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Sabian HHX Evolution Effeks Crash Offers New Sounds For Drummers & Hand Percussionists

Sabian cymbals

HHX Evolution Effeks Crash


SABIAN has introduced a uniquely different cymbal developed in collaboration with leading drummer Dave Weckl. Weckl, with whom the Canada-based company recently developed the HHX Evolution range of cymbals, brought to SABIAN the concept of a crash that could be played by stick or hand and offer drummers and percussionists a different sounding option for playing accents and effects. With its extra-thin design, the 17" HHX Evolution Effeks Crash is highly responsive and, according to SABIAN master product specialist Mark Love it can be ‘activated with just a touch of the hand’. A finger-friendly down-turned edge eliminates the danger of doing damage to one’s hands while also enabling solid stick contact for a fast, complete response and full sound. Its lathed bell offers yet another playing option.

"The sound of the Effeks Crash," stated Love, "opens up with just a touch of stick or hand. It is a fully hammered cymbal, ensuring it has a tonally warm, rich sound and a well-defined touch of high-end color to boost its projection. Dave Weckl prefers his with a grouped trio of rivets, for a faster, fuller response with extra long sustain; it responds dramatically, then there is a long, smooth decay curve. The sound of the riveted version is all rivets; in a series of strokes only the first one would be defined. The non-riveted version is equally effective, though with more defined attack and an oriental tonal presence that makes it a very useful option in many styles of music."

The HHX Evolution Effeks Crash is created from premium SABIAN B20 Bronze. It features a lathed surface and raw, unlathed bell. It is a Brilliant Finish cymbal and is quality-protected by the SABIAN 2-Hand Hammered and HHX Warranty Protection Program.

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