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Springtime greetings from Wind-up


Hey all,

Here's a quick rundown of what's up in the world of Wind-up - lots of projects, lots of happenings!


* Creed's new single is "One Last Breath" - the track is Top 10 at Most Rock formats, and was #1 Most Added at Hot AC and #2 Most Added at CHR Radio this past week.

* The "One Last Breath" video will be released this week. The clip was directed by David Myers, who also directed "My Sacrifice," "With Arms Wide Open," and "What If?" for the band.

* Creed's WEATHERED album is now over 5 million scanned in the US; in addition, the album is Triple Platinum in Canada, Double Platinum in Australia and New Zealand, Gold in the UK, and more.

12 Stones

* 12 Stones' self-titled debut album hit the streets on 4/23, and hit the charts running with a great debut at #7 Heatseekers and #164 on the Billboard Top 200. After dropping back a bit in its second week, the album comes back strong this week at #11 Heatseekers.

* "Broken," the first track from the album, is bulleted at *41 on the Active Rock chart this week and growing! Meanwhile the "Broken" video, directed by Norwood Cheek, is currently getting spins on MTV2's Rock Show.

* The band is currently doing local and regional dates around New Orleans and will be announcing their next tour plan soon.

* "Broken" is being featured as the theme song for the WWE (WWF)'s new pay-per-view "Judgement Day," taking place this Sunday May 19th.

Drowning Pool

* The Pool recently wrapped up their triumphant headline slot on the First Annual Jagermeister Music Tour, and are now playing several festivals in Europe, including the UK Ozzfest.

* The band will once again spend the summer out with Ozzfest, but this year on the Main Stage! The tour is currently scheduled from 7/6 in DC to 9/8 in Dallas.

* DP's current track "Tear Away" is banging on over 130 rock stations across the country, Top 20 at both Active Rock and AOR.


* Must's debut album ANDROGYNOUS JESUS came out in April. The band is currently gigging extensively around their home base of Boston, where "Freechild" is getting heavy spins both WAAF and WFNX. The national radio campaign on the track kicks off next month.

* Have you checked out the album yet? It's a fascinating and rewarding listen - but don't take my word for it - "What would have happened if the Stone Temple Pilots and the Beatles had gotten together, gotten drunk and somehow had an 'offspring'?" Check out FM Sound's Review to find out! Or check AltarNative.com, whose description is: "if Queensryche had gotten into a time machine and jumped ahead twenty years, had the electronic tools and toys available to guys like Trent Reznor, it would end up sounding very, very Must."


* Seether's debut album DISCLAIMER is set for a release date of August 20th, 2002. The album is produced by Jay Baumgardner (Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber, Papa Roach). The band will be playing the second stage of Ozzfest during the second half of the tour, starting August 10th in Chicago.

* We recently sent out the first Advance EP, of 5 tracks from the upcoming album. The first track "Fine Again" has a June 25th radio add date, but as you'll discover from the EP, the band is much more than just one track - please check out songs like "Needles," "Driven Under," and "Gasoline" for a taste of the band's power and depth.

* Seether will be playing showcases in Los Angeles on June 13th and New York on June 20th. If you're anywhere near either city, you should not miss this opportunity - contact me for show and guest list info.

Stretch Princess

* SP's new album FUN WITH HUMANS will be released on August 6th, 2002. We're currently featuring the first track from the album, "Freakshow," at www.stretchprincess.com . Stay tuned for more info.

Breaking Point

* Breaking Point's "One of a Kind" is still playing to millions of WWE fans every week as superstar Rob Van Dam's theme song. The song is on the band's COMING OF AGE album, as well as the WWF FORCEABLE ENTRY album, now in its seventh week on the Billboard Top 200.

* The band currently has behind-the-scenes video of the making of the video, featured at Wind-up's Rock & Wrestling Showdown site (www.winduprock.com/showdown).

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