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Besides the 2 styles of bags for 18" drums, we now have bags for 16" drums and will soon have bags for 12" & 14" drums. A NEW XX (for Xtra Xtra) Padded Bag PLUS the option to order bags for 20" and 22" bags.

Drum Skin Conditioner

Over the years, Mance has tried a wide range of products to condition the drum skins - dubbins, bees wax, lexol, a variety of oils, lanolins, you name it, Mance probably tried it. Well, he finally found one that he's willing to put his name on. It's 100% natural, has a light, fragrant scent, goes on smooth (NOT tacky) and nourishes the skin the way he thinks a conditioner should. Mance Grady's new Ace Bodhrans Conditioner for your drum's skin.

Bodhrans, Bodhrans, Bodhrans

Mance has been hard at work making more drums for you to choose from in the online bodhran inventory. These drums are ready to ship, just in time for Christmas!

A great gift to give or get ;-D is a Gift Certificate from Mance which can be applied toward products or instruction!!

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