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DW Launches Kitbuilder2 - The Drummer To Dealer Interface

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Following last summer’s successful launch of the Kitbuilder web-based drumkit design program, DW is proud to announce the implementation of the next phase of their proprietary software: an integrated drummer to dealer interface that allows consumers to e-mail their custom-built kit configuration directly to the authorized DW dealer of their choice.

Once a player goes online, builds their drumset and locates their closest authorized DW dealers by entering their ZIP code, he or she can then choose one dealer and send their Kitbuilder2 data by logging in with an existing password or creating a new account by completing a quick and easy registration form and then clicking the "Get Quote" button. The Kitbuilder2 data is then sent to the selected dealer through DW’s secure server as an e-mail message with an internet link. The participating dealer will electronically respond to each inquiry within 48 hours.

According to a DW spokeperson, Kitbuilder2 brings a new level of functionality to the original Kitbuilder program and the DW website— offering consumers more choices, more accurate information and better service. For further information visit a participating DW dealer or contact Drum Workshop, Inc. at 3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard, CA 93030, USA, tel: (805) 485-6999, fax: (805) 485-1334, internet: www.dwdrums.com.

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