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Mountain Rhythm introduces
New 14" Tunable Frame Drums And Bodhrans

Frame Drums And Bodhrans


The Mountain Rythym frame drum (14 x2.5") and bodhran (14 x 3.5") are made of beautiful block laminated butternut wood, forming a solid, yet lightweight shell, which is known to be more stable than the traditional laminates being used which often go out of round.

The Mountain Rhythm block laminated constructed shell will remain true under even the most extreme environments and tuning conditions!

The simple, effective, and invisible tuning system on both styles of drums allows for quick, accurate tuning. The ease of use of this system also facilitates quickly reducing the tension of the head between playing periods, thus extending the life of the head considerably.

The shell depths for both the frame drum and the bodhran have been chosen to provide the very best sound, broadest tuning range, and easiest handling possible. The cutout on the frame drum allows for easy two hand, multiple finger Middle Eastern playing techniques. Crossbars in the bodhran have been eliminated, allowing for the "holding" hand to execute pitch variations so common in contemporary playing styles!

The excellent quality of the heads, all hand selected to provide the best feel and response, complete the package for these superior quality frame drums. The bodhran is available with “double” heads. Tucking two separate skins onto the drum has become common to allow players to achieve the more "dry", contemporary sound.

Ease of holding along with the highest quality construction and materials make this an excellent choice for the serious hand drummer or bodhran player.

Keep your eyes open for our 18" models coming out next month.

Listing from $259.99

For more information, Mountain Rythym website or email drums@mountainrythym.com

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