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New Sabian Groove Ride Joins Best-Selling Groove Hats In HHX Series

Sabian cymbals

The 21" HHX Groove Ride


Following on the heels of the successful Groove Hats, the 21" Groove Ride is the latest model to join the SABIAN HHX series of professional cymbals. Designed in collaboration with noted R’n’B drummer Zoro, the Groove Ride is a medium-light weight cymbal with a large, raw and hammered bell. The bottom has been heavily hammered to ‘loosen up’ the feel and sound of the cymbal. It offers the clean stick attack and soft, airy wash of warm, medium-high pitched tone preferred by drummers into playing authentic soul sounds on a cymbal possessing a flexible and funky feel that makes pumping out continuous 8th and 16th note grooves easier than ever.

Commented SABIAN cymbal specialist Dave Williams: "Zoro has a great ear for retro cymbal sounds, and his concept for a ride to match the Groove Hats was a winner right from the start. Because he’s into the rhythmic side of drumming it was important that the Groove Ride deliver good definition so patterns would remain distinct and clear, yet there be a controllable bed of tone that would broaden the sound and make it rich and warm. He lined up three very different cymbals and said I want the ride from this one, the bell from this and the crash factor from that one. We combined the three, did some special tweaking and made it happen. The last thing he wanted was too much metal in the sound; this cymbal had to deliver a balanced mix of definition and shimmer together, which it definitely does."

Added Zoro: "I’m into the feel of the music, so the feel of my cymbals is very important. I want definition without stick shock. I like them soft… I want to be able to sink my stick into the cymbal and make it speak to me, not scream. The great thing about the Groove Ride is that the guys in the SABIAN Vault struck that fine balance that lets me play anything from James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire to pop, rock and fusion on this one cymbal, without having to overplay it to make the sound happen. This is a very musical cymbal and is great for live and recording."

Comparatively speaking, the Groove Ride fits between the HHX Manhattan and the heavier Stage, Power and Dry models. Consistent with the HHX series, the tone of the Groove Ride is a balanced mix of high and low tones. It is a Natural Finish and is quality-protected for two years by the SABIAN Hand Hammered and HHX Warranty Program.

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