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TreeWorks Chimes New Double Row


TreeWorks Chimes announced the release of their new double-row chime today, model TRE23db. The chime is a scaled down version of the full-size TRE35db (the first chime that can be played as a single row or double row). A space between the two rows of bars allows the front row to be played independently.

"Sometimes a double row sweep of chimes can be overpowering. So we designed the first chime that is both a double row and a single row," says Mitch McMichen, President of TreeWorks Chimes.

The 45 aluminum/titanium alloy bars are polished and tempered for vibrant tone. Each bar is hand-tied to the Black Walnut mantle with braided CordLoc for strength. All instruments are handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee.

Model Number: TRE23db
List price $180

Midco International, Harris Teller, Chesbro Music, Universal Percussion, Big Bang Distribution, P&D, Dynamic Music Distributing and B&J Music Ltd. (Canada)

Ordering Information:
TreeWorks Chimes
443 Chestnut Street
Nashville, TN 37203



(877) 372-1601 toll-free
(615) 780-2641 outside the USA

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