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Sabian Introduces 'Sabian Performers Accessories' Range Of Products

Sabian cymbals

SABIAN Performers Accessories


SABIAN has added a new range of products, SABIAN Performers Accessories to its catalog. Featuring bright, dedicated packaging designed to make a visually strong in-store presence, the lineup of products under this brand includes a wide range of items for drum and cymbal applications. Among these are Cymbal Sound Shapers – treated felts in various sizes designed to fit under cymbals and control cymbal overtones and volume in stage and studio settings; the Cymbal Logo Renewal Kit - to refresh and replace worn or lost logos on SABIAN cymbals; the Drumhead Repair Kit - for on-the-spot temporary repair of dented, split drumhead and broken drumheads; the Ratchet Drum Key/Tool - for the ability to speed tune drums; the Bass Drum Impact Pad – for friction and stress protection of bass drum impact area while rounding out and warming the tone of the drum; the Felt Pack – a selection of felts for hi-hat and cymbal applications; and the Crisis Kit - a bag full of emergency items including cymbal felts and other items a drummer may require at short notice.

Commented SABIAN senior sales manager Peter Stairs: "The introduction of SABIAN Performers Accessories follows on the successful introduction of Quiet Tone by SABIAN. Drummers trust the SABIAN brand for innovation and quality, and they have taken to our new products like the Quiet Tone Drum Mute/Practice Pad quite readily, making it one of our best selling non-cymbal accessories. The selection of products available within the SABIAN Performers Accessories program is a mix of practical and innovative, but they are things no drummer would want to be without. The Drumhead Repair Kit, for instance, is an item every drummer should have."

‘SABIAN Performers Accessories’ are designed for today’s drummer and priced to perform at retail.

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