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Warner Bros. Publications Releases
Play Congas Now! by Richie Gajate-Garcia


MIAMI, Fla. – Percussionists of all experience levels will develop a solid foundation in conga drumming thanks to a lively new book/CD set from Warner Bros. Publications. Play Congas Now! by Richie Gajate-Garcia helps drummers get into the groove of the conga sound by providing them with detailed lessons, helpful exercises and inspiring recorded examples.

A world famous drummer, percussionist, and clinician with a degree from the American Conservatory of music in Chicago, Garcia has conducted more than 450 clinics, in addition to recording and performing with such superstars as Phil Collins, Tito Puente, and Diana Ross. Garcia draws on his extensive experience teaching and performing to convey the essential lessons needed to master conga performance.

Play Congas Now! includes in-depth, yet easy-to-follow, lessons on hand positioning, rhythm reading, and combining conga and drum set patterns, as well as drum tuning and maintenance. The book also offers advice on how to incorporate conga drumming into different musical styles, including jazz band, Latin, pop, funk and rock. The accompaniment CD includes examples from all lessons, and play-along pieces.

Reflecting Garcia’s broad experience, the book takes a comprehensive approach to conga performance. Lesson material ranges from basic topics such as positioning the conga, to more abstract concepts involving a deeper understanding of the conga sound and its role in different musical genres.

Play Congas Now! retails for a suggested $19.95.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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