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Moving Toward Peak Percussion-Playing:
Warner Bros. Publications Becomes Exclusive Distributor for Dom Famularo’s It’s Your Move: Motions and Emotions


MIAMI — Drummers have a choice over how far they advance their skills - it’s all a matter of how strongly they desire to become a better player. This sums up the philosophy of veteran drum teacher / performer Dom Famularo, and it’s why his widely-acclaimed book on maximizing percussion potential is titled, It’s Your Move: Motions and Emotions.

Now, Warner Bros. Publications has become exclusive worldwide distributor for It’s Your Move, which Modern Drummer heralded as "…the basis of a great foundation in drums" and "an extremely user-friendly and focused book." In the book, Famularo addresses the questions and issues that have faced his students over his 30-year teaching career, and provides exercises that help the percussionist develop a full palette of skills for contemporary drumset playing.

In addition to inspiring drummers to make the "move" to improve their performance, It’s Your Move offers one of the most comprehensive overviews of hand technique ever presented. The book covers the Moeller technique, as well as other techniques Famularo learned from his illustrious teachers, including such masters as Joe Morello and Jim Chapin. Illustrations and flip-book animations throughout the book clearly explain every position and motion contained in the text.

"It’s Your Move is both a comprehensive guide to drumming techniques and an extremely motivational and inspirational work," said Ray Brych, percussion product line manager for Warner Bros. Publications. "Warner Bros. Publications takes great pride in becoming the exclusive distributor of such an important book, which will undoubtedly become a classic."

Written over a period of many years, the book and its author have been praised by leading percussionists, including Jim Chapin, who calls his former student "a soloist extraordinaire, world-traveling percussion ambassador, and inspirational motivator to drummers everywhere." It’s Your Move "is tremendous, loaded with all sorts of great concepts," said David Garibaldi, while Joe Morello noted that the book "covers all the bases" and "is great for drummers at any stage of development who are serious about their craft."

Playing off its clever title, It’s Your Move features a photo of Famularo seated at a chessboard, holding a pair of drumsticks, on its cover. The book has a suggested retail price of $19.95.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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