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Club Drum News Letter


Clear Day Hello and Happy Summer from Club Drum!

Club Drum is going to be our new Community events website and online newsletter. Right now our website contains three sites: RhythmJourney.com, www.ClubDrum/African/WorldPercussion.com and www.HealingJourney4u.com . It's huge and so we're in the making of breaking them up into three individual sites, for easy access to what specifically you're interested in.

We are as usual all fired up about all the magic and opportunities of living. Loving life, each other and all we know. It's been a great year already, so much healing, transformation and fun. After the heavy winter times, we're happy about the new colors and depths people are feeling and expressing. We've had wonderful retreats here at the Rhythm Ranch, Thank you!!!

This last weekend Paulo held a Drum Circle Facilitators Training. Eight incredible participants, who by the end of the training each led a big circle with great ease and uniqueness, truly a success! Paulo's next facilitators training will be at the Rhythm Ranch in October 18-20.Information online: http://www.rhythmjourney.com/Corp_Edu_Site/Educational_Events/educational_events.html

Some of you might already know about our work here at the Rhythm Ranch. We combine Rhythm based events with cutting edge Healing Arts, promoting personal wellness and planetary harmonization. Our Rhythm Journey programs are facilitated drum and dance experiences, that we offer here at our retreats and around the world in forms of community and corporate events. The Rhythm Journey is about community building, team building, personal empowerment and group celebration. If you'd like to find out more about how we can co-create an event for your community or organization, please contact us at: http://www.rhythmjourney.com or call 800-SEE-DRUM (800-733-3786)

We're offering personalized Healing Journeys in Massage,Yoga, Dance, Drum and Aquatic Bodywork. Come out, spend a the day at the Hot Spring Spa, visit with us and get quality R&R. It's a vacation for $100! (Sessions are $75/hour. Spa entrance is $25)

Ninaya is hosting one of her Healing Arts teachers this June 12-16. Marina Alzugaray is facilitating American Aqua Natal (prenatal fitness and holistic childbirth education). Marina is a midwife and has extensive background in yoga and dance. She will offer her fantastic teacher training program our Rhythm Ranch spring water pool. Visit her at: http://www.CoMadresInstitute.com

Our 5th annual "Rhythm Village" retreat will be July 18th-21st, here at the Rhythm Ranch. It will be a four day intimate gathering with old and new rhythm family. Facilitated by Ninaya & Paulo Mattioli, sharing drumming. dance, yoga and healing arts. Avi Sills offering Dumbek and Framedrum, Tahya leading us in Belly dance and Zills, Ming sharing Asian Tiniklin dance. Join us at: http://www.rhythmjourney.com/Community_Events

Some of you might wonder, what happened to the Maui Rhythm Village? Well it's still there! We simply decided that we wanted to make the event as accessible as possible and since most participants were from the mainland. Therefore our Rhythm Village offering will be at the Rhythm Ranch, so that all may enjoy this beautiful sacred space.

Mother Maui is constantly birthing new events and opportunities to celebrate. The Maui family continues to get together and Tanmayo will hold a "Maui Village Experience" at Keanae, without us and with our blessings, May 31-June 6. Contact her for more information at http://www.mauiwellness.com/village/

This weekend we're off to Malibu, LA, to participate in another fabulous retreat. Remo's Health Rhythms, facilitated by Christine Stevens and Dr Barry Bittman. We very excited about learning more the scientific studies of drumming and it's health benefits. Contact Remo for a listing of other upcoming events, to find out where you can purchase an instrument (Paulo's new cable and rope tuned Djembes are getting incredible reviews!) and also find out about their weekly free drum circles at the Remo's World Percussion Center in North Hollywood.http://www.remo.com

There is so much going on all over and now is the time to heal, drum & dance. Thank you all for your contribution, for adding your positive vibe to the greater good of all...We've listed a few of our favorite events, teachers and friends. Enjoy!

For deep, guided dance journeys, daily classes, workshops and teacher trainings contact Mariane Karou 310-454-5335 or visit http://www.dancealive.com Ninaya is a certified Dance Alive facilitator. She loves and includes much of Marianes discipline in her Rhythm Journey work.

Jo & Michael's weekly "fumbling towards ecstasy" dance gatherings at Helms Bakery in Culver City, are very popular and fun. They also have an upcoming retreat at Harbin Hot Springs soon, so contact them at sandboxlovers@eathlink.net

Our friend and student Richard Parisi has now started his own drum & dance circle gathering in LA. Contact him at DrumDanceJourney@hotmail.com for a great party on the first Saturday night of every month in Santa Monica.

The Yoga Den in Corona, offers daily classes in many styles of yoga. Next Rhythm Journey with Ninaya & Paulo will be Saturday June 22, for more information and to RSVP contact us or Leeza: 909-279-YOGA (9642) http://www.yogaden.net

Oahu's "First Circle Drum & Dance" facilitator Michael Wall (drum@aloha.net), is very passionate about going to the Firedance celebrations in Santa Cruz, and now it has rubbed off on us. We're going this August 15-18, are You? Check it out! http://www.firedance.org

Pam Greer, "Djun djun gazelle" from San Diego, has started a monthly newsletter, that gives you a great list of upcoming drum and dance camps and classes. To find out more and get on her list, contact her at: pamgreer@juno.com

We hope to connect soon, in Rhythm & Wellness,
Ninaya & Paulo Mattioli

To contact us:
or call 909-277-3442 or 800-733-3786

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