Tomorrow ....we're in Stamford, CT


Chet Doboe



Roger Squitero

Hey Pam,

Just wanted to let you know I'm playin' with Luther Vandross now... we're doing Regis show tommorow,14th... Leno on Wed. the 20th..... sporadic dates through the summmer and big tour in the fall.

Hope you're well,
Peace Roger Squitero


Ed Soph

Hello again everyone,

Prayer does work. Ed's colon cancer surgery was a complete success. The surgeon didn't have to do a colostomy and that's the great thing. He did a re-section and got all of the tumor.

I called as I was writing this e-mail and got the best news of all: The pathologist's report had just been delivered and Ed Is Completely Free Of Cancer.

This means no additional treatment or therapy (no chemotherapy or radiation).


I know we're all overjoyed to hear the good news and Ed is very thankful for all of your prayers and good thoughts...

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and good thoughts.

God bless you,

Henry Okstel


Ed Soph

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to inform you that a fellow drummer and great musician is going through a serious health challenge.

Ed Soph has colon cancer. He will undergo surgery this Thursday afternoon, June 14th at approximately 1 PM.

His attitude is very good and, aside from the cancer, he's in good health, so all should go well. However, it would be great if all of us could remember this date and say a prayer for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. This would be networking of the highest order.

God bless Ed and God bless you,



Steve Ettleson

From: Joe Testa

Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 2:09 AM
Subject: Steve Ettleson

** High Priority **
To Everybody,

By now I am sure most of you know that we have all lost a very close friend and loved one, Steve Ettleson, to a most unexpected and tragic accident last Friday morning. For those of you who do not know, please forgive this very impersonal way of finding out. I am asking each of you to please spend a second to pass the below funeral information to anyone who knew and loved Steve. Whether it is via e-mail or phone it must get out to everyone ASAP. I have been spending the last few days on the phone and e-mailing many people, but I want to make sure this gets out to those I do not know as well. Steve's network of friends is massive and it would be a shame to leave anyone out. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Steve was an amazing friend to many of us and to the lucky... a dear family member.

To the artists he worked with over the years ... he gave most of his life and waking moments to make sure you were all taken care of at many points of your careers. You became his brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. In short, his business and personal life became one and his devotion was always to you, the artists.

To the industry people ... he gave his dedication and great talents, so that your companies could grow and influence the market. The percussion industry is small and despite the lines that sometimes cross us, we are a unique family unlike any other in the world. Steve knew that and I think because of it, his passion for what he did was so great.

And to everyone who just simply loved Steve ... he was much more than any words can, or ever will express.

Please keep him, his family and his loved ones in your thoughts and your prayers.

God bless you Steve, we miss you ... so very much.

The funeral will be this Thursday, June 7th at 11:00am at the following location:

Eden Memorial Park
11500 Sepulveda Blvd.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

Directions coming north on the 405 are as follows:
Pass the 118 Freeway
Exit at Rinaldi St.
Make a Left off the freeway
Make an immediate Right onto Rinaldi
Entrance on the left side

There will be a reception immediately following the service at the Remo location in North Hollywood.
REMO: North Hollywood Address:
7308 Coldwater Canyon
Cross Street Sherman Way

For those of you who will not be able to make it, you can send your condolences to his daughter:
Laura Ettleson
26306 W. Plata Lane.
Calabasas, CA 91302

See you Thursday,


also, be sure to check out the really great write-up on the PAS site...

Dave Abbruzzese

Well, well, well...

What have I been up to? ...I am certainly glad that is not the question!

Let’s see. You have to excuse me if I leave anyone out! It has been crazy! I have been embracing the processes involved with being on the ‘other’ side of the glass.

I am playing better than ever. There has been a lot of inspiring freak's getting my soul straight! I am proud of a recent freakout.

After 5 years of searching, I have finally found what seems to be a real band!!

Bernard Fowler (Peach Boys, Tacked, Motorhead, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC) vocals

Tim Murray (Tilo) (Methods of Mayhem >Tommy Lee<) vocals

David Abbruzzese (P.J. everything at present!) Silly me...

Currently we are getting it together... and it is good

The name of the BAND is “The P.O.S.”
I can’t even begin to speculate....

....But man, I am excited! My drumming / musicality is the strongest that it has ever been.


It will be soon! I look forward to sharing the recorded work!
I CAN NOT WAIT TO introduce the new me to ALL OF YOUZ!

Some of what’s gone on...
In From The Storm Jimi Hendrix tribute - Title track, and ‘Burning the Midnight Lamp’
co-Produced/Drummer - Stevie Salas ‘AlterNative’
Drummer - Nickle Bag ‘12 hits & a Bump’
Produced/Drummer/engineered/mixed - Stevie Salas ‘Sometimes Almost Never Was’
Produced/Drummer/engineered/mixed - HairyApesBMX ‘Out Demons’
Produced/Multi-Instrumentalist/engineered/mixed - The Green Romance Orchestra Play Parts 1 & 4
Produced/Drummer/engineered - ‘Apes of Wrath’
Produced/Multi-Instrumentalist/engineered/mixed - The Green Romance Orchestra Play Parts 1 & 5
Drummer/engineer/? - Bernard Fowler ‘Sessions’
...and a lil’ tour of the midwest with The HairyApesBMX. IT was GREAT!

See ya soon!



Cougar Estrada

Hey Everyone, just in case you're home on this Friday (6/1/01) or by a TV set. I did this TV Show / Awards taping about 2 months ago with Country Artist "Rick Trevino." Anyway the show is on ABC and starts at 8pm this Friday, June 1.

Its called "The 2001 ALMA Awards". It's a 2hr show but we come out within the first 30/40 minutes and do one song. It's a beautiful Boloro song, especially the words.

The best part of doing this show was seeing Jennifer Lopez and Rachel Welch backstage. Yeah, like I was talking and hanging out with them. No chance ... but I was staring.... Well not that much. Ok... enough. You would have too...

Peace, Cougar


Bobby Rock

Hello friends...

For now, ... will be in LA for most of the summer, writing and recording. On the recording front, been back in the studio working on a few movie soundtracks and CDs, and slated to work on several more, including the debut solo release from Brett Garsed (June), the new Gary Hoey record (July), and a new Hardline record, featuring Johnny Gioeli on vocals (Aug.).

Writing-wise, it's pre-press/final proofing stage for the highly-anticipated Muscles, Mangos and Meditation (health, fitness, nutrition book) and finishing touches on a funk bass instructional book... co-writing with Bill "The Buddha" Dickens for Warner Brothers.



Julio Figueroa

Just wanted to say hi and give you a quick update.

To begin with I'm no longer with Mapex Drums. I'm now with DW Drums, Hardware and Pedals.

I'm still doing dates with singer-Songwriter "Joan Sebastian" both in the US and in Mexico. Maybe you've already heard the sad news that he is fighting bone cancer. We had an incredible year so far. Our last album "Secreto de Amor" sold over two million copies. We stayed on the Billboard Hot Latin tracks for 56 weeks and won Latin Album of the year at the Billboard Awards. We also won 5 Awards including Album of the year and song of the year at Premios lo Nuestro which is the equivalent of the Latin Grammys for Latin America. We also finished two new albums. A new studio album and a Live album recorded at the worldwide famous Plaza de Toros Mejico with both me and Martin Flores on Drums and Percussion. And last comes the nomination for Song of the year at the 2nd annual "Latin Grammy Awards" next September in Miami, Florida.

Since March 28 I've been performing at the Selena musical "A Celebration of Life" at the Doolittle Theater in Hollywood, CA. The musical is based on the short-lived life career of late Tejano music legend Selena. We have a great nine piece band on stage under Bob Esty's musical direction. Bob has previously worked with Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, The King and I, Etc. To check my schedule please visit my webpage at http://community.webtv.net/Figa/JulioFigueroa

God Bless,

Julio Figueroa


Terry Silverlight

Dear Pam,

I'm forwarding an email I received from David Matthews. I play on the entire CD.

Best regards, Terry

I'm very happy to announce that finally after all these years I have a cd released in the United States. It's called "Bach 2000" by David Matthews and Manhattan Jazz Orchestra (at Virgin Records I found it in the Manhattan Jazz Orchestra bin). It's on Fantasy Records.

It's starting to get pretty good airplay on the jazz radio stations. Some of the best players in New York are on this cd playing as good as they can play. I think it's unique because, to my knowledge, it's the first big band treatment of Bach that's exciting, honest jazz.



Billy Higgins

Billy Higgins died on Thursday, May 3rd. The cause was kidney and liver failure. He was 65. Awaiting a liver transplant, Higgins was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on April 23 and on Saturday, the 28th, the doctors removed him from intensive care saying there was nothing more they could do.

A musician known for his adaptability, Billy Higgins came to fame playing with Ornette Coleman's Quartet but proved to be an expert bop player too during the numerous sessions he played for Blue Note Records in the sixties.

He started his career playing R&B and rock in the Los Angeles area, then teamed up with Don Cherry and James Clay in an unrecorded group called the Jazz Messiahs. In the mid-'50s Higgins started rehearsing with Ornette Coleman. He was on Ornette's first records (starting in 1958), came to New York and played with Coleman during 1959-60.

His resume during the 60s, '70s and '80s, included the most important musicians of this music: Thelonious Monk, Steve Lacy, Sonny Rollins, Lee Morgan, Donald Byrd, Dexter Gordon, Jackie McLean, Hank Mobley, Mal Waldron, Milt Jackson, Art Pepper, Joe Henderson, Pat Metheny and David Murray's big band. From 1966 on Higgins also often played with Cedar Walton's trio and later with the Timeless All-Stars.

After appearing in the critically acclaimed 1986 film "Round Midnight" Billy worked frequently with the film's star, the late Dexter Gordon, as a member of the Round Midnight band. Billy was honored with a Grammy Award in 1988 for Best Instrumental Composition, an honor he shared with co-composers Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter for their tune "Call Sheet Blues" from the movie Round Midnight.

In addition to his recordings and performances, Higgins was also involved in a myriad of activities devoted to the promotion, preservation and growth of jazz teaching workshops, clinics and master classes on drums and improvisation. In his native Los Angeles, he founded the World Stage, a cultural center which nurtures, provides instruction for, and rehearsal space to numerous talented young musicians from all segments of the Los Angeles community.

Billy Higgins' love for the music was apparent whenever he played. Back arched, hands weaving gracefully over the drums, eyes sparkling, he smiled as though amused and delighted by the sounds he created. Affectionately nicknamed "Smilin 'Billy" by sax player Jimmy Heath, his sensitivity and taste earned him the respect and admiration of both fellow musicians and fans and made him one of the most avidly sought after drummers around. The great Lee Morgan summed it up nicely when he said "he never overplays... yet you always know he's there".

Over seven hundred recordings bear testimony that he was one of the most recorded sidemen and drummers in jazz.

In March 1996 Mr. Higgins had his first liver transplant and needed another one within 24 hours when it was determined that the first liver was bad. Jazz aficionados were surprised when he began playing again, coming to New York with Mr. Coleman, Mr. Lloyd and Harold Land.

His final performance was at the Los Angeles club Bones and Blues, on Jan. 22, when his students and his colleagues, including Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Land, played in a benefit to support his fight against liver disease.

He is survived by four sons: Ronald, William Jr., David and Benjamin, all of Los Angeles; two daughters, Ricky and Heidi, both of Los Angeles; and a brother, Ronald, of Palmdale, Calif.


Steve Smith


Next week (May 8-13) Vital Information will be playing at one of our favorite venues, Catalina's Bar and Grill in Hollywood, CA. Getting comfortable in a club is advantageous for us to stretch and develop the music. Come out and join myself, Tom Coster, Frank Gambale, and Baron Browne and make the scene! We'll also be performing at the Bakersfield Jazz Festival on the afternoon of May 12.

I have two upcoming drum clinics in the San Francisco area. They are at Drum World in San Mateo, CA on May 20, and Watermelon Music in Davis, CA on May 21. Then I travel to Europe and will be teaching at the Drum 'n' Percussion workshop in Paderborn, Germany during May 25-27.

Another group that I've been playing and recording with is Count's Jam Band. We will be playing for a week at the Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC June 12-17. Tone Center Records released "Count's Jam Band-Reunion" (TC-4015) on April 10. This recording features jazz/rock pioneers Larry Coryell on guitar and Steve Marcus on sax, playing together for the first time since the early 70s. The bass player on the recording is the extraordinary Kai Eckhardt and joining us on four tunes is one the Bay Area's best pianists, Jeff Chimenti, from Les Claypool's band The Flying Frog Brigade and Bob Weir's band Ratdog. I produced as well as played drums on this project. This CD has extensive liner notes written by noted jazz historian, Stuart Nicholson, author of the book Jazz-Rock: A History. For those of you who have not read this comprehensive book, I highly recommend it.

I've been busy recording and doing clinics for past few months. I had the good fortune to play on two fantastic rock instrumental CDs - one by guitarist Vinnie Moore and the other by guitarist and keyboardist, Tony MacAlpine. These two virtuosi have written challenging and brilliant rock music that combine elements of classical, fusion, prog rock and latin. The CDs will be released on the Shrapnel label in the next few months. (www.shrapnelrecords.com, www.vinniemoore.com, www.tonymacalpine.com)

Speaking of CD releases, the next Vital Information studio recording, Show 'Em Where You Live, will be released in Europe later this month. We still don't have a release date for the US, but once the CD is out in Europe, the good folks at Audiophile Imports (www.audiophileimports.com) will have copies for sale in the US.

Thanks to all of you who attended my recent clinics and performances in Texas, Montana, Holland and Germany. They were a lot of fun and I appreciate the great turnouts.

...the full info on my upcoming events will be posted on my website, www.vitalinformation.com. Stay tuned and keep listening . . . Steve


Mike Botts

Hi there:

I've been receiving the newsletter for awhile and finally checked out the site. What can I say? It's fantastic!! It's THE cyber-hang for drummers. After finishing off a two year twenty fifth anniversary tour with Bread, I went in to the studio to complete my own debut CD, "Adults Only". Well, it's now available through my website (www.mikebotts.com) along with my CDrom, Double Platinum Drums and I couldn't be happier with the results. I hope you'll visit my new website and check out the audio samples from the CD. I also recently finished a CD project with Nils Lofgren which should be out soon. Take care and keep up the good work. You can bet I'll be checking in regularly. Bye for now.

Best Regards: Mike Botts


Ted Parsons

Hi Drums on the web,

... I wanted to send you my web site and related musical sites. Thanks for your great site!


My Site: Ted Parsons

Godflesh official: A V A L A N C H E iNC

Fan site: Godflesh-Crumbling Flesh


Check news : Killing Joke: The Last Laugh

Past projects: P R O N G C E N T R A L

Bill Laswell: Axiom Home Page

Buckethead: Welcome to Higher Octave Music


Rick Latham

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's really been an exciting couple of weeks for Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors

Our music "Bonnie's Song" and "Funky Vail" have remained No.1 and No.2 on the Mp3 Smooth Jazz charts and all of our songs are now in the top 12.

We would like to thank our fans for listening and or downloading our music.

Can you say AAH?

The Doctors Are In At:

... *on tour now* with The Edgar Winter Band! For current itinerary please go to http://www.ricklatham.com/tour.htm



Bernard "Pretty" Purdie


I have finally complete a comprehensive three volume set of teaching videos, wherein I deal with studio work, small groups, large groups, techniques, grooves and much, much more.

Please check out www.bernardpurdie.com for details and ordering information, I think you will like what you will see and hear.

Thank you so much and peace always...........

Bernard "Pretty" Purdie


Alessandra Belloni

Dear Horacio & Friends:

Just wanted to tell you about my first percussion & healing dance workshop in Tuscany (Italy) this summer (August 20-27, 2001). It's in a beautiful magical place & it is very cheap!

A Big Hug, Alessandra


Alessandra Belloni is proud to announce special healing dance and percussion workshops to be held in Tuscany, Italy in a beautiful medieval town near Florence. The seminar will include the special participation of Dr. Jose Edoardo Bittar, a healing specialist from Brazil.

... Special Healing Dance Workshop featuring Southern Italian ritual dances used as music and dance therapy combined with the tambourines focusing on the ancient healing trance dance of the tarantella, used to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula. The dance called Pizzica Tarantata cured a mental disorder called Tarantismo which afflicted mainly women, who felt stuck in the spider web of their society. The sessions feature the ancient chants used as invocation to the healing energy of the Sun and the Black Madonna (ancient Earth Goddess - female energy).

The Percussion Workshop, also entitled "Rhythm is the Cure," features Southern Italian ritual folk dances used as music and dance therapy that are combined with the unique style of frame drums and tambourines. She is the only woman in America (and in Italy) who uses this powerful tambourine style combined with the singing and dancing, and is very proud to be able to bring this ancient healing tradition back to life. She is also a REMO Artist, with her own signature series tambourines made by REMO, who can make her tambourines available to students. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce general audiences and professional percussionists to a very rich tambourine folk dance culture with an active current performance practice in Southern Italy and also bring women back in touch with their lost drumming tradition.

During the percussion workshop, the participants will learn the rhythms (described on other side) focusing on; the basic technique of holding the drum with emphasis on arm movement, wrist and elbow technique which requires a lot of strength to create the bouncing sound of the triplets, hand technique with the palm and the fingertips in both a basic and accented fast 6/8 rhythm, and Neapolitan, Sicilian, Calabrese and Pugliese style tarantellas, which involve different variations of hand technique including finger trills on the tambourine skin.

A field trip will be planned to one of the drumming rituals which takes place in Southern Italy at night outside the churches where many drummers play in a circle with singers and dancers in the center.

Alessandra Belloni - Remo Signature Series Artist
Singer, Percussionist, Dancer, and Director of the Italian Theatre Group
I Giullari Di Piazza
in residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

For more information e-mail: Abelloni@aol.com or visit the website www.AlessandraBelloni.com

Brian Tichy

Hello, Drums on the Web. Brian Tichy here. I have received some e-mails from you and finally went and checked out the site. It's cool....

... We ran into each other at Namm '01 and LA Drum Day @ House of Blues.

Anyway, last summer I played drums for Ozzy Osbourne on Ozzfest and for 2 years prior to that I toured and recorded with Foreigner. I also have my own heavy, aggressive rock band, Ball, in which I play guitar and sing in. Joe Travers (Duran Duran) is the drummer. We have a record coming out later this year, (www.timebombrecordings.com)...

Also you can check out my site: www.briantichy.com. Thanks a lot. Look forward to hearing from you..

Brian Tichy


Terry Silverlight

Dear Pam,

Just saying hello and I hope this email finds you well...

By the way, Modern Drummer Magazine included an article on me in the April issue and Pro-Mark did an ad on me in the same issue. I just played "Sketches Of Spain" at the Wall-To-Wall Miles Davis tribute in NYC at Symphony Space along with Wallace Roney and Miles Evans with orchestra conducted by Maria Schneider. Plus I did a Westchester Council For The Arts performance with Chuck Loeb along with Mark Egan, Dave Charles, Andy Laverne and Lew Soloff. And I subbed on drums in the house band for The Rosie O'Donnell Show for several live shows recently and will do more this month.

Best wishes to you.

Terry Silverlight



Hip Pickles

The Hip Pickles have just returned from a fantastic performance experience at the Keystone Ski Resort in Colorado. The performance itself was a fun job.... We opened Astra Zenica's Corporate meeting for 1,200 of their sales force. Quite interesting was the fact that this venue was theatre in the round on a rotating turntable styled stage and we were on a mountain 9,000 + feet above sea level ! I've never been on a mountain like this before...... We were so high, that the altitude made the air very thin, and it was very difficult for all to breathe.......... an amazing thing that I have never experienced before........ Made sticks feel heavy, breathing labored and performance challenging.....

We performed a piece that we call Babu to open the event (using three Djembes) Then we performed a teambuilding segment using 12 drums and then we did a Coffee break lead in, using some custom instruments to look like coffee cans, tea kettels and coffee pots..... built by my friend Tom Tilford. This coffee stretch break had us performing a piece called Java Train, which had us leading the whole audience in a conga line, out of the conference room to take a break.

So all went well until we had to leave........ A HUGE snowstorm moved in.......at first I was really moved with how beautiful everything looked... until it snowed and snowed and snowed! This was a very big storm that closed the roads off the mountain, shut down the Denver Airport and virtually the whole city of Denver!

So we had to stay an extra day .... which was kind of cool, because we got to see Glen Frey (Eagles) in concert ...which was a special concert just for the Astra Zenica Folks........ The concert was Awesome.....a friend of mine was playing Percussion......didn't even know he was with the band, till I saw him on stage......

So it was a great time and as I said an amazing experience...... As a non skier,,,, It amazes me that people can ski on a mountain that is so steep.....

I also wanted to share with you another cool thing that we did...... The day before our flight we performed at the Nassau Coliseum for the New York Dragons Arena Football League........ we had a great time..... I recommend arena football to anyone who loves football....... what a "great" game - - - a ton of action ..... I am now a HUGE FAN!

The Production folks built a stage for us in the end zone. (we had to duck footballs at times .... and we had to deal with a couple of errant football cymbal crashes).......... We performed for the whole game, Plus and a halftime performance..... we had a really fun time and have been asked to do their whole season of home games, when we have open dates...... this will be a fun way to fill in some of our open dates.....

Anyway,,,,,, it is great to be home and have a couple of free days......

Best wishes to all



Efrain Toro

Hi Pam and Horacio,

I trust you guys are well!!!

Efrain Toro here.........

I am in South Africa now and loving it. I will be opening a drum school and center in Johannesburg in August. I just finished a CD collaboration with a student and 2 other friends. Very nice stuff and I'll be sure to send you a copy for review on your site.

There is all kinds of music. I had the pleasure to meet and work with a young repair from Cape Town who I believe will be famous all over the planet. His name is "d-Form" from a band called Moodphase5ive, also a female vocalist, Ernestine. The record was financed by government radio station, SAFM. I am doing some other good work here and meeting lots of great people.

I have two other bands which will be recording shortly. Both the bands are with top SA musicians. South Africa is a wonderful place with amazing surfing beaches, great food and some of the baddest vocal music tradition in the planet.

I'll in LA for two lectures on Flamenco music at UCLA in April 20 an 21, half hour before Paco de Lucia's concerts, who is the guitar god for the last 30 years and probably the most important to the tradition so far. Then I go to the Zildjian Factory, then visit my mother in NY (I hope it does not snow) and back to SA. Then on May 4, I go to Port Elizabeth for some Rhythm Workshops. On May 9 I am in Spain for DW, Zildjian and Evans clinics in Seville, Malaga and Valencia the mother place on the PAELLA! Then I come back to SA to leave for Namibia for a 2 week recording for a government sponsored Jazz record with some happening musicians. Then I will be busy with the schools and the band recordings and others. No complaint except the RAND (SA money) is so weak in international markets that is a drag to buy American goods.... SA has fantastic wines and full of natural resources. Cape Town is probably the most beautiful city in the world and in all SA is very happening.... to be continued...

I plan to offer the drum school to people all over the world who want a good education at an amazing affordable price in one of the most beautiful settings in the planet.

Drop me a note when you can.



Tommy Igoe

Greetings to my friends and endorsement partners,

On March 28th, I, along with Rob Wallis and Paul Seigel of Hudson Music, shot the raw footage for our "Getting Started on Drums" DVD/Video. We have set out to create nothing short of the new de facto standard for beginning drum video products. As most of you know, my passion for creating quality educational material on our instrument runs very deep. Some of you also know that my personal view on what is currently available for the novice market on video is not high and many of you have agreed with me time and time again. We can do something much better and a lot more fun.

We have set out to create something unique and special. We've taken them on a 2 part journey with 17 chapters starting with the drums in the boxes. This product is aimed at kids and even adults who want to get started, teaching important concepts of drumming, while at the same time having a great time! We never just teach a "beat", we show a groove and how they can make up their own when the program is finished. We have some of my personal students come out and play to make it even more digestible and inspiring to kids.

And to assist in the ever more common presence of completely disassembled drumsets (no heads, no mounts out of the box), part 1 is dedicated to getting their drumset set up correctly. Every part of the drumset is shown in detail and explained by me personally...

I'm very excited about the creation of this product. I think it will be something that we've needed for sometime... I play the best products in the world and my partnerships with all of you is special to me...


Tommy Igoe
Deep Rhythm Music



Dee Potter

The drummer from Tim Harrison's highly acclaimed Bridges CD and the upcoming Boskov disc has a new book released for 2001 under the Hal Leonard Corp. banner.

The Drummer's Guide to Shuffles was written for all drummers from beginner to pro in the pursuit of a creative and effective shuffle rhythm. 48 pages of shuffles in fact, along with a 46 track CD guarantee the mastery of the groove.

Check it out.

Dee Potter


Joel Taylor

Dear Pam,

How have you been? Thanks for keeping this newsletter coming. Just wanted to let you know I'm currently on tour in Europe with Allan Holdsworth. The shows have been going great! We're here for 3+ weeks, then off to Japan for 2 weeks. Got to go now, but I'll be talking with you soon.

Joel Taylor


Terry Silverlight

Hi Pam,

I noticed that my performance last week in NYC is listed on the DrumsOnTheWeb site and my website is linked. I just wanted to thank you so much for including me in on such a wonderful site. I'm truly honored...

My performance went very well. I had a great band: Will Lee on bass, Clifford Carter on keyboards, Dave Mann on sax and Gil Parris on guitar. We played all of my original compositions which was a thrill. The place was packed with many great musicians: Joel Rosenblatt, Zachary Danziger, Brian Dunne, Robbie Gonzolez, Gordon Gottlieb, Hiram Bullock, Joe Caro, Wayne Krantz, Pete Levin, Paul Adamy, Chris Hajian, Mike Risciutti, John Tennyson, David Nichtern (he wrote Midnight At The Oasis), Jeff Golub, Don Harris, Gregory Jones, Lew Soloff (who sat in) and many more...

Best wishes.


ps Just wanted to mention that there was an article written about me in the April issue of Modern Drummer Magazine. Plus, Pro-Mark coordinated an ad for me in the same issue...


Ernie Durawa

Hi Pam..... Short note to let you know that there is a Grammy Award Exhibit at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and for those of you coming to SXSW this year... it will be there as soon as you get off the plane. A pair of my drumsticks are in the Texas Tornados display case.

There is also a Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar in his case as well as several Grammys from musicians such as Shawn Colvin, Eric Johnson, Asleep At The Wheel and Willie Nelson. It's very cool. Check it out if you're in the area.

Hope to see you again soon Pam.

Take Care,
Love ya,
Ernie Durawa-Texas Tornados



Ramon Yslas


first of all, I hope this is your email address, if not whoever is reading this delete now... just kidding.. how are you??

All is well here, on tour right now with the Backstreet Boys, and we have been out since Jan. 18th.... rehearsals... different story, that began in late Nov... anyways, this leg ends in March in Mexico City, 3 nights there... and we take a month off then head to So. America for a month... right now we are in the west coast, Portland and headed down the coast for another 3 weeks... it's been crazy but fun... be safe... lots o love..

Ramon Yslas


Chris DeRosa


I just wanted to take a moment to keep you abreast of what's been happening. I am currently in the studio with the band "Collider" recording their new CD for Special K Records with producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, and REO Speed Wagon).

I have also been invited by Marco Socolli and the good folks at Vic Firth Drum Sticks to join their family as an endorsee. So officially I'm making this announcement to you for the first time (I signed the contract today: ). An honour which I am sure you can appreciate

I hope all is well in your world and as always you have my best!

Chris DeRosa
(NYC Freelance)


To Check-out Some of Chris's Upcoming Performances:

To Listen To Some Music Chris Has Played On:


Ralph Humphrey

Pam and El Negro,

We're getting ready to graduate another fine class of students (at LAMA LA Music Academy). We always get a handful of players who can really play well, and seem destined to make it in the real world. For example, a former graduate is playing in the band 'Palo Alto' and another is in a band, whose name I can't remember, who is playing tonight on the David Letterman show. Other grads are gigging around town.

On Feb. 26, Allan Holdsworth with Dave Carpenter and Joel Taylor will be playing a concert at LAMA. I don't think it is open to the public, however.

The school continues to grow with each new class. The vibe is great and the students are serious. It makes teaching a pleasure....

...I'll keep you posted of any developments at the school that would be good to know about.

Take care.
Ralph Humphrey


Vincent Nguini

This is an email from Paul Simon's guitar tech, Michael Kaye.

Our friend Vincent Nguini, Paul's guitarist has lost a dear friend....

Missing: Gibson Chet Country Gentleman - NYC area

1998 model, orange, gold hardware, Bigsby. Worn ebony fretboard.
serial #: 93357478

Missing during airport/ cab confusion.

Standard Gibson brown case with scrawled sharpie writing on top lid... lock broken off.

This guitar is somewhat battered with lots of plying wear and fogging of the finish especially on the treble half of the black headstock overlay.

Please contact with any leads!

Please email this around any NYC area guitars shops you can think off.
Vincent Nguini loves this guitar!

Thanks Michael Kaye


Sue Hadjopoulos

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I am on the cover of the latest issue of Musico Pro Magazine. Musico Pro is a Spanish language music magazine.

Also, congratulations to Joe Jackson who won a grammy for best instrumental performance for his Symphony #1. I recorded all percussion on that CD, so now I can say I am officially on a Grammy Winning CD!

We just finished a 7 week tour of Europe in support of Joe Jackson's Night and Day II and we begin a U.S. tour on March 12.


Sue Hadjopoulos


Doc Gibbs

Hey El Negro,

Whatup? Great Newsletter.... much needed info, and how do you keep up with everything goin' on in your itinerary?

Anyway... just wanted to shout at you... I'm on tour with Erykah Badu, and MD for a chef on cable tv... the Emeril Live Show.

Hope all is well look forward to playing with you some day....

May Olofi, Orisa, and Egun continue to bless you and yours, Peace, Doc Gibbs


Cougar Estrada

" A Dios Delia "

Hi, I want to tell you a story about this song I wrote the music and chorus to. I dedicated this song to my Mom. I got a chance to play it for her and sing it to her when she was still living here on earth and she liked the idea. I wish that she had a chance to hear the finished version because after she passed away I decided to get my aunt, my two sisters, my niece and my four nephews to sing on the chorus part.

I kept the rawness and first take energy of the family and I think it came out really good. They were all excited to be part of this song. Especially the ending part when everybody was laughing, yelling and celebrating my moms spirit. I have it on video.

I'm sure you will understand the story of this song even though the song is sung in Spanish and you may not understand the words. There is a English translation on the page. I know the musicians put there feeling and heart into the celebration of my Moms life in the music. Especially Kevin Vazquez who wrote the lyrics and sung from his heart. So you will go on a little journey at first but in the end you will be dancing in your seats. I promise. That's what she wanted.

One thing I have to say which I thought was cool. My cousin Sergio came over while I was playing this CD in the house last month. Then this song came on. He said, "Is that your Mom singing?" I thought that was cool for him to hear my moms voice on the recording.

Anyway the song is titled "A Dios Delia" at first I introduced it as "Adios Delia" (Good-bye Delia) but Kevin my friend and band member had a better title with the same words. "A Dios Delia" (To God Delia).

All 13 songs are up now on Mp3.com. They are for download now so you can have them for FREE. Napster.com here we come.

Thanks for listening friends, Cougar

PS. I would also like to dedicate the release of this song to my friend Veronica. Whose Aunt Anita just passed away on Feb. 19th 12:01 am. from cancer and to Craig Thomas whose father passed away this morning at 11:30am.

Click Here to hear " A Dios Delia "


Rick Latham

Want a Free Lesson?

Free Live Real -Time Streaming 1 On 1 web lesson With Rick Latham http://www.ricklatham.com

From Now Until February 28th 2001 when you purchase a "Rick Latham and the Groove Doctors" CD on-line for the special price of only $5.99 plus shipping and handling you will receive a FREE Streaming Audio/Video Real-Time Lesson (a $100.00 value) with Rick Latham covering the drum related topic of YOUR choice. This limited offer is available Worldwide.

You also will receive FREE audio/video streaming net conferencing software of your choice (normally $49-$99) for PC or MAC.

To purchase the CD please click on the following link:


After ordering the CD you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. Forward the email confirmation to funkyrick@earthlink.net and Rick Latham will contact you about your FREE software and setting up YOUR FREE streaming lesson.

For more information simply email with any questions. (actual lesson must take place by March 31, 2001)

Thank you and please enjoy your CD and FREE lesson.




Louie Bellson

... Spoke with Louie a few minutes ago and he sends his love to all. He sustained two cracks in his pelvis (ouch) and is already hobbling around with a cane. What I didn't know was lovely wife Francine has a cracked rib and many bruises as well. After all, she did end up on the bottom of the pile. They love hearing from everyone, so feel free to.

Send cards and letters to Mr. and Mrs. L. Bellson
C/O Remo Inc.
28101 W. Industry Dr.
Valencia, CA 91355

George Graham & Colin Tomer


Joel Rosenblatt

And now for the news....

The album will be called "In Modern Times" and is scheduled for a May 22 street date. We expect that we will have a single going to radio about four weeks before that...

The response from the record company to the music is quite encouraging. Dave Love, the president of Heads Up had this to say when I sent him the tracks: "I couldn't be happier this morning. These are great tracks especially I like the "Florida Straits," but all are great. You guys stepped up and I am pleased. ... "Julio's Party" is the bomb! ... This is gonna kill in the Surround Sound as well." The head of the Japanese record company's jazz division wrote this: "I listened the CD-R of Spyro Gyra. It's GREAT !!! I love It. SPYRO GYRA is eternal."

In addition to them, Michael Fagien who as you probably know is the owner and editor in chief of Jazziz magazine, also heard the unsequenced tracks... there will also be a tune from the album on that (May) issue's CD sampler.

... we will have an MP3 from the album available on the Net featuring one of the more high energy tunes, probably "Florida Straits,"... Heads Up is also releasing a low cost sampler (almost free!) in Europe and is leading it with another high energy tune from the album.

Also during May, our recent concert in Japan will be shown on all long range Northwest Airlines flights and will have a feature in their inflight magazine profiling the group and the new album. Those flights without video programming will have an audio channel playing the show.

That's all for now, but we're just getting started...


Walfredo Reyes, Jr

I hope this finds you all well & healthy. After many e-mails asking " where's Wally?", well, here it is!

After ending the year 2000 doing Cristina Aquilera's Christmas Special, the year 2001 started with a bang playing in a new band with Don Grusin (keyboards), Armand Sabal-Lecco (bass), & Toshi Anagi (guitars). We will continue to play around the LA area & record later this year.

The January NAMM show was great! I reconnected with lots of friends. After the NAMM, I was featured in a commercial for Carl's Jr. for the Hispanic cities of US My brother Danny & my Dad also participated. You might see us & hear us on spanish TV channels & local radio. It was a great experience! Muevete!! (that's the hook)

I'm flying to France to do a drum workshop / concert for Mapex Drums at Chateau St. Jean, Parc St. Jean, 03100 Montlucon, Phone 04 70 02 71 71, Fax 04 70 02 71 70. www.chateaustjean.net It's on the 17th of February, drum clinic & concert in the evening. Call for information. Drums & Creme Brulee!

The 8th of March i will be playing a concert with Freddie Ravel at the Music Messe in Frankfurt, Germany, for Boessendorfer grand pianos at the Marriott Hotel. Great band! I hope i see some of you there.

Then, I hop to the US & back on the 13th of March to Holland to do a drum video & concert with Martin Verdonk (great percussionist from Curasao / Holland). We're gonna cook some grooves & film till the 20th of March.

On the 2nd of April I start rehearsals in London for the Heineken Night Life concerts which takes place at the Ahoy (entertainment center) in Rotterdam, Holland the 19th, 20th, & 21st. I will be backing many international artists with a huge symphonic orchestra. I will post who the artists are in my web soon. Last time Toni Braxton, Elvis Costello, K's Choice, Roland Gift & many others performed.

This year i will be one of the faculty at the Kosa Percussion Camp in the mountains of Vermont, US It will take place from July 30th To Aug. 5th. The list of performers participating is amazing! Contact Aldo Mazza for more info at kosa@istar.ca.

I am working on my Wallyworld music project & many other great sessions & projects which i will post up in the near future on my web. Thank you for your support, friendship & positive e-mails. Stay in touch, & take care of yourselves.


Peace, Walfredo


Jesse Arreola

Accident Kills Los Palominos Drummer
By Alfredo Alvarado

NEW YORK (Feb. 5, 2001) - Jesse Arreola, the drummer of the Grammy nominated Tejano band Los Palominos, was killed in a bus accident outside of Port Lavaca, Texas on Sunday night. Arrreola died when the driver of the band's chartered bus ran a stop sign. According to Veronica D'az of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department, Arreola was thrown into a ditch then was run over by the bus. D'az said that the other five bus passengers suffered only minor injuries and were released at the scene. The other passengers were Arreola's brothers and fellow band members James, Johnny and George Arreola.

Los Palominos picked up an award for best Tejano performance at the 1999 Grammy Awards for "Por Eso Te Amo," which also won the Tejano category the same year in the first Latin Grammy awards. The brothers began singing in 1984 under the name of Los Tremendos, but switched their name to Los Palominos in 1995. After recording with Sony the band signed with Fonovisa in September of last year. Their latest CD Obsession, was released at the end of last year and produced a hit single, "Te Quiero Mas." Jesse Arreloa was 31- years-old.


Jose' Rossy

Hello Pam, here is the info I wanted to give you about my drum workshop. March 24 at the Old City Hall, in Redding Ca., the Arts Council is sponsoring the workshop. It's going to be from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm.

First a clinic, then interaction, and then I'll have a 4 piece combo to play some tunes and have some audience participation. It should be fun and everybody is excited about it. Includes some afrocuban rhythms and how to apply them into a more pop situation.

Thanks Pam and I'll talk to you later.


Steve Smith

Hello Everyone, It's been awhile, but I'm still around!!!

A special thanks to all of those who voted for me in the recent Modern Drummer Readers poll. I am thrilled to be named as one of the Top 25 Drummers Of All Time. It's very rewarding to be getting some recognition for the work that I've been doing all these years. I know there are many great drummers who spent their whole lives playing and making important contributions to the development of music, and have gotten very little or no acclaim. An area where this seems to be very common is the early days of R & B and Rock 'n' Roll.

I've been spending some time every day researching the history of rock 'n' roll drumming for a new video series being produced by Hudson Music: Legends Of Rock Drumming. Paul Siegal and Rob Wallis, along with their longtime collaborator, Bruce Klauber and myself have been working on Vol.1 Roots Of Rock Drumming 1945-1964.

This is a very interesting project that has me reading about and listening to the music of Louis Jordan, Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner as well as Fats Domino, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Crickets, Jerry Lee Lewis and Bo Diddley, to name a few. There are so many great drummers who played with these and many other artists, but received no credit. In fact, it's been very difficult to find out any information at all about some of these drummers. We plan on talking about and including film clips of the drummers who played with these artists (where there are clips available) as well as trying to interview as many of the players as we can. So far we've video taped some great interviews with two of the masters, Earl Palmer and Hal Blaine. Go to www.hudsonmusic.com for more info.

Speaking of video interviews, in December, I did a 2 1/2 hour interview with VH1 for Journey-Behind The Music. The staff at VH1 are now editing hours of interviews with all of the Journey band members, as well as sorting through hours of concert footage from all of the different incarnations of Journey. The projected debut of this TV show is Sunday, February 18, at 9:00 p.m. (PST). Now stay tuned for the story of...... Count's Jam Band - Reunion.

Before fusion became popular in the early 70's, there was a community of musicians in NYC experimenting with Jazz / Rock in the mid-to-late 60's. Two of the leaders of this movement were guitarist Larry Coryell and saxophonist Steve "The Count" Marcus. They documented these radical new ideas on two classic recordings made in 1967 and 1968 using the name Count's Rock Band.

Once Coryell started the high powered fusion band, The Eleventh House, and Marcus became the featured tenor sax soloist in the Buddy Rich Big Band, the two musicians didn't work together again until 1999 when they had a chance meeting at a concert where they were both performing. Out of that meeting, the idea of a "REUNION" began to emerge.

Larry and "The Count" called me in October of last year to see if I would be interested in playing on and producing their "Reunion." I was very excited about the idea and immediately called Mike Varney of Tone Center Records who jumped at the chance to record this historic reunion.

Since Larry and I had just played a great gig with Kai Eckhardt, he became our choice to be the bassist to round out the quartet. (Kai was a member of Vital Information in the late 80's. He went on to play with John McLaughlin and Trilok Gurtu.) We recorded the music December 4-9, 2000 at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA. Four of the tunes that Larry brought in required a piano, so we brought in a fantastic pianist who I've played with in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeff Chimenti, who tours on the Jam Band Scene with Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade and Bob Weir's Ratdog.

We had an amazing time playing together, really stretching out and jamming on the music. To me, the music that we recorded simultaneously revisits the past, lives in the present and looks toward tomorrow. Count's Jam Band-Reunion will be released in April 10, 2001.

Vital Information will be playing again in May. We're booked for our annual week at the Catalina Bar and Grill, Hollywood, CA. Tue - Sunday May 8-13. We also will be playing at the Bakersfield Jazz Festival at 3:00pm in the afternoon of Saturday, May 12th. That will be a busy day because we'll have to be back in Hollywood in time to hit at Catalina's at 8:30! There will also be a few Mars Music store dates in early May.

Please come out and see us when you get a chance. We'll be playing music from our latest release "Live Around The World 1998-99" and from our next release, "Show 'Em Where You Live." Intuition Music is planning a European release of Show 'Em Where You Live sometime in May. I still don't know when they will be releasing it in the US. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

If you live in Texas or Montana, I'll be the featured guest for two upcoming concerts. Here is the info:

5 March Monday
9th Annual Marcus High School Spring Percussion Ensemble Concert
featuring guest artist: Steve Smith
7:30PM Larry Sigler Auditorium
Flower Mound, TX (15 miles north of Dallas)
Admission $5
For more info call 972.539.1591 ext.16207

23 April Monday
Montana State University-Billings Jazz Festival
featuring guest artist: Steve Smith
concert at 7:30pm with MSUB Jazz Ensemble
clinic time TBA
Petro Theater (MSUB campus)
Contact: Tom Strait 406.657.2045

Be sure to check for more dates at www.vitalinformation.com

Take Care, Steve


Billy Higgins needs your help

Hello there....

We're writing you to ask for your help.

Unfortunately, Billy Higgins is very sick again. Five years ago he received a liver transplant which was miraculous and has served him well. In recent months the new liver has showed signs of severe damage and Billy has been told that he will need another transplant. He has been in and out of the hospital since the end of October and has been unable to work. This has not only been very hard on his music loving spirit, but his ability to personal finances have deteriorated with his health. Billy gives everything he has to his community and those around him who are in need.

He will go in for a final evaluation on Feb. 5, before being put on the transplant waiting list. Those of us who love him through personal association or through his music are pooling together to try and help him cover his medical and living expenses. A benefit was held in Los Angeles to raise money to support his unbelievably high medical costs. Until another benefit can be organized, we are hoping to gather Billy's friends, supporters and fans together to help at this very crucial time.

His contribution to music is far more then we could ever put into words, as most of you all know.. .please show him your support at this time of crisis. Send whatever amount you can made out to Billy Higgins. Any personal message will be forwarded to him. Please send your support to:

Forest Farm Music + Art
PO Box 5816
Santa Barbara, CA 93150

All donations will be consolidated and sent to Billy on a weekly basis.

Thank you so much.
Dorothy Darr and Charles Lloyd

The following article from the LA Times came from another email on the subject.

Monday, January 22, 2001

Billy Higgins Gets a Hand From Friends and Fans Jazz * The benefit gives musicians a chance to thank the drummer, who has fought a long battle with liver ailments.

By DON HECKMAN, Special to The Times

Billy Higgins had a small smile on his face Friday night as he sat near the stage at Bones & Blues, listening to a group of youngsters singing their way through the twists and turns of a Thelonious Monk song. The smile, only a step down from the enthusiastic grin that is familiar to anyone who has seen this most-recorded of jazz drummers in action, was wistful too. The performance was a benefit to support Higgins, 64, in his continuing fight against liver ailments. Turning away from the stage for a moment, Higgins shook his head in awe. "Man, aren't those kids something?" he said. Then, before he could direct his attention back to the performance, he was greeted by an old friend, one in a stream of acquaintances and admirers who had turned out for an evening with scheduled performances by Charles Lloyd, Harold Land, Rose Gales, Bobby Matos, the Young World Stage All Stars, Gerry Rush and poet Kamau Daa'oud. It wasn't at all surprising that so many musicians and listeners showed up to fill the venue, which is positioned within cavernous Phoenix Hall in central Los Angeles' the Center. Higgins' drumming has been a pivotal element in the jazz world since he received his first national recognition as a member of Ornette Coleman's trend-setting quartet of the late '50s and early '60s. But his versatility reached far beyond the arena of the jazz avant-garde. And in the succeeding decades he has worked in every imaginable jazz genre, with almost everyone in the jazz world, from Monk and Sonny Rollins to Pat Metheny and Joe Henderson. The presence of many of the attendees, however -- despite their great admiration for his musical accomplishments -- was motivated by their gratitude for Higgins' work as an educator. In addition to the many occasions on which he has offered the wisdom of his talent and experience on a one-to-one basis, Higgins has created the World Stage in Leimert Park. The venue has brought world-class artists into the area for performance and education, serving as an invaluable contact point with the wider jazz world for aspiring young artists who otherwise might not have either the wherewithal or the opportunity to get such experiences. Higgins' performances, however, have been in short supply lately. Although he has been active over the past few years since receiving a liver transplant, recent gigs have been suddenly canceled. And fans, showing up for performances by Lloyd and Cedar Walton -- performances at which Higgins was expected to play -- were disappointed by his absence, and rumors about his health began to circulate. Asked how he was feeling, Higgins replied, "OK, under the circumstances." Urged for more information, he shrugged and added, "Well, I'm going to have to get another transplant." Then, with another of his slight smiles, he said, "This one's lasted me five years, so I guess I can't complain." Probably not, since complaining isn't especially consistent with Higgins, who seems far more concerned with finding solutions than dwelling on problems. But the situation, nonetheless, means that he will once again have to get in line with others awaiting similar operations. Characteristically, none of that seemed to be on his mind when the evening seemed -- surprisingly -- to turn up a paucity of drummers, generating a few spontaneous shifts of personnel. That simply heightened a sense of anticipation. The buzz before the program, as well as during its opening segments, had been about whether Higgins would play -- whether, in fact, he would be strong enough to play. But when the opportunity arose to sit in with Lloyd, whose music has been especially compatible for Higgins, he climbed over the barrier near the front of the stage and moved behind the drums, once again delivering his incomparable percussion magic. For the audience, it was a moment that was both rewarding and poignant. And their heartfelt response seemed to be both a touching indication of how much Billy Higgins has meant to jazz, as well as the expression of a clear desire for his healthy personal and musical future.


John JR Robinson

I hooked up with the VERY busy JR at LA Drum Day, House of Blues, and when I asked what he's been up to lately... he just laughed and said...

Rufus & Chaka reuniting after 17 years... the grammy... Rufus producing Japanese artist named "I"... finished a world tour with Barbara Streisand... Zildjian tour of Asia & New Zealand... 9 countries in 13 days! Yamaha tour of Japan... Two new JR signature series snares with Yamaha... and I'm scoring a motion picture in late 2001!


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