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Photo Gallery 1

PAS '97 Photos

Mickey Hart, El Negro Hernandez, Allesandra Belloni
Allesandra Belloni, Paolo Mattioli, Mickey Hart, and El Negro Hernandez
checkin' out Allesandra's tambourines...
outside the Remo party

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El Negro, Mickey Hart, Chalo Eduardo, Pam Gore
 El Negro, Mickey Hart, Chalo Eduardo, and Pam Gore
hangin' out at the Remo party

Giovanni Hidalgo
Giovanni Hidalgo stops by the DrumsOnTheWeb.com booth to say Hola!

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Hangin' out at Robby Ameen's

El Negro & Robby Ameen
El Negro & Robby Ameen
*Be sure to check out Robby Ameen in the
Drummers Centerfold!

Marc Quinonnes & El Negro
Marc Quinonnes & El Negro

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Bobby Sanabria & El Negro
Bobby Allende & El Negro

El Negro plays conga

It's never boring
when El Negro's on the gig!

John Paris, Jose Rossy, John Santos, Don Alias, Karl Perazzo, Pam Gore, El Negro, Robbie Gonzalez, Manny Yanes
 (back) John Paris (drum, Patty LaBelle), Jose Rossy (percussion, Patty LaBelle),
John Santos, Don Alias

(front) Karl Perazzo (Santana), Pam Gore, El Negro, Manny Yanes (bass, Patty LaBelle), Robbie Gonzalez

Be sure to check out Jose' in the Drummers Centerfold!

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