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Sabian Debuts Signature Fierce Crash To Roars Of Approval

Sabian cymbals

The Signature Jojo Mayer Fierce Crash


Following on the success of the Signature Jojo Mayer Fierce Ride, SABIAN has introduced the Signature Jojo Mayer Fierce Crash. Based on a request from top drummer Jojo Mayer for a crash that responded with a ‘raw and ferocious tone… something that would be really fierce,’ the Fierce Crash combines the speed and explosiveness of a thin crash with the added raw, oriental aggressiveness and dirty tone of a thin chinese model. It barks with a bite that is highly convincing and compatible within a wide range of music including rock, hip-hop and funk to jazz.

Commented SABIAN Sr. Marketing Mgr. Wayne Blanchard: "Jojo has been touring with his Fierce Crash prototypes for the past couple of years, playing them in a wide variety of music in various venues, including studios. This is one of those rare cymbals whose voice – although uniquely different from any other crash – appeals in everything from jazz – where it’s raw, dark earthiness adds flavor, to funk and rock, where the more aggressive side of its sound stands out. From the outset the response to this cymbal by audiences, band members and other drummers has been quite sensational. It’s one thing to have people say ‘that’s a nice cymbal’, but when the phone is ringing and e-mails are coming through asking "Where can I get a Fierce Crash like Jojo’s?" then you know this cymbal is very special.

Featuring an aggressively lathed surface, the Fierce Crash has a large bell that is lathed but not hammered. The thin design of this cymbal prompts a speedy response and rapid decay. This sensitivity means it responds readily in a wide range of dynamics. The pitch is mid to high, ensuring ample projection. To maximize metal strength, increase responsiveness and create the necessary diversity of tone for the fierce mix of sound put out by this cymbal, SABIAN has utilized its premium B20 bronze and employed heavy hammering to create the fiery roar that makes this cymbal so different and popular.

The Signature Jojo Mayer Fierce Crash is available in Natural or Brilliant Finish, in sizes 16", 17", 18" and 19". It is quality-protected by the SABIAN Warranty program.

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