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Limber Up!
Extreme Interdependence from Warner Bros. Publications
Takes Drummers’ Coordination Skills to Next Level


MIAMI — Now, any drummer can dramatically improve his or her four-limb coordination and gain increased flexibility to adapt to all musical styles. The easy-to-follow steps to achieving this goal are revealed in Extreme Interdependence, a new method book by Marco Minnemann and Rick Gratton, which has just been released by Warner Bros. Publications.

The book explores the techniques that have made the German drummer Minnemann the sensation of the percussion world. Minnemann’s cutting-edge techniques for moving beyond the conventional goal of four-limb independence, to what he terms "interdependence," allows drummers to coordinate their limbs in infinite combinations, and switch any rhythmic pattern to any appendage for ultimate freedom and flexibility.

Extreme Interdependence takes the drummer step-by-step along the road to interdependence, with a series of exercises that include warm-ups, basic patterns, melodies, flam patterns, and hi-hat patterns. Players gradually progress to an advanced interdependence workshop and to solo transcriptions featured at the end of the book. An accompanying CD allows drummers to hear Minnemann’s techniques and play-along with the grooves.

"Marco Minnemann has gained worldwide recognition as the new trend-setter in the drumming community," said Ray Brych, percussion product line manager for Warner Bros. Publications. "Extreme Interdependence is a work of monumental importance, as demonstrated by the excitement it has generated among many of today’s greatest drummers."

Speaking about Extreme Interdependence, drumming legend Virgil Donati said, "Marco has presented us with a work which I believe is the decisive and indispensable part of drumming..."

Dom Famularo also praised the book, noting that, "This incredible new method teaches you cutting-edge techniques beyond four-limb independence." The legendary Jim Chapin, a former big band drummer who is considered the "father of jazz independence," proclaimed that "Marco and Rick have made a huge contribution to the advanced literature of drums."

The suggested retail price of Extreme Interdependence is $24.95.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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