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Rikki Rockett signs on with Vater


Legendary hard-rock drummer Rikki Rockett has joined forces with Vater Percussion. Rikki Rockett has been the well-respected drumming icon behind Poison for nearly 20 years. Poison hit the top of the charts in the mid 1980's releasing smash hit after smash hit such as; "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", "Nothin' But A Good Time", "Talk Dirty To Me", "Your Mamma Don't Dance", "Unskinny Bop" and "Something To Believe In". With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, 17 years of touring and even a VH1 "Behind the Music" special, Rikki and Poison continue to bring their notoriously energetic stage show to sold-out arenas around the globe. Rikki also just released a solo disc, "Glitter 4 Your Soul", covering 70's Glitter Rock songs from Sweet, David Bowie, Starz, New York Dolls and even The Rolling Stones. Poison will be heading out on their annual summer tour beginning May 23rd and will also include Vince Neil and Skid Row.

Rikki is currently working with Vater on an all-new stick design that will be released as a Vater Rikki Rockett "Player's Design" Model in the very near future.

"Stick choice should be every drummers first decision. Sticks are the liaison between you and your creative expression on the drums. Getting there the smoothest way is the reason I'm using Vater." - Rikki Rockett

For further information contact:

Vater Percussion Inc.
270 Centre Street
Holbrook, MA 02343 USA



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