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Steve Gadd Instructional Video/DVD


Great new packaging.....coming soon to DVD !!!

drummer Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd / Up Close

Warner Bros. Publications


Steve is the most recorded drummer of all time. His credits include recordings with Chick Corea, Paul Simon, Steely Dan and Al Jarreau. On this tape Steve discusses his influences, plays some incredible solos, and shows how he applies rudiments to the drum set, demonstrates his bass drum technique and more. (60 min.)

drummer Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd / In Session

Warner Bros. Publications


90 minutes of incredible music and dialogue by Steve Gadd with Will Lee, Eddie Gomez, the late Richard Tee and Jorge Dalto. This classic video will give you a behind-the-scenes look at masters at work as they arrange tunes, work on grooves, and play funk, Latin, reggae, shuffles and ballads. (90 min.)

Other great videos featuring Steve Gadd...

drummer Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd / Live At PAS '95

Warner Bros. Publications


Steve Gadd Live At PAS includes some of the deepest grooves and most fiery solos ever recorded. Segments of this video include: a solo performance of 'Bye Bye Blackbird' with brushes, a rudimental drum solo, a discussion of grooving and relaxation, a shuffle performance with Luis Conté, and a Latin groove with Alex Acuña and Luis Conté. A classic tape by a legendary musician.

drummer Steve Gadd

Modern Drummer Festival / Steve Gadd & Giovanni Hidalgo

Warner Bros. Publications


At this festival, Steve and Giovanni performed together for the very first time. This historic event paired two of the greatest percussionists in history, and resulted in some beautiful, skillful and explosive music. This video shows these two great artists composing, rehearsing, improvising, and soloing, along with their spectacular 70-minute performance.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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