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Special Sabian Anniversary Newsbeat 2002 Is Bigger And Better With 48 Pages Of Drummers And Setups

Sabian cymbals

NewsBeat 2002


For 2002, SABIAN Ltd. has released a special anniversary edition of its popular NewsBeat consumer publication. Adopting a magazine format and clocking in at 48 full-color pages, NewsBeat 2002 is the most ambitious publication ever produced by the cymbal company. With a cover featuring an untamed Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and contents including a visit with Chad in his Hollywood home, NewsBeat also includes a Face to Face feature with Dave Weckl, over 50 drummer setups, artist roundtable conversations in Los Angeles and New York, plus exclusive features written by Terry Bozzio, Bobby Rock and others. SABIAN has focused this issue of NewsBeat on the spirit of drumming, with the messaging focusing on reader potential for personal development and satisfaction that can come from playing drums.

Said SABIAN senior marketing manager and NewsBeat editor Wayne Blanchard: "With NewsBeat 2002 the focus is on entertainment, information and inspiring the drumming spirit within readers. Drummers are looking to read something fresh and inspiring, and we’re hoping they will find NewsBeat to be exactly that. There are exclusives including an interview with Chad Smith at his home in Hollywood, Terry Bozzio writing about the power of the individual, and Bobby Rock on self-maintenance. Zoro tackles ‘The Groove’ in an LA roundtable, while Dom Famularo asks ‘What’s so Great About Drumming’ with the likes of Mike Portnoy and Will Calhoun in NYC. There’s notation, a ‘Face to Face’ feature with Dave Weckl. There are major features addressing self-development around which we’ve included setup diagrams of many of today’s hippest and most relevant players. … a lot of diverse material designed to inspire readers to make music."

The catalog component that was such a dominant feature in previous editions of NewsBeat now forms the basis of a separate catalog/price list that will be available through the same sources as NewsBeat

NewsBeat is an annual publication with global distribution. It is available in quantity FREE to SABIAN dealers or via the SABIAN website www.sabian.com

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