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Deeper Drumming:
Warner Bros. Publications Releases
Bobby Rock's The Zen of Drumming Video Set


MIAMI—Warner Bros. Publications takes percussion to a higher level with a new video set, The Zen of Drumming. This phenomenal two-volume set, which was co-produced by Bobby Rock, delves into the legendary drummer’s integrated "mind, body and soul" approach to percussion.

The Zen of Drumming features three hours of exclusive footage of Rock discussing his philosophy, and demonstrating his breathtaking drumming techniques, including his amazing "Octopus" style.

Rock has performed in more than 700 drumming exhibitions around the world. A percussive Renaissance Man, he is a renowned music educator, author, producer, and health/fitness specialist, in addition to being one of the brightest stars in the constellation of superstar drummers.

In The Zen of Drumming, Rock examines every aspect of his life and art, leaving no stone unturned when analyzing how drummers can achieve a higher level of artistic expression on their instrument. In the video, Rock reiterates the importance of daily practice, and helps guide drummers by clearly explaining and demonstrating difficult techniques such as heavy grooves and killer fills.

A special segment of the video features Rock's "practice pad realm," in which he uses the practice pad to break down many of the more difficult techniques and concepts covered in the video. The video also includes Rock's in-depth studies on ghost notes, and covers his approach to Latin groove and soloing concepts; 4-way independence; rudimentary applications; and multi-pedal set-ups for grooves and solos.

A highlight of The Zen of Drumming is Rock’s electrifying demonstration of "the Octopus," his multi-voice groove drumming tour de force. Rock gives an unforgettable solo performance by using a one-bar pattern that utilizes 22 different sound sources.

In addition to technical advice, The Zen of Drumming feeds the body and mind by providing viewers with Rock's nutritional and psychological advice. His strategies for getting "in the zone" will help any performer prepare for the ultimate set, and help keep the mind focused and energy level high throughout a performance.

"The Zen of Drumming is a complete guide for drummers who are looking to increase their knowledge and performance," said Ray Brych, percussion product line manager at Warner Bros. Publications. "Playing percussion is a personal experience, and Bobby Rock teaches musicians how to be successful by demonstrating the importance of developing their unique talents both physically and emotionally."

The Zen of Drumming has a suggested retail price of $39.95

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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