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BBC Cancels Jazzmatazz -- the Only Worldwide Jazz Programming


To all concerned members of the jazz community,

I received very sad news from Alyn Shipton this morning. The BBC World Service has decided to end their weekly jazz program, Jazzmatazz after many years. For those who don't know, this program was the only worldwide jazz program, reaching many millions of listeners across the globe. [The weekly listenership for the BBC World Service is 150 million people.] Alyn Shipton presented a wide variety of jazz styles, bringing to his programme an unequalled knowledge of jazz history with a characteristic concern for detail and balance. Jazzmatazz brought recognition to scores of deserving jazz artists around the world, who otherwise might never have been able to find their audience. Many brilliant careers have been built with Alyn's help, and many careers will suffer now that Alyn has lost this invaluable forum. This is a tragic day for the jazz world.

I urge all concerned to write to the BBC World Service at worldservice.letters@bbc.co.uk to express your dismay. If enough people write, perhaps the BBC will change its mind. Please write -- you could make a difference.

Luke Kaven President Smalls Records

Alyn Shipton adds: The best route is to ask people to write c/o the website.

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