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New Warner Bros. Inspiring Drummers
Video Series Pumps Up Creative Juices at NAMM


MIAMI, FL -- The innovative new Inspiring Drummers video series from Warner Bros. Publications, which will be introduced at NAMM, doesn’t simply "teach" percussion, it "inspires" drummers. Going beyond the standard lessons in style and technique, the new video entitled "Common Ground" includes material that motivates drummers to expand their creative horizons. "Common Ground" does this by delving into the creative forces behind three generations of gifted drummers: 14-year old sensation Tony Royster Jr., funk superstar Dennis Chambers and the legendary Billy Cobham.

"This is a rare opportunity to experience the ‘eclipse’ of three generations of drummers who’ve had a tremendous impact on the music scene," said Fred S. Anton, Warner Bros. Publications President/COO.

"Common Ground" shows how music has evolved through different eras, as seen from the perspective of three great artists. The musicians perform, and enthusiastically speak about the sources of their inspiration and ways in which they channel their creativity.

In one segment of the video, Tony Royster Jr., the young drumming sensation, teams up with the number one funk drummer, Dennis Chambers. In an impressive display of musical talent, the two drummers from different generations perform original music selections written specifically for the "Common Ground" video. The duets are entertaining and educational, but first and foremost... they’re inspirational. Chambers and Royster also play drum solos and with separately with musical accompaniment.

To complete this trio, legendary drummer, Billy Cobham appears in an interview to share his years of experience and wisdom. Viewers will enjoy rare footage of Billy when he exploded into the ’70s music scene blazing new trails with his modern ideas for drum-set and technique. To this day he continues to be an inspiration to drummers everywhere.

What makes "Common Ground" so innovative is that it inspires creativity for budding drummers, instead of just providing instructions on how to play. The producer and director of the video, Bob Gatzen, is well known for his creative drum and sound design.

"This video was designed not only to teach people to play the drums, but to inspire them to think creatively about it," said Gatzen.

For added enjoyment, a special CD is packaged with the "Common Ground" video featuring eight musical selections completely mixed with the original drum parts and then formulated as "drumless" mixes users can use to practice.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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