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Regal Tip Expands Thai Stick Line

Regal Tip drumsticks


Unlike any other bundled sticks on the market, Regal Tip's wooden percussion sticks are bound together from the inside to increase their strength and durability. Thai Sticks feel strong in your hand and are perfect for special effects, or any musical situation where a drumstick is too loud and a brush is too soft.

After the success of the original "Thai Stick", and following numerous requests from players around the world, Regal Tip has expanded the line to include a larger version.called "Fatty Thai", a flared version.called "Fan Thai", and a signature version designed in conjunction with Barenaked Ladies multi-talented drummer, Tyler Stewart.called the "Ty Foon". Due to its slightly different design, Tyler's stick offers maximum adjustment from a tighter to looser sound.

For more information please write: Calato Mfg., 4501 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY 14305

Or e-mail: geninfo@regaltip.com

website: www.regaltip.com

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