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Greetings from RB Percussion Inc.
Drumsticks That Asisst Playing
More Speed, Less Motion Stress

Hello from RB Percussion Inc. We would like to inform you that we are manufacturing the only drumstick quoted by Modern Drummer as being "a legitimate innovation in drumstick design."

We feel we can give any player, of any caliber an opportunity to explore new levels of performance, speed and control. RB Percussion drumsticks actually assist playing. Each RB Percussion Inc. Drumstick is weighed twice within the production process. Once before the center balance is moved, then again to complete the match pairing process. With so many drumstick models in the market that are nothing more than subtle variations, of the same stick that do nothing to truly help the drummer; The RB Percussion difference is immediately felt. Less Pain, More Control More Speed, Less Motion Stress. We currently have 6 models in production with more variations soon to come.

Give us a try. We promise results.!

We look forward to hearing from you.
RB Percussion Inc.

visit us @ http:// www.rbstix.com

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