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In this issue of VH1 Save The Music News!

-VH1 Airs Fanclub: Dave Matthews As Part Of This Month's VH1 Music Studio Cable In The Classroom Programming On Tuesday, December 3rd at 4:00 AM EST

-Proceeds From "For The Kids", A cd Of Popular Recording Artists Singing Well-Known Children's Songs, Will Benefit VH1 Save The Music

-VH1 Airs Fanclub: Dave Matthews As Part Of This Month's VH1 Music Studio Cable In The Classroom Programming On Tuesday, December 3rd at 4:00 AM EST

Continuing this year's theme "Diverse Genres of Music", VH1 Music Studio will air VH1 FanClub: Dave Matthews Band, which will explore the music of this highly popular Alternative Rock Band. The Dave Matthews Band formed when vocalist/guitarist Dave Matthews decided to put some songs he had written on tape. Instead of simply recording himself with a guitar, he opted to bring in some instrumental help to give his musical ideas more depth. Within a little time, word of the band's contagious new sound spread like wildfire throughout the region elevating the band to the level of national pop stardom. This show features a look into the following of their most loyal fans. The show VH1 FanClub explores the connection between the artist and their fan base. Each episode profiles four fan stories and explores these diehard devotees whose lives are defined by the music they love. (For more information visit www.vh1.com)

Corresponding lesson plans for FanClub: Dave Matthews are available at www.vh1musicstudio.com and written in partnership with MENC: The National Association for Music Education. The lessons explore the elements of music typical of the Dave Matthews Band and take a look into the styles of music that influenced their music, as well as other concepts that correlate to the standards-based concepts taught in the music and cross-curricular classroom.

This season, VH1 Music Studio's 2002-2003 programming line-up "Diverse Genres of Music", explores how the word "music" encompasses an eclectic mix of styles, and how the many types of music we listen to today have been influenced by music written throughout many centuries by artists of all ethnic backgrounds. The "genres" programming introduces elements of music that are unique to each style, how artists use music as a means of expression and how each style both influenced and was affected by the social and historical events taking place at the time during which the music was written. Programming will include an extensive exploration of music genres such as Country, Folk / Traditional, Latin, New Age, Rap, Rock / Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Western European / "Classical" and their influences on popular music.

Educators should set their VCRs for taping late Monday night to obtain this wonderful resource. VH1 Music Studio programs are commercial-free and copyright cleared for use in the classroom for one year with accompanying lesson plans available at www.vh1musicstudio.com.

As a network member of the Cable in the Classroom initiative, VH1 airs commercial-free educational programming for use in the music and cross-curricular classroom each month. By taping the program, teachers can keep the shows and use them at the point and time that most appropriately fits into their curriculum. The music programming featured for VH1 Music Studio is based on a multitude of concepts that can reinforce the National Music Standards and integrate music with other subject areas. VH1 works in partnership with your local cable company to provide these valuable educational resources available on VH1 and through www.vh1musicstudio.com.

In partnership with MENC: The National Association for Music Education, standards-based lesson plans are developed to coincide with each program. The lesson plans provide ideas on how to use the programming in an interactive lesson. These materials are available to educators at www.vh1musicstudio.com under this month's program and lesson plans. (For more information about MENC please visit www.menc.org.)

Cable in the Classroom programs can be taped on VH1 each month on the first Tuesday of every month at 4:00 am EST / 3:00 am CST. VH1 Music Studio programs are commercial- free and copyright cleared for use in the classroom for one year. For more information about Cable in the Classroom, please visit www.ciconline.org.

For more questions regarding VH1 Music Studio, please visit http://www.vh1musicstudio.com/faq.html.

Proceeds From "For The Kids", A cd Of Popular Recording Artists Singing Well-Known Children's Songs, Will Benefit VH1 Save The Music

Help support the work of the VH1 Save The Music Foundation by ordering the "For the Kids" CD on Amazon.com. For more information about the project, please visit http://www.musicforthekids.com/home.html

Some fun facts about the project:


*The #1 children's record on Amazon. Leaps to #55 on Amazon overall, outselling new albums from Petty, Beck, Tracy Chapman, etc.

* Album increases in week two: 1,214 pieces. Chains increase 200 pieces as holiday retail programs begin to kick in.

* Sales double at Borders.


"A who's who of rock for the Sesame Street generation." - People

"A children's music album that shouldn't make hipster parents puke"- Rolling Stone

"Music aimed at children must walk a very fine line: They must engage the kids for whom they've recorded while keeping in mind the sensibilities of the moms and dads who are picking up the tab... "For The Kids" succeeds at this daunting task" - Chicago Sun Times

"Music for children rarely gets any better than this." - South Florida Parenting

"All of the songs on this important CD are delightful."- Baltimore Child

"The whole family can enjoy these favorites"- Central Penn Parent


* Cake picks up adds at WXRT/Chicago and WYEP/Pittsburgh "We get 3 or 4 big phone records a year...' Mahna Mahna' is one of them!" -- John Farneda, MD, WXRT

* Over 75 FTK promotions are currently underway at Hot AC, AAA and Modern Rock.

Also, check out the review in the Holiday Shopping Section of People out this week!

The VH1 Save The Music initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in America's public schools by restoring and supporting music programs in cities across the country, and by raising public awareness about the importance of music participation for our Nation's youth.

Visit our Website at http://vh1.com/insidevh1/savethemus

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