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Sabian 20th Anniversary Cymbals Celebrate Company Beginnings

Sabian cymbals

The SABIAN Anniversary 20" HH Medium Ride and 16" AA Crash


SABIAN Ltd. has released two specially stamped, Limited Edition cymbals as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations; a 16" AA Thin Crash and a 20" HH Medium Ride. When the company was founded in late 1982, it produced only two cymbal series: HH, which utilized traditional Turkish hand hammering to create tonally rich, warm and musical sounds; and AA, a machine hammered cymbal that was brighter sounding and more explosive in its response. These anniversary models commemorate the role these two series played – and continue to play - in SABIAN’s success. Created to original 1981 designs, the Anniversary models are shaped, hammered, lathed, and logo-stamped in the original style. Like the originals, these cymbals will come in colored cloth bags.

Commented SABIAN senior marketing manager Wayne Blanchard: "There is a real mystique surrounding early SABIAN cymbals. Based on the number of requests we get there is a strong market for ‘vintage’ models produced in the early days of the company, with many custom orders specifying ‘old-style’ logo stamping. HH and AA were the key product components for SABIAN’s success, and the 16" AA Thin Crash and 20" HH Medium Ride exemplified that quality in terms of sound, durability and cymbal-to-cymbal consistency. That is why they continue to be so popular even today."

The HH Medium Ride produces a ride sound that balances stick definition with the warm, traditional tones associated with a hand hammered cymbal. The overall response is soft and void of harshness, yet sufficiently strong and direct to penetrate a wide range of music and volumes. With its bright, explosive energy, the 16" AA Crash is very direct and cutting. Together the lower-pitched warmth of the HH and the high-end cut of the AA make a complementary pairing suitable for a wide range of music.

These Anniversary cymbals will be available throughout 2002. They are individually crafted from SABIAN’s highly durable and musical B20 bronze, an alloy produced by SABIAN at their plant in eastern Canada. They are fully lathed and are available in Natural or Brilliant Finish. Both are protected against faults due to workmanship or materials by the SABIAN Warranty program.

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