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Warner Bros. Publications Releases
Savage Rudimental Workshop


MIAMI, Fla. Matt Savage has been teaching the art of percussion for more than 25 years. Now, he has incorporated his quarter century of musical insights into a new book / CD package from Warner Bros. Publications entitled Savage Rudimental Workshop. In his newest work, Savage reaches students with a comprehensive program that is a resource for developing total control of the 40 Percussive Arts Society rudiments in a musical context with immediate results. Iincorporates rudiment exercises, solos, and a series of innovative CD "groove tracks."

The collection of short exercises in Savage Rudimental Workshop helps students understand the physical and mental requirements for each rudiment. In clear and concise fashion, the exercises show how the rudiments of drumming are put together. Practicing these exercises, students will learn right and left hand responsibilities; basic hand motions and primary strokes; up / down stick positioning; and various patterns that divide rudiments into smaller components. Each rudiment is broken down, and reassembled with exercises that teach students how each rudiment should be properly played at different speeds and dynamics.

Savage's CDs also include selected exercises at a moderate tempo, followed by the rudiment solo with accompaniment. Players can listen to the solo material alone, the accompaniment alone, or both tracks at the same time.

In addition to these exercises, the CD features innovative groove tracks that explore the musical and emotional elements of percussion. The groove tracks offer a number of tempos, styles and moods, so players can practice different exercises to the accompaniment that best fits their individual musical tastes. The CD accompaniments also serve as a metronome, encouraging players to gain a solid sense of pulse while having fun playing along.

"We can't overstate the importance of the accompanying CD to Matt's overall philosophy," said Ray Brych, percussion product line manager at Warner Bros. Publications. "The CD allows the player to apply the rehearsal intent of the exercise to a full ensemble. This helps the player avoid that "robotic" frame of mind that you often encounter in rudiment exercise, because it lends an added emotional dimension to the lesson, and makes it much more fun."

Savage Rudimental Workshop set has a suggested retail price of $24.95.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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