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HHX Evolution Mini Chinese Adds Dirt
To Award-Winning Sabian Cymbal Series

Sabian cymbals


The 14" HHX Evolution Mini Chinese is the latest model introduced by Sabian to its award-winning HHX Series. This extra-thin, Brilliant Finish model responds with a fast, explosive attack, a dirty low-end roar, and with a controlled rate of decay. With its high-profile shape, this new model is suitable for playing on its own or for stacking atop another cymbal to create a gated, trashy ‘bark’. The heavily hammered surface of the Mini Chinese is topped with a small, raw bell.

Commented Sabian master product specialist Mark Love: "The HHX Evolution Mini Chinese puts out a raw, authentic Chinese sound that mixes tonal warmth with the dirt and distortion players like to hear in this type of cymbal. It’s fast, punchy, and very oriental."

The HHX Evolution Mini Chinese was developed in response to top drummer Dave Weckl’s request for a small Chinese model that would stack atop his 18" Evolution Crash. The Mini Chinese joins the O-zone Crash and Effects Crash to offer a trio of versatile effects cymbals within the HHX Evolution range.

Hand crafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze that is buffed to a Brilliant Finish, the HHX Evolution Mini Chinese is quality-protected by a special Sabian two-year warranty.

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