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Wind-update March 02


Hey all,

It's mid-month so it's time for an update on what's new in the world of Wind-up. Here's all the true facts, hot tips, scurrilous rumours, and outright lies that are fit to distribute. Enjoy...


* We announced a new swing of US tour dates last week...

* Opening the new tour leg will be Default and the new Wind-up signing 12 Stones (more info at www.12stones.com)

* Creed's groundbreaking new computer-animated video "Bullets" premiered in an exclusive online promotion on 2/19/02, and it is now available and featured on all major music video outlets on the web.

Drowning Pool

* DP has been confirmed on the MAINSTAGE of Ozzfest 2002! They've come a long way from their 10 am slot on the third stage last summer!

* Sinner roars back into the Top 200 chart this week at #142, posting a 29% sales growth based on building response to the current track and video "Tear Away" as well as the band's live activities.

* The band are currently headlining the First Annual Jagermeister Music Tour, also featuring Coal Chamber and Ill Nino.

* This past weekend (Sunday 3/17) they performed live at Wrestlemania, the WWF's biggest event of the year! A few days earlier at their show in New York, DP was joined on stage by the WWF's Triple H, who joined them in a rousing chorus of "Bodies" as well as their new version of his theme song "The Game"!

Breaking Point

* Speaking of wrestling, Breaking Point's "One of a Kind" is currently being featured every week as the theme song of WWF superstar Rob Van Dam. The song has been added onto a new pressing of BP's debut album Coming Of Age.

* The band just got back from filming the "One of a Kind" video with Rob Van Dam - look for it in mid-April, and look for a full report on the video shoot currently posted on their website www.breakingpointmusic.com.

* BP was just confirmed as opening act on the next leg of Sevendust tour dates in April and May.

12 Stones

* This fiery, passionate band from New Orleans releases their debut album 12 Stones on April 23rd. The album was produced by Jay Baumgardner (Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Alien Ant Farm).

* 12 Stones will be the opening act on Creed's next US tour leg starting April 29th in Fargo and going through the end of May. Meanwhile they're doing a series of warmup club dates through the southeast.

* The band just filmed their first video, "Broken," with director Norwood Cheek (Ben Folds Five, Squirrel Nut Zippers). Look for the clip in early April.

* We'll be launching the band's full website at www.12stones.com today - let us know what you think!


* Must's debut album Androgynous Jesus hits stores April 9th. ...hit www.mustband.com for a preview!

* Must is currently doing a swing of Northeast tour dates to support the album, and will be appearing live on both WBCN Boston and WHJY Providence this Friday 3/22.

* The band is nominated for a "Rising Star" in this year's Boston Music Awards, and they will be performing at the BMA's on April 11th.


* Next up from Wind-up - Seether are currently recording their debut album for a summer release. Check out their demo of "Needles" now at www.seether.com and stay tuned for more info!

Currently in the studio

* Finger Eleven (www.fingereleven.com) - releasing a new track on the Canadian version of the WWF Forceable Entry album next week.

* Boy Hits Car (www.boyhitscar.com) - playing a FREE show next Monday at the Troubadour in LA!

* Boy Sets Fire (www.boysetsfire.com) - check all the latest action on their studio diary, updated regularly.

* Stretch Princess (www.stretchprincess.com doing a few dates in the Southeast over the next couple of weeks, don't miss them if you're in the neighborhood.

Wind-up Gets Compiled - Wind-up artists are prominently featured on two upcoming compilation albums:

* The Scorpion King soundtrack, in stores 3/26 from Universal, features Creed, Drowning Pool, Breaking Point, and 12 Stones.


* The WWF's new compilation Forceable Entry, in stores 3/26 from Columbia, features Creed, Drowning Pool, Breaking Point, Boy Hits Car, and Finger Eleven (in a Canadian-only bonus track)

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