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Vic Firth Club Newsletter, Issue #21
The latest news & events from the
world's largest manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets


Contents Of This Issue's Newsletter

1. Product Showcase: New Products for 2003

2. Artist Feature: Ndugu Chancler, Tom Aungst/Neil Larrivee Interview

3. Education in Action: Groove Essential: The Mambo, WebRhythms Lesson

1. Product Showcase: New Products for 2003

* Corpsmaster® Lee Beddis Signature Stick

The Corpsmaster® Lee Beddis Signature Marching Snare Stick features a medium tear drop tip and short taper for clarity and projection. "The bead shape coupled with the neck taper really helps create a 'beefy' sound," explains Lee, Percussion Caption Head and Arranger for The Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps.

Check out the new Lee Beddis stick here:


* Ensemble Series Keyboard Mallets

Developed with Thom Hannum, this new series is designed for marimba ensemble playing. Crafted with a thermal plastic core and latex covering for a full-bodied sound and a rich fundamental, each model has its own recipe of latex specifications for a true graduation of timbre and tone production.

See the entire Ensemble Series line here:


* Gifford Howarth Signature Marimba Mallets

An active recitalist, clinician and master class teacher, Gifford Howarth's new line of marimba mallets was designed to create the highest quality of sound for the recital hall or within an ensemble. "Each model allows the specific characteristics of each range to shine through - a deep full bass, a full sounding mid-range and a cutting high end," explains Giff.

Check out Giff's new mallets here:


* Corpsmaster® Brian Mason Signature Keyboard Mallets

The M86 and M87 are the result of improvements to two already successful models in Mason's series, the M80 and M83. According to Brian, "With these two new models, we have a full series of mallets that produces the most/best flexibility to 'cross over' for use on other keyboard instruments."

Both mallets feature large birch shafts which increase the mass of the entire mallet, and premium wrapping materials that really hold up outdoors.

See the 2 new additions to the Brian Mason series here:


2. Artist Spotlight

* Ndugu Chancler

Ndugu is known not only as a world-class drummer and percussionist, but also a producer, composer, clinician and teacher. A three-time Grammy nominee, he has to his credit an extensive list of performances, recordings, original compositions and productions.

Check out the Media Vault for two new video clips of Ndugu's playing!


* Featured Interview: Tom Aungst and Neil Larrivee

Tom Aungst and Neil Larrivee are the driving force behind the reigning two time D.C.I. percussion champion, The Cadets of Bergen County.

We sat down with Tom and Neil to gain insight into the success of their programs - on the field and in the gym.

Click here to listen to the interview!


3. Education in Action: Groove Essential: The Mambo, WebRhythms Lesson

* Groove Essential: The Mambo

During the 1930's, 40's and 50's, latin bands in Cuba and Puerto Rico began to fuse African rhythms with European harmonies, creating a style known today as "Afro-Cuban." One of the fundamental grooves from the Afro-Cuban style is the mambo.

The mambo is generally performed by several percussionists in a latin rhythm section. This drumset groove is an adaptation of these parts, built on a timbale "montuno" bell pattern, combined with a "tumbao" - the rhythmic bass figure. Adding to that are the cross-stick snare and toms that emulate the timbale (or conga) drums.

Take a video lesson from Tommy Igoe on the mambo HERE!


Go to Tommy Igoe's "Groove Essentials" page here:


Purchase a Groove Essentials poster in the Vic Firth Online Store!


* Norm Weinberg's WebRhythms

In the WebRhythms feature, Norm breaks down the complexities of rhythm reading in easy-to-follow lessons. Don't miss the 2 new lessons that were recently added to the library! Lesson 16 and Lesson 17 deal with complex mixed and changing meters.

Grab your sticks and go to:


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