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Pearl S -2000 Snare Stand

Pearl snare stand

Pearl’s revolutionary S-2000 Snare Stand offers adjustability beyond traditional stands. Now experimenting with different snare sizes is just a turn of the dial away. 3 incrementally indexed, independantly adjustable arms allows snares from 10&Mac253; to 16&Mac253; to mount quickly and securely resting on 3 non-damper rubber J hooks. These specialized Air Suspension Tips allows maximum response and sustain from your snare even when tilted at extreme angles. This stand also features infinite tilting and offset mounting so you can “snuggle up” nice and close to your favorite snare. Reversible rubber/spike footing digs in when you play hard to maintain a firm footing.Visit the Pearl web site at www.pearldrum.com to see all of the features of these newly designed stands.

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