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2003 Drummies! Award
The Readers of DRUM! Magazine pick the best of the past year


Drumming Awards

Drummer of the Year: Danny Carey

Runners Up: Travis Barker, Carter Beauford, Mike Portnoy

Jazz Drummer: Dave Weckl

Runners Up: Elvin Jones, Dennis Chambers, Jack DeJohnette

Fusion Drummer: Dennis Chambers

Runners Up: Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Billy Cobham

Funk Drummer: John Blackwell

Runners Up: Chad Smith, David Garibaldi, Gene Lake

Mainstream Rock Drummer: Max Weinberg

Runners Up: Scott Phillips, Rob Bourdon, Abe Laboriel Jr.

Alternative Rock Drummer: John Dolmayan

Runners Up: Danny Carey, Adrian Young, Rob Bourdon

Punk Drummer: Travis Barker

Runners Up: Jordan Burns, Byron McMackin, Josh Freese

Metal Drummer: Joey Jordison

Runners Up: Matt Byrne, Vinnie Paul, Lars Ulrich

Swing Drummer: Butch Miles

Runners Up: Daniel Glass, Bernie Dresel, Jeff “Tain” Watts

Country Drummer: Mike Palmer

Runners Up: Eddie Bayers, Paul Leim, Trey Gray

R&B / Blues Drummer: Butch Trucks

Runners Up: Ricky Fataar, Kevin Hayes, Richie Hayward

Hip-Hop Drummer: Ahmir Khalib Thompson

Runners Up: Nisan Stewart, John Blackwell, Gerald Heyward

Studio Drummer: Josh Freese

Runners Up: Travis Barker, Kenny Aronoff, Vinnie Colaiuta

Electronic Drummer: Tony Verderosa

Runners Up: Mike Snyder, Akira Jimbo, Robin Horn

Drum Clinician: Dave Weckl

Runners Up: Mike Mangini, Vinnie Colaiuta, Virgil Donati

Percussion Awards

Percussionist Of The Year: Luis Conte

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie “Gajate” Garcia, Zakir Hussain

Latin Percussionist: Karl Perazzo

Runners Up: Raul Rekow, Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie “Gajate” Garcia

Jazz Percussionist: Giovanni Hidalgo

Runners Up: Doc Gibbs, Airto Moreira, Walfredo Reyes, Sr.

Rock Percussionist: Marc Quiñones

Runners Up: Richie “Gajate” Garcia, Jamey Haddad, Karl Perazzo

Fusion Percussionist: Airto Moreira

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie “Gajate” Garcia, Luis Conte

Studio Percussionist: Luis Conte

Runners Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Marc Quiñones, Karl Perazzo

Worldbeat Percussionist: Cyro Baptista

Runners Up: Mamady Keita, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Sikiru Adepoju

Percussion Ensemble: Hands On’Semble

Runners Up: Talking Drums, Blast, Blue Man Group

Drum Circle Facilitator: Barry Bernstein

Runners Up: Arthur Hull, Jim Greiner, Kalani

Percussion Clinician: Giovanni Hidalgo

Runners Up: Richie “Gajate” Garcia, Layne Redmond, Kalani

Media Awards

Drumming Album: Steal This Album! by System Of A Down

Runners Up: Shaman by Santana, Rock Steady by No Doubt, Transplants by Transplants

Percussion Album: Trance Union by Layne Redmond & Tommy Brunjes

Runners Up: Tarantata by Allesandra Belloni, Beat the Donkey by Cyro Baptista, Entre Amigos by Richie “Gajate” Garcia

Drum Video / DVD: Liquid Drum Theater - Mike Portnoy

Runners Up: A Work In Progress - Neil Peart, Under the Table & Drumming - Carter Beauford, Technique, Grooving & Showmanship - John Blackwell

Percussion Video / DVD: One On One - Giovanni Hidalgo

Runners Up: Evolution Of the Tumbadoras - Changuito, Rhythmic Wisdom - Layne Redmond, Guide To Endrummingment - Arthur Hull

Drum Method Books: Extreme Interdependence - Marco Minnemann

Runners Up: Rhythmic Perspectives - Gavin Harrison, Drum Programming Basics - Lee Levin, Vodou Drumset - James Armstrong and Travis Knepper

Percussion Method Book: Play Congas Now - Richie “Gajate” Garcia

Runners Up: Con ga Cookbook - Poncho Sanchez, How To Play Djembe - Alan Dworsky & Betty Sansby, Frame Drumming/Freehand Style - Peter Fagiola

Drum / Percussion Web Site: ocdrum.com

Runners Up: pearldrum.com, dwdrums.com, zildjian.com

Drum Advertisement: Sabian “Chad Smith/Milton Worthington” Ad

Runners Up: Gretsch “Love May Be Blind” ad, Roland “Eye Candy” ad, Zildjian “Travis Barker - His Reasons” ad

Industry Awards

Drums: Tama Rockstar Custom

Runners Up: Orange County Drum & Percussion, Pearl Masterworks, DW Timeless Timber

Snare: Orange County Drum & Percussion Vented

Runners Up: Tama Melody Master, Dunnett Titanium, Paiste Spirit
Of 2002

Cymbals: Sabian HHX Evolution Series

Runners Up: Zildjian ZXT, Zildjian A Custom, Paiste 2002

Heads: Remo Powerstroke 4

Runners Up: Evans Hydraulic, Remo NuSkyn Head, Evans G2

Sticks: Zildjian Travis Barker

Runners Up: Vic Firth Dave Weckl Evolution, Vater Stewart Copeland Standard, Pro-Mark Ian Paice

Hardware: Sonor Giant Step Pedals

Runners Up: DW 9000, Pearl Eliminator, Tama Iron Cobra

Percussion: LP One Shot Shakers

Runners Up: LP Cyclops Shaker, Treeworks Bell Chimes, Cooperman Glen Velez Hand Drums

Accessory: QwikStix Stick Holder

Runners Up: Drum Dial, Puresound Blasters, Diggit Stick Weights

Electronic Percussion: Roland V Session Kit

Runners Up: Shure Beta 91 Bass Drum Microphone, Yamaha DTX kit, Hart Dynamics TE3 Professional

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