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Sabian O-Zone Crash Features Multi-Hole Design For Increased Nastiness

Sabian cymbals

The SABIAN HHX O-Zone Crash has a unique ‘multi-hole’ design


SABIAN has introduced a new crash cymbal that has a totally innovative look and sound. The HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash is perforated by a number of 2" holes and has a space-age look with a sound that is aggressively raw and nasty, according to Mark Love, master product specialist at SABIAN. The pitch of attack with this cymbal is high and bright with lots of cutting power, but the spread is darker, lower and dirtier. This unique new models offers drummers and percussionists a totally new effects/crash option to enhance their sounds.

"The perforated design of the O-Zone," noted Love, "is something we had developed in The Vault. Dave Weckl was intrigued by its possibilities so we developed the concept to work within the context of his new HHX Evolution setup. He wanted something that was more ‘out’… something really different yet compatible. The O-Zone is not a typical crash, in fact it’s probably the most unique cymbal we’ve seen and heard in years. It’s sound is a crude and very aggressive combination of a thin crash and chinese… extremely raw, nasty and very biting. The attack has an immediate high followed by a low, dark and dirty sustain. The 16" has six 2" holes, 18" has eight 2" holes. These increase the nastiness. They also lighten the weight of the cymbal, so while its size and volume remain the same, the response is actually much faster as there is less metal mass to move. The holes also limit the movement of vibrations and ‘gate’ the sound, which increases the definition of each stroke. Because the O-Zone Crash is so unique, this model has something to offer in virtually any music setting. A number of drummers visiting our Vault found the prototypes very intriguing, and these players ranged from jazz to hard rock."

Available in 16" and 18" sizes, the HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash features a large bell and narrow lathing. It is a Brilliant Finish cymbal (Natural Finish available by special order) and comes complete with the protection of the SABIAN 2-Year Hand Hammered and HHX Warranty Program.

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