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PAS 2002 Hall of Fame inductees


The Percussive Arts Society is pleased to announce the 2002 Hall of Fame inductees as follows: John S. Pratt, Ringo Starr and Ed Thigpen. These inductees will be honored at the 2002 PASIC Hall of Fame Banquet in Columbus, Ohio on November 15. For more information on the Hall of Fame recipients catch their cover stories in August Percussive Notes. For PASIC information go to http://www.pasic.org/ or www.pas.org

Percussive Arts Society
701 N.W. Ferris Avenue
Lawton, OK 73501-5442
TEL: (580)353-1455
FAX: (580)353-1456

PASIC 2002 in Columbus, Ohio - November 13-16

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