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Just wanted to let you know that my new Warner Bros Publications DVD is now available on my web site www.zorothedrummer.com and at your local music store.

From the critically acclaimed book & best selling video series, The Commandments of R&B Drumming, now comes the long awaited and fully integrated DVD, complete with special features! Three classic & award winning videos now on one DVD!!!

"As in his book, Zoro's attention to detail is superb. There is great camera work to go along with the series' excellent sound. Commandments is an all-around ten-as in ten yards wide and ten miles deep. For players of all ages and all levels, this video series is gold!!!"
- Rich Watson - Modern Drummer Publications

"At once entertaining and enlightening these three videos are the perfect companion to Zoro's definitive book. His knowledge and enthusiasm comes across clear as a bell, making this series well worth the investment."
- Robin Tolleson - Modern Drummer Magazine

Stay funky!

- Zoro

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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