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Vic Firth Introduces the Scott Johnson "Vega" Multi-Tenor Stick


Dedham, MA June 2002 - Vic Firth Inc., the world's largest and leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, introduces the new Scott Johnson "Vega" Multi-Tenor Stick. This new stick was designed through the combined efforts of two staff members of the 10 time DCI World Champion Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps -- Scott Johnson, Percussion Caption Head/Arranger and Sean Vega, tenor instructor. As a member of the Blue Devils, Sean also won the 1995 DCI Tenor Individual Championship.

This stick was designed for the tenor player who is looking for the feel of a traditional drumstick with plenty of projection. As Sean explains, "When I marched, I preferred to use sticks instead of mallets. I liked the feel of sticks better, and there was a quicker head response with a more articulate sound. However with standard sticks, often there was a projection problem. The new "Vega" Tenor Stick goes a long way in solving that projection problem. The feel is great, and the weight and unique shape of the nylon bead pull more sound and tone from the drum."

"The feel of hickory versus metal is great," says Scott Johnson. "The quick response of the nylon bead allows you to play contemporary tenor music with much less effort. The size of the bead also allows the player to get a rim shot on a drum that has a fairly low rim to head relationship. They also feel great on a practice pad!"

L = 16 1/4", Dia. = .680"; Part # SSJTS

For more information, please contact Vic Firth Inc. at www.vicfirth.com or phone: 781-326-3455; fax: 781-326-1273

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