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drummer Marco Minnemann

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Mike Meyers, KS

Gudrun Masschelein, Canada

Scott Kasper, MO

Correct answers in bold...

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1. Marco was born...

in 1970

under a bad sign

in the Black Forest (which explains his magical drum playing!)

2. At age 7, Marco started...

playing drums

extreme drumming - winning the national title for fastest hands at 1783 single strokes on the cowbell in one minute

skeleton (the grandfather of extreme sports, in which competitors hurtle headfirst down an ice track on a flat metal sled at speeds exceeding 80 miles per hour)

3. At age 13, he...

was hired to play his first tour as a professional drummer

played German National Anthem for the opening ceremonies of the 1936 Olympic Games in Germany

scored his first date with his childhood sweetheart, Brunhilda

4. Marco took lessons from...

drummer Abbey Raidar (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

drummers Klaus Schulze, Christoph Franke, Klaus Krueger, (Tangerine Dream)

drummers Joe "Mama" Besser, Peter "James" Bond, Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs, Mick Fleetwood, John "Stumpy" Pepys, Viv Savage, Mick Shrimpton, Ric Shrimpton, Skipp Skuffleton (Spinal Tap)

5. Later on Marco joined...

several major German acts like the crossover band "Freaky Fuckin' Weirdoz", rocksinger "Nina Hagen", fusionband "The Kick", & the very successful crossover band "H-Blockx"

the first Drum and Bugle Gang in Germany. Their initation consisted of standing outside their school principal's house at midnite and playing the school anthem... loudly.

his first Oompapa band

6.  In 1995...

His band "Illegal Aliens" released their first CD "The Golden Dolphine"

His band "Illegal Aliens" released their first CD "The Silver Porpoise"

His band "Aliens from Your Home Town" released their first CD "The Neighbor Who Borrowed Your Lawnmower To Give His Kid A Haircut"

7. In 1997...

His band "Illegal Aliens" released their album "Red Alibis"

His band "Illegal Aliens" released their album "White Lies"

His band "Illegal Aliens" were strip searched when boarding the Greyhound Bus for their tour of middle America.

8. In 1998...

His band "Illegal Aliens" released "The Green Mindbomb" and "Time"

His band "Illegal Aliens" released "Meanie Greenie" and "Not This Time"

His band "Illegal Aliens" released the shocking "Behind The Scenes" telling the "true story of touring with Marco". It reveals that although he's a really nice guy and a great drummer... he snores really loudly on the tour bus!

9. 1999 Marco got invited...

to play the Modern Drummer Festival in New Jersey, USA

to play the annual Love Parade in Berlin for hundreds of thousands of techno music fans

to play drums with Willie the Groundskeeper's Pipe and Drum band on the tv show, The Simpson's

10. In 2000 Marco was voted...

#1 in England's Rhythm magazine readers poll section "Best New Drummer"

best tribal painted face in the Freaky Fukin Weirdoz promo photo

most likely to "move to America and become a famous rock star" in his high school yearbook

11. In 2001...

Marco's first book "Extreme Interdependence" was released by Warner Bros.

Marco's first book "Extremely Dependent" was released by Warner Bros.

Marco's first book "Extremely Funny Guy" was released by Warner Bros.

12. Marco's playing can be described as...

a concept of total four-way-independence

just a blur of motion!

ummmm how do you describe it?

13. Marco has designed...

his own Meinl Generation-X Series Alien Hats

the double pedal used on the 1959 Porsche

his own motorcycle with a practice pad built-in on the handlebars

14. Bonus Question...

In the photo gallery, Marco is "skipping down the street" with what famous drummer?

Hilary Jones

Freddie Gruber

Norbert from Meinl Cymbals and Pat from ProMark sticks

Contest rules...

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Entries must be received at DrumsOnTheWeb@aol.com by 12 midnite (EST) October 31, 2003. Only 1 correct entry per address will be accepted.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received. Winners will be notified via email and announced in the November, 2003 issue of the DrumsOnTheWeb.com free monthly email newsletter.

3 winners will receive 1 Extreme Drumming dvd and 2 pair Marco Minnemann signature sticks, to be shipped in November, 2003 by Warner Bros & Promark. Customs duties, if applicable, to be paid by winner.

Be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential! Your info will not be shared with anyone.

This contest is made possible by the great folks at

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