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Preview of the Latin Percussion 2003 Product Line!


LP Accents Armando Peraza Signature Series Congas & Bongos.
Beauty Resides Below The Skin

All eyes will be on the stage, gazing at Latin Percussion's new Accents Armando Peraza Signature Series Congas and Bongos. And it's all down to striking good looks - pun intended! The Accents Armando Peraza Signature Series instruments are finished in a bold, tribal fire motif that, befitting their namesake, proclaims dignity, ceaseless energy, and power.


Giovanni Series Compact Conga, When Space Is An Issue

As the laptop is to the desktop, the Giovanni Series Compact Conga is to Giovanni Hidalgo's signature full-size drum. The slender counterpart sits comfortably atop a standard snare drum stand, offering a new definition of conga portability. In addition, it will fit where others dare not go: small apartments, practice cubicles, or even the space between the hi-hat and the crash cymbal in a drumset.


Gunmetal & Gold Matador Timbales,
Elite Looks At An Affordable Price

LP has designed a new series of timbales within our proven Matador intermediate line, the LP Matador Brushed Nickel Timbale, finishing the new instruments in a beautiful dark brushed nickel. There's real depth to the appearance, but it goes beyond cosmetics: The finish will take repeated cascara (side shell playing) without scarring. Against the attractive brushed nickel shell, we've placed gleaming gold hardware, including lugs that tune in the traditional fashion.


New LP World Beat Plenera Drums, Something To Celebrate

LP's new World Beat Plenera Drums look for inspiration to the plena, the popular Puerto Rican folkloric street music style that broadcast current events in an alternately humorous/satirical style, earning it the nickname the "sung newspaper." Because they are "played on the run", accompanied by guiro and vocals, Plenera drums must be light, portable, and easy to grasp.


New Hand Held LP Salso Claro Bongo Bell, A Ringing Tradition

LP has created the most comprehensive collection of bells on the planet. The latest addition is the LP Salso Claro Bongo Bell. It employs a single-weld/seam design, so unique that it's patented. The bell yields a bright, lively sound with good sustain, proving that less welds mean greater resonance. Based on the traditional bongo bell, the bell is small and compact, yet delivers a big sound.


New Range Of LP Aspire Cowbells, New Horizons In Tone & Value

LP unveils an entire new line of Aspire Cowbells. Encompassing everything from the biting attack of the tiny black 4-5/8"Agundo bell to the mighty tone of the 9-1/2" Grande, and including a new, hand held Cha-Cha Bell with beater, there is surely a bell sound for any style, from salsa to jazz to rock. Aspire Cowbells offer the beginner or intermediate player a winning combination, delivering exceptional tone at a reasonable price. And then there's that legendary LP durability - built into each bell in the new Aspire Cowbell line


New LP Duro Cowbell Beater, Consistent Performance & Tone

But what if you want to coax the optimum sound from an LP bell? A traditional sound, rich in harmonics, yet a modern sound that projects well? A sound that will stay consistent, blow after blow? Enter the LP Cowbell Beater. Constructed from a synthetic that is many times stronger than wood, the new beater resists furring and chipping. In fact, it is virtually unbreakable.


New LP Bata Stand, Embracing Three Drums

As part of a long tradition of modernizing indigenous traditions, LP proudly debuts the Bata Stand, a unique cradle for the three traditional Bata drum sizes. Now it is possible for a single player to play all three drums.

Employing the same tripod base as LP conga stands, the Bata Stand features rubberized hands that "grasp" each Bata from underneath, while bungie cords secure the shell, holding it in a perfect playing position relative to its siblings.


LP Quad Mount Drum Bracket, Maximizing Space

LP introduces the Quad Mount Drum Bracket. The way it works is simple. You take the LP291 Triple Conga Stand and attach the new Quad Mount Drum Bracket. Instantly, the triple stand accepts a fourth drum, either a djembe or conga. The entire system is constructed of rigid, heavy-duty steel, eliminating the possibility of toppling. Additionally, it cleans up stages and reduces clutter.


For additional interesting information from the world of LP percussionists, please check out: http://www.congahead.com. This is LP Founder Martin Cohen's personal web site. It is full of his favorite pics, stories, sound and video files.

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