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Puresound Introduces "Blasters™" Snare Wires

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Puresound Percussion, the high-performance snare wire specialist, is proud to announce the introduction of Blasters™ snare wires. The professional quality snares have been developed by Puresound for high volume, high intensity playing and feature specially formulated, premium-grade steel-alloy wires on angled, copper-colored end clips. According to Puresound, the exclusive bent end clips create greater snare wire contact across entire surface of the drum head; offering increased activity, consistency, response and projection.

Blasters™ are currently available at leading drum shops in a 20-strand configuration to fit most 14" snare drums and carry a suggested retail price of $24.95 (model #B-1420). For more information please contact Puresound Percussion at 2050 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025, toll-free: 1-800-479-5559, tel: 310-966-1176, fax: 310-473-4255, internet: www.puresoundpercussion.com, e-mail: info@puresoundpercussion.com.

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