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Classic Drum Solos Trivia Contest...

the Classic Drum Solos dvd from Hudson Music videos

drummers Buddy Rich Gene Krupa

This DVD presents fifteen of the true "legends of jazz drumming" in astounding extended solos and in rare, never-before-seen drum duels filmed over the last five decades. Among the highlights are uncut solos from big band legends Sonny Payne, Rufus Jones, Buddy Rich, Sam Woodyard and Louie Bellson; and small group giants Art Blakey and Joe Morello. Rare drum battles include meetings between Gene Krupa and Cozy Cole, Buddy Rich and Ed Shaughnessy, Chico Hamilton, Gene Krupa and Lionel Hampton; Elvin Jones, Sunny Murray and Art Blakey; and a once-in-a-lifetime battle between Buddy Rich and Jerry Lewis! Bonus track is the original theatrical trailer for “The Gene Krupa Story,” never seen outside movie theaters, where it was shown in 1958.

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1. Cozy Cole was the definitive example of a drummer who directly applied the:

rudimental approach to jazz

paint to my house in 1953

pythagorean theory to symphonic triangle playing

first tatoo to his front bass drum head

2. Beginning in 1959, Sunny Murray became a key member of what "movement" as a member of Cecil Taylor's group?

"freedom movement"

"radical levitation movement"

"sunshine movement"

"widget movement"

3. Chico Hamilton was the among the first drummers to use:

single-headed toms

double-headed drumsticks

fur-lined drum throne

his cat "Frisky" as a dampener for his bass drum

4. What was unique about Ed Shaughnessy's double-bass setup?

one bass drum was smaller than the other

they were made out of bologna

he used skins crafted out of Bazooka Joe wrappers

he retrofitted 2 upright basses with dental floss

5. Elvin Jones will forever be remembered as one of the most innovative percussionists who ever played, mainly by way of his work with the legendary:

John Coltrane Quartet

Elvin & The Chipmunks

Mike Bike & the Kickstands

Snotty Scotty & The Hankies

6. Sonny Payne is best known for his work with:

Count Basie's band

Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five

Sexual Chocolate

Sniff & The Tears

7. Sam Woodyard was an indispensable member of:

Duke Ellington's band

Earth Wind & Fire

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Frank Zappa & The Mothers

8. Joe Morello reached international fame via his work with The Dave Brubeck Quartet from 1956 to 1967, and during that time became a household name as the soloist on what Brubeck recording (said to be the only million-selling jazz "single" ever made.)

Take Five

Hawaii Five-O

Jackson 5

In The Year 2525

9. As a soloist, accompanist and leader of the incomparable Jazz Messengers for over 40 years, Art Blakey was the complete "hard bop" drummer and perhaps the first to

effectively combine African rhythms with traditional jazz drumming

effectively combine 12-bar blues with syncopated rhythms

effectively combine a jewish harp and a kazoo

effectively combine peanut butter and chocolate

10. Rufus Jones was possibly the fastest drummer who ever played, hence his nickname:

"Speedy" Jones

"Rags To Rufus"

"The Catis On The Hot Tinnis Roofus"

"Machine-Gun" Jones

11. Louie Bellson pioneered the use of:

two bass drums

two drum sticks at the same time

having a note from his mom so he could practice late

unrecognizable lyrics to such songs as "Louie, Louie"

12. Gene Krupa said that Buddy Rich was "the greatest drummer ever to...

"draw breath"

"draw cartoons on his drumkit"

"draw the line"

"pull up his drawers"

Contest rules...

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Entries must be received at DrumsOnTheWeb@aol.com by 12 midnite (EST) January 31, 2002. Only 1 correct entry per address will be accepted.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the correct entries received. Winners will be notified via email and announced in the February, 2002 issue of the DrumsOnTheWeb.com free monthly email newsletter.

3 winners will receive 1 Classic Drum Solos dvd, to be shipped in February, 2002 by Hudson Music. Customs duties, if applicable to be paid by winner.

Be assured that all information is kept strictly confidential! Your info will not be shared with anyone.

This contest is made possible by the great folks at Hudson Music videos