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2003 Groove Update!


RL&TGD Near One Million Mark!

"Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors" close in on marking 1,000,000 internet plays. For the past year the band has also repeatedly topped the internet jazz charts at Mp3.com as well as the top selling jazz CD charts. Take our online poll and visit this link for a listen: http://www.mp3.com/ricklatham

Now Streaming In Japan!

To view one of the exciting past performances from "Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors" at The Baked Potato now streaming from this a great site co-sponsored by Sony. Please click on the link below. This is a site hosted in Japan but you can check out a sample of the stream: http://www.aii.co.jp/contents/bp/index.html

Music For "African American Film Makers" TV Special!

Original music composed and performed by Rick Latham is being featured in the short film "The Bus Stop", one of several movies now being aired around the country in the Badami Productions TV special "African American Film Makers". Please check your local listings for times and stations. This special premiered on NBC 1/26/03 Superbowl Sunday before the big game. http://www.badamitv.com

New CD An Internet Hit!

The new CD from the resident "Doctors of Groove" (Jazziz Magazine 2002) is burning up the web. While maintaining a top position on the "Top Selling Jazz CDs" chart. The CD has now charted sales in 12 countries around the globe. Visit the link below for this exclusive internet offer: http://www.groovedoctorsjazz.com/news.htm

Please watch for more exciting news coming soon as 2003 kicks off with new club dates, festival and concert performances. Check the links below often for all the latest!!!

Groove On,


Rick Latham and The Groove Doctors

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