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Photo Gallery Index : 2001

The Rhythmic Arts Project 2nd Annual Benefit Concert
for Individuals with Special Needs
at LAMA (LA Music Academy)

Gallery 44 : High Spirit Dancers!, Airto Moreira

Gallery 44a : Y:Spirit Drummers!

Gallery 44b : more Y:Spirit Drummers!

Gallery 44c : more Y:Spirit Drummers, Eddie Tuduri

Gallery 44d : Debra Dobkin, Walfredo Reyes Sr, Joe Porcaro

Gallery 44e : Ralph Humphrey, Mike Shapiro, Ndugu Chanceler, Suzanne Morrisette

Gallery 44f : Richie Gajate Garcia, Joe Porcaro, Walfredo Reyes Sr

Gallery 44g : Richie Gajate Garcia, Ralph Humphrey, Mike Shapiro, Ndugu Chancler

Gallery 44h : Suzanne Morrisette, Walfredo Reyes Sr, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Richie Gajate Garcia, Ralph Humphrey

Gallery 44i : Walfredo Reyes Jr, Joe Porcaro

Gallery 44j : Walfredo Reyes Jr, Walfredo Reyes Sr, Drum Talk!, Ndugu Chancler

Gallery 44k : Walfredo Reyes Sr, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta

Gallery 44l : group shots!

Gallery 44m : Trienna Moon, Mike & Ronnie Gutierrez

Gallery 44n : Mike & Ronnie Gutierrez

Gallery 44o : Mike & Ronnie Gutierrez

Gallery 44p : Mike Shapiro, Kevyn Lettau, Walfredo Reyes Sr, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Flora Purim, Airto Moreira

Gallery 44q : Walfredo Reyes Jr, Mike & Ronnie Gutierrez, Adam Arkin

Gallery 44r : Debra Dobkin, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Eddie Tuduri

Gallery 44s : Eddie Tuduri, Tommy Aldridge w/ Steve Fister & Marco Mendoza

Gallery 44t : Tommy Aldridge

Gallery 44u : Eddie Tuduri & Tommy Aldridge

Gallery 44v : Eddie Tuduri, Tommy Aldridge, Walfredo Reyes Sr

Gallery 44w : Tommy Aldridge, Walfredo Reyes Sr, Mike Shapiro, Adam Arkin

Carlos Vega 4th Annual Memorial Birthday Concert
La Ve Lee

Gallery 43 : Will Kennedy

Gallery 43a : Will Kennedy, Luis Conte

Gallery 43b : Luis Conte, Chris Trujillo

Gallery 43c : Luis Conte, Chris Trujillo

Gallery 43d : Ralph Humphrey

Drum Day LA 2001...

Gallery 42 : Marco Minnemann, Glen Sobel & Hilary Jones

Gallery 42a : Will Kennedy, Julio Figueroa & Doane Perry, Pam & Kenny Aronoff

Gallery 42b : the Drum:Off Grand Finalists...

Gallery 42c : the Hand Drum:Off Winners...

Gallery 42d : and the Drum:Off winner is...

Gallery 42e : Chalo Eduardo, Richie Garcia, Stephen Perkins, Josh Freeze, Bill Bruford

Gallery 42f : Travis Barker, Bill Bruford

Gallery 42g : Marco Minnemann, Hilary Jones, Doane Perry & Pat Brown (ProMark)

A NY night in LA!

Gallery 41 : Nir Z, Tal Bergman, Todd Sucherman
& Bobby Boos

Gallery 41a : more Nir Z & Todd Sucherman

more... We Get Mail!

Gallery 40 : Glen Sobel & Beautiful Creatures : Ozzfest Tour Pix
Here's a few recent pix from the Ozzfest tour. It's going amazing. We're getting tons of new fans at every show...

Rikki Rockett's new Titanium kit from Innovation Drums!

Alvino Bennett at LA's The Mint!

We Get Mail!

Gallery 37 : Sailing the seas with Rod Bland
and some friends

Gallery 36 : Photos from the road with
Rick Latham & Julio Figueroa

A Gathering of Friends & Celebration of Life
Steve Ettleson
Catalina Bar & Grill, Los Angeles

Gallery 35 : Joe Porcaro, Emil Richards, Joey Heredia, Kevin Ricard

Gallery 35a : Carmine Appice, Stu Nevitt, Rich Mangicaro, Michael Dubin

Gallery 35b :Kevin Ricard, Rich Mangicaro, Bill Bruford, Peter Michael Escovedo, Rayford Griffin

Gallery 35c : Joey Heredia, Carmine Appice, Bruce Gary, Freddie Gruber, Gavin (Remo), Rick Marotta, Dave Weckl

Gallery 35d : Dave Weckl, Carmine Appice, Joey Heredia

Gallery 35e : Freddie Gruber

Gallery 35f : group shot!

We Get Mail!

Gallery 34 : a great shot of Billy Higgins! (sent to us from Ernie Durawa...) & Marcus Baylor! (sent to us from Edwardo...)

World Rhythm Festival, Seattle, WA ...

Gallery 33 : Friday Night Opening Ceremony

Gallery 33a : Friday Night Opening Ceremony

Gallery 33b : The Workshops
Ben Thomas : Vibraphone performance / clinic Melody as Rhythm & Rhythm as Melody, Simone LaDrumma : Rhythm In You: How to Find It, Feel It & Keep It

Gallery 33c : The Workshops
w/ Arturo Rodriguez : Bembe & Independence, Arthur Hull : Universal Rhythms

Gallery 33d : The Workshops
w/ Arthur Hull : Universal Rhythms, Steve Gausch : Bongo Workshop, Andrew Spencer : Marimba, Hank Voss : Global Kids Drumming Workshop

Gallery 33e : The Workshops
w/ Hank Voss : Global Kids Drumming Workshop, Brent Lewis : Drumming Workshop, Mandido : Drumming Madness Beginners

Gallery 33f : The Workshops
w/ Mandido : Drumming Madness Beginners, Andrew Spencer : Marimba, Christine Stevens : Empowerment Drumming for Wellness

Gallery 33g : The Workshops
w/ Christine Stevens : Empowerment Drumming for Wellness

Gallery 33h : Drums Everywhere!
w/ Arts Corps... Highpoint Drum Ensemble, & some impromptu drumcircles

Gallery 33i : Drums Everywhere!
some impromptu drumcircles

Gallery 33j : The Workshops
w/ Atteh Netty : Drum Rhythms from Ghana, Jerry Steinholtz : The Conga Drum: The Hands are the Secret, Bill Matthews : Introduction to African Rhythms

Gallery 33k : The Workshops
w/ Airto Moreira Workshop : Brazilian Percussion Clinic / Workshop

Gallery 33l : The Workshops
w/ Airto Moreira Workshop : Brazilian Percussion Clinic / Workshop

Gallery 33m : The Workshops
w/ Vishal Nagar : East Indian Tabla Virtuoso, Global Kids Percussion Ensemble

Hangin' out in LA ...

Gallery 32 : Walfredo Reyes, Jr & Dave Weckl at La Ve Lee

Gallery 32a : Herman Matthews at Cafe Cordiale

Freddie Gruber shares a moment in time
of drumming history ...

Gallery 31 : Freddie Gruber & Buddy Rich

Gallery 31a : Freddie Gruber & Buddy Rich

Gallery 31b : Freddie Gruber, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Max Roach, Papa Jo Jones & Dizzy Gillespie

We get mail!
photos from the road...

Gallery 30 : Efrain Toro at Frankfurt MESSE & Rob Bland w/ Matt Cameron

Gallery 30a : Mike Smith's Macy Gray tour

Gallery 30b : more Mike Smith's Macy Gray tour

Gallery 30c : more Mike Smith's Macy Gray tour

Gallery 30d : Mike Smith's Kirk Whalum shows

DRUM! Magazine

Gallery 29 : Women in the Drum Industry, Pam & her baby bike

NAMM 2001

Gallery 28 : Dave Weckl, Freddy Gruber, Peter Erskine, Francis Awe, Ricky Lawson

Gallery 28a : Chris Hart, Poncho Sanchez, Omar Hakim, David Garibaldi

Gallery 28b : David Romero, Pete Engelhart, Giovanni Hidalgo, Carlos Hatem, Bob Fernandez

Gallery 28c : Jim Chapin, Cathy Hererra (LP), Karl Perazzo, Walfredo Reyes Sr, Arthur Hull

Gallery 28d : Ron Powell, Richard Reed, David Leach, Tony Coleman, Carmine Appice

Gallery 28e : Tommy Igoe, Gregg Bissonette, Steve Smith, Freddy Gruber, John Castallano (Drummer's Collective), Kevin Ricard, Craigie Zildjian, JR Robinson

Gallery 28f : Dave Weckl, Freddy Gruber, Tim Alexander, Curt Bisquera , Steve Houghton, Shannon Ford, Danny Gottlieb

Gallery 28g : Shannon Ford, Danny Gottlieb, Mike Smith, Kevin Ricard, Terry Santiel, Tony Royster, Ndugu Chancelor, Anton Fig

Gallery 28h : Freddy Gruber, Bruce Gary, John Hernandez, Bobbye Hall, Kevin Ricard, Herman Matthews, Joey Heredia

Gallery 28i : Kevin Ricard, Joey Heredia

Gallery 28j : Kevin Ricard, Freddy Gruber, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Mike Smith

Gallery 28k : Zoro, Bob Zildjian (Sabian cymbals), Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Herman Matthews, Jonathan Moffet

Gallery 28l : Sheila E, Tony Braunagel, Tal Bergman

Gallery 28m : Tal Bergman, Richie Gajate:Garcia

Gallery 28n : Kevin Ricard, Tony Royster, Thomas Pridgen, Sheila E, Tal Bergman, Tony Braunagel

Gallery 28o : Lil' John Roberts, Sonny Emory

Gallery 28p : Christophe Rossi (Batteur Magazine), FutureMan, Armando Perazzo, Karl Perazzo, Kenny Aronoff, Armand Zildjian

Gallery 28q : Kenny Aronoff, Simon Phillips

Gallery 28r : Smitty Smith, Jose Rossy, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Amando Perazzo, Ron Powell, Jim Chapin

Gallery 28s : Bobbye Hall, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, Lenny Castro

Gallery 28t : Ed Thigpen, Steve Smith, Gregg Bissonette, Chad Wackerman

Gallery 28u : Leon Mobley, Chalo Eduardo, Mike Smith, Paulo Mattioli, Denny Fongheiser, Scott Mundy (DW), Matt Sorum

Gallery 28v : Freddy Gruber, Bruce Gary

Gallery 28w : Vicki Randle, Freddy Gruber, Jim Chapin

Gallery 28x : Marco (Vic Firth), Joe Franco, Graham Hawthorne, playin' in the Remo booth & Bobby Rock

Gallery 28y : Jim Chapin, Karl Perazzo, Freddy Gruber, Alex Acuna

Gallery 28aa : Loraine Faina, Mark Schulman, Ndugu Chancelor, Ray Brinker, Freddy Gruber, David Garibaldi

Gallery 28ab : Jamie Oldaker, Hagi (Yamaha), Ndugu Chancelor, Freddy Gruber

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