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National Monster Chops Month


March has been designated National Monster Chops Month and according to Tiger Bill Meligari, "March is the month drummers should be concentrating on improving their chops." Monster chops, in the music world, refers to a musician with a high level of technical skill. Drummer Bill Meligari gained that distinction when he was nicknamed "Tiger" by drum great Joe Morello, because of his Monster Chops. And over the next three months, Bill intends to prove it by challenging drummers everywhere in a contest to "Beat the Tiger."

About the challenge, Bill says: "I wrote an 8-bar rhythmic phrase that is extremely difficult to play and any drummer who can beat my speed or comes closest to it, wins. I'm hoping that this challenge will be an incentive for drummers to improve their chops." To provide further incentive, Tiger Bill has partnered with four companies to offer prizes. According to Bill, the grand prize package retails for more than $400.00 and includes the Drumometer from WFD, a diverse collection of drum videos and DVD titles from Warner Bros. Publications, soon to be released X-Series drumsticks from Regal Tip, and a poplin drum jacket from DrumWear.com. Second and third place prizes will also be awarded. See TigerBill's DrumBeat Web site at http://www.tigerbill.com for more details.

Bill, who advocates a relaxed method of drumming, feels that many drummers have learned to play the "wrong way." He says: "Most drummers become too tense when they try to play at top speed for any length of time. Tensing the muscles not only slows you down, it causes injury. With proper technique, the faster you play the more relaxed you become. I can play all day long without getting tired or tense. This is one of the key concepts I'm trying to introduce to beginning and advanced drummers alike."

Tiger Bill, who has been the resident Drum Expert on the About.com network for the past two years, has recently decided to expand into his own Web space because "I've yet to find a really comprehensive Web site for drummers that brings the drum and percussion community together for a common learning experience. My site encourages an exchange of ideas while offering expert advice, free instruction, and links to the best the drum world has to offer."

For further information, contact Bill Meligari at bill@tigerbill.com

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