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New "Snare Star" with Slug Logo Batter Badge®

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Slug Percussion Products Batter Badge® "Snare Star" Vented Impact Pad (V.I.P.) model BB-STR-S features a new silver Slug® logo graphic. Designed specifically for use with snare drums to protect the "sweet spot" on the drumhead where it is placed, enhancing strike articulation and improving the sound quality of the snare drum. Exclusive patented features of this model include vents and arms which allow the drumhead to resonate for powerful projection while controlling ring and providing greater sound dynamics. Because the Batter Badge Snare Star is vented and placed on a drumhead after it is tuned, better sound is achieved in comparison to pre-made "dot" style drumheads. (Dot-heads do not tension evenly across their centers.) The Snare Star helps to "hold" the drumhead tuning that is set up initially by the drummer, creating a powerful tuned diaphragm on the drumhead. The Snare Star is made of .007" high strength clear polycarbonate film with high strength adhesive that bonds it to any type of drumhead permanently. Slug's exclusive graphic process prevents the design from being scuffed or rubbed off from drumstick strikes. Made in USA.

Suggested Retail Price for the BB-STR-S is $8.95 Available from drum dealers.

Slug Percussion Products, BOX 578306, Chicago, IL 60657-8306 USA
PH:312-432-0553 FAX:312-432-0552

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