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Rick Latham Updates Classic Drum Book "Advanced Funk Studies"

Rick Latham drum book


Rick Latham Publishing Company announces the 2002 Edition of "Advanced Funk Studies" which now features accompanying audio CDs. This is the first edition of this now "Classic" drummer's text to include the 2 audio CDs instead of the well known cassette tapes that have also been available during the book's twenty two year history. Named by Modern Drummer Magazine among "The 25 Greatest Drum Books Ever Published", "Advanced Funk Studies" was one of the first drum books ever to feature a recording of all exercises performed by the author. The new CDs will further perpetuate this timeless work.

With well over 100,000 copies sold to date, the book remains a leading source of information and inspiration to drummers the world over from the novice to the seasoned professional.

The CDs will now be included, packaged with the book, as well as being available separately for those who already own the book and wish to up-grade to the CDs from cassettes.

"Advanced Funk Studies" is exclusively distributed worldwide by

Carl Fischer, LLC
65 Blecker Street
New York, NY. 10012
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