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Consumers Get Star Treatment As Sabian Offers Major Drummer Setups Selected By The Specialists In The Sabian Vault

Sabian cymbals


In a unique industry move, SABIAN Ltd. has introduced a limited-edition series of major artist cymbal sets as part of its pre-packaged ‘Sonically Matched’ Performance Sets program. There are four setups, each containing the ‘foundation triangle’ of a popular drummer – ride, crash and hi-hats – housed in a FREE hard shell cymbal case and including a CD featuring the artist. Setups include those of Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Harvey Mason (Fourplay). The sets are identifiable by a dedicated 4-color oversized tour-style luggage tag containing a color photo of the artist on one side and a diagram and listing of his setup on the other.

Commented SABIAN senior sales manager Peter Stairs: "This concept of artist setups was introduced in direct response to dealer and consumer interest in the setups of major artists. The three models offered in these Performance Sets provide the foundation to which a consumer can add and build into the complete setup. That full setup is indicated with a diagram and model listing on a collectable luggage-style tag attached to each case. This tag is designed to serve as a useful guide for consumers and dealers on what to add to complete the setup. Our ‘Sonically Matched’ cymbal sets are already industry leaders, and the test marketing for this product has been overwhelmingly positive. After all, what drummer searching for cymbals wouldn’t rather get the setup of their favorite player? We feel this is a tremendous initiative, and based on initial test marketing we anticipate major interest."

All four setups come complete with a FREE hard shell cymbal case and CD featuring the artist:

Vinnie Paul – 14" AA Rock Hats, 18" Hand Hammered Rock Crash, 22" Hand Hammered Power-Bell Ride

Chad Smith – 14" AA Fusion Hats, 18.5" Signature Chad Smith Explosion Crash, 21" AA Rock Ride

Mike Portnoy – 14" AAX Stage Hats, 16" HHXtreme Crash, 22" Hand Hammered Rock Ride

Harvey Mason – 14" Hand Hammered EQ Hats, 16" Hand Hammered Dark Crash, 20" Hand Hammered Rock Ride

Each of these sets is ‘Sonically Matched’ in the SABIAN Vault by the same specialists who select cymbals for the featured artists. A FREE hard shell cymbal case, an informative luggage-style tag and the SABIAN Warranty Protection Program apply to all sets.

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