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Head Space:
Be a DrumHead Video from Warner Bros. Publications
Helps Drummers Find Their Own Creative Space


MIAMI, Fla. – Be a DrumHead, a new video from Warner Bros. Publications, provides drummers of all experience levels with invaluable pointers on how to create an environment (or "drum space") that encourages musical development. Hosted by well-known, Grammy® Award-winning percussionist Will Kennedy, the video offers a detailed blueprint for making practice time more productive with stimulating creative performance ideas. Kennedy, the former drummer for the instrumental group, The Yellow Jackets, and now head of his own band, The Will Kennedy Krew, is widely regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished percussionists.

Joining Kennedy on-screen is noted drummer Bob Gatzen, who also produced the video. Together, the two drummers explore the "artistic" and "scientific" side of percussion, explaining how to trust and test musical intuitions. The two perform in the Virtual Practice Room (The "V-Room") and in Gatzen’s recording studio/research center.

Watching Kennedy and Gatzen play together and individually will inspire students. In addition to their lively drumming, the two offer insights on how students can personalize their drum space and practice routines. According to Kennedy and Gatzen, personalizing students’ learning experience on the drums, makes them more likely to develop on the instrument, and acquire a lifelong interest in percussion. In keeping with this philosophy, the video features brief interviews with many different kinds of people who play the drums as adults, simply because of the intrinsic personal values it adds to their lives.

Be a DrumHead is the latest release in Warner Bros. Publications’ highly popular Inspiring Drummers Series. The newly released title is the first video to feature the revolutionary CD package with a time management program that helps drummers maximize practice. "Practice Time Management" (PTM™) is a unique Warner Bros. Publications feature that formats musical selections to encourage practicing and help students achieve their goals in a timely fashion. PTM™ is especially effective for individuals who have limited practice time available.

Representing a bold new ("edutainment") approach to videos, Be a DrumHead has been developed to inspire the creativity and imagination of percussionists. In the process, the video makes a lifelong contribution to the student’s development – both as a percussionist and as a well-rounded person.

Be a DrumHead retails for a suggested $39.95.

For more information visit the company’s website at: www.warnerbrospublications.com.

Warner Bros. Publications is a Warner Music Group Company, a division of Time Warner.

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